The Bar Pt. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction. Any and all resemblance to actual persons, places, or environments is completely incidental. Also, I’m new to the site. If this seems similar to anything previously posted and/or completely covers another work by another author, I will take it down upon request. Hope you enjoy!


“…which succeeded from the Union in 1860,” I concluded the end of my ‘lecture’ project. My classmates applauded, heartily. I was rather taken aback by the response.

“Well done, Anna,” my Professor of American History stated. “You’ve a perfect public speaking form, as well as great writing skills.”

“Thank you, Professor,” I shyly stated. I’m a journalism major, after all. If my writing wasn’t good, I’d have picked the wrong area to study. This class was just a pre-req anyways. I have always preferred the more current events in history, rather than the past.

The Professor looked at the clock. “Well, I believe that’s all the time we have for tod-” interrupted by the now visibly relieved students of his who shuffled loudly and scrambled to make it to the exits. I rushed forward to my things, gathered them quickly and headed for the door. It was Friday, after all! And maybe even…

After I gathered my things, I waited for the crowd to die down a bit before heading for the door. Before I could proceed forward, the Professor caught my attention, calling me over.

“You paper, please, Ms. Hall. You wouldn’t want to fail on a technicality after such a good presentation,” he stated.

I blush and, visibly startled, hand him the project with a meager, “sorry,” and proceed for the now empty doorway, hurriedly.

I was in such a rush, only to go meet my boyfriend, Pierce. Oh, Pierce… He’s a year older than me, graduating college next year. He was the best thing to happen to me. The rush of thinking of him and what might happen tonight sent a chill up my spine. He would be my first, I was sure of it!

I mean, sure, I’ve dated before, but that was be for my mom died. That accident when I was 16 shook me. I was seeing this great guy in high school at the time, but after mom died, I broke it off with him. I was so crushed that I focused only on school work and what I wanted to do with my brief existence in this world. I kept my grades up and got a scholarship to this University in the city. Dating hadn’t crossed my mind again until I was at a party with some girls I’d met and there he was. He was taller than most people in general, and well built too. He played baseball with the college team and was quite popular. I was so lucky when he came over and just said “Hi.”

After that, I was pretty much his, but something always held me back. I wanted my first time to be special, not intoxicated or high on some college fun drug. We were always going to parties and such together, and though we’ve made out, I never pursed for more, and neither did he.

Tonight would be different, I thought, as I ran through the door arch into the complex hallway. I was so focused on the possibilities of tonight I didn’t even notice the hand reach and grab me. Startled, I dropped all my belongings I was holding.

“Where you off to in such a rush, sweetheart?” a familiar voice rings in my ears.

“Pierce! Oh my gosh, you scared me! I was just thinking about you!”

“Oh, so much that you just completely ignore me and run past?” he teased, while bending down to help me pick up my school things.

“No, I was just thinking of what movie you wanted to watch,” I coo, trying to seem meager and sexy at the same time.

“Oh, about that, actually…” he starts. I feel my chest sink a little as he brushes his long hair out of his face. “The boys are all headed to this new bar, it’s apparently the newest, hottest thing in town. They’ve invited us and all your friends too, so we can all hang out and check it out. If it’s a drag we’ll go back to my place and watch a movie. How’s that sound?”

Hiding my disappointment, as excited as I can fake, I respond with a, “sure, that sounds good. It would be cool to see everyone together again,” even though I know we just saw all of them on Tuesday. I wanted this to just be Pierce and I tonight.

“Great,” Pierce exclaims. “I’ve got an errand to run, but I’ll meet you at your and Mandy’s place in about two hours, babe.” He kisses my forehead, turns, and walks towards the back exit Maltepe Escort of the complex.

Completely bummed out, I walk to the front of the complex and walk outside. Students everywhere, I make my way towards the off-campus housing. Dad had helped me get an apartment off-campus so I could feel a bit more independent after high school. I just happened to have the best roommate in the world too.

Mandy met me at the door, startling me again. “Have you talked to Pierce?! Did he tell you we’re all going to ‘Logan’s’ tonight?”

“‘Logan’s’,” I sighed, “is that the name of the place?”

“Yeah, apparently it opened six months ago, but people are just now talking about it. There’s concerts there, and a dance floor too! You can bump and grind into your ‘Perfect Pierce’ all night now,” Mandy jabbed. She winked at me as I blushed.

Mandy and I had been friends in elementary school. We were separated in middle school, but we kept up through social media. She’s the only one who knows me super well in our group of friends, the only one who know’s I’ve never slept with a man, too. She even agreed to let me use the apartment for the night tonight, too.

Noticing my slouch, she reached out and hugged me. “Don’t worry, babe,” she whispered. “I’ll still stay over at Dave’s tonight.” Dave was her boyfriend, they’ve been together for ages.

We chat about our days, the usual giggles about random shit that’s happened. I excuse myself and hop in the shower. Might as well be fresh for tonight, I suppose.

