The Enforcer Ch. 19

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Mandy and I were resting, next to each other, after a wonderful tit fuck, and her face was still covered with my cum. I hugged her lovingly, her back to my chest, wrapping my arms around her breasts, as I asked: “Little girl, do you still want to play?”

She giggled, and in her most innocent and youthful tone replied: “That was fun Vinny. I’d love to see what else you have to teach me. And if I enjoy the lessons, and you feel like giving another class, I might be able to get a few of my friends to join us next time.”

Intrigued by her suggestion, I asked: “What might their names be?”

Mandy replied: “There’s Sarah and her cute little sister Kimmy, then there’s Maya and her best friend Candy, those two are always together. All the other kids call them carpet munchers, but I like them, they’re nice to me; they like to rub suntan lotion all over my body. I sometimes get all tingly between my legs,” she paused, thought for a second, then added: “my pussy, you called it, gets all wet when they’re around. So do theirs, they’ve even shown them to me once or twice. They said I could touch if I wanted, but I was too scared then. Mind you if they offer again I might do it.”

She turned to face me and, giggling, pressed her face against my pecs. I slowly stroked her hair as I said: “Those friends of yours sound like they would love one of my lessons. In fact I am surprised we haven’t already met.”

Mandy replied in a shy tone: “We all just moved into the neighbourhood, so they haven’t been around much, but I am certain they will love meeting you.” She made a surprised face then franticly added: “I forgot about Lynn and Amber! They are also inseparable, and love to play with each other; they might even let you join in, but they are a little jealous and tend to not let others play with them. They almost never play with me. But they are nice; maybe you can get them to share with me.”

I loved where this was going, and hoped that we could talk the girls into playing along, but first I wanted to have a little more fun with Mandy, so I said: “I think that would be interesting. You will have to introduce me to your friends, they sound like naughty girls, but you’re so sweet, how did you manage to end up with such bad girls?”

Mandy replied coquettishly: “I don’t know, just lucky I guess.”

I laughed at that and said: “I don’t know many girls your age would see it that way, but I tend to agree, naughty little girls are fun.” I held her closer as I added: “But I’ve always wanted my own little innocent, good, girl and I will always love you Mandy dear.”

A tear escaped her as she replied, out of character: “You really mean that don’t you Vinny?”

I held her close and said: “Have I ever said something I didn’t mean?”

She pressed her face into my chest as she said: “No, you’ve always been truthful with me, and everybody you know.”

It was a powerful moment; I was happy to have Mandy as a part of my future, and I wanted her to realise that she truly was. We held each other for a few minutes before Mandy’s playful side resurfaced and she said in her childish voice: “Mister, I’m all hot and squishy down here.” She opened her legs and parted her pussy lips. If I had any doubts about her intentions, they were gone.

I looked down, placing a hand on my chin, and said: “You’re dripping wet; I guess we should see if I can fit my huge cock into your tiny pussy.”

She giggled as she said: “Those grown-up words sound so naughty!”

I replied as I moved my hand to her exposed mound: “That’s the point my little one.”

She exhaled deeply as my fingers grazed her pussy lips, then said: “That feels really nice.”

I placed a kiss on her lips, and then said: “Let’s lay down on the bed and I can show you something that feels even better.”

We lay down on the bed as she said: “Are you going to try and put that monster into my little opening now?”

I nodded, helped her to lay flat on her back, moved myself over her body, and then gently eased my cock between her legs as I spread them open with mine. She gasped when she felt my penis drawing near to her enflamed sex. I ran my cock along her tender folds, covering it in her ample secretions. When I was ready I moved the head to her opening and applied just a little pressure, to ease her lips ever so slightly open. My cock now ready to go, I moved my hands to the bed and, leaning over her, I said: “Are you ready for this Mandy? It may feel a little strange, but I am certain you will quickly grow to love it.”

She giggled, but her face had a glint of fear as she said: “I am ready, please be gentle.”

I nodded and moved slowly forward, entering her. She must have been a little scared, or maybe just tensing her muscles, because she was tighter than the last time I made love to her – she truly felt like a virgin – so I slowed my entry, permitting her body to readjust to my size.

She moaned and, in her most innocent voice, said: “Oh my, you’re big! It feels really strange, but I like it; what is this called mister?”

