The Scent of Candles Ch. 2

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I spent the rest of that first night, fucking Aunt Kat. While Joanna had been babbling to me on the phone, her Aunt Katherine had been deep-throating my hard dick. Joanna told me how her aunt had been asking her all types of questions about me. She said that her aunt especially wanted to know about our sex life. It seems that Aunt Kat was Joanna’s favorite aunt in more ways than one. I told her that I couldn’t concentrate on our conversation. That her aunt was trying to devour my dick whole. Joanna laughed and said she would be on a flight that arrived the next day. She told me the time she would be arriving. She didn’t need to be picked up, she said that she would catch a cab. I hung up the phone and looked down at Aunt Kat.

I moaned as Aunt Kat’s soft lips surrounded my hard dick. I felt her tongue licking my shaft as she slid her mouth up and down my hard dick. Unlike last night, today, I was able to touch her. And touch her I did. I let my fingers entwine in Aunt Kat’s hair and held her steady as I began to fuck up into her mouth. Aunt Kat moaned as she slurped my shaft. “So, Aunt Kat, you wanted to know all about me? You wanted to know how I fuck Joanna? Did she tell you how I fuck her?” Aunt Kat nodded her head but didn’t stop sucking me. I pushed Aunt Kat’s head down further on my dick. I wasn’t disappointed when I felt it push deep into her throat. “Oh Yea! Suck my hard dick. Damn! You’re gonna have to teach Joanna how to do that. Did she tell you I fuck her in her ass? Did she tell you how I call her names and talk nasty to her while we fuck?” I grabbed Aunt Kat hair and pulled her head up. She looked at me but her eyes had that glazed over lustful look.

“Oh Carl! Don’t make me stop yet. Your dick felt so good in my mouth. You get so hard! And I love when you push it all the way in my throat.” I looked down at this older woman. Even though she was older, her sexual appetite was just as strong and healthy as her niece’s was. If I had let her, she would have drained me dry with her expert sucking. But I wanted to fuck her even more than I did last night. After all, her actions last night showed me just how good a cunt she had. I let my hands wander over her body. Aunt Kat moaned as my fingers found her dripping cunt. I pushed a finger deep into her pussy. Then I pulled it out and sucked it clean. “Your pussy taste just as sweet as Joanna’s pussy does. And I’m gonna fuck you the same way I fuck her.” I pulled Aunt Kat up on top of me until she was straddling my hips. I grabbed her gown and pulled it up over her head. She had not worn panties. I grabbed her by her hips and slammed her down on my dick. “Oh Carl! Your dick is all the way in my cunt. Fuck me!”

I held her tight. I wasn’t about to give her what she wanted too soon. “I told you, Aunt Kat, I’m gonna fuck you just like I fuck Joanna. I’m gonna tease your pussy just like I tease hers. I’m gonna talk to you just like I talk to her. And you’re gonna become just as much a nasty slave slut as she is. But I want to know something first. Do you and Joanna do more than just talk?” Aunt Kat looked at me and smiled. “Oh no! You won’t get that information out of me that easy.” I smiled. Those were the same words I said to her when she asked about Joanna and me. I held her hip and bucked my hips up hard. Aunt Katherine groaned as my dick drove hard up into her cunt. I bucked again. Each time I bucked my hips up to her, I pulled her down hard on my dick. I pulled her close and my lips fastened on her tit. I licked the soft flesh, then sucked the nipple into my mouth. Aunt Kat moaned and I sucked and licked the tender flesh. I felt her hand cup the back of my head. Tenderly she pulled me into her. Even more tenderly, I made oral love to her tits.

My tongue tenderly lashed her nipples, as I softly sucked upon her tit. “Oh Carl! That feels so good.” I stopped and looked up at her. “As good as when Joanna does it?” Aunt Katherine looked down into my face. Then she gave me a big smile. “Yes Carl, just as good as when Joanna sucks me.” I felt my dick throb. My hands were rubbing and stroking her back and arms. I felt the muscles of her pussy pulsing around my dick. I eased Aunt Kat off my dick. Gobs of her hot crème dripped down on my thigh as she got up. Then I stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Aunt Kat lay on her back with her legs spread wide. I stood between her thighs and directed my dick to her cunt. I could see the white crème smeared around her pussy lips. “Yea Aunt Kat, I’m gonna fuck you just like I fuck Joanna. She’ll be my young slut and you’ll be my older one.” When I placed the tip of my dick at her hole, I grabbed her hips. I pulled her to me as I lunged hard. My dick slammed into her cunt. “Oh Carl!” I pulled back and slammed her cunt again. “Take it slut! And I’m gonna fuck your ass even harder. Just like I fuck Joanna’s ass.”

