The Quick Mart Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I’d never noticed feeling physically attracted to a guy before, and I was staring at him without realizing it– both of us were pumping gas near each other at a local quick market late one summer night. He was shirtless, with a V-shaped torso, cut muscles all the way up from his tight-waisted, low-slung jeans to his rounded delts; he was clean-shaven, his long brown hair tied behind him. When my gaze reached his face, he was looking back at me, smiling.

“Like what you see?”

I nodded and quickly looked down at the nozzle in my hand, blushing, embarrassed to have been busted like that– staring at another guy. Before I realized it, he was standing next to me, one hand on my ass-cheek, squeezing gently. My mind and body froze; my cock was suddenly pulsing… I had no exit strategy from this completely unexpected move– and the brand new excitement rushing through me shocked me into letting even the thought of breaking this contact go… His hand kept slowly massaging.

“Why don’t you park it and get in my van?” He said softly. “We could get to know each other better… in private.”

I looked up as two other cars were pulling in from different directions, stopping by the next set of tanks. We were definitely on a stage here.

“Uh… wow… sure, okay.” My knees almost buckled as I spoke– I’d never imagined doing anything like this… My pulse was pounding as I put the pump handle back, started the car and moved it over into a dark, empty corner of the parking lot under some trees. He parked his van next to me, and I got out, climbed into the front bucket seat and closed the door; the smell of incense filled my nostrils– patchouli and sandalwood. I’d guessed there would be a bed in the back; I looked and there was. He turned off the headlights and the engine and looked over at me.

“Ever done anything like this before?” he asked.

I shook my head, maybe a little too vigorously.

“Relax… I’m a good teacher,” he said smiling. “C’mon back…” He pressed the van’s door-lock button, then got up and walked, crouched over, between the seats to the rear. He caressed and gently squeezed my shoulder as he went by, then sat on the edge of the bed. The mattress went all the way across the back of the van, with tiny red and blue LED’s on the ceiling above it. The windows in the back and on the sides were covered with plastic sheets of imitation stained glass, and the street and parking lot lights shone dimly through them, mixing with the interior lights, coloring everything with a soft, warm glow.

“Close those curtains behind you, okay?” he said as he walked, crouched over, into the back.

I connected the velcro pads on some fairly thick, floor-to-ceiling curtains just behind the front seats, turned around and sat down on the bed, just opposite him. There was a maroon-colored sheet stretched over a thick foam pad with half a dozen pillows scattered on it.

He waved a hand around at the van. “My classroom… the name’s Perry. What’s yours?”

“Uh… um… er… Don,” I fumbled, reaching out to shake his offered hand.

“Hi, Don,” he said, holding onto my hand much longer than the usual time. “I’m so very pleased to meet you. No need to stress… it’ll be all right… Really. It will– I know…”

He squeezed my hand gently, reaching out with his other hand to caress it as my pulse began to rise…

Releasing me, he opened one of the small drawers by his end of the bed, picking up a joint, ashtray and lighter. After we passed the joint several times, I handed it back and said, “Wow… That’s enough for now, I think.”

“It’s even more than you think,” he answered, chuckling. “It won’t really hit for about another 20 minutes– it’s a creeper.”

‘Hmmmm…’ I thought. ‘Better prepare for lift-off…’

He wasn’t wrong. Perry put an old Donna Summer CD in the stereo, and soon I discovered what he meant by ‘creeper’. I’d always thought her music was pretty sexy, but in my head-space then, she became my personal sex goddess, the music and rhythm around her voice enveloping me in lust-powered pulsation…

Then Perry’s voice came through the music… “Let’s get naked, Don… It’ll be easier to start if there’s nothing in our way.”


Perry took off his sandals and jeans as I watched; his cock was stiff, longer than mine with a big head. I couldn’t help but stare. He got up on his knees and crawled very slowly across the mattress to me, turning and rubbing the soft skin of his side and his naked hip against my shoulder; then, watching me, he crawled very slowly back to where he’d been.

I felt disappointment when he sat down, and I realized it was because I couldn’t see his ass-cheeks anymore… They were adana escort round, full, and smooth– white in contrast to the rest of his tanned skin-color… His cock, however, was still quite visible, and I stared again.