I urfa escort had to giggle softly as I replied: “This is Fucking Mandy, and I am certain you will love how it feels when you cum while fucking. Mind you, I think you will love how it feels when I cum too.”

She replied, wide eyed: “You’re going to squirt inside me?”

I replied: “Yes I am, that’s the best part. Just wait you’re going to love it, I promise.” I had just bottomed out, and Mandy let out a squeal as my pubic hairs mingled with hers.

She proudly said: “Yay!, I can take all of you inside me. See I’m a big girl.”

I leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips, then said: “No my love, you’re a woman now, and I am your man, for the rest of our lives. From this point on, if you want me to make love to you, I will always say yes.”

The moment was poignant, but Mandy made it feel lighter when she said: “Does that make you my love slave Vinny?”

I replied casually: “Yeah, I suppose it does.”

We kissed and, as I started to move out of her our lips parted, ending our kiss. I edged back into her slowly. My thrusts gradually grew in speed and force, and soon we were full out fucking. Mandy’s body was covered in sweat from the passion that had built inside her. I continued to pound into her body, her hands now clung to my hips and urged me to go faster. I obliged her and pounded in deeper and longer strokes, sending ripples through her body which made her breasts rock violently.

Her arousal quickly rose, and soon she was climaxing under me, I just kept up my pace throughout her orgasm. Her climax appeared to be subsiding, then, just as it looked like it was about to end, she came again, and kept cumming. I fucked her through many orgasms, before I finally felt my own climax welling inside my balls. I just let myself go and filled her body with a torrent of spunk. Too tired to continue, I pulled out of her and lay down beside her, trying to catch my breath.

Mandy and I recovered for a few minutes before she said: “That was fun! We have got to get the rest of the girls to try it with us.”

I replied: “Sounds like a good idea.” I turned to my side, Mandy did the same, and we hugged and kissed. Then I said: “I’m really happy you returned to my life, I’ve missed you so much. I’m certain dad will be very glad to see you again when he gets here tomorrow.”

Mandy replied: “I can’t wait to see him either. I wonder how he will look after such a long period of incarceration.”

I replied casually: “He’s going to be pissed, and knowing dad, I predict he’ll look younger than he did last time you saw him.”

Mandy replied, a little surprised: “He look forty last time I saw him, are telling me he’ll look young enough to pass as your brother?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and then said: “Yeah, I guess so and, unless they chained him, he’s going to be buff, so he might actually have a chance in a fight with me. Could be fun to see if he practiced his martial arts while he was imprisoned.”

Mandy raised an eyebrow: “Are you telling me that you plan on sparring with your dad when he gets here?”

I replied: “Hell no! I plan on giving him a few days, then having him spar with my students and the gang members. Then if he is still good, I’ll offer him a chance at me.”

Mandy punched me in the ribs as she said: “You are incorrigible.” We then kissed, after which she said: “But I always did love that about you.”

I held her tight as I said: “Mandy I am game for a little more fun, you want to continue our little role-play?”

Mandy sweetly smiled, then in her childish tone replied: “That was really fun mister. Do you have anymore lesson you want to teach me today?”

I said: “Well I can think a few things, but they’re pretty grown-up things, so I am not certain you’re ready to try them.”

Mandy pouted as she pleadingly said: “I’m a big girl, I’m old enough, please tell me.”

I paused, scratching my chin as I reluctantly said: “I don’t know, these things are really not meant for little girls.” She gave her best puppy dog eyes, and a small whine, as she looked at me pleadingly. I knew it was just a game, but I actually felt a little bad. However, I held up my part and replied: “Ok,” her face lit up, as I continued speaking: “but you need to do something for me first.”

She smiled and childishly replied in an enthusiastic tone: “Anything for you mister, just ask.”

I smiled and pointing to my cock said: “It has just come out of your pussy, and it’s a little tired, have you ever tasted your own pussy?”

She nodded as she said: “Yes, but it was accidental, and I didn’t really enjoy it, but it wasn’t bad either. Why?”

I said: “Because your task is to lick my cock clean, and to get it hard.”

She looked at me a little surprised and asked: “But why? You have already put it the two holes it belongs in.”

I smiled as I said: “My dear Mandy, you have three holes in your body that can take balıkesir escort it.”

She looked questioningly at me and said: “Where? There’s my mouth, then there’s my pussy,” she paused, thought, then continued: “The only other hole I can think of is my ass…” Surprised, she looked at me and said: “You can’t mean my asshole!”

