The Book Store

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Big Tits

When he arrived he dialed her number, she waited until the fourth ring to pick up.

“Are you there?”

“Yes he replied”

“Yes, what?” was her short response.

“Yes, mistress I’m here”.

“That is much better, now do you have everything you need?”

He replied yes and told her that given the number of cars in the parking lot it shouldn’t take long for him to call back. She seemed please and before they hung up, she dropped the heavy mistress treatment to say “have a good time baby”.

He smiled as he hooked the cell phone back on his belt and walked into the adult book store they had found on the internet. This was an evolution of their relationship. They both enjoyed sex very much and as they got to know each other they found out that both could dare to experiment with bi-sexual fantasies. On her part it was easy to take to the next step, she was older than him and had more than an ample stable of willing studs, yet when she went looking for women, it became even easier. Her friends were more open and wild than he could imagine given her established status, within a week he had sat in the living room chair and watched her service one of her oldest friends, the sex was amazing, she was in total control, her flawless body seemed to glow as she brought her partner to several room shaking orgasms. What made it even more exciting to him was that she rarely lost eye contact with him, even when her had her friend head was buried in her smooth hairless hole she watched him. Before she came she mouthed “this is for you baby”.

Yet for him it was “different”. He didn’t have the relationships with his male friends to say, “Hey I’d really like to blow you sometime”. She offered to “find” him someone, but he passed, telling her that he enjoyed being with her as her boy toy.

And he did, he loved it when she would walk into the room with a tank top and jeans on, with an unmistakable bulge in them. She’d walk over to the big leather chair and plop down and start to rub the front of the denim. After a few minutes she would say,

“You know you are making me hard over here?”

“You mean me? I’m making you hard?”

“Yes you are you little slut come over here and see what you’ve done”

He would get up and move to the leather chair, where she would tell him to get on his knees so he could get a good look. She’d then undo the belt and button and unzip the jeans to expose a huge 8″ realistic skin cock in a leather harness. With expert skill she’d begin to stroke the huge real skin cock.

“See I told you that you were making me hard, now come over here and take care it”

She had taught him what to do in previous sessions, so he was more than willing to take as much as he could; he was getting better each time, being able to deep throat down to the heavy balls.

“That’s it baby, suck that big thick cock, you love it don’t you? You love that big cock sliding in and out of that little slutty mouth of yours, don’t you?”

All he could do was nod in the positive and continue to stretch his mouth and throat to accept the big phallus.

After about ten minutes he could tell she was getting close, the bonus was that the bottom strap that held the dildo also held a six inch version in his mistress’ velvet cunt. She was getting off each time he went down on her.

“That’s it; I have to have that ass of yours”

He’d at once stand and allow his jeans to fall, he’d be wearing a lace boy short (that’s all she’d let him wear) with his cock poking out the top, she’d admire him and tell him that he much be enjoying this too, at the looks of his cock. She’d tell him to strip and get on his knees. Once there she would command him to “present”. He’d then reach behind and spread his ass cheeks to reveal a completely shaved and smooth hole. She would admire his ass and always give it several good smacks.

“Open up your hole bitch!”

With concentration and practice he could manage to flex and “open” his ass.

“That’s it my little cum whore, open up to take this big dick”

She’d then spit down onto is ass, as well with putting a little warm lube on the cock before she would impale him. The effect both physical and mental was off the charts for both of them. She loved it when she could be in control like this, and he on the other hand was lost in that he was NOT in control, and that he had to perform at her whim.

She would start slow and then build up a pace once he was used to the feel. The more she pumped into him the dirtier she’d talk, which was a turn on for both of them.

“Oh, yes! Look at my little bitch take that big cock. You look so good with a big stiff dick going in and out of that nasty little cum hole”

For the part his responses were more moans and nods to the affirmative. “You wish this was a real cock don’t you? Could fill you up with nice hot cum. You’d take every drop wouldn’t you, you little cock whore”

“Yes, mistress, you know I would for you” was about all he could manage.

