The Red Line Pt. 02

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Hey everyone! Here’s part 2 to the Red Line. I hope you enjoy! All characters taking part in sex are of the age of consent which is 18 or older.


I wake up long before Nina. She looks so sweet and innocent laying there with her eyes closed. I manage to sneak out without waking her up. I get some clothes on and head over to my office. I blow the dust off my computer. Has it really been that long?

I start it up and take a seat. It’s as if the words come back to me like I never stopped writing to begin with. I enter a world filled with magic. Creating new life where it once never existed. I breathe fresh air into my stories. Creating new characters. One elf in particular. She’s a dominant one, but also kind and caring. Full of vigor and spunk. Brash and yet brave. She’s a warrior. And she’s got a little something extra between her legs like most Deldorai do.

I create a drunk mage to go along with her. He was once a strong respectable wizard. Young and brash, headstrong. But he loses everything and finds himself at the bottom of a bottle. They find each other. He mistreats her at first and she blackmails him. Or so. I don’t know if I’ll write it exactly that way. Maybe she saves him from like a troll or something. That’s better.

She makes him her slave. gets him sober and turns his life around. This is turning out to be a really good story if I say so myself. I hear the door creak open behind me. I look up to see Maria standing there looking as sexy as ever completely naked. Her cock… Wait, did I say Maria?

“There you are,” she says as she walks in. “You’re writing again. Can I read what you’ve got so far?”

“Sure, I think you’ll like it,” I say. She walks up and plops down right in my lap. It doesn’t take her long to sip through what I’ve got. “Are you writing about us?” she asks.

“Well… sorta…”

“I love it! It’s neat how you incorporated our life into this fantasy world. I’m now a sexy elf and you’re my pet mage. I can’t wait to read this,” she says. She leans into me and lays a kiss on my cheek. “So… What kind of date do you have planned for me today? If it’s good, you won’t have to sleep on the floor tonight.”

“It’s a surprise. Speaking of which, we should shower and get changed. Your date starts soon. I know a special place to eat breakfast, but we’ve got to get there before it’s too late or we’ll miss it,” I say.

“Miss what?” she asks.

“It’s a surprise.” She raises an eyebrow at me. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Not really.” she shrugs.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” I say.

She laughs so hard, she snorts. “Okay, fine. But this better be good.”

After we shower and get dressed, we get in the car and drive off. It’s still dark out right now as I drive through the city of LA all the way downtown. I arrive at a parking garage. After I park I get the door for Nina. She gives me a look after I help her out. “Trust me, you’ll love it.”

She lets her hand wrap in mine and walks with me to the elevator. We take it to the top floor. As we shoot up above the parking garage, the city comes into sight. The higher up we go, the more we can see. “Wow…” she gasps. “You can see everything.”

The city is lit up with all kinds of lights. Traffic lights, street lights, cars. It all makes it look so majestic. Like the stars in the sky have fallen to earth. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” I say, giving her a smile.

She raises an eyebrow at me. I look at the time. “Just wait. You’ll see one of the most beautiful things in less than an hour.”

We arrive at the top floor, which is a restaurant. It’s lit up with aquariums and gardens. “Mr. McKinnen. It’s so good to see you again. It has been far too long,” Rachel says as she walks up to us wearing a long black dress. Her brown hair tied up in an elegant bun.

“Rachel, it’s nice to see you as well,” I say.

“I’m so sorry to hear about Maria,” she says. I tense up at the mention of Maria’s name. Her eyes drift over to Nina. “Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“This is Nina, my girlfriend. Nina, meet Rachel. She owns the building,” I say.

Nina holds out her hand and shakes Rachel’s. “It is so nice to meet you,” Nina says.

“You as well.” She leans into Nina. “You must be super special. You managed to get Roy to come out of his cave. I feel like he’s been cooped up in his place for far too long.”

“He just needed a good ol’ kick in the pants to get moving,” she says.

“Roy, where did you find this girl? I like her,” she says.

“Careful now, she’s taken,” I joke.

“For now,” Rachel says as she winks at Nina. “Well, I’ll leave the both of you alone. But I do expect a free copy of your next book. Will you ever continue the detective series? I fell in love with O’Reilly.”

“Maybe, I’ve started writing again. We shall see,” I say. She snaps her fingers and a hostess arrives. “Get them settled with the best seat in the restaurant. Nina, it was so nice to meet you. If he ever makes the mistake of losing you, give me a call.” She slips xslot her card into Nina’s hand.