Looking at myself, drenched in warm water, I can’t help but wonder how many women Pierce has been with. I’ve never asked if he found me attractive, and he’s never seen more of me then what my shirt and pants show. I think I look pretty good. I’m 5.4, but moderately skinny for my height. I fill a C cup bra and have a pretty tight butt, but would I live up to his expectations? Would I be good enough for him?

I shake the thoughts from my head as I exit the shower and dry myself off. I pick out clothes for the evening that we’re now having, a more revealing top than I’m used to, matching bra and panties, and some tight fitting pants to extenuate my tight rear. Mandy compliments my look, and as I look her over, I can’t help but get jealous. She’s a good four inches taller than me, but has the shape of a goddess, big tits too. She was wearing clothing less conservative than mine, a halter top and no bra, with the skin tight pants to boot. Dave was sure to love the outfit tonight.

We passed the time until the bell rang a little later than two hours, it was about 8:00, and outside stood Dave and Pierce. Mandy greeted Dave with their usual mini-make out session, and I gingerly greet Pierce, pulling him in for a kiss. He give me a tiny peck, half paying attention to me, and then starts pulling us toward his car.

The drive is shorter than I thought it would be, our apartment is in the city limits, and this supposed “Hot Spot” was downtown. We pulled up and the outside left little to be expected. It was an older brick building, looking like it was decaying from the interior. The only thing that looked promising was the full lot we pulled into nearby. We got out and met up with the rest of the gang, Jon, Becca, and…

Stacy… What was she doing here? Stacy was Pierce’s ex-girlfriend. They’d broken up about two weeks before we’d met at the party. She’s a rich “Daddy’s Girl” with platinum blonde hair and big, augmented, double D’s, and a ripped shirt to show them off. Her skirt didn’t leave much to the imagination either, barely covering her large rear that looked fake too.

The group waiting greeted us, Stacy a bit friendlier to Pierce than I’d like. We exchanged pleasantries with a glare in each of our eyes, and proceeded into the bar.

The inside was a completely different story than the outside. While the look outside preached decay and rot, the inside was almost like a nightclub. Lights shown just enough to make sure you could see everything while keeping areas for shadows. The bar, itself, seemed to be off center of the large room, off to the left from the main entrance, with a large stage area and dance floor to the right. Left of the bar were four pool tables, three of which were occupied by students. The smell of food wafted into my nose as I noticed a sizable kitchen area behind the bar. A sign hung on the bar, reading, “Public Cevizli Escort Service Officials Drink Free!” It didn’t feel crowded, and there were booths off to the side of the dance floor for sitting, some currently occupied.

The whole room still seemed big even though it was thoroughly populated. Probably 20 to 30 men and women were inside, scattered about the bar, the tables, and the dance floor. Music was playing in the background, with no sign of the source.

A large man, looking in his mid 40’s, stopped the group at the entrance. He asked for ID’s, which were presented and scanned thoughtfully. He smiled and let everyone pass, and Pierce led us to a booth off to the right. I snuggled up close to him from the edge after everyone sat down, making sure to catch Stacy’s eye. From the ugly glare I caught from her, my message had been received.

We sat and chatted as the music played in the background, since we were all friends. Catching up on the events of the week, the boys telling jokes, all of us laughing. I can’t help but look to Pierce who would look back and smile, just for me. I fluttered every time he did this.

“So who wants to down a couple?” Dave asked, breaking the alcohol barrier. “I’ll buy the first round, I’m in a good mood.”

“Hell yeah,” Pierce replied. “Let’s get our drink on!”

Pierce looked at me, expectantly, as I was blocking him in. I got up, as did everyone else, and we proceeded to the main bar area.

We found an empty section around the bar, which was probably the most populated area besides the dance floor. A man, probably in his late 20’s, with dark hair was cleaning a glass in the area where we approached. Looking up at the approaching group, he instantly greeted us.

“Welcome to Logan’s, what can I get started for you?” he asked as I caught a glimpse of his eyes, a piercing shade of blue that I couldn’t look away from immediately.

Drinks were ordered and I got a closer inspection of the man. Late 20’s was a good guess, his dark hair trimmed neatly in an almost military crew cut. He had a goatee, as dark as the hair on the top of his head. He wasn’t super handsome, but some might call him cute-ish. He wore a t-shirt with a band I’d never heard of on his barrel chest, a size bigger than he needed probably, to go with his baggy blue jeans. For some reason he caught me staring.

“And for you, Miss?” he asked and made eye contact with me. Piercing blue was to subtle a way to put it, they were beautiful daggers for eyes.

I jumped a little as he asked, and squeaked out, “Um, just a water for me, please. I’d like to drive, if needed.”

“Ah, designated driver? Soft drinks are free for you, then,” he replied. His smile seemed to penetrate me more than I was expecting. He looked me over and I shyly backed away, suddenly way too nervous for what the situation called for.

“What am I doing?!” I think to myself. I’m standing next to a guy I’m pretty sure I’m in love with and this new man just tears right through me. What is this feeling?

Shots and glasses are poured out, and I watch intently, all the while wrapping an arm around Pierce. Dave and Jon have a conversation on the side while Mandy and Becca stare at the bartender, too. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one enthralled by his eyes and smile.