“That’s right, I bursa escort know you’d love it. Now stroke that nasty little cock of yours and tell me who you are cumming for”

He then reach down and begin to stroke himself, at this point it never took too long. His staying power when they had “regular” sex was better than most, but in these cases like most bull rides it didn’t make it 8 seconds.

He would begin to moan and rock his hips back and forth and they both knew he was close, and she wasn’t much further behind.

“Tell me slut, who are you cumming for? Who are shooting your sperm for?”

“You mistress, I’m cumming for you”

“Then do it! Cum for me you little cum whore”

He would explode as she drove into him, grabbing his hips and then pushing into him as far as she could sent her over the edge every time. She would then fall against him full length as they would turn on their sides. She would reach around and stick her fingers in his cum and then lick it off her fingers, she would then do the same to him, having to lick them clean. She loved it that he did this, and while he didn’t want to really admit it, he liked it when she did this to him.

A couple of weeks prior to him standing in the parking lot of the book store he found out that he was going to be forced to attend a leadership conference out of state. He wasn’t too keen on going, but business is just that so he made his plans. She saw this as an opportunity for him to experience sex with a man for the first time. With a little research she found a couple of places that were near to where he was staying. Then she presented the plan. He was to cruise the book store and find someone that he could feel comfortable with, she recommended someone that was older and at best “looked married”. That would help in that fact that she wanted to “hear” what was going on, so someone was going to have phone sex while having sex. The last requirement was the person he found had to wear a condom. He joked that he just needed to have a little sheet of paper with the list of demands and pass it out when he got in.

He stepped into the store that was divided into three parts a video section on the left, books and toys in the center and the cinema on the right. He decided that it was best to canvas the entire place so he walked in the book section. He noticed that there were a few women with some of the men, but for the most part all the males were alone and in a no shame type attitude seemed to be checking everyone out.

He didn’t find much in the books, and moved to the video section, with no particular focus on the isles he just walked down them looking at the titles. He smiled that most of the time the covers were better than what was on film or disc. He passed several people and made eye contact with only a couple, nothing to make him think that he’d find someone.

He turned the corner and found himself in the bi-sexual isle. There were more people milling in this area than in others, so he thought this would be his best chance. A with his back to him turned and they bumped into each other. He was about his height and age, they both apologized to each other and smiled and walked off.

He then made his way out of the videos and across the open area of the store to the cinema section. This was different than the rest of the store. Instead of the bright lights and mirrors, the central hallway and the other three halls were dimly lit. A light above the large bulletin board with the selection of movies gave off the most light. There were 15 small rooms with red and green lights above the doors to indicate which rooms were being used. Several men were standing around at various points and you could hear either the movies or real sounds coming from behind several of the closer doors.

He was just about to give up when someone came up next to him and pretended to be looking at the selections on the board; it was the same person he had bumped into in the movie isle.

“Doesn’t look like Star Wars is playing in any of these?”

He smiled; at least the tension had been eased. “Yeah, I doubt any of these will be up for an Academy Award”

“I’m sure they’re better than Plan 9 from Outer Space”

Feeling a little more confident he mustered up enough confidence to say “Well we can check one out if you’d like?”

After a brief moment the stranger responded with “Why not?”

As they made there way down to the end of a hallway with a green light above the door they introduced themselves to each other. He found out his “new” friends name was Nick.

Inside the room there was a large black leather sofa and a 32″ TV with a control box for purchasing movies. He locked the door and they both stood in front of each other not saying anything. Nick took the lead and reached into his pocket and removed a roll of quarters. He broke them open and inserted a dollar worth, the TV came to life with the image of a gay gang bang.

“I’ve heard if the door is malatya escort shut and the movie is not playing they’ll come and bang on the door. Is this okay or do you want to watch something else?’

“That’s fine with me. So what do you like or what are you looking for?”

He thought that what he just said sounded ridiculous, so before Nick could respond.

“I’m sorry that just didn’t come out right, I guess we both know why we’re here, it’s that I have a couple of request’s if you don’t mind”

“Sure as long as it doesn’t involve a chicken or a dwarf”

They both had a small laugh as he described that if they were going to have sex his mistress wanted to be on the phone to hear and give directions and that they both had to wear a condom.