“You tried the same thing with Maria,” I sigh.

“Somehow you always seem to find the most beautiful women,” she says. “It was good to see you, Roy, stop by more often.”

“Definitely, you take care, Rachel,” I say as we follow the hostess to our seats.

“She seems lovely,” Nina says. “She’s really friendly.”

“That’s because she wants to get you in her bed,” I say.

“Oh really?” she asks with a bit of a smirk. “We might have to invite her over.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Really?”

“I wouldn’t mind getting her in my bed,” she says.

“I didn’t know you swing that way,” I say.

“I don’t normally. But I occasionally make an exception,” she says.

“Duly noted,” I say.

The sun starts to peek above the eastern horizon of the city, painting the sky and the ocean pink. “Oh my god, that is so beautiful. So this is the surprise?” she asks. I nod.

A waitress stops over and takes our order. On top of the coffee and orange juice, we both get omelets. “You should see it when the sunsets. It’s even more beautiful.”

“So this place doesn’t just serve breakfast?”

“Nope, it’s open 24/7. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And it’s a bar. Rachel’s usually here most of the time,” I say.

“You know, I totally remember that detective story she mentioned. It’s been a while since I’ve read that one. It was really good. The detective O’Reilly seemed to come right off the page. How did you make her seem so real?” she asks.

“She was based off a real person,” I say.

“Really? Who?” she asks.

“A detective down for the LAPD. Detective Kaitlynn O’Connell. She let me tag along with her while she worked her cases. She’s something else, I tell ya. She’s one of the best officers I’ve ever met. Not that I’ve met too many officers,” I say.

“Did she like the book?” she asks.

“For the most part. She doesn’t read much. She also thought it was a little too dramatic,” I say.

“I thought it was perfect,” she says.

“I did embellish a lot,” I laugh.

“You kind of have too, right? I mean, I can imagine a lot of that stuff doesn’t really happen in real life, right?”

“Some of it, sure. But there was some drama I added between the relationships of the officers. Of course, Sticky Ricky never existed. But there was a sketchy informant I met. And I pulled the idea for the serial killer from an old news story.”

“Still, it’s pretty impressive,” she says. We get our drinks delivered. “So… What do you have planned for me today? It’s got to be really impressive to get you off the floor. You are off to a good start, though.”

“It’s a secret,” I say.

“Oh come on, you’re not even going to give me a hint?” she asks. She smiles at me with such giddy delight.

“Not a chance,” I say.

After our food gets delivered, we sit and casually eat our breakfast while taking in the view. She’s mesmerized by the city and the sunrise while I’m tranced by her. I almost don’t even care that she’s blackmailing me. I haven’t had this much fun since… Since Maria.

Once we finish eating, I pay the bill and we head back down and get back into my car.

“So where to next?” she asks.

“Back to my place, we need to change into something a little more comfortable. We’re going to be doing a lot of walking,” I say.

“Oh really?” she asks.

“Yep,” I smile.

Once we arrive, we both change into casual wear. She wears short shorts and a tank top and I put on shorts and a shirt. Then we get back into the car and I drive her all the way across town. I take a sidelong glance as her eyes light up as she realizes where we’re heading. “No fucking way!’

“Yes, way!” I laugh.

“You didn’t!” she smiles.

“I did,” I smile.

“Disneyland! You’re the best pet a girl could ask for!”

I let out a chuckle.

We pull in and get tickets and all-access passes. She’s practically beaming she’s so excited. She wraps her hand in mine and drags me to each and every ride. We ride the roller coaster at least twice. We go on the new marvel rides at least half a dozen times. We get our pictures taken and play a few games. She laughs all the while and it makes me laugh. Seeing her smile makes me feel all warm inside.

We grab lunch and take a minute to catch ourselves. “This has been so amazing!” she says with a smile so bright, it’s practically on fire. “You have no idea how much I’ve always wanted to come here. Ever since I was a kid. This is a dream come true.”

“You deserve it. Today was the first time in such a long time where I actually started writing. It’s been so long I was almost afraid I couldn’t do it anymore,” I say.

She places her hand on mine and gives it a gentle squeeze. With a smile as delicate as a spider’s web, she looks into my eyes. “I’ve never been this happy before. Even though we met on rather shitty circumstances, I’m glad we did meet. And just for the record, you’ve xslot Giriş totally earned your place on the bed.”

