The Home Visit

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“What are you doing here?” I hissed angrily.

“Now now Benjamin, that’s not how you’re supposed to great me is it?”

She stepped in through the front door, her four inch heels clattering on the tiled floor. Nearly six foot of lithe muscular body encased in a pvc corset dress, laced at both sides to reveal her tanned skin and hints of her perfect breasts.

I scanned the road beyond her to see if any of neighbours had seen this Goddess of a woman arrive. Luckily it looked like the street was deserted.

“My wife’s home, you can’t be here!” My voice rose in panic.

“Ben!”, she said sharply in the tone she uses when I’ve forgotten one of her commands. She stood, hands on hips and stared me down.

“I uh…” I looked furtively over my should at the door to the living room. I could hear the TV but there was no sign my wife was aware of who was at the door. Turning back I sank to my knees and leaned forward to kiss both of the shiny boots in front of me.

“Welcome to my home Mistress,” I murmured.

“Again Ben, I couldn’t hear you.”

“Welcome to my home Mistress,” I said as loudly as I dared.

“Bring my case,” she intoned and with a flick of her pony tail, strode nonchalantly upstairs.

This was going to be bad, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. I grabbed her small pull-along case and closed the front door. The TV in the next room provided me laughter from a panel show as an all too suitable soundtrack as I followed my Mistress upstairs.

She was in mine and my wife’s bedroom standing by the bed.

“Put the case on the bed then strip.”

I had no choice. This woman’s voice compelled me like no other could. I couldn’t begin to list all the things it had made me do. I lifted the case onto the bed and then removed my clothing, placing it on the dressing table chair.

“We need to get rid of that,” she said, indicating my erection. I couldn’t help it, every move she made was full of erotic energy.

She unzipped the case and pulled out a flogger, swishing it through the air to get its balance.


I took the position: feet apart, hands on head, eyes forward. She swung the flogger straight across my genitals. I winced at the stinging pain but made no move to avoid it nor did I make a sound. The consequences of either would be worse. She continued to wield the flogger directly on my penis and balls until my erection finally flagged and tears streamed from my eyes. Before I could regain it she grabbed me with one gloved hand and snapped a chastity cage over my limp penis, securing it behind my balls with a padlock. As ever she couldn’t resist give my balls a squeeze and a twist, causing me to grunt in pain.

“Hand me your leash.”

I hobbled over to the case and found the collar and leash that I always wore when we were together. I fastened the collar around my neck and sank to my knees, offering up the leash to her on my open palms.

She took it with a satisfied smile, then directed me to face the open doorway. She stood behind slightly to one side of me while I knelt on my haunches, hands on my knees. The chain of the leash connected us.

“Call your wife,” she said gently, although the words hit me like bullets to the chest.

I didn’t want to. I wanted this to end and for me to go back downstairs and sit on the sofa like nothing had ever happened. I didn’t want her to find out like this. There was no way I could let this happen.

“Abby!” I called, barely loud enough to leave the room. Then, louder: “Abby!”

“What?” came my wife’s voice from downstairs.

“Come upstairs, I need to talk to you.”

“What about? Can’t you come down here?”

“No. It’s important Abby. I really need to talk to you up here.” I called. I was shivering from fear.

“Fucking hell Ben, this had better be important.”

The TV went silent and I heard my wife’s footsteps on the stairs.

“Where are you…” she was saying and then stopped dead in the doorway. She stared at me, naked, in chastity on my knees in front of an Amazon in shiny pvc, thigh length stockings and 4 inch heeled boots.

“What the fuck Ben? What the fuck? What the fuck are you doing?” she kept repeating, frozen to the spot. She had tears in her eyes already.

“Stay calm. I will explain everything,” I said, my voice wobbling.

“Who is that woman?” Abby said suddenly, her hands clenching at her side.

I could barely speak, my throat choked as I tried to say the words. “She’s my Mistress and I’m her Slave. Mistress Violet.”

“Your mistress?” Abby screamed, “I can’t believe I’m hearing this. You’re fucking her and you bring her into our house, my house!”

“Abby.” Mistress Violet’s voice was seductive and calm.

“Don’t talk to me,” Abby’s voice had lost its edge even though the anger still boiled through her. “I want you to leave. Take him with you.”

“Abby,” said Mistress Violet calmly. “Take a seat here and I will explain what is happening.”