“Now you,” he said.

I got undressed slowly as he watched, his gaze going wherever my hands went as I pulled my t-shirt over my head, removed my socks and tennies, and then raised my hips to slide my jeans and briefs off. My nascent hard-on had shrunk a little as I concentrated on my clothes, but it rose when I sat back down and realized that I was now completely naked– and about to have sex with this beautifully muscled, just-as-naked strange man sitting in front of me.

Perry’s eyes were on my cock as it stood up; he smiled. The beat of the music seemed to match the pulsing in it.

“Oh, man, what a nice one,” he said, looking up into my eyes. “You’re a very sexy guy, Don. Now, come on and lie down next to me on the outside here,” he said, sliding nimbly across the bed and lying on his side. I lay down on my side facing him.

He leaned forward, reaching out with one hand and pulling my head toward him. Our lips touched gently but firmly for barely a second, and then he let me go. I pulled back, my lips tingling… but I was glad he stopped when he did. I wasn’t quite ready for any more of that just yet. This was a guy I’d just kissed, for goodness sake… He did smell good, though… the scent of “Obsession” filled my nostrils.

“Lie back,” he said gently.

I obeyed, and his hand began to stroke my chest and stomach, working its way down to my stiff cock, wrapping his warm hand around it and stroking it slowly. He looked over at me.

“Ever held another guy’s cock?” he asked.

“Uh… well, yeah… Once when I was in junior high– we jerked each other off…”

He smiled but said nothing, then let go of me, grabbing my hand instead and putting it on his erect, pulsing shaft. My fingers closed around it and automatically started stroking it like he’d just done to me… it felt, big, hard, and alive… It was a curious and incredibly exciting feeling, and my own cock began throbbing even harder.

After just few seconds, though, he pulled away and moved down the bed, kissing my chest and running his hands all over me, sometimes stopping to stroke my cock, but mostly focusing on the rest of me until his head got close to it.

Then he moved quickly and knelt between my legs, lowering his hot mouth onto me, moaning softly. My hands went immediately to his head, holding it gently as it slowly rose and fell, the sensations of his lips and tongue on my cock making me stiffen, writhe and moan. All too soon, though, he stopped and slid back up to lie down next to me.

“Your turn,” he said quietly, giving me another, longer, wetter kiss. I recognized my smell and taste on his lips, and it turned me on to kiss the mouth that had just sucked my cock… I slid down his body, stopping to lick his nipples a little, sucking on them lightly. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my ribs, flexing…

I started like he had, kissing and caressing his chest and stomach, heart pounding as my mouth approached what I simultaneously craved and feared. I wasn’t at all sure I could suck him, now that it came down to the crunch. Everything I’d ever been taught about how wrong it was suddenly rushed through my head: “The Bible says it’s an abomination,” “Gays are sick… to be pitied… disgusting sex monsters…” Oh, and then there’s, “you’re going to burn in hell if you do this,” etc.

Suddenly, strong hands were holding my head, turning it so my mouth kept getting closer to the shiny, purple head of his cock. I lost all power to resist when it touched my lips; they opened willingly to let it slide through them and over my tongue, filling my mouth with the warm, silky-smooth skin of pulsating, forbidden flesh.

Then all the warnings and taboos that had been chattering in my head suddenly disappeared downstream under a rushing wave of amplified lust that shot from my mouth, through my head and my whole body, down to my own cock… It tingled and throbbed, and I nearly came without even being touched, squealing in surpised ecstasy…

I sucked the delicious, living shaft in through my lips, sliding it in over my tongue, back as far as it would go… I moaned as each wave of sensation washed my brain of everything but the taste and feel of this slowly thrusting, throbbing cock.

The realization dawned that sucking on this cock was something I’d needed to do for years without knowing it… I held onto Perry’s hips to keep it in my mouth while I moved to kneel between his thighs like he’d eskişehir escort just done with me; then I really started working on it, moving both hands feverishly over his perfect, muscular body while I sucked and licked on the main attraction. I made no effort to control my moans then as I lost myself in cock-lust, at the end holding onto his waist and just sucking… and sucking…

“You like my cock, don’t you, Don?” he said.

