The Bath: A Greek Tale

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I waken from sleep, the sun in low in the west. Master will be home. I must prepare your bath. I quickly dress in a loose tunic with a gold chain loose at the waist. I don on my silver slave ankle. I love the symbol of the Master’s desire toward me. None of his other slaves possess this gift.

I run to the bath area not wanting to be late, for I will be punished. I know not the day my Master has had. If it is, a good day punishment is mild. If a bad day, Master is wickedly mean.

I prepare for the Master’s bath. I ready every thing. I hear footsteps up the cold marble steps. I run to meet you and kneel before you. I kiss your feet as you gently pat my head. I look up at your wicked smile.

“Is my bath ready?” you ask. I nod. I start to undo to the laces on your boots. I was trained to use only teeth, and hands when too difficult. I quickly remove your boots. After, I loosen your belt freeing your tunic. Guiding it over your head, I see your muscular chest. I feel the craving to kiss and caress it but I dare not for you scare me when you punish me. I start to untie the straps on your britches. I feel the onset of your cock swelling as I do. I fight hard not to start to pleasure you. I only remembered the last time I did you punished me severely. I pull down your britches to see our glistening cock.

The musty aroma from you entices my senses. I feel myself grow wet. You stand in your naked glory. I have never seen a man so beautiful. I worship you as my Military God. I am here to pleasure only you.

You look at me. I scamper away I return with the cleansing bench. There lying on the bench are a large goatskin bag and long tubing. I motion for you toward the bench. You drop to your knees and slowly lay in the down ward incline. You tight beautiful ass is high I the air. You spread your leg exposing your harden cock and luscious balls. I take the goatskin bag and fill it with warm water and few drops of mineral oil. I connect the tubing to the bag. I kiss each butt cheek and softly blow on your anus. I hear a soft whine from you. I grow wetter as I tease you slightly. I take the cleansing oil out and start to massage your cheeks toward your anus. I take my fingers and tease your pucker. You moan louder. I begin to oil your hole with great care.

I must loosen the master before I insert the tubing. Slowly I place a finger in you. I feel my clit burning to be licked or touched, but this time is your time. I start moving my finger in and out of you slowly adding more oil to help open you. When I feel you are ready. I take out my finger and gently stroke your cock. mardin escort I ask if you are ready. You reply yes. I place the tubing in you. I release the warm water.

You inhale deeply arching your backing great pleasure. I reach between your legs and again stroke your cock.

You motion to me to sit before you. I do. You tell me to open my legs and present my pussy to you. You note my pussy is freshly shaven and oiled. You praise me. I move in closer.

As you fill, you start licking my wet oyster. I shiver with delight. You eagerly take pleasure in teasing me by bringing me to the brink of pleasure then backing off. You bit my clit and lick the folds of my vagina. I grow wetter.

You stop your feast and I go to check if you are full; a little more. Taking the tubing and gently fuck your ass with it as I stroke your cock. I bend in and lick your swelling balls.

You moan louder. I can sense you can take no more. I remove the tubing. I start to apply more oil to your hole as I do I insert a small plug.

You stand and sit on the bench. I see your cock standing at full alert. It is begging me to suck it. I quickly move over and engulf your hard member in my mouth. You taste so wonderful. I feel you pumping into my mouth, arching your back.

I feel a slight tingle on my ass. You have taken out your crop and smacked my ass. I was punished for not seeing permission to suck your glorious member. However, you will allow this one fault. I suck harder and harder. You moan louder and louder. I feel you tensing up. I try to suck harder. I am smacked again. With a firm voice, you tell me to stop. I do, I avoiding your glance. You push my head to the floor and give me five good hits on my ass.

“That is for your greediness, slut.”

Tears roll down my cheeks. You stand. “I must release now.”

You leave to a small room. You aren’t gone long. While you were releasing, I was preparing the bath. The large tub like pool was heated to the temperature you desire. The cleansing bench was removed. On a small table soaps, oils and towels lay.

As you exit the small room, you note I am in the submissive position of being on all fours, head down and ass high in the air. This is to allow you to punish if things are not prepared to your desires. I get a slight tap on the ass. You approach the steps of the tub pool. The water is level with the floor and there is a staircase, which descend into the tub itself. I gather the soap. Lather up my hands, I start washing your feet. You step in to the water. As you slowly van escort step in to the water, I lather your body. I work on your calves, then your thighs. I gratefully lather your ass and cock, paying special attention to your scrotum. You submerge your groin; I work on your chest and back.