Nick gave him a long look and told him that would be great, he then opened up that even though he was married he had a bi-sexual need that he only wished his wife could accept. She was out of town so that’s why he was at the book store this evening. The conversation put them both at ease and for the first time they now sensed that they could get down to business.

Nick put five dollars worth of change in the machine while he hit the speed dial on his cell phone. This time it was picked up on the very first ring.

“Where have you been? I’ve been worried to death”

“Hello to you too, I’m fine, just took a little time to get organized”

“Did you find someone?”

“Yes I did he’s standing right here in front of me, would you like to speak to him?”

She replied “yes” and he gave the phone to Nick, her voice went to the ultra sexy tone as she described herself and that she wanted to hear and know everything going on in the room.

She then asked Nick, “So what do you want my little slut to do?”

“Well I would love to get my cock sucked”

“Love to get you cock sucked what?”

Nick then realized that she wanted him to play by her rules.

“Uh, I’d love for your slut to suck my cock mistress” “That is much better Nicky, now tell him to lower your trousers and kneel in front of you”

Nick did as told and he in turn did as his mistress directed. Once Nick’s pants were down he saw the outline of a now rigid cock in a pair of gray briefs, the stain of pre-cum near the top. Nick then told her that he had done as requested and that he was ready for further instructions.

She told Nick that her slut should take down his briefs and then for him to sit on the sofa. As he pulled the shorts down the cock popped out at him. It was the first “real” cock he had seen besides his own, and this one was a mere foot away from him. Nick was nicely built, he was about 6 ½ inches long and not too thick, he had very light pubic hair above his cock and on his balls.

Without being told he dropped to his knees and removed a condom and started to open the wrapper. Nick was telling her what he was doing, and she told him that she wanted her slut to put it on with his mouth.

He placed the condom on Nick’s now hard cock, Nick then told him.

“Mistress wants you to use your mouth to put it on.”

He nodded and for the first time placed his lips on another mans penis. He was amazed how warm, almost hot it was. Since he wasn’t the expert in this field he used his fingers and his mouth to extend the condom down to the base of Nick’s cock.

Nick told her he had completed it as she had ordered.

“Good, now tell my slut to lick up and down your nasty cock and to suck your balls”.

Nick told him and he went to work. His time with his mistress had done him well, but it was nothing like the real thing. Adding the fact that he was in a dark room with a TV playing gay porn, in the corner of his eye he could see four or five guys in various states of a gang bang only made him feel more like a slut.

He did as he was told making porn star slurping sounds as he sucked on Nick’s balls and then licking up and down his shaft. He reached up with his hand to squeeze his balls and with his other to rub on the area above Nick’s cock.

Nick was doing a very good job at relaying everything he was doing to his mistress.

“He’s sucking me up and down licking and squeezing my balls mistress”

“You’re horny aren’t you Nicky? You like having your nasty little cock sucked by another man don’t you?”

“Yes I do mistress, I love it”.

“That’s good, remember don’t you dare cum till I tell you Nicky. Do you like fucking Nicky?”

There was a brief pause as Nick looked down at the man between his legs licking his condom covered cock like a lollypop.

“Yes I do mistress, I love it”

“Ever fuck another man Nicky?”

“No mistress I haven’t”

“Would you like too? I know that my little slut sucking your nasty little dick would love for you to fuck him, would you like that Nicky? I’ll even let you cum in his ass”.

“Yes I’d like that, thank you mistress” Nick couldn’t believe his fortune, he could only imagine if çanakkale escort the voice on the phone was as hot as it sounded, given the looks of the guy he was with he concluded it was. She wouldn’t be with someone that wasn’t on par with her.

“Good. Now put the phone next to my little slut’s ear I want to hear him suck your cock Nick”.

Nick did as he was told and she could hear the slurping sound and his muffled moans.

“Can you hear me?

Without missing a beat he muffled “Um-huh”

“That’s it my little slut, suck that cock for your mistress. You like it don’t you, you love having another man’s cock in your mouth don’t you my little bitch?”

