The Fruit Flies Ch. 02

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Note: This story is in present tense.

Hot water falls on to my angelic body as I lather my melon sized breasts with a bar of soap. My fiery red hair is smoothing out as it falls down to my firm buttocks. As I wash my long silky legs, I feel my legs are perfectly toned, thanks to the months of long distance running. I rub the soap against my washboard stomach that has no fat on it.

I am the perfect image of a goddess.

As I finish washing my faultless body, I shut off the gym’s shower. As I dry off my body with a towel, I feel a set of eyes looking at me. Knowing that I am in the women’s shower room, I figure I am being studied by a lesbian.

However, I am soon corrected when I hear the deep voice of a man.

“Hello, Kasumi.”

I quickly turn around to see a black hair Italian standing right behind me. Having firm abs, I see there is little or no hair on his chest. His legs are toned to the max. His skin tanned from being out in the sun. To add more to this heart-stopping god, I see his eight inch tool standing straight up.

The moment I see my boyfriend standing before me, I can feel my heart leaping into my throat.

“James!” I gasp. “If you get caught here…”

James walks up to me and plants a passionate kiss on my lips.

My rational mind screams to tell James to get out. If the manager catches us here, he could revoke my gym pass and kick us out. Or worse… call the police.

However, the moment I feel James’s eight inch cock rubbing against my dripping pussy, I knew the rewards outweighs the consequences.

As James’s gentle kisses move downwards from my lips towards my neck, I feel his rough hands lightly twisting my nipples. I arch my back as a tsunami of delight brings peace to my rational thoughts. As I allow James to torture me with bliss, I fail to notice where his mouth is moving towards. Before I can even come up with the question, I feel James’s humid mouth sucking on my nipples.

“Don’t tease me!” I gasp. “Do what you come here to do!”

James gently pushes me against the wall as he continues to suck on my nipples. As I tilt my head back out of pure ecstasy, James suddenly stops sucking my nipples.

Before doubt enters my mind, James spins me around and forces me to face the wall.

Tension soon builds as James rubs his cock against my sweltering pussy. My heart is beating faster than a locomotive. My nipples are harder than diamonds. My clit is erect and waiting for attention.

By the gods of all existence, I want to be fucked right now.

As if James’s is reading my mind, he slowly inserts his cock into my sweltering tight twat. I gasp as I feel my pussy walls being spread apart by his gorgeous girth. I gasp again as James’s beautiful prick rubs against my g-spot.

“Oh God!” I howl.

James slowly pulls his prick out of my cunt. Only to slam it back in with bursa escort greater force. Causing me to scream like a bitch in heat.

As James’s fucks me in my tight wet pussy, I feel the pressure growing inside me. I stand on my toes as the pressure spreads across my body. Wanting to feed the pressure, I quickly turn on the hot water. The hot water soon builds pleasure to the point it will explode.

“James!” I scream. “Twist my nipples!”

Without question, James’s reaches over and twists my harden nipples.

That is the final straw.

Twisting my nipples as hard as he can, I feel my firm twat squeezing the life out of James’s penis. The pressure in my abdomen explodes like a volcano as my juices sprays all over James’s cock.

My juices are too much for him to take. He fucks me harder and faster until he shoots his cum right into my tight twat.

By the glory of the gods, it feels so good to be filled.

Weary from all the fucking, we lie down on the marble floor and kiss right under the shower head.

As James’s plays with my rock hard nipples, I hear some clapping coming from the back of the shower room.

Both James and I look to the back to see a muscular man staring at us with a sloppy grin. He has short brown hair, deep blue eyes, and some tattoos on his arm. Just by seeing the tattoos, I know that we are dealing with the gym manager.

“Well, well, well.” The gym manager says with an eager smile. “I believe we have two fornicators in the ladies shower room.”

Our whole bodies turn read with embarrassment.

“Now you have two options.”The gym manager says in a demanding tone of voice. “You can get your stuff and never come back. Or…”

This will not end well.

“Or, you’re boyfriend can start sucking on my cock?”

Both James and I stare at the gym manager with compete disbelief in our eyes.

“So what can it be?” The gym manager says as he unzips his pants down. “Cash, grass, or ass?”

The gym manager dick drops down from his pants.

There, right before my eyes, is the most beautiful cock I ever seen. About the size of a beer can, the gym manager’s cock is big, and thick enough, to put my boyfriend’s prick to shame.

I feel my mouth drool as I watch the gym manager’s stroke his cock. How I wanted that behemoth in my mouth. To feel his prick stretching my pussy walls as he fucks me like a wild animal. Making me a howl like a banshee out of hell.

Too bad he is gay. I would have let him fuck me anytime he wanted.

James looks at me with a questionable look. I can tell in his eyes that he’s afraid of losing his masculinity. However, I see his lovely cock is stiffening a little. Making me question what really is going through James’s head right now.

“Come on, baby.” I huskily whisper into his ear. “If you malatya escort do this for me, I would be forever in your debt.”

Now James’s cock stiffens to that of a metal pole.