I just groaned, sucking even more voraciously.

“It really is your first time, huh?” I stopped just long enough to let his cock go and look up at him.

“Yeah,” I said, then sucked him back in with another moan. “Mmmmmmmm…”

“Ohhhhh… suck it, Don, suck it… let it all out… Suck, you cocksucker… suck… Show me how much you love my cock… Worship my cock, you slut… suck me, Don… ohhhhhhyeahhhhh… suck me with your soul, cocksucker…”

Thrills raced through me when he called me a cocksucker… and then a slut. I knew it was true– and I liked it. ‘Suck, you twisted cocksucker,’ I said to myself, ‘suck that thing, you cock-slut. You love that cock in your mouth, don’cha? Uh-huh… You love bein’ a cock-sucker, now, don’cha? Uh-huh… I… love… sucking… this… cock, I… love… sucking… this… cock, I… love… sucking… cock…’

I went slowly crazy on his long shaft, doing everything I could think of to make him come. The heady scent of his musk and cologne and the incense in the van mixed with the salty taste and warm, silken feel of his cock and filled my brain with rolling waves of luxurious pleasure. I moaned and whimpered, licking the head and stroking the shaft; then I sucked it as far into my throat as it would go while my tongue pumped and slid along the bottom of it. I looked up into his eyes when I felt hands on my head, as his fingers ran through my hair.

“Here it comes, my friend,” he said, his voice hoarse and breathy. “I know it’s what you want… Isn’t it, Don? You want me to come in your mouth, don’cha? Swallow it all, you beautiful cocksucker… swallow it allll…”

I did the best I could, but there was just too much. I loved the taste and feel of it when his cock began to pulse on my tongue, my mouth quickly filling with the thick, warm, salty-sweet syrup. It was almost like I was having his orgasm, too– only it was in my head, my nerves somehow connected to those in his cock… Sensations rushed from both mouth and cock, through lips and tongue, but even so, I couldn’t get his come down as fast it came out…

I choked and gurgled, some of it running out of the corner of my mouth and down his cock and onto my hand that was milking his shaft, still trying for even more. I kept sucking and swallowing, only stopping when his orgasm was completely over and his hands on my head loosened their grip. I looked up at him again, a string of come trailing down from the corner of my mouth to his cock.

“That was incredible,” I said, smiling. “I love your cock…”

He reached down and pulled me up face to face, kissing me fully, forcing my mouth open with his tongue, shoving it into my throat. I responded with mine, still high on what I’d just done– turned on beyond belief and everything in the past, not ready to come down at all. Arms around each other, tongues in each others’ mouths, our hands kneaded and caressed each others’ asses, hard cocks rubbing together.

When we broke the kiss, I rolled onto my back next to him, gasping for breath. He licked the come off my face before diving straight for my now-throbbing cock, sucking the head as he crawled around to get between my legs; then his lips worked their way down the shaft as his tongue licked the underside. My whole body stiffened as he sucked and stroked, and I came in seconds, holding his head and gasping as my cock pumped its juice into his mouth.

“That was incredible, too,” I said when he let my cock slip out and looked up at me. He hesitated as if thinking, then made his decision and slid back up, pressing his hips against mine; we were both still hard. His hand slipped under my asscheek and started squeezing softly.

“Roll onto your side and cock your leg up, Don,” he said. “I’m gonna fuck you…”

“Whaaa…?” I said, caught thoroughly off guard.

“Oh, c’mon, my friend… Don’t act like you didn’t know we’d do this. Just roll onto your side for me, now… there, that’s a good boy…”

Perry took my hips with both hands and rolled me onto my side, ass toward him, and then moved my knee up.

“Relax, Don… I know it’s new… you’ve never done this before… but this’ll be the fuck of your life… You’ll see…”

I stayed where he’d sakarya escort just put me while his hands caressed and kneaded my asscheeks, then spread them. My whole body still tingled from coming in his mouth only a few seconds ago…

“Gonna put some lube in you, now, kid… Just relax… I won’t hurt you.”