You take the final step in the tub. Water covers up to your nipples. You walk over to the other side of the tub and sit in a reclined position. I gently wet your hair and lather it up with a fragrant soap. I massage your scalp and temples. I rinse you off. Appling a thick lather to your face I gently shave you. I rinse you off. You rest with your eye closed. I quickly tidy up.

“Come here,” you call out. I run to the tub side.

“No come here,” as you slap at the water.

I walk to the steps and slowly enter as I disrobe. The water is warm and inviting. I can see your throbbing member through the clear water. The tub is a bit deep so I swim to your side. I feel your hand slide between my legs and pinch my clit hard. I wince at your touch.

You tease me. “You naughty, naughty girl.”

Your finger slides in me as your thumb and other finger pinch me harder.

“Next time you will know what I want.” You release your grip.

I look away. You turn my face and kiss me passionately. You take my hand and place it on your throbbing cock. I stroke you gently. You release your grip on my mouth. I kiss down your neck to your harden nipples. I suck and bite. You groan in pleasure. I feel my pussy burning with desire for you.

Grabbing my waist, you hoist me upon your cock. I throw my head back and let out an animalistic groan. You thrust into me. Your mouth suctions on my breasts. You bite and suck them as you thrust me up and down upon your cock. You then stop to turn me to away from you. I am pounded harder. Here I can tease my clit as your fuck my willing pussy.

In a quick turn your place me on your seat. My ass high is in the air. I grip the tub edging. I feel your mouth on my cunt sucking wildly. As you do, you smack my tender ass, leaving red handprints on my ass. I scream in pleasure. Your mouth moves to my pucker kissing it as if it were my mouth. Your tongue darts in and out, fucking my ass almost violently. Three finger ram in to my pussy as your eat my ass. I thrash about more willing then ever. You move up and in one simple move, your cock enters my ass. You grab my hair and ride me wildly. I buck wildly. I scream. Ramming me harder and harder, you fuck my ass.

I reach to pleasure my clit. It is hard ankara escort and throbbing. I can feel myself wanting to cum… but I must wait for the Master.

Pulling my hair, you call me name, whore, slut, bitch, cunt, etc. Smacking my ass with your free hand, you make my ass an ever-redder color.

I feel you start to tense you are driving your cock in me further and further. I feel you start to explode. I explode with you. Quickly you with draw your cock; I turn around and take it into my mouth lapping up your tasty cream. In doing so you thrust you, cock into my mouth your hands pulling my hair as you empty your seed in to me.

You finish. I swallow ever drop. You grab me and pull me to you and roughly kissing my lips. You smile tasting your and me on your lips.

You sit back again relaxing. I exit quickly dressing; a slave’s first responsibility is to the Master.

I grab a large towel. You start to climb the stairs out of the tub. I wrap you as you walk to the massage table. Grabbing another towel, I towel you dry.

You lay naked up on the table. I take the warm oil and drip it on your back and legs. I start massaging your body. I start at your feet and work my way up your calves and thighs. I climb and straddle your back I drizzle more oil and working your tired muscles, kneading them. I slide to your thighs, slowly working your lower back and buttocks. I kiss the small of your back and each cheek. I drag my tongue up and down your crack massaging your pucker with my willing tongue. I pull your cheeks apart and fuck your ass with my tongue. I finish.

You turn over. Again, I drizzle more oil up on your body. I start at your feet then work up. I avoid your groin. I straddle you and oil up your chest. You can feel my wet hot cunt on your all ready hard member.

The temptation is too much and I rock on you. You slap my face. I tear up.

I continue to massage your torso. I slide down finally massaging your cock and balls.

I ache to lick and suck them. You reach up and force my face to groin.


I eagerly suck your cock and lick those balls. Since you just released a generous load, it will take a while before you do again. I suck until I hurt.

You push me from the table I stumble to the floor. You push me on my back on the cold marble. The marble soothes my reddened ass. You raising my leg and thrust into my wet excited snatch. Placing your hands on my tits, you grab them hard and thrust even harder. With five violent thrusts, your cum fillings my pussy.

I scramble to lick clean your cock. I tidy up the drips of jizm.

You stand running your hand through your hair. I dart to get your white towel. Dropping to my knees, I carefully place it around your waist applying the gold royal clasp.

I look to the floor. You pat my head and say, “Rest my wicked beauty for yours is coming soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32