I take hold of my boyfriend’s tool and gently pull him onto his feet. As I gently bring James’s to the gym manager cock, I let go of his prick and pull him down onto his knees. Then I got on my knees and take hold of James’s cock again.

“You can do it.” I whisper into James’s ear as I slowly rub his tool. “You are making me so wet right now.”

Letting go of his cock, I take his fingers and put it into my hot moist twat. James eyes widen to see how wet I have become.

“Enough chit chat.” The gym manager says in a domineering voice. “It’s cock sucking time!”

James opens his mouth and slowly sallow’s the gigantic cock. I see tears creeping out of his eyes as he tries not to choke to death.

“It’s okay, baby.” I say as I rub my boyfriend’s stiff penis. “Just relax your throat.”

My boyfriend follows my advice and relaxes his throat.

As soon as he gets the gym manager’s whole cock into his mouth, he sucks the living life out of it. Bobbing his head back, and forth, I see some drool falling out of his mouth. Soon James’s head motion starts to look more natural than mechanical.

“My, my.” The gym manager says with an eager grin. “It looks like I broke another straight boy. You are going to have a hard time pleasing this bitch now.”

I gave the gym manager a playful scowl.

“Oh really?” I say as I pull James head away from the gym manager’s cock. “Let’s have a contest.”

I see the gym manger’s eye brow rise out of sheer curiosity.

“What is the contest?”

“We both have our way with James.” I say as James gives me a stun look. “See which James’s prefer. Cock or pussy?”

There is a long period of silence as the gym manager rubs his chin and cock.

James, on the other hand, is looking at me with a stun look. Before he can open his mouth, I put his fingers into my pussy once again.

“Please.” I say in a huskily voice. “You are turning me on so much.”

I feel James’s fingers wiggle around in my pussy. He can feel how hot my pussy is as the wetness dampened his fingers.

“Okay.” James says with defeat in his voice.

Using his feet, they gym manager pushes James on to his back. Then getting on his knees, the gym manager spits on his hand and starts to lube his cock with the spit.

“Please be gentle.” James begs.

“Of course.” The gym manager says with a cocky grin. “There is a reason why men call my name whenever they have an orgasm.”

A look of fear appears on James’s face as he watches the gym manager cock press against his rose bud. I watch as James tightens his eyes as the gym manager’s massive tool slowly enters his asshole.

“Oh çanakkale escort fuck!” James screams as the gym manager cock spreads my boyfriend’s virgin hole.

“Relax!” The gym manager says as he slaps James’s ass. “It is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Unaware of my actions, I furiously play with my clit as I watch James take the mammoth cock little by little. My eyes are glued to the fact that my boyfriend’s anus is being spread by a gorgeous cock. It is such a beautiful sight.

God, I never thought gay sex could be so hot. I wish I had my camera phone with me.

It did not take long for the gym manger cock to insert itself all the way in. By then, James has already past the pain and starting to feel the pleasure.

As the gym manager slowly pumps my boyfriend’s ass, I feel the urge to reward James for all he has done. I mean… how many men will take it up the ass for their girlfriends.

“You are doing great, baby.” I say as I stand over my boyfriend’s face. “You deserve a reward for all your sacrifice.”

I lower my dripping pussy on James’s face. Immediately, James found my harden clit and starts to suck on it. Unaware how much pressure has been growing within me, I cum all over James’s face as he violently sucks on my pussy.

As I relish James’s mouth on my clit, I try to muster all the self control from cumming again. However, seeing a hung stud fucking your boyfriend is a sight that only adds fuel to my growing pressure.

As I feel a second tremor coming, I watch as the gym manger continues to fuck my boyfriend’s ass. Just looking at the gym manager, I can tell he is enjoying James’s tight ass. The way he his thrusting with more force. How he is not aware of his own environment as he tilt his head out of pleasure.

I twist my harden nipples as I a powerful quaver take over my whole body. The vibration is so powerful that I fall face first on James’s stomach.

Slowly recovering from my own orgasm, I see James’s erect cock just standing idly. Without a thought in my mind, I quickly take hold of his cock and suck the living life out of it.

It is all too much for James. The butt fucking he is receiving and the blow job that I am giving is driving him insane. In one huge volume, I taste James’s sweet spunk entering my mouth.

The gym manager rams his cock into my boyfriend’s ass once more. Only this time, he relishes the tightness as he shoots his load into his ass.

“Goddamn!” The gym manager yells. “You are one lucky woman to have this bitch.”

I shoot the gym manager a smile as I sallow my boyfriend’s spunk.

“Now for the verdict.” I say as I get off my boyfriend’s face.

As James gets up from the marble floor, he takes a look at both me and the gym manager. I see confusion taking over his face as he tries to figure out who to choose. My glorious tight pussy or the gym manager colossal cock.

After a few minutes of thinking, James finally made his decision.

“Can I have you both?” James asks.

Both the gym manager and I laugh at James’s answer.

“Sure.” I say. “Nothing wrong with having two.”

A huge smile appears on James’s face. A sign that more fun will be coming our way.

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