Teacher Trained as Slave Ch. 09

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Isha fell asleep soon after ending up in a powerful climax. Ramesh smiled and extended his hand towards Neeta.

“Let her be. Come.”

They came downstairs. Ramesh’s phone rang at the same moment.

“Ah. The gate,” he said. He found the remote control and opened it.

“Invite them in,” he told Neeta. “Be a good pussy cat.”

She knew what was expected. She was supposed to crawl to the guest and purr like a cat, kissing their feet and rubbing against them.

“Yes Sir!”

The guests were Dr. Rao and his slave Ruby. He led her by a leash. She was naked save for her collar and tail. Neeta purred and acted the way she was supposed to, kissing Dr. Rao’s feet and rubbing against his legs.

“You have a good pussy here” he told Ramesh as he came in and sat.

“Yes. Still under probation though.”

“Sure enough” Dr. Rao said.

“It’s already late. Would you mind me rushing off? I had a long day today.”

“Me too. I was out most of the time. I am glad you could make it actually.”

“That is nothing.”

“But it helps me a lot in these circumstances.”

“I am glad to be of help. Also, I am glad to have the company of this little pussy cat.”

Neeta looked at her Master, puzzled.

“You will be Dr. Rao’s cunt till Sunday evening. I will need Ruby’s able assistance to start training the new girl. Dr. Rao will take care of your training. You are to respect his commands without any objection.”

“Yes, Master.”

“If you fail in any of your duties, he can punish you and he will report to me. I will also punish you for failing to protect my honor. Understood?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Don’t be so strict on her” Dr. Rao said smiling. “I will perhaps not report on her infringements.”

“She will not make any,” Ramesh replied.

They both stood up. Ramesh got hold of Ruby’s leash.

“Climb on to the back of my cab” Dr. Rao told Neeta. “You may crawl.”

Naked, Neeta crawled towards the cab. Dr. Rao opened the door for her. She got in.

“Squat on the floor. No need to sit on the seat.”

“Yes Sir!”

So, Neeta made the journey in the back of the cab, stark naked. She had nothing. Not even her bag or even a collar.

While Neeta was driven to Dr. Rao’s place, Ruby opened her legs for Ramesh. They were on the sofa since Ramesh had no patience to climb adana escort up the stairs. She played with his cock sufficiently for it to be up once again, just hours after the hard fucking of Isha. For a moment, Ramesh thought of removing her tail and taking her ass but changed his mind.

He fucked her brutally, slapping her breasts and pinching her nipples.

He cummed really hard inside her. Once he was satisfied, he pulled out of her, slapping her breast as hard as he could.

“Thank you Master” she said.


“For fucking me hard and depositing your cum in my pussy. And for slapping my udders.”

“That is nothing little cunt,” said Ramesh. “Actually, I am pleased to have you here. I need you to help me break and train the new girl here. So, you deserve some nice fucking in return.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You did not cum, right?”

“No Master.”

“You may cum!”

“Thank you Master!”

Dr. Rao opened the door for Neeta to come out. They were home.

“It’s really beautiful to see this little slave girl,” he said as she crawled inside through the main door he had opened for her. “A slave girl visiting my place with nothing for her own except the naked body is a fascinating experience. What do you feel right now slave girl?”

“Uneasiness, Sir.”

“That will disappear,” Dr. Rao said. “Stand up at ease. Hands behind. You know the position.”

Neeta stood, legs spread wide, and hands behind her back, clutching each elbow so that they did not obstruct the view of her ass.

“Nice. Your Master wants to train you to a level where you are not afraid to stand like that in front of a bunch of adults. Do you think you will be able to do it someday?”

“I do not know Sir.”

“You can do it. Anyone can. One needs to feel comfortable about her naked body to do that. My slave can do it.”


“Of course. Ruby. She is a seasoned slave. Most importantly, she loves her life as a slave.”

“I also thought so Sir.”

“How about you? Do you enjoy your life as a slave?”

“I think I do Sir” Neeta replied. “I enjoy being with my Master.”

“That is good. But, will you enjoy it if you were handed over to a stranger?”

“A stranger, Sir?”

“Yes. For a few hours may be.”

“I do not know eskişehir escort Sir.”

