The Conference

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Belinda was almost glowing. The presentation at the conference had gone better than she had hoped. She had met some old friends, made some new ones. Networking they called it. Even the bloke she had met at breakfast seemed cute, albeit that he had embarrassed her.

She had been looking for somewhere to sit and eat her breakfast and spare chairs were scarce. She found a spare seat and decorum insisted that she check to see if the chairs were vacant.

The gent looked up from his program, smiled and nodded assent. Belinda ate heartily and before long, she placed her knife and fork on her empty plate, lent back and took a long draw of her coffee.

Placing the mug beside her empty plate, Belinda had time to appraise her co-diner. Mature, in reasonable shape, salt and pepper hair which extended to his moustache. She averted her gaze as he placed the program on the table and searched for his own drink. She took the opportunity to introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Belinda,” she said cheerily.

“Hi, Tony,” he responded, extending his hand in welcome. Perfunctory greetings completed, Belinda spoke.

“You’re here for the conference I see,” she noted, nodding her head towards the program lying on the table.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Looking for something interesting to attend, rather than the same stuff rehashed,” he added.

Belinda smiled knowingly.

“Yeah, I know what you mean; but have you found anything you like?” she asked.

Tony looked up, focused on his interrogators face, smiled cheekily and replied.

“Yep,” he replied. “Directly opposite me.”

Belinda blinked, thought for a moment allowing his words to sink in and garner their meaning. She suddenly blushed, realising he was paying her a compliment having turned the conversation away from the conference.

“Eerrrm, thank you,” Belinda stuttered in response. “Thanks for the seat, I’d better get ready for my presentation,” she added quickly thinking of an excuse to extricate herself from the situation.

Belinda went to her room, gathered her notes for her presentation, his disarming words still rattling through her thoughts.

“Focus,” she mumbled to herself. “You’ve got to get this presentation right”.

Well it went better than expected. The cabaret that evening was THE social event of the weekend and it was a lot of fun, good food, lots of dancing and singing: and there were only a few wayward hands she had to remove from her buttocks while on the dance floor. The stress of presenting had taken its toll and by early evening she excused herself, pleading exhaustion.

She strolled across to the hotel deciding to have a night cap before retiring.The bar was almost empty. She ordered a house chardonnay, sipping her drink while she reflected on the day. As she drained the glass, she contemplated a second. Before she had resolved the dilemma, the barman approached with another. Belinda looked up in surprise.

“Courtesy of the gentleman in the booth,” he explained in response to her quizzical look.

She spun on the bar stool and peered into the gloom. Manners dictated that she thank him, but it was not possible to do so without seeing him. She slid off the stool and approached the booths. As she herself entered the gloom, she recognised her breakfast companion.

“Thanks Tony,” she said cheerily.

“No problem,” he replied.

“You’re out early,” he added.

“Yeah, too much noise, too many wandering hands,” she replied laughingly.

Their conversation ebbed and flowed. just as they finished their drinks, the barman called time.

“Bugger,” said Belinda, “I just in the mood for another drink”.

“There’s a bottle in my room, actually, there’s a few. I hit the local wineries,” Tony offered.

“Sounds good, let’s go,” Belinda said eagerly.

They retreated to the second floor. Belinda saw his room key.

“Oh, you’re nearly Pendik Escort across from me,” she observed.

Tony selected a bottle of wine from the group of bottles on the bench and poured two glasses, handing one to Belinda.

“You’ll have to excuse me for a moment while I use the bathroom,” he explained.

When he returned, Belinda was staring out the window admiring the view. Tony stepped in behind her, slipped his arms around her waist and lowered his lips onto her neck, sliding them along her bare skin up to her earlobe. He heard her sigh. His lips retreated down her neck, across the back of her neck and up the opposite side. As he did so, Belinda’s hand found his at her waist, lifted them from her waist onto the mounds of her breasts, squeezed his hands against, kneading her breasts with his hands. She rested her head back onto his shoulders, offering even more of her neck for him to mouth.

Belinda felt the tingle in her groin.

“Yes,” she thought. “This is the stranger I’ve always wanted to fuck”.

She turned in his arms, lifted her chin, offering her mouth to him. As he kissed her mouth, she moaned into his as his tongue explored her oral orifice. His hands glided up her back, found the tab on her zipper and slowly lowered it to her waist. His hands returned to her shoulders, guided the shoulders of her dress down her arms. Belinda, eased the body pressure against him allowing the dress to fall between them to the floor.