I fucked Aunt Kat hard and fast. I could denizli escort see her wince each time I lunged into her. But when I felt her muscles begin to spasm, I pulled out. “Oh Carl! I’m gonna cum! Keep fucking me, you big dick bastard!” I dropped to my knees and my lips attacked her cunt. I licked and sucked Aunt Kat to a screaming climax. The amount of crème she pumped into my mouth had me swallowing hard to keep up. I felt her hands pulling my head deeper into her cunt. When Kat finished, she fell back on the bed. I stood up and looked down at her. I was stroking my dick as I watched her. “I’ll make you cum with my dick later.” Right then and there, I knew I would be fuckin both Kat and Joanna together. My dick throbbed as I thought about watching Kat and her younger niece going at each other’s cunts.

The rest of the day went along kind of normal. I kept Aunt Kat in a state of constant arousal. Whenever I got the chance, I would grab her and kiss her. Of course, I played with her whenever I kissed her. I even began to talk to Aunt Kat the way I talked to Joanna. I caught her in the kitchen. Aunt Kat was leaning against the sink washing dishes. I walked up behind her and lifted her skirt. She turned around and smiled at me. “You’re gonna make yourself too tired to take care of Joanna when she arrives.” I laughed even as I spun her around. I pushed her back until she sat in the chair. Then I unzipped my pants. “Your slut niece knows that she has to suck my dick whenever I feel like it. You gonna learn to do the same thing.” Aunt Katherine didn’t hesitate as I pushed my dick in her mouth. She kept her eyes open looking up at me as she sucked my shaft.

“That’s it! Oh yea! You’re such a sweet cocksucker. Oh you juicy bitch! I’m gonna fuck you up your tight ass the way I fuck Joanna. And when I do, she’s gonna be sucking the juice from your cunt! Now! Play with that pussy while you suck my dick.” Aunt Kat reached down and I watched her fingers slide between her thighs. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. “You’re gonna be just as sweet and nasty as Joanna. Both you bitches are gonna take care of my needs. And you’ll take care of each other. I hope Joanna brings her strapon. I want both of us to fuck you at the same time.” Aunt Kat’s sucking grew faster. Her fingers were pumping her cunt faster. “Oh yea! You want that pussy, don’t you? I’m gonna make the two of you drink each other’s crème until you’re full.” Aunt Kat began to moan. Suddenly she stiffened and a loud moan escaped her lips. I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed as her body jerked with her orgasms.

Later on, after I had taken a short nap, without her company, Aunt Kat woke me up. “I’m gonna go to the airport and pick Joanna up. Why don’t you cook something real nice for dinner?” Aunt Kat nodded and smiled. I walked up to her and gave her a big tongue-searching kiss before I walked out the door. I picked Joanna up as she exited the plane. She was surprised to see me and everyone must have thought we were long lost lovers with the kiss she laid on me. In the car after we had retrieved her luggage, I told her what had happened the other night. She laughed when she heard about the candles. She said they always signaled her aunt’s desires. She admitted that her and Aunt Kat had been lovers since she was a teenager. I told her what I had been doing to Aunt Kat all day and how I had begun talking to her. By the time we reached the house, Joanna’s pussy was already wet.

When we opened the door, the delicious smell of cooked food hit us immediately. Aunt Katherine stood in the middle of the floor, dressed in a blouse and skirt. It showed off her cream colored skin nicely. Joanna dropped her bag and ran up to her. The kiss they shared was almost as intense as the kissed I had shared with both women. By the time it ended, both women were breathless. “Joanna! You look more beautiful and sexy every time I see you.” Joanna smiled. “Aunt Kat! You have that fresh fucked look on your face.” Joanna turned and looked at me. “Has Carl been giving you a good time?” Aunt Kat laughed. “Well, little one, if he’s been fucking you half as good as he fucked me, I know why you wanted to keep his talents a secret.” They laughed as I walked pass them with the bags. Aunt Kat fixed us all drinks and we sat around small talking. Then she announced that dinner was ready.

Dinner was fantastic. And Aunt Katherine went all out. By the end of the meal, we were all sitting back enjoying the feeling of satisfaction. Aunt Kat got up and returned with glasses of brandy. It was strong but smooth. And I could begin to smell the scent of candles. She had gone around the house and lit all her candles. I looked at Joanna and she smiled back at me and nodded her head. Aunt Kat began asking Joanna all about the kind of sex we enjoyed. Then she told Joanna she diyarbakır escort didn’t think she would be able to take me up her ass. “I’m not a spring chicken, girl. I don’t know if that fat dick will fit up my tight old asshole.” Joanna laughed and reached over to hold my hand. “I’m sure that Carl will find a way to make it fit without hurting too much. And you know I’ll be there to help.” The two women looked at me and laughed. I smiled back at them. If left up to them, they’d fuck me to death. We cleaned up the kitchen together. There was a lot of laughing and wetting each other with water. Then we had to clean the kitchen again.