“What if you were asked to be the waitress at a party of a dozen or so people?”

“A waitress, Sir?”

“Yes. Naked, of course.”

“I do not know Sir”

“Ruby is good at it. She once did it on a couple of days we had parties while we were in the US. She was naked and had the word ‘slut’ or ‘slave’ written on a butt cheek. Of course they fucked her big time.”

“She is amazing Sir.”

“Of course. She is an excellent slave. We’ll help you to become one.”

Neeta looked at Dr. Rao for a moment and turned her eyes downwards. “Thank you Sir.”

“You hesitate” he replied. “Don’t you want to be a good slave?”

“I want to Sir” Neeta said, not in a very convincing manner. She was not sure of this. Her inner thoughts protested, insisting that she was not a slave. But she knew she had to provide a different reason.

“I am not sure if I can be a good… slave Sir” she added.

Dr. Rao stepped behind her. His slap on her ass caught her totally unawares. She almost pissed herself.

“I think you are lying. You are not sure if you want to be a slave.”

Neeta could not think of what to say.

“You are so dumb that you do not understand the simple truth” he added, stepping in front of her. He pinched her left nipple, soliciting a faint cry. “You have what it takes within you. You will certainly be a good slave if the training is done properly.”

Neeta looked at Dr. Rao, surprised. “Why do you say Sir?”

“Well, that day you came here. You looked more or less comfortable despite being naked with a stranger. You enjoyed the sex too. Didn’t you?”

Neeta hesitated for a moment. “Yes Sir,” she then said.

“I do not know if your Master is too kind to you. May be a bit of sternness will awaken your inner slave. May be.”

Neeta looked at him in disbelief. Her Master was stern enough for her. Of course he was kind and she enjoyed his attention. But he was stern. The amount of punishments she endured was testament to it.

“Let us see about that. It is time to go to sleep now. You wanna pee?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Let’s go.”

Dr. Rao led her to the bedroom up stairs. There, he started undressing, and was soon naked. He took his clothes and sakarya escort returned in a moment.

“On your knees and open your mouth!” he ordered. Once she followed his instructions, he directed his cock to her mouth.

“Take it in and drink!”

Once she gulped down his urine, Dr. Rao stepped towards the bed and took out a bedpan from under the bed. He kept it in front of her.

“Squat over it and pee!”

Despite the shame she felt, Neeta resigned herself to her fate. She had to let him see her urinate.

While she was pissing, Dr. Rao smiled. He waited till she was done with it and spoke up so that she would remain squatting while she listened.

“You drink the piss of a man who could be your father. Then you piss in front of him so that he could see everything. I am sure not many slave girls in the history of mankind had to piss in front of their owners, let alone others. And you still have doubts if you are a slave.”

“But Sir… I have no choice.”

“So, don’t you enjoy this life?”

“I… I sometimes do Sir.”

“So, when do you not enjoy this life?”

Neeta waited a moment. “I am still ashamed to urinate when people are watching.”

“People? You mean, even your Master?”

“No Sir. I am good with him. The others.”

“Like me and Ruby?”

“Yes Sir. I am sorry Sir.”

“That is fine, silly girl,” Dr. Rao smiled. “Your training is just starting. You do not live permanently with your Master. Still, in only a few weeks, you are perfectly okay with him seeing you piss. That is a success story.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“You will need some time little slut” Dr. Rao said, stepping towards her and caressing her head. “You will get used to it and then start enjoying. You are a slave. An object. An object does not give a shit if it is naked. In time, you will be like that.”

“Master,” Neeta said, looking up. Tears were forming in her eyes. “I cannot still believe I am a slave girl.”

“Neeta,” Dr. Rao used her name, surprising her. “Your Master will take care of you. Just let him guide you. You will be the best slave. Better than even Ruby. You have it in you. You are a good submissive girl to be a good slave.”

She suddenly remembered Isha. She was sure to enter the network. She might be better than anyone, if she is blackmailed into the lifestyle, she thought.

“Carry that bedpan to the bathroom. I want to see your ass while you walk. Clean the potty and bring it back” Dr. Rao said.

That night, the Master gently made love to the slave. He made her cum over and over again before emptying his load down her throat.

She slept blissfully, cuddling to his old but healthy body.

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