“Oh thank god, the floor is really hard. I couldn’t get a wink of sleep last night,” I say. She laughs in such an adorable way. It makes me feel like a kid again. I can’t help but smile. “So… What do I have to do to get another chance at being on top?”

She snorts. “Don’t push your luck, you’re doing so well.”

I can’t help but smile.

“Although, if you keep it up and I’ll let you tie me up.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Probably not. But maybe. As long as you use lube and you’re extra gentle,” she says.

Before I realize it, I lean over and kiss her. At first, she’s shocked, but then her hand slides up and embraces my cheek. Her tongue slips between my lips.

“Hey this is a public place with kids around!” some woman says. We both break away.

Then we bust out laughing. “Sorry, got a little carried away,” she says.

She gives my hand another squeeze. “So are you ready for round two?” she asks.

She bought a pair of mini mouse ears. The ones with the polka-dotted bow. “It looks cute on you,” I say.

Her face blooms like cherry blossoms in spring. “Thanks.”

She leans up and kisses my cheek. We give it one more go around as the afternoon goes into the evening. Then we hit up the Ferris Wheel for the last ride of the night.

As we take our seat, she intertwines her hand with mine. “So… What were you like growing up?” she asks.

“Like in High School?” I ask.

“Yes!” she says.

“I was kind of a closet nerd,” I say.

“I kind of figured,” she says. “Were you the kid that got picked on?”

“No, sort of. I played sports, but I was never a popular kid. Although, when my teammates found out I played World of Warcraft, I never heard the end of it,” I say.

“Ha, I’m not surprised. I played too,” she says.

“You did? No way!”

“Yep, I was a night elf priest,” she says.

“Nice, I was a dwarf paladin,” I tell her.

“So what were you like back in high school?” I ask.

“I was definitely the kid that got picked on,” she takes a loose string of hair and twirls it with her finger. “It was back before I transitioned. Even then I was on the feminine side. I was an easy target for bullies. The nerdy gay kid. Even my parents called me names.”

“That’s a shame. If they could see you now,” I say.

She laughs. “Yeah, being a tranny prostitute would really impress them.”

“You’re not a prostitute. Not anymore.”

“Is that so?” she asks.

“Yeah, you kind of blackmailed me into being your sugar daddy,” I laugh.

She snorts. “Ouch.”

“I’m just kidding. But seriously… I’m not going to let you go back to the streets,” I say.

She looks into my eyes. Her expression is soft and delicate. “Really?”

“I promise. I don’t care about the video or the money. You can keep them. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

She leans into me and rests her lips on my cheek. “I’ll delete the video. And give you back your phone and accounts. I trust you.”

“You know what? Keep the video. We can watch it someday. And as far as the accounts, maybe you can be my financial manager. As long as you don’t blow all the money, I could use one less thing on my plate. Let’s be partners.”

“Really?” she asks.

“Why not? You said you always wanted to be a business owner, right?” I ask.

She nods. “Yes, of course!”

She leans up and kisses my cheek. I turn in and our lips meet. She places her hand on my leg and I place mine on top of hers. I trace the soft skin up her arm, bringing my hand up to her cheek. We sit there, as we reach the top of the Ferris Wheel, our lips connecting, our tongues dancing. The moment was as if it was pulled straight out of a romance novel.

As we fall back down to earth and get off the wheel, she locks her fingers between mine and we walk together hand in hand. “So? Now where?” she asks.

“We could call it a day and go grab dinner at someplace nice. Maybe head back to my place, unless there’s something you’d like to do. This is as far as I planned ahead.”

“Well, it’s been an amazing day and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you,” she says, leaning into me. “And as far as what we should do next, getting something to eat sounds good to me.”

“Anything in particular?” I ask.

“I know a good diner off the beaten path. It’s not a 5-star restaurant or anything like that, but they do make a good burger,” she says.

“That sounds good to me,” I say.

I let her drive. She takes us to a diner near where we first met. We walk in and take a seat. The place is kind of shabby, but not too beat up.

“Cindy! It’s been a couple of days,” says blonde waitress as she walks up. She’s got golden curly locks and a rack the size of basketballs with an ass to match.

“Hey, Tina. I’ve moved, actually,” she says.

The woman eyes me up. “So are you… uh…”

“No. I’m done xslot Güncel Giriş with that life,” Nina says.

“Well good for you, darling,” the woman says with a thick southern accent.

“Thank you,” Nina says.

“Do we have this gentlemen to thank for that?” she asks.

“Yes, he’s my knight in shining armor,” Nina says. I can feel my cheeks burn. “This is Roy. Roy meet Tina. I came here quite a bit.”