Joanna and I went into our room and she unpacked her bags. I watched her as she bent over to put her clothes away. My dick began to throb in anticipation of her tight ass holding onto it. “You look a lot like Aunt Kat. And now I know who you get your passion from. I don’t know if I’m gonna survive this trip if both of you attack me?” Joanna laughed. “I think you’re up to it. And I think that Aunt Kat deserves something special for being so nice.” Joanna came over to me and held me tight. Our lips met. When the kiss broke, she began to explain the plan she had thought up. By the time she finished, my dick was pressing against my pants to get loose. Joanna knelt down and unzipped my pants. Then she took me in her mouth. “Mmmmm! You suck almost as good as Aunt Kat does. But then, she’s had a lot more years of practice.” Joanna took her lips from my shaft. With mock anger, she tapped my dickhead. “Well! I never!” I grabbed her head and forced my dick in, till she gagged. “You lying bitch! You always!” When she began a good sucking rhythm, I pulled out. Joanna groaned in disappointing frustration. I laughed as I pushed my dick in my pants and zipped up.

When we went back into the living room, Aunt Kat was sitting in her chair watching TV. I looked at the clock. 8 o’clock! It was late enough to start things off. I went to the side of her chair and took her hand. Then I helped her stand. “You have given us a wonderful dinner. Now it’s our turn to give you something.” Aunt Kat smiled. “You really don’t have to. I enjoy cooking.” Joanna came up beside me. “No Aunt Kat. We would like to show you how much we appreciate you.” We led aunt Kat into the bathroom. She had one of those big, oversized, old-fashion tubs. You know the kind you can lie down in. With one of us on either side of her, Joanna and I began to undress Aunt Kat. When she slipped her blouse and bra off, I looked at Joanna. Nodding we each bent down and took a nipple in our mouth. Aunt Kat’s hands came up and cradled our heads. “Oh you sweet darlings. You’re making this old lady feel wonderful.”

Joanna and I sucked those delicious nipples until they were standing proud. Then we continued to undress her. I reached out and turned on the shower. The bathroom began to fill with steam. When we had Aunt Kat naked, Joanna and I undressed each other. We stepped in the shower and helped Aunt Kat in. we both soaped up washcloths and tenderly washed her body. Aunt Kat ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ as we washed her tits, cunt and ass. Making sure our fingers teased those places helped a lot. I paid particular attention to the crack of her ass. Joanna knelt down and held Aunt Kat steady as the washcloth cleaned her completely. When I pushed my soapy finger into her ass, Aunt Kat tightened up. I could feel Joanna placing Aunt Kat’s foot up on the tub rim. “Relax Aunt Kat. Carl knows what he’s doing.” Then I saw Joanna bend her head into Aunt Kat’s cunt. Before long, Aunt Kat was distracted enough for my finger to work up into her ass. She was holding onto Joanna’s head rocking her hips back and forth. I stopped before she could work herself to a climax. Joanna and I washed up and stepped out of the tub. Then we helped Aunt Kat get out.

We grabbed two towels and began to dry her from each side. Then we led her into her bedroom. Like I knew it would be, her room was aglow with the flicker of many candles. The scent of vanilla and raspberry was strong in the room. We lay her down on the bed, and taking up lotion, began to lotion her body. With Joanna on one side and me on the other, we rubbed, kissed and licked Aunt Kat until her skin glowed in the firelight. Joanna lay between Aunt Kat’s thighs and began to lick up and down the old woman’s slit. “Oh baby! Oh Joanna! You know just how to lick your dear old aunt’s cunt.” I stood watching the two on the bed. Then I pulled Joanna back and took my turn licking her pussy. Then we lay on each side of Aunt Kat and took care of her tits. Each time we felt her getting close to cumming, we would stop. Gently we turned her over onto her stomach. Starting at her shoulders, we worked down both sides of her body with our lips and tongues.