They both looked down and watched the garment fall.

“Gorgeous boobs,” Tony observed.

Belinda watched her chest heave, pleased he like her breasts and the reaction his compliment made to them. Her nipples strained against the material. Tony bent over, sucking on her acorn hard nipples through the lace material, alternating between both breasts.

He returned to her mouth, kissing her harder this time as he unclasped her bra effortlessly. They allowed the garment to join her dress on the floor. Belinda stepped out of the garments, catching her heel on the dress and falling backwards onto the bed.

Her body was still bouncing on the bed as Tony dropped to his knees, planting kisses on her inner thighs, working his way up her legs to her groin. She could feel the tickle of his moustache as it skimmed across the soft skin and then the pressure of his tongue against the lace material covering her labia, pressing against the entrance of her vagina.

She placed her hands on the back of his head, pressing his face deeper against her groin. She heard the rip of material, he had shredded the seams at the sides of her panties. The flimsy material fell away from her groin exposing her swollen dripping vulva. It was an act of lust, he wanted her body and the action aroused her to a higher level of intensity.

Belinda immediately felt his tongue piercing her labia, tunneling into her velvet glove, lapping the juice she was dripping. His sucking was audible and it raised her level of arousal even further. The action suddenly changed, fingers entered her, lips gripped her throbbing clitoris, his tongue began flicking it as it sat trapped between his lips.

Involuntarily, she began bucking her pelvis against his face. She screamed. The orgasm enveloped her, her mind a darkened abyss, spasm wracked her body as it twisted in response to the euphoria.

Her body slumped back onto the bed, her lungs straining for air. Belinda reached up, dragged a pillow under her head. She looked down, his face still between her thighs but looking back at her, smiling. His cheeks, nose lips and chin glistening with her girlcum. She motioned for him to join her on the bed. No sooner had he rested beside her than she rolled sideways and licked the moisture from his face. Satisfied with her efforts, she rolled onto her back and let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Thanks, I really needed that. Now I need that cock,” Belinda Anadolu Yakası Escort said, shocked at her own language.

She reached her left hand over, taking his right arm and pulling him onto her. He braced himself over her on outstretched arms.

Accommodatingly, she spread her legs, drawing her knees up a little providing a void for him to lower his pelvis against her, his cock rigid, but wandering as he moved against her. She reached down with her hand, encircling the head of his mast and guided into her will pussy.

His first penetration caused the head to pop inside her, he withdrew slightly and pushed forward again gaining even more depth. He repeated action until he achieved full penetration of his weapon. Belinda placed her ankles on the back of his calves and began to thrust against his rhythm.

Belinda had left her hand between them after guiding his erection into her. Her fingers began to stroke her clitoris and the familiar pangs of imminent orgasms washed through her mind. The tingling sensation rose to a crescendo. She watched his face, the pure joy on his face as he pumped his rod into her sent her over the edge. Her body shivered, she moaned aloud as the climax engulfed her.

As she recovered, she realised that the constant thumping of his pelvis against hers had ceased. She searched frantically.

“Had he cum inside her?” she wondered. She was relieved to see his face, still above hers, his hard cock still inside her. She looked at him quizzically.

“I wanted to watch you orgasm,” he responded to her questioning look. “It was beautiful to see and, besides, I wasn’t sure that I had permission to cum inside your pussy,” he added.

Belinda felt a little overwhelmed that he had been considerate enough to not assume boundaries.

“Fuck my tits,” answered Belinda.

In reflection, it was a totally out of character comment by her, even though the tone was more of a request than an order.

Tony extracted his muscle from her cavity, dripping in her viscous fluids and re-positioned himself sitting on her abdomen. He bent forward allowing his member to lay between her breasts as Belinda pulled a pillow further under her head. Her hands moved to either side of her chest, cupped her breasts in each palm and squeezed them together.

Tony began stoking his penis between her clamped breasts, each stroke forward burst his helmet from between her globes. The sight of his cock being stretched back with the friction, opening up the eye of his erection, aroused her. She watched for a few moments, before flexing her head forward allowing the head to enter and exit her mouth. She raised her eyes to see pure ecstasy written over his face.