Stacy, incidentally, does her bimbo thing, leaning over the bar to give the server a great view of her cleavage and curves.

“What’s a guy like you doing here, handsome?” she shamelessly flirts.

Not even looking up, the bartender just blurts out, “Working,” and passes her White Russian down to her expertly. I stifle a giggle and imagine the look on her face.

Dave breaks from his conversation with Jon momentarily to pick up the tab, as Pierce leans over and whispers, “I’m running to the bathroom, be back soon.”

His breath and soft whisper in my ear sends a warm feeling down me. I nod and watch him head off. Becca grabs Stacy and drags her to the dance floor, dragging Jon with them, protesting all the way. Dave finishes up and in turn goes to check out the pool table, being one of his hobbies.

Mandy and I sit down on the bar stools, her with a Jager-bomb, and me with my water that I stuck with. I was about to ask her why she wasn’t going to dance when a cheerful voice caught my ears.

“You guys students at the university just out of the city?” Atalar Escort The bartender, whose name I haven’t even learned yet. “We’ve been getting a lot of college age customers recently,” he continued.

Catching the look on my face, my complete stare at the bartender, somewhat intoxicated by him, Mandy says, “Yes, actually. Anna and I are sophomores, while everyone else here with us are juniors. Anna here lives in town too.”

“Nice,” he replies. “Hope you have a good night, let one of us know if you need anything,” indicating the other two bartenders around, one a taller male, completely bald, and the other a female, wearing a tight fitting shirt and shorter shorts then I’d ever war.

“Um, thanks,” I manage to get out as he smiles at me. He turns and walks away. Mandy, as soon as he’s out of earshot, grabs my arm.

“Girl, what’s going on with you? Entranced by the bartender?” she teases.

“I dunno, I just thought he’s kinda… cute.. I suppose.” hiding my face in my hands as I grip the straw in my water.

“Cute?” She mocks. “More like totally hot! Those eyes though…” she drowns on, batting her eyes playfully.

“Hehe, what would Dave say to you, undressing that guy with your eyes?” I giggle back.

We keep chatting as time passes, seemingly forever passing as I talk with my best friend. I turn and look every now and then for Pierce.

“Why are you even with that guy, Na?” Mandy says, using a childhood nickname I’ve since outgrown. “He hardly pays attention to you now, and I don’t think you even like him.”

“Pssh,” I spurt at her, “it might not be, I don’t know, LOVE, but I like him enough to want to sleep with him,” I say, holding back a little. I turn and look towards the dancing trio, Jon, Becca, and Dave. Stacy’s probably off grinding on some random dude’s crotch, the slut.

I urge Mandy to go dance with her boyfriend, letting her know I’m fine waiting for Pierce to come back on his own. She looks at me with a sly smile. I knew that look and immediately reach for her mouth.

“Excuse me!” She get outs, getting the attention of the bald male bartender. He come’s over and I’m visibly red now. I’d swear my head was an apple if I could see it.

“Hi,” she starts off, the smile of a minx on her. “I’m about to head out, but my friend here is waiting for her boyfriend, and she wanted to get to know the other guy bartender here.”

I’m reaching over and grabbing at her arms, almost flailing, but totally failing to stop her. She knows how shy I am and how meeting new people. Even at the party with Pierce I almost passed out.

The bald bartender glances at me and stifles a laugh. He says, “Sure, hang on a second.” I swear he whispers something under his breath before calling out, “Boss.”

The dark haired, cute male turns and looks, and is summoned over by the bald one. Mandy gets up and almost disappears as I’m still reaching for her.

“This young lady wanted to speak with you,” the bald bartender says to the other. The dark haired one looks to me, seemingly noticing how uncomfortable I am, and shoots a death glare at the bald one. The bald one puts his hands up and backs away slowly, almost giggling the whole time, resigning me to fate with the cute one.

I sneak a peek up at the cute bartender whom I couldn’t look away from while with my own boyfriend. His head is down, shaking slightly, looks up and says, “what can I help you with?”

Almost panicked, I blurt out, “I’m sorry! My friend is playing a big joke on me. She wants me to talk to you, for, I don’t know, reasons.” I’m slinking as small as I can get in my bar stool, hiding behind the pitiful water glass I have.

“Well, what harm could I do?” he said softly. “I’m gonna be stuck here working anyways, it’d be nice to have someone to talk to.” He sounded sincere, almost trying to pull me out of my shell. His gaze softened as he reached forward with a hand. “Would you like a refill?”

“Sure,” I reply, meekly handing him the glass. His fingers gently brush mine as I hand it to him, his digits soft, yet seemingly impossibly strong. He refills the glass and hands it back to me, smiling.

“Thanks,” I say, managing a smile for him. “Wait, the other bartender called you ‘Boss’, are you the owner?”

“In fact, I am,” he stated while wiping up part of the bar where some liquid spilled or just to keep his hands busy. “My name is Logan. It’s a pleasure.” He offers his hand out, and I take it softly.

“I’m Anna.”


Hey everyone. Hope you enjoyed part one of this, probably, multi-part series. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments and look forward to the next posting!

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