To my surprise Abby denizli escort stopped talking and sat on the bed. Her eyes flicked from me to Mistress Violet and back again.

“Your husband Ben has certain needs which I am able to fulfill,” began Mistress Violet. “In the last year I have helped him come to terms with his innate subservience, a trait which he had hidden from you and, indeed, from himself.”

“Subservience?” said Abby in confusion.

“Yes, he has discovered a burning desire to be dominated and controlled by a woman. His greatest wish is to devote himself in totality to pleasing that woman in any way she may desire. I am the object of his obsession.”

“Oh my god Ben, is this true?”

I nodded, barely able to look at her.

Mistress Violet continued. “Initially he came to me seeking sexual gratification, something he said was missing from his marriage. He spoke at length about the problems in your marriage, how you had lost interest in sex in recent years. How he was forced to seek it elsewhere.”

Abby’s face was like thunder, biting her lip to keep from exploding.

“However, in the course of his training, Ben has come to realise that the fault lies with him. He has not attended to your needs. He has not been capable of satisfying your desires. He now understands that he has been selfishly thinking only of his own pleasure.”

“Too fucking right,” fumed Abby.

“I have decided that Ben is ready to give you the satisfaction you deserve.”

She pulled the leash taught and led me to kneel at my wife’s feet. I still couldn’t look at her face so I looked at her pretty toes, wondering why I had never kissed them before. The sexuality of Mistress Violet standing so close to my wife was making my cock attempt to stiffen painfully in its cage.

“What’s he going to do?”

“Just lie back Abby and relax.” Mistress Violet placed a hand gently on my wife’s shoulder who sank back until she lay flat on the bed, her legs hanging over the side. Mistress Violet sat next to her and nodded to me.

I reached up and took hold of the waistband of Abby’s leggings. Her hands grabbed mine.

“Wait. I’m not…”

Mistress Violet silently placed a hand on Abby’s arm and she relaxed her grip. I pulled the leggings down to reveal her white knickers and pale thighs. The dark shadow of her pubis was visible through the material and straggling hairs protruded from the edges of her knickers. She crossed her legs slightly to hide her loose thighs and untidy crotch.

I removed her leggings fully and placed my warm hands on her cool thighs. They parted with no resistance and I began to kiss my way along them, stroking along the outsides with fingertips. I reached her crotch and placed a kiss on her mound, taking in her scent, triggering long forgotten memories of our days before we were married.

“Ben tells me that he rarely went down on you Abby. That he saw it as a way to get you wet enough to have sex.”

“Mmmmmh”, murmured Abby.

I was sliding her knickers down, revealing the untidy bush which hid her pussy from view.

“He has since discovered he has quite a taste for cunnilingus. What he once saw as an inconvenient duty he now relishes at every opportunity. In fact I would say he was quite addicted to it.”

“Oooooh,” Abby intoned as my tongue slid along her slit.

“He was all brute force at first, gnawing away at my clit like a dog with a bone. He lacked finesse and technique. He learned quickly though that a woman deserves every part of her cunt to be worshipped thoroughly. It took him months to master the art of layering sensation upon sensation to build to a crescendo of intensely satisfying pleasure.”

My tongue was inside my wife now, searching and exploring. Her juices were flowing, welling up as Mistress Violet spoke.

“Now he begs permission to eat me. He craves the chance to make me come.”

“Oh my god Ben,” Abby was wailing as my fingers and tongue touched and caressed her like she had never experienced before.

“Last summer you may remember the unexpected golf trip he took with his colleagues from work. He spent almost all of that week on his knees with his tongue in my pussy or on his back while I rode his face for my own pleasure.”

“Oh Fuck. Shit. I’m going to come. Fuuuck!” Abby screamed as I sucked on her clitoris, two fingers sliding into her slick hole. Her hips bucked as her orgasm ripped through her and she cried out a wordless expression of ecstacy. I rode it with her, prolonging her climax, keeping her writhing until it eventually faded beyond reach and she lay gasping on the bed. As I had been taught I kept in place, soothing and licking, waiting to be told I could stop.

I looked up and Mistress Violet was leaning down to wipe perspiration from Abby’s face. Their faces were just inches apart.

“Tell me Abby, when was the last time you were properly fucked?”

My wife’s eyes shot open wide. “Umm. We had sex on diyarbakır escort holiday last year.”