By the time we reached her hips, aunt Kat had pushed her hands antalya escort beneath her and was rubbing her dripping pussy. Joanna slapped her on her cheek. “You are not allowed to touch yourself. In fact, you are not allowed to move or speak. You must let us make love to you. If you help, we’ll get up and go to our room.” Aunt Kat reached up and grabbed the headboard. I moved over and watched as Joanna began to lick her tongue over her aunt’s back. She worked it lower and lower until it was just above the crack of Aunt Kat’s ass. “Carl taught me all about having my ass loved. Now we are going to teach you.” With that, Joanna pulled Aunt Kat’s cheeks apart. When she blew warm air down the crack, Kat moaned. Then when she bent and touched the puckered hole with the tip of her tongue, Aunt Kat raised her ass off the bed. I watched, as Joanna slowly tongue-fucked her aunt’s tight hole. She soon had Aunt Kat moaning and begging for more. Joanna looked at me and smiled.

I quickly took Joanna’s place. I gave Aunt Kat’s back the same slow tongue treatment. But when I got to the crack of her ass, she was already pushing her hips up off the bed. “Yes Carl! Stick your tongue up my ass. I never felt anything so nasty and delicious before. Stick it all the way in.” Aunt Kat fucked back against my tongue as I probed deeper into her tight region. I brought the old woman right to the edge and then I stopped. Aunt Kat begged for me to make her cum. Instead, I got up and Joanna and I kissed. We turned Aunt Kat back over onto her back and attacked her with our lips and tongues again. This time, we did bring her to a crying orgasm. Then I had Joanna straddle her head. As I licked Aunt Kat’s clit, Joanna kept her aunt’s tongue busy working from her dripping pussy to her tight asshole. “Carl! Aunt Kat’s tongue is teasing my asshole. Just like we teased hers. Oh yea! Lick it, you nasty bitch! Carl is gonna make you lick it while I ride his fat dick. I should have bought my strapon. Then I could fuck you too.”

I don’t think Aunt Kat heard too much of what Joanna was saying. Her hands were wrapped around Joanna’s thighs trying to pull the girl down on top of her. I worked my way up higher and gave Aunt Kat the tip of my dick in her cunt. As I slowly fed her pussy the tip of my dick, Aunt Kat moaned and groaned up into her niece’s cunt. I could hear her loud slurping sucks. “That’s it you old slut! Suck all the juice from that young pussy. I may even make you drink more than Joanna’s cum. Just like I make her drink more than just mine.” With a lunge, I buried my dick in that grasping cunt. Aunt Kat screamed up into Joanna’s cunt. Joanna rolled off, and Aunt Kat’s face was smeared with crème. I licked it off as I pounded my dick into her. Aunt Kat stiffened and came once again. I pulled my dick out and the crème dripped down her thigh. Joanna was quick to lick it up. Then she slurped her lips over Kat’s cunt. I knelt by Aunt Kat’s head and pulled her lips to my dick. Without opening her eyes, she sucked my dick into her mouth.

I let her clean my dick, and then I pulled it from her sucking lips. I walked into the living room and returned with our drinks. Aunt Kat and Joanna were lying side by side. I handed them their drinks and we toasted. “To two delicious sluts! May your pussies give me much crème to drink.” They both laughed as they sipped from their glasses. We lay in the big bed. Me in the middle, with a woman on each side. I set my drink down and pulled Joanna over on top of me. When I had her seated on my dick, I instructed her not to move. Then I told Aunt Kat to get behind her. Aunt Kat scrambled behind Joanna. She knew what I was going to tell her to do. When I pulled Joanna down on top of me, Aunt Kat spread Joanna’s cheeks. When Joanna moaned, I knew the old woman was licking her niece’s asshole. Joanna didn’t take long to cum. Her pussy muscles worked so hard, I had to concentrate hard not to blow my load. When she got up, Aunt Kat sucked me clean. Then I pulled Aunt Kat on top. Joanna did the same thing to her. She came even harder than her niece did.

I eased Aunt Kat up off me. My dick was so hard it hurt. But I didn’t want to cum. I didn’t want to cum for a long time. But those two nymphs had different ideas. They lay beside me with their heads by my dick. First Aunt Kat took me all the way in her mouth. Her lips slid over the shaft of my dick and I grabbed sheet to stop myself from screaming. As soon as my dick hit the back of her throat, she eased off. Joanna immediately took her place and did the same thing. Back and forth, one after the other, they kept it up. Until I couldn’t hold back any more.

I grabbed Aunt Kat by her head. She was the one sucking me when I let loose. I felt my hot cum blast from the tip of my dick and fill her mouth. After two pulses, her fingers clamped down on my dick so hard, nothing would come out. She turned to Joanna and they kissed. I knew they were sharing my thick cum. Then Joanna bent her head and took my dick in her mouth. Aunt Kat let go and Joanna’s mouth filled with crème. They kissed again. They did this until no more cum came out. We fell back on the bed exhausted. I groaned as I felt their hands rubbing my body. The night had just started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32