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I was hooked and now we have sex with extra men and women on a regular basis. Oral sex or outer sex only though, no intercourse or penetration though that leaves lots of options. We have both watched and enjoyed each other being pleasured by both men and women, often a man and woman at the same time.

We are are an attractive forty-ish professional couple, both of us have good sexy bodies, Charles loves my ‘glorious big ass’ and legs while I am constantly impressed with his toned body and thick, eight-inch erection.

I do enjoy my man licking my cunt lips while I watch another man sucking his cock. Or perhaps another woman blowing him while he licks my cunt lips. One of my favourites – and his – is watching him masturbate while I blow another man with another woman licking my cunt.

In turn my man loves watching another female lick my cunt lips while I suck his cock. Or perhaps another man licking my cunt while I blow him. And we do enjoy another turned on person watching.

Late on a Saturday Charles has arranged a visit to a night club or to be more specific an exclusive high end sex club. “The entertainment is two-fold, what the club provides and naked and semi-naked couples engaging in various forms of sexual activity in discreet areas while others watch,” he explained.

“This club goes to great lengths with their membership, physical appearance and sexual attraction are paramount and the membership fee is a both a barrier and an attraction. And always balanced numbers, the same number of women as men. Remember, no fucking with other people, though perhaps we might fuck,” Charles tells me on the way.

When we checked in we had the option of being totally naked or wearing short, sleeveless jackets provided by the club. “Most women choose to leave their heels on, an almost naked body looks wonderful in heels,” the spunky almost naked blond check-in man told us as his almost naked female assistant watched on, so I made a point of wearing mine.

There were two other couples naked apart from the club jackets in the dressing room watching, eye candy for both of us, while we undressed as we both chose to wear the jackets which covered just our backs and highlighted our sex. I do like flaunting my naked body for both sexes, always wonderful foreplay.

I was impressed with the intimate subdued lighting with soft night jazz music playing as we found our way around. Almost all the women and men had taken the trouble to shave or wax their pubic area. The most popular style for both sexes was just a small tuft of hair above their cunt lips or cock.

Charles told me my ass and legs looked wonderful exposed like that and he told me I had all the men and women ogling my body. And his semi-erect cock had plenty of attention from both sexes. I was pleased to note that hardly any men had a more impressive cock than my man.

We escort karataş bayan both watched in awe as a hung man wearing an evil looking black rubber cock ring was being pleasured by a woman and another man. “He must be at least nine-inches,” I whispered as we watched a woman sucking his cock while a pretty blond man with an earring licked his very erect nipples.

In another area we watched two very attractive forty-year old naked women kissing passionately before they engaged in lesbian sex.

We watched an attractive blond lady wearing what appeared to be nothing but a long coat avidly sucking the throbbing cock of a much younger man. In due course when they changed positions the coat fell open exposing a trannie’s huge erection and a beautiful pair of tits.

It was very exciting watching the young man sucking the trannie’s huge erection. I had never watched a hung man with a beautiful pair of tits have his cock pleasured before. After a few minutes they had a small crowd watching as the trannie teased his nipples while the young man expertly sucked his cock. Almost everyone watching was teasing their partner with their fingers and lips.

A little further on a woman around our age was bent over a table leaning on her elbows. She had a large, glorious well formed ass. Her much younger stud had his hands grasping her ass cheeks as he pounded her with his thick, rock hard erection much to her delight. “Her ass is even bigger than yours baby, these two are awesome,” Charles whispered in an agitated voice as he teased his erection. The noise as slapped into her ass was a turn on for me as she moaned, “Harder, harder, fuck me harder.”

A slim blond woman with a magnificent, firm pair of tits was the center of attention as she paraded around holding her man’s hand. “She must be thirty-six D, look at her erect nipples,” I whispered to Charles as he ogled her and she eyed his erection.

My favorite was watching a woman in her thirties avidly having her cunt licked by another woman while she sucked the cock of that woman’s partner while her man watched and masturbated. “Your turn on is my turn on baby,” Charles told me as I watched with Charles teasing me with his fingertips.

We heard a drum roll, then an announcement, “Tonight’s next entertainment is about to commence in room six if you would like watch. His name is Leroy.” As we arrived there a huge, muscled black man walked in with an almost naked young woman on each arm. He had a very impressive body and was wearing loose fitting cotton trousers. He stood with legs apart and his hands on his hips as one of the young women stood behind him and teased his nipples as the other slid his trousers down to his ankles.

There was a collective gasp from both the women and men watching, including me, as his huge erection stood out escort bayan karkamış at ninety-degrees. I am very impressed, he has the biggest cock I have ever seen in the flesh. Like most women size is important for me as I estimate he must be twelve-inches as one of the young women wrapped two hands around it after she compared it against her arm.