I replied lovingly: “Yes I can. Trust me I’ll be gentle, you’ll love it.”

She replied: “I don’t know, it’s kind of a small hole,” she looked at me pleadingly and said: “Do you really think that your cock will fit back there?”

I replied: “I know it will, but if you want me to I’ll rim you first, to relax it.”

Mandy asked: “Mister what is rimming?”

I replied: “That’s where I do to your asshole with my tongue what I did to your pussy.”

She giggled: “You’re not going to lick my asshole are you mister?”

I said: “If you let me, I will, and if you enjoyed me doing it your pussy, you will love this too.”

She shyly replied: “Ok, I will let you rim me, but only if I enjoy it will I permit you to try stuffing your monster up my ass.”

“Sounds like a deal, but first you have to get my cock back up.”

She quickly moved to my cock and gobbled it down. Mandy had me hard within a matter of seconds. So I motioned for her get down on all fours and present me her ass, she did so willingly. I spread her cheeks, and blew softly on her pucker.

She giggled as she said: “That tickles Vinny.”

I moved my tongue to her rosebud and gently ran it across her pucker. She moaned softly, so I repeated it a few more times. As she started to relax I placed my tongue on her opening and slowly wormed it into her muscular ring. I felt a shiver pass through her hips as I continued to explore her tight opening.

Gradually more and more of my tongue was forced inside her, and I began to wiggle it and swirl it around. Mandy’s moans grew louder and louder. I continued to probe her anus with my tongue for another ten minutes before I pulled it out and softly asked: “So how about it little girl, do I get permission to try stuffing your ass with my cock?”

Mandy shyly replied: “That felt nice, I know I will probably regret this, but go for it.”

I grinned as I said: “I’ll be gentle, if it hurts just tell me and I’ll slow down. But I promise you will love it if you let me go all the way.”

She looked over her shoulder incredulously and said: “Mister you better be right if you hope to ever have another chance at fucking me back there.”

I realised that, even though I have never had a woman complain about me sodomizing her, I should be extra gentle with Mandy. I love her too much to ever cause her any pain. My penis was still fairly well lubricated with her saliva, but I decided that a little extra lube could not hurt. I lovingly said: “Little girl I’m going to fuck you a little more. It will help you relax, and it will make it easier to slip my monster into your ass.”

She replied in her most innocent voice: “Ok, I like getting fucked.”

I slid back into her dripping pussy without effort. Slowly pumping into her pussy, I wormed two fingers into her asshole. Mandy began to moan as I wormed a third finger into her ass. I continued to slowly fuck her as I stretched her anus. Within a few minutes I had Mandy coming. Once her climax subsided I pulled my cock from her pussy, and moved it to her rosebud. She shivered at the unexpected feeling.

Slowly I applied a little pressure, however I felt her resisting, so reduced the force I was applying and bent forward till my face was close to hers. Then I whispered softly into her ear: “Mandy I can feel the tension in your body.”

She turned her face to mine and replied softly: “I’m a little scared Vinny.”

I moved my hand to the back of her head, and stroked it softly as I kissed the nape of her neck. She began to relax, and I began to inch into her body, but when she felt it, she tensed right back up. So I started to tease her nipples, while I kept kissing her neck lovingly. As she once again began to relax, I moved into her a little further. However this time she just let it happen. A few moments later the head of my cock popped into her ass. She exhaled into my mouth as she experienced anal penetration for the first time.

Our kiss broke, and I looked into her face, she looked blissed out. I lovingly asked: “Mandy my love, how does that feel?”

Mandy replied blissfully: “That feels wonderful, but it a very strange feeling.”

I kissed her as I inserted my dick all the way into her ass. I straightened myself and began pumping into her. Gradually, as my tempo increased, Mandy began to moan louder and louder. Within a few minutes she climaxed, and the contractions of her ass drove me over the edge. After our mutual climax we were both tired, and laid side by side.

Mandy weakly said: “I really enjoyed that Vinny; we will have to try it again.” She was once again using her normal voice.

I replied, “I promise trabzon escort to do it anytime you want my love.” Mandy hugged me close. I held her tight as I said: “I am a little tired, and we’ve had so much fun. Let’s go to sleep holding each other.” She agreed, so we cuddled, as I covered us with a light sheet. We quickly fell asleep in each others arms. We slept soundly, a little briefly, but nice.