“No, I meant a proper fucking. Not your husbands pathetic little penis. I keep that useless thing locked well away. I meant a real cock from a real man?”

Abby shook her head. “Not since college, and it was only a few times.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised. She’d never mentioned this to me before.

“Do you remember what it felt like to be filled so completely?”

Abby nodded. “I think about it often.”

Mistress Violet turned to me. “I brought number three with me. Get it ready.”

“Are you sure?” I said, lifting my head from my wife’s pussy.

Crack. She swung the flogger across my back angrily. “Of course I’m sure. Don’t you want your wife to enjoy herself?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Number three was a ten inch cobalt blue strap-on rubber dildo. Thick ridges circled it at intervals and it was so fat that my fingers only barely met around it if I squeezed hard. I found the harness and fastened it around my waist, sliding the huge phallus into the ring at the front. It sat just above my own cock, which was bulging painfully against the steel of the chastity cage. I grasped my blue cock with a strange blend of proud masculinity and humiliation.

When Abby caught sight of it she shrieked and clamped her legs shut.

“Don’t worry,” Mistress Violet said, sliding her hand between my wife’s thighs. “You are going to heaven tonight. I brought lube but from the looks of it I don’t think you’ll need it.”

“That thing scares me,” whimpered Abby. “It’s so big.”

“Number four might give you cause for concern, but I think this one will be just right. Ben will start gently and will be thinking only of your pleasure. He is really rather good at this but then he has had a lot of practice.”

“He fucks you with it?”

“Yes, often. I have several others that I fuck him with too.”

“You fuck my husband’s ass?”

“Yes. Sometimes he just sucks it for a bit. I’m sure you’ll get to fuck him too if you want to one day, although I didn’t anticipate needing those ones tonight.”

“I’m speechless. This is so far out of my normal world.”

“Your husband is an excellent lover with this new cock of his. So much better than his own and it never stops until you are fully satisfied. Now lift your legs up and wide and hold them behind your knees. Once he is inside then you can relax a bit.”

With nervous excitement Abby complied, spreading her delicious pussy wide for me. Her thighs glistening and her hair was matted and tangled. I opened her vulva and guided the tip of the dildo to her entrance. As I had been taught I kept eye contact with her throughout.

“Are you ready Abby?” I asked.

“I think so,” she replied, watching my face in anticipation.

I leaned my body weight forward, pressing the fake cock against the muscular ring of her vagina. She winced as I pushed into her tightness, stretching her wider.

“I don’t think I can do this,” she hissed, “It hurts. It’s too thick.”

“You can do it,” said Mistress Violet placing a hand on her arm. “It will be worth it.”

Watching the contortions on her face I continued to push until I felt the head of the dildo slip into her. She let out a small cry and then a low groan as her vagina gripped the shaft.

“Oh my god,” she muttered under her breath.

I began to push my way into her. She was panting rapidly and I saw her grit her teeth as the first of the ridges entered her, but she didn’t cry out. I kept easing forward until I was about half way in and then I pulled it almost all the way out only to push it back faster than before.

“Oooooh”, she wailed as I began thrusting half the length in and out of her. “That feels incredible, just incredible.”

I got into a steady rhythm then gradually started pushing a little deeper on every thrust. I could see that she was feeling it because on every inward push she sucked her lips and held her breath, letting it out in a long sigh when I pulled back. After a few minutes I had the entire ten inches inside her. I paused to let her rest her legs against my chest and get her breath back.

“I can feel you so deep inside me,” Abby was whispering. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like it. What have I been missing all these years?”

I saw Mistress Violet squeeze Abby’s hand and then she bent forward and kissed my wife on the lips with her crimson lips. She left an imprint of her lipstick on my wife’s mouth. My cock raged at the sight, in agony at its confinement.

I pulled out to its tip then thrust the strap-on back into my wife to the hilt. She threw her head back and I saw every ridge on the fake cock twitch in her eyes as they rolled back into her head. Mistress Violet was kissing her neck as I began to pound my hips into her, drawing out as far as I could before plunging the monstrous cock back into her tight cunt.

Within minutes antalya escort Abby was crying out in a quavering voice “Uh, uh, I’m going to come again.”