I tried my best to do as he asked, and soon I felt something hard, cool and slippery sliding into me. The diameter was small; almost as soon as it entered, I felt more coolness coming out of it inside me. Then he pulled it out and showed it to me– it looked like a big syringe with no needle, just a hole in the end.

“Now relax your muscles back there… I’m gonna finger-fuck your cute little ass, my sweet friend. It’ll sting a little– just at first– but that won’t last long… So relax… Let Daddy show you how it feels…”

I was beginning to tremble with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, my insides melting in unfocused lust: I’d never felt anything like this before, but I knew I wanted to…

I pushed back onto the anal intruder, and one slippery finger slid inside; it felt incredibly good as he worked it around.

“Is that okay?” he asked softly in my ear, his warm body pressing against my back. I nodded.

Then he inserted a second finger next to the first. That one really stung.

“Aghhh!” I gasped, but he pushed it in further, shaking his hand quickly as both digits stretched me open. In a few seconds the stinging stopped, and I pushed back again onto both his fingers as they moved around inside… ’cause they’d started to feel really, really good, and I liked the skin of his naked body against my back…

“How’s that?” he said before starting to suck on my earlobe.

“Ohhh… that’s sooo niiiice…”

“Now relax, lover… and let one more in.”

It stung when he added the third finger, but not as much, and soon I was pushing back onto every thrust of his hand, driving his fingers in deeper myself, hungry for more. Then suddenly they were gone and the head of Perry’s cock replaced them.

“Here it comes, Don… Just relax, my friend… you are finally gonna get fucked.”

He pulled my hips back as he thrust with his own, and his cock slid into me easily, stopping about halfway. To my surprise, there was no pain at all– just rushes of intense pleasure with every thrust of the big shaft.

“How is it?” he said.

I moaned slightly. “Ohhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhh… it’s amazing… ohhhhhhhhhhh…”

He rolled slightly onto his back, pulling me onto him, lifting one of my thighs up over his.

“Now you take over, Don. Here– reach back and hold onto me and lower yourself onto my cock… oh, yeaahhhh… that’s it…” He put my hands on his hipbones.

His cock began driving inwards, and the incredible rushes of pleasure took over again. I twisted and squirmed, holding onto his hips, working the long shaft in further and further, sensation shooting out from the head of his cock as it plowed slowly up inside, opening my virgin channel to previously unimaginable feelings.

His hands were now on my hipbones, too, pulling me back onto his cock at the same time I lowered myself. Soon I felt my asscheeks pressing against him, and we both pulled him the rest of the way into me with a slow, easy effort. I gasped aloud; I’d never felt anything even close to such ecstasy in my life…

“Ohhhunghhhh… ohhhhunghhhh… that’s fucking incredible! Ohhhhunghhhh…”

“So you like gettin’ fucked, then?” he said with a soft chuckle.

“Ohhhunghhh… fuck meee, Perry… fuck meeeee… Ohhhhhhhh…”

He pulled me back against him even tighter, flexing his already long cock and making it go inwards even further, to seemingly impossible depths. I squeezed the base of it with my anal muscle and squirmed slowly, making it slide around in me; the smallest movements of his magic shaft inside my clinging channel sent rushes of overwhelming pleasure flooding through my brain.

“Ohhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I moaned uncontrollably, awash in waves of feelings that kept rolling over me, pulling me down into such exquisite pleasure that I couldn’t help but let them take me under… Nothing else existed but his long, hard cock sliding ‘way up in my ass, the head moving slowly back and forth, the ridge and the shaft behind it exciting every nerve ending they came close to.

“Ohhhhhh… Fuck me, Perry… I love it, I neeeed it… ohhhhhhhhh… I’ll never get enough of this… ohhhhhhhh… fuck me all night… ohhhhhhhhhhh…”

I didn’t care who heard me, who saw me, or, at that point, even who fucked me, as long as they did it just like Perry was doing right now… Hell, I didn’t even know if that was his real name; he could’ve told me anything… ohhhhhhh… I don’t caaaare…

“Ohhhhhhh… fuck me, Perry… fuck me all fuckin’ night… ohhhhhh…”

Suddenly, a soft knock on the side door of the van made us both stop stock still. Damn…


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