We were woken up a few hours later by the sound of a convoy entering the compound. As I wondered why the sound was so loud, I remembered that the girls had opened the window earlier, to let some fresh air in. We awoke quickly as the violent noise grew. Mandy looked at me surprised, and I said: “The window’s open.”

I got up to close it and saw that the convoy was led by Ed and Phillip, then I noticed that right between them was my father; he looked great. I turned to Mandy and said excitedly: “Mandy my dad’s here, want to come and say hello?”

She jumped up in glee, still naked like me, and pulled open the curtain and waved to the convoy. We were exposed from the waist up, which was not so bad for me, but as soon as Mandy realised that she was flashing the convoy she covered her breasts and continued to wave. I hollered: “We’ll be right down.” I closed the curtain, gently pulled Mandy from the window and then said: “I think we should get dressed quickly and go and say hi.”

She agreed and we quickly put some clothes on, I put on a t-shirt, a pair of boxers and a pair of jean shorts. Mandy put on a pair of bikini bottoms and a t-shirt. We then ran downstairs and out the front door. Mom was already there and was kissing my dad passionately. He hugged her firmly and kissed her back with fervour.

When their kiss broke, my dad turned to me and, as he walked over, he said in his deep voice: “Vinny my son, I have missed you.” He was now close enough so we hugged powerfully and patted each others back.

I replied: “I have missed you too dad.”

As our embrace broke, he turned to Mandy and said: “I think I recognise this young girl.” He paused then said: “Mandy, child, is that you?”

Mandy giggled as she jumped onto him: “You have a good memory for and old man.” They were hugging, and Mandy’s eyes were filled with tears of joys as she said: “God, I thought I’d never see you again Greg!”

They looked at each other and at the same time said: “You look really different from the last time I saw you.” They realised they had just said exactly the same thing, at the same time, and both said: “Sorry about that.” Noticing they had done it again, they laughed and hugged again, happy to see each other again.

Just as their embrace broke Sean appeared, slowly walking towards us. He was wearing a perfectly pressed suit, and Guido was following him. My dad looked at him and firmly said: “You must be Sean.”

He replied calmly: “Indeed I am, and you must be General Greg Macleod.”

He replied cheerily: “That I am. And I take it, from what my wife has told me, that you are a friend of my son’s and it was your jet that brought my wife here.”

Sean replied: “It was my jet, but you should really thank Guido. He, after all, is the one who asked to borrow my jet, and in-turn, brought your son and me together.”

My father replied: “I owe you both a great debt of gratitude.”

Sean moved forward and extended his hand to my father as he said: “I would be honoured to shake your hand. And that, in itself, would be more than sufficient repayment for anything that was asked of me.”

They shook hands and my father replied: “You’re a good man Sean, thank you for everything.” Just then the majors, my boys, and my aunts came walking up to us. My aunts were all very happy to see me and quickly ran up and hugged me.

By this time, the rest of the gang had gathered around to see what was happening. My aunts gave me a little space and I turned to the gang and loudly said: “Guys, let me introduce you to my father General Greg Macleod.” They all cheered. After a few seconds I motioned for them to be quiet, and as the noise died down I continued: “For those of you who don’t know, this is his wife, and the person I call Mom, Nancy Macleod. She arrived yesterday, but I only told a few of you who she was.”

They all cheered again, and after a few seconds, at my indication stopped again, so I continued: “These Five lovely ladies are her sisters and my aunts, Camille, Amanda, Valerie, Jillian and Roxanne.” The cheering began again and, just as before when I lifted my hand, stopped. “The last introduction will be my honoured guests, Sean and Guido.” The gang once again cheered. I motioned for them to stop and then I said: “I also have a couple of announcements to make.”

Their attention was locked onto me, so I continued: “Today is my graduation, and when we return from it I expect a party to remember, so you all have to help get the place ready.” They cheered, but I continued: “I will also take the first twenty people who wish to accompany me and my friends with us.”

They all started to lift their hands to volunteer, so I said: “Phillip will be the one to pick the volunteers. However if you’re not picked and you really want to come, I will be in the house with my dad. If you can beat either of us in an arm wrestling match, or provide a good reason why you should come, I will let you join us also.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32