“You and your friends,” Tina says.

“We came here before and after every night,” Nina says.

“You and your squad are my best customers,” the woman says. “It’s going to be awfully quiet without you.”

“I’ll still stop around every now and then,” Nina says.

“No… You made it out, don’t ever come back. So help me god, woman, I don’t ever want to see you on the streets. You’re so much better than that,” the woman says.

“Thanks, Tina,” Nina says.

“Anytime, girl. Now I’ll give you both a minute to go over the menu,” she says walking away.

“She seems nice,” I say.

“She is. She’s like the mother I never had,” Nina says.

“So… Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just coming back here. It reminds me of everything I’ve been through, you know? I mean. I know it was only a few days ago, but it feels like a long time ago,” she says.

I reach over and wrap my arm around her. “Nina, you’re never going to have to go back to that life ever again. I promise,” I say.

Her face burns like heated iron on hot coals. “It’s crazy that we’ve only been with each other for only 2 days. I feel like we’ve known each other for years.”

“I know… I can’t even imagine life without you now. You’ve changed my life for the better,” I say.

“Aww, I definitely feel the same way,” she says.

We stare at each other for a long moment. “Are you two ready to order yet?” Tina asks as she stops and checks upon us.

“Uh…” I say.

“Sure, I know what I’m having,” Nina says.

“Same thing you always get?” Tina asks.

“Yep!” she nods.

“I’ll get the same too, please.”

“Alright, two Texas burgers with fries coming up,” she says.

“What’s on a Texas burger?” I ask.

“Oh, it’s so good. It’s got those crispy onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce. By far my favorite burger ever,” Nina says.

“It sounds delicious,” I say.

“If you’re going to get it, you have to put the fries inside the burger. It just adds that extra ummph,” she says.

“Never tried putting fries in the burger. Interesting,” I say.

“It’s sooo good! Trust me on this,” she says.

“I do. I trust you,’ I say. Once again, her face blooms like a rose in June. Our eyes connect in a moment of calming bliss. It’s as if time stops and it’s just the two of us. The way she bites her bottom lip drives me absolutely crazy.

We get pulled out of our world when Tina brings us our burgers. I watch as Nina takes her bun off and stuffs a bunch of fries in her burger. I can’t help but smile. She’s quirky. Quirky like Maria. “Are you going to try it or are you just going to stare?”

I don’t hesitate to follow suit and stuff my burger full of fries. I take a bite into my burger and my mouth has an orgasm. The fries give it a nice salty flavor that compliments the sweet barbeque sauce. “I’m impressed. It’s delicious.”

“I knew you’d like it,” she smiles as she bites in. “Tomorrow we’re going to need to hit the gym extra hard.”

I laugh. “Whatever you say, mistress.”

Her face sizzles like a fried tomato. She takes another bite of her burger. I dig in as well, my eyes not leaving hers. We finish the rest of our burgers in silence. She smears Barbeque sauce on her cheek. “You’ve got some…” I motion to my face.

Her eyes widen. She grabs a napkin and gets a bit of it off, but misses most of it.

“Here, let me,” I say as I get out of the booth and scoot in next to her. I grab the napkin and gently bring it to her cheek. I dab the sauce up as our eyes connect. She leans into me and our lips touch.

Just then the door opens, ringing a bell. We pull apart. “No way. Cindy?” A woman says. We both look back and see a group of 3 women walking up to us. The one that spoke is a tall black woman. On one side is a thick curvy redhead and on the other side is a short petite Asian. “Where have you been?” she asks.

The three of them slide in across from us. “I… I’m done. I’m done with the streets,” she says.

“No way. Good for you. How’d you do it? You were gone for almost 2 days and now you’re telling us you’re out. Share the details,” The tall thick ebony woman asks.

“I met him,” she says. “Girls this is Roy. Roy this is Ruby,” she says pointing to the redhead.

“That’s Ivy,” she says referring to the tall black woman.

“And I’m Serenity,” the Asian says.

“It’s nice to meet all of you.”

“Is this the same hunk that came down the other night?” asks the redhead.

Nina nods.

“I gotta know, how’d she snare you up?” the black woman says.

“It’s quite complicated,” I say. “She’s amazing and I was fortunate enough to discover it. It took me some time, but when I did, I don’t think I can live without her.”

“Awww that’s so romantic,” the Asian says.

“You know, Jerry’s been looking for you,” Ruby says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32