I kept up the pounding rhythm as she came hard around the blue cock. For a moment it looked like she passed out but then she was scrabbling at her top trying to lift it so Mistress Violet could touch her breasts. I maintained a steady fucking rhythm, trying to angle the cock up to graze where I thought her g-spot might be.

I placed one hand low on her belly and under my palm I could feel the tip of my fake cock pressing against her insides as it bottomed out. I caught Abby’s eyes and she smiled at me, looking kind of spaced out and unfocussed. It was incredible that I was here fucking my wife so hard that she was barely concious from sheer pleasure overload. I’d never thought that we’d be in this situation.

I felt a jerk on the leash that bound me to Mistress Violet and then she whipped me across the buttocks with the flogger sending tendrils of pain across my backside.

“Concentrate,” she barked. “You’re all over the place, don’t let your wife down.”

I nodded meekly and set my mind to watching my wife’s reactions and adjusting my fake cock angle and depth until I saw her face light up in ecstasy again. This time she just mouthed the words as she came and I felt a gush of fluids erupt from her over my legs. I didn’t stop to admire them, but slowed my pace slightly to give her some respite.

I looked up and saw to my excitement that Abby and Mistress Violet were kissing again, this time with tongues entwined and exploring one another. Mistress Violet’s free hand was kneading my wife’s breasts and pulling her nipples taught. Her other held the ever present leash, it’s chain jangling in time with my hips. Suddenly I saw Abby’s hand disappear up Mistress Violet’s corset dress and start to finger fuck her. After a few moments she withdrew her hand and I watched as she placed them in her mouth and licked them clean of the juices.

Then they were whispering together and Mistress Violet turned to me and gave me a single wink with a wicked smile. Then she knelt up and lifted the tight hem of her dress up over her hips. As I had suspected she was naked underneath, her pussy completely shaved and shining with wetness. She lifted one leg up and over my wife and sat on her chest, her crotch must have been inches from Abby’s face. I knew that sight so well and my balls ached with renewed desire to be as close to Mistress Violet’s intoxicating cunt as my wife was now. I felt sure that Mistress Violet’s juices would be streaming down Abby’s chest and neck.

She took her weight on one hand and slid her crotch forward to cover Abby’s mouth. She gave me another look over her shoulder and then leaned forward and pressed her wide open pussy onto the face beneath her. Abby’s hands rose up to stroke the pvc of Mistress Violet’s dress, grasping at her breasts and hips.

I started fucking harder again and I leaned in close enough to smell the pvc that encased my Mistress. She was writhing on the actions of my wife’s tongue inside her cunt and I could hear the familiar sounds of her panting telling me she was close to coming already. I wondered if I could time it so that they both came together. Abby seemed close but it was hard to tell without hearing her or being able to see her face. I reached down and found her clit with my fingers. She jolted like I’d burned her, almost throwing me and Mistress Violet off. I stroked it more gently and moved my hips in sync, fucking her with just the last few inches of the cock where most of the ridges were, trying to produce as much sensation as I could.

After several minutes I heard Abby moaning into Mistress Violet’s crotch. Her orgasm was building and she groaned louder as the intensity built up. I could hear a matching gasping from my Mistress and then Abby came, panting hard into Mistress Violet’s pussy causing her to also tip over the edge and cum. They both howled in glee as their orgasms pulsed through them. It was a beautiful sight: my wife writhing in ecstatic pleasure as my Mistress filled her mouth with cum.

Eventually Mistress Violet rolled off of my wife and pulled me across her with the leash. I pulled the fat blue cock out of my wife, a cascade of juices dripping from it’s shiny length.

“Clean up,” she said panting.

I immediately placed my mouth over my Mistress’s bare pussy and slurped up all the juices I could find, licking her outer folds and along her thighs until she was left delicately moist and clean. I repeated the same process on Abby, cleaning her up and soothing her tender cunt after the pounding I had given it.

When I was done I knelt up on my haunches and waited for my next instruction. My legs ached and I was physically exhausted from fucking my wife but I needed to be ready for anything. Mistress Violet sat up first and, my leash still in her hand, began to gently stroke my wife’s naked body, who was now half asleep.

After a while Mistress Violet turned to me. “Your wife begged me to dominate her while you fucked her. That’s not how I expected this evening to turn out.”

I didn’t feel surprised to hear it. Abby had never shown much desire to lead in the bedroom and since I now knew I was also a submissive it explained a lot about why we drifted apart sexually.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32