He began to pump a little faster, a groan escaped from his throat. She released the grip on her breasts and eased he head further forward. Her now free right hand gripped his shaft and began stroking. Belinda heard him mumble “Cumming” just as the first spurt of ejaculation spurt from his cock striking her on the chin. Before the second burst, she shoved the exploding penis in her mouth, allowing the subsequent ropes of cum to spill into her throat.

When he stopped thrusting, she sucked the flagging organ deeper into her mouth, drawing the remaining blobs of cum from the shaft. She swallowed, enjoying the sensation of the thick mucus rolling over the back of her tongue. She could still taste the nectar of her own juices on his shaft.

Tony, panting collapsed on the bed beside her. Wrapped in each other’s arms, that was the last she remembered until morning.

Movement in the room disturbed her sleep. It took a moment for Belinda to realise her unfamiliar surroundings but the smell of coffee and breakfast quickly brought her back to her senses. She sat upright, the sheet modestly covering her breasts as Tony lay the breakfast tray over her lap.

“Morning,” he İstanbul Escort said cheerily. “Breakfast is served”.

They ate slowly, the topic of conversation being their activities for the day.

“I’ve got to meet some people at morning tea, then pack my suitcase. I’ll be leaving on the 7:00pm flight back,” Belinda informed him.

“Well,” Tony intoned “I’m not in hurry, I’m staying on until tomorrow as I have to meet some relatives for dinner this evening. You can leave your bags in here until you leave if you wish”.

“I’d appreciate that,” she responded, knowing full well that with a little planning, she would be ravaged for most of the afternoon. Her vagina twitched at the thought.

“… but right now, I need a shower,” she added.

“Go for it, I’ll clean-up,” he responded.

She padded naked across the carpet to the bathroom feeling a little disappointed he hadn’t followed her. Distracted, she turned on the hot water, waited momentarily for it to heat up and stepped into the cubicle and stood under the stream, enjoying the relaxing sensation. She blamed the sound of cascading water for her sudden urgency. Her bladder was full. She relaxed, spread her legs and was about to unleash a torrent of urine when Tony stepped in.

He smiled, as if knowing what she was about to do. He stepped forward, placed his left hand behind her neck and drew her in for a kiss, his right hand slid between her thighs, gently rubbing.

“Let it go,” he demanded.

A torrent of urine streamed from her urethra. He knelt in front of her, the yellow showers splashing over his torso. Belinda rocked her pelvis backwards and forwards, directing the stream over his head, body and limbs. The image ignited her libido to a heightened level. He right hand toyed with her clitoris as she emptied her bladder over him. The stream had diminished to a dribble when he stood upright, rinsed his head in the hot shower water, cupped her buttocks in his hands and lifted her up. Her back was against the tiles, her legs spread akimbo either side of him.

She felt his cock at the entrance of her vagina, she pushed down with all her will, forcing his cock into her. There, against the tiles, he fucked her to an orgasm. If her legs had been planted on the ground, she would have had what was called a “knee trembler”, but suspended in the air, she shivered to an explosive orgasm, panting as it washed over her repeatedly. As the euphoria ebbed, she sensed a rush of fluid running down her legs and a fullness in her vagina she had not experienced before. She looked to the floor and spied the tell-tale colour of yellow urine running to the drain.

Tony resumed his pumping, this time in a more earnest fashion, she looked back at him, the face contorted in concentration. The mix of sensations was overwhelming, being fucked in mid-air, a golden shower on him, her cunt being washed with his urine, still high from an orgasm and her lover about to unleash his load inside her was sensation overload. She screamed.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming again,” she growled.

His thrust rate slowed. It was like a metronome, deliberate pushes into her as each rope of semen coursed through his cock and into her. She rode the crest of the wave of her own climax, each of his thrust delivering a new pinnacle of enjoyment.

He released her, allowing her to stand on wobbling legs, her body supported by the stability of the wall while he stood over her, palms of his hands flat against the tiles providing the assistance to remain upright. His respiratory rate returned to something in the range of normal. He looked down, smiled and uttered a single word.


Recovered, they showered and exited the bathroom.

“Here, take my robe to get back to your room, no-one will be suspicious, but they would be if you were in last night’s dress,” he advised, “And take my spare room key so you can drop your bags off when you want. I’ll be back around midday. I’ve got a few people to see.”

Belinda reached up and kissed him, donned the dressing gown, opened the door and peered through the small gap. The corridor was deserted, so she stepped across to her room and quietly entered it.

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