“Is it really true you are twelve-inches Leroy?,” one of the women watching asked in a hushed voice.

“Yes I am when I am rock hard and right now I am rock hard,” he replied in an agitated voice as the young woman licked the full length of his erection while the other one licked his balls. You could hear a pin drop as she took three inches of his erection between her lips with two hands wrapped it while the other the young women tongue kissed him with around a dozen people watching on in awe.

All of the men watching had an erection and the body language of the women watching indicated they were very turned on watching two women pleasuring a twelve-inch erection, just as I was.

“Like that do you baby? He really is awesome,” my man whispers as he kneels behind me and kisses my ass with a hand between my legs and teases my cunt lips with a fingertip.

“I want to fuck you while you watch Leroy having his twelve-inch erection pleasured. May I?”

“Yes, do it, I am so turned on, I want you, fuck me in sync with Leroy,” I tell him as I lean over a chair for support and he grabs my ass cheeks and slides his rock hard eight-inch erection into me.

“That really was a very exciting fuck baby,” I told my man as we wound down on the seat in the communal shower I enjoyed another younger couple watching us and ogling our naked bodies. Jan and Jon introduced themselves and after some small talk Jan was straight to the point, “We are bisexual, I suspect you two may be as well,” Jan smiles as she rubs a finger tip over my nipple.

“Would you like to watch my man blow your man while I watch? And I could lick your cunt at the same time. My man is very good at blow jobs, especially on a cock the size of your man,” she tells me as she tongue kisses me and I eagerly respond.

“How about you Charles would you like that? He is very good at edging, he can tease and pleasure like no other,” Jan teases as she strokes his engorged cock.

A few minutes later we had a small audience watching as Charles and I sit side by side on a bench seat. We have our hands all over each other and we are both very turned on in anticipation of the sexual pleasure on offer as we tongue kiss. Jon is licking Charles’ rock hard and wet nipples as he lightly strokes and teases his raging erection. The sexual tension is electric as Jon licks the full length of my man’s raging erection as he teases his nipples with a fingertip. He then positions himself so he can kilis escort bayan take my man’s erection between his pursed lips as he teases his balls with his fingertips.

“Make it good for all of us honey. Show three people how good you are while I lick his lady’s cunt.”

“You always enjoyed watching another woman lick my cunt baby. So do I, This is a bonus, a man sucking your cock at the same time with an audience,” I whisper to Charles.

I watch Jon’s technique very closely and the obvious pleasure he is giving my man. Three inches of his erection between his tightly pursed lips as he lightly teases his nipples. Then release his cock before he sucks just the knob of it while he swirls his tongue around it and blows on it. Then repeat the process.

“Am I teasing you Charles?,” Jon smirks knowing he is hanging out for sexual relief after what must be fifteen minutes. I have had three small orgasms on Jan’s tongue while I watched and enjoyed my man having his roaring erection edged in that time and I am building up to what I want to be a huge orgasm in sync with my man. And I want to squirt at the same time.

“Am I teasing you Charles? Your lady has a glorious ass, magnificent. Can I lick and kiss it before I finish you off?,” Jon smirks as he has my complete attention.

“You turn on is my turn on baby, let him do it,” Charles tells me is an agitated voice.

This club is a voyeurs and exhibitionists delight, and a pornographers delight I muse as I position myself, legs apart, so Jon can lick and kiss my ass. Jan also positions herself so she can continue licking my cunt lips while her man licks and kisses my ass.

“I am so turned on baby, I am not going to last much longer,” Charles mutters as he tongue kisses me with Jon licking and kissing my ass. His modest erection is pointing to the ceiling as he tells Charles to stand with his hands behind his head.

“Your lady has a glorious ass and you are hung and thick, a magnificent challenge,” Jon tells him as takes the tip of my man’s throbbing erection between his tightly pursed lips and swirls his wet tongue around it, then slides just one finger along the full length of it.

The look of ecstasy on my man’s face is priceless as he moans over and over, “So good, so fucking good, so good, so fucking good, go good, so fucking good,”

“I promised my man was very talented, do you like watching?” Jan smiles as I move back to the seat as she resumes licking my cunt lips.

“So good, so fucking good, cum with me baby, so fucking good, cum with me baby,” my man is almost chanting as I watch him blow a huge load.

Then a huge orgasm for me on Jan’s tongue as I watch Jon masturbate. “Put a finger in me Jan, make me squirt, two fingers make me squirt, make me squirt, I want it, really want it, now, right now,” I moan as I squirt like never before. I had almost forgotten we had a small audience watching as we receive an enthusiastic round of applause.

The next day after a late brunch Charles and I had a bath together and spent the rest of day giving each other high levels of sexual pleasure while I fantasized about Leroy’s twelve inches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32