He stopped for a second to say “Yes I do mistress”

“Don’t speak to me when you have a cock in your mouth whore! Now listen to me slut when I tell you I want you to remove your trousers and present your panties and ass to your new friend Nicky. I want him to fill your ass, you’d like that wouldn’t you slut?”

This time he responded with an “Um-huh” as he deep throated Nick again.

“Good, now take off your trousers and get that ass ready to be fucked you cum whore”.

He stood up and motioned the phone back to Nick. He looked at the monitor and saw that he needed to put some more money in the player, so he deposited the rest of the quarters. Nick stood up as well and spoke into the phone.

“It’s me Nick mistress”

At the same time he turned his back to Nick and lowered his trousers to his ankles and knelt on the edge of the sofa, placing a hand on the back and arm to steady himself.

Nick took it in. His friend was in excellent shape; even though he still had his shirt on he could tell from the waist down this guy worked out. He also saw that he had on black lace boy short panties. Nick relayed to the status of his friend to the mistress on the other end of the cell phone.

“Do you like what you see Nick? Do you want to put your cock in his ass?”

“Yes I do mistress, I want to very badly”.

“Tell my slut to remove his panties and present his ass to be man fucked”

Nick did as he was told and was amazed how sexy another man looked. He then realized that he was smooth, not a hair anywhere on him. He also saw that his friend cock was encased in a leather sheath. The only thing he could see were his very full balls and the remains of the ends of the lacing.

“Do like it Nicky? Is my slut’s fuck stick still secure?”

“Yes it is mistress”

“Good, my slut should be nice and clean for you, but he might need to lube you up so you can fuck his hole”.

“Mistress wants you to lube me up”.

He nodded as he retrieved a small flip top bottle from his trousers. He put a little on his hand and massaged Nick’s cock. Even without any contact for the last several minutes it was still very had in the condom. He then ran his fingers over his ass and inserted a finger in his hole. He was feeling very turned on, so he worked it in several times while Nick with the phone to his ear watched wide eyed. He then nodded and reached back for Nick’s cock.

“He’s lubed and ready mistress”

“Excellent, now tell him to open up for you”

Before she could complete the sentence Nick was shocked to see the asshole in front of him open up unlike anything he’d ever seen.

“He has mistress, it’s open for me”

“Oh, he is a horny little whore isn’t he? Put it in Nicky, put that nasty cock of yours in my little cum whore’s hole. Do it, do it now!”

“Yes mistress, I’m putting my cock in him now”

For both men it was a first and it was electric. Nick couldn’t believe how hot it was, not to mention how tight. It was unlike a woman’s pussy. For his part having taken a much bigger dildo didn’t really prepare him for the feeling of a real cock. It as hot! He could feel it pulse as Nick pushed deep into him. After a few minutes his balls touched his friends leather bound balls.

“I’m all the way in mistress”

“How does it feel Nicky? Feel good to have your cock in another man’s ass?”

Nick was blown away how horny she was making him. Even though he was doing something he never thought he’d be doing he was at the same time envious of his friend, his woman was telling to do things he could only wish that his wife would do.

“Yes it feels incredible mistress”.

She told him to put the phone down to her slut’s ear again.

“So how does a real cock feel in your ass cum whore? Is it as good as you expected, you love it don’t you slut?”

“Yes, it’s wonderful, thank you for allowing me to be man fucked mistress”

“You’re a good little slut, now give the phone back to Nicky and enjoy getting that hole filled with man cum”.

With the phone back at Nick’s ear she gave him detailed instructions on how to fuck her slut. Nick did as he was told. Unknown to them she was laying in bed with a 6″ dildo in her ass as she worked the 8″ real skin cock in and out of her sopping pussy. She could hear Nick and her beloved moan. She had told Nick not to cum and he had done an excellent job not to have blown his load. She could tell he was slipping so she decided to allow him to release.

“You want to cum Nicky? You want to shoot your cum in my man slut’s ass don’t you? Tell me Nicky?”

“Yes mistress, I want to cum so bad! I want to shoot in your slut’s ass”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32