The Story Of Emma

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This is my first attempt at writing a story so I’m not sure how good it will be. Constructive criticism is welcome but rude comments are not.

This is a work of fiction which is not real and just my imagination. All characters are over 18 years old.

The first part of the story has very little actual sex in it so if you want a quick fuck story this won’t be for you.

This is the story of Emma’s demise.

Emma is the optimy of the Brat princess. 24 years old long blonde hair beautiful face perfectly proportioned body which she kept in good shape by working out 4 times a week. Emma is the take charge kind of woman who will happily dish out orders to anyone she sees fit.

Emma lived with her mother Ann, a 48 year old very well maintained woman. Ann was well off after she married an extremely wealthy business owner, they were married for 19 years and the marriage ended after Ann caught him in bed with his secretary. The divorce was messy however Ann had ended up comfortably off and also kept 1 of the large properties they had owned together. Ann was a good looking woman for her age hair always done manicure and pedicure every 2 weeks and also worked out.

Emma pretty much ran the household, the house was decorated exactly as she wanted it, she had the master bedroom with en suite, and she also decided what cars her and Ann had in the driveway. Emma had a top of the range Ranger Rover while Ann had a Tesla.

They had a maid who came in 3 times a week to clean the house top to bottom and it was always expected that she would do Emma’s room first and it was to be immaculate before moving onto any other rooms.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in April when Ann had a conversation with Emma and how they could save some money in places where they were spending money that didn’t need to be spent.

Ann suggested they could discontinue with the maid service and that the 2 of them could look after the household chores between them. At this point Emma simply laughed at her mother and her response was simple if the maid was fired then Ann would have to do all bursa escort the household chores herself as she certainly wouldn’t be cleaning and risking breaking a nail or damaging her nail polish. She had never had to clean for herself at any point before and she certainly wasn’t about to start now.

After a discussion about money saving ideas Emma had what she thought was an amazing idea, they should invite Ann’s friend Susan to live with them rent free as long as she took care of all the household chores. Ann agreed that would be an ideal exchange since Susan was currently getting divorced from her husband and living back with her elderly parents this could be an ideal solution.

Ann invited Susan for coffee the following day, after some coffee and quite a few tears from Susan about how bad her life had been recently Ann brought up the subject of Susan moving in with her and Emma. Susan jumped at the idea she could live rent free in this big house as long as she did the chores, this seemed like an ideal win win situation for her so she quickly agreed. They settled on Susan moving in on Sunday that week.

Sunday came around quickly and at 2.30pm Susan knocked on the door of her new home.

Greeted by Emma she brought Susan inside and to the living room where Ann was watching TV. They quickly hugged and Ann showed Susan to what would be her room from now on. After unpacking, taking a shower and getting herself some fresh clothes Susan joined Ann and Emma in the kitchen.

After some idle chit chat between the 3 women Emma suddenly shifted the conversation and stated that maybe Susan should get on with her chores now after all that’s the reason she was here and the maid hadn’t been since Wednesday so the house needed cleaned.

Ann began to say something but Emma quickly shot her the look that Ann knew all too well, the look that meant don’t you dare question me.

Susan got up and quickly began to tidy round the kitchen when Emma stopped her, oh no Susan the kitchen can wait but my room can’t go upstairs and get my room cleaned. I expect it to bursa escort bayan be done well and to my standards I will be inspecting it once you’re finished and you wouldn’t want to see me when I’m angry so I’d make sure you do it well. Susan simply smiled and said of course Emma I’m happy to do your room first whatever you need me to do just let me know.

Emma sensed something from the way Susan responded most people don’t like being ordered around but Susan smiled and actually offered to do more this was definitely going to be a positive situation.

After Susan had cleaned Emma’s room she inspected her work and much to her surprise the room was gleaming and she had no complaints at all.

It had been 2 weeks since Susan moved in and everything was going brilliantly. Emma had constantly pushed Susan to do more and more around the house and she simply smiled and agreed and got on with it. Emma hated to admit it too much but Susan was actually doing a better job than the maid they had been paying for.

1 Saturday afternoon Susan and Ann had gone shopping for some groceries, Emma being the nosey brat that she was decided to snoop in Susan’s room just to look at her clothes and shoes and see what she had in there.

She snooped around her drawers and her shoes boxes. Emma had to admit Susan had some gorgeous heels including 2 pairs of Loboutins. She went to the wardrobe had a look through her clothes when she noticed another fancy Jimmy Choo shoes box at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Emma removed the shoe box and sat on the bed with it but when she opened it she didn’t find shoes instead she found 6 dvd discs that were blank. Emma knew these weren’t blockbuster movies or music CDs as they always had some kind of markings on them.

Her curiosity getting the better of her Emma took the discs to her room and fired up her laptop. She put 1 of the discs in her drive, fired it up pressed play and nearly got the shock of her life.

On the screen in front of her was Susan, naked apart from some tan hold up stockings, heels and a collar kneeling escort bursa on the floor. What happened next surprised Emma even more into the picture came Michelle and Nancy. Michelle and Nancy were also friends of Ann and Susan.

Michelle was wearing a black leather corset, black stockings and thigh boots. Nancy in a silk robe, tan stockings and some gorgeous black stiletto mules.

Emma couldn’t believe her eyes, she’d known these 3 women for as long as she could remember and would never have guessed the 3 of them were so kinky.

Emma watched as Michelle and Nancy ordered Susan around. Making her clean their shoes with her mouth, foot worship before they both had a shuddering orgasm at what appeared to be the very skilled tongue of Susan. Emma heard Susan constantly refer to the other women as mistress Michelle and mistress Nancy. Every time Emma heard the word mistress she got a tingle on her own pussy and before she knew her hand was in her panties rubbing herself to a mind blowing orgasm to the thought of being the mistress herself.

It dawned on Emma that Susan had been so happy to do the chores because she was in fact a submissive who got off on doing as she was told.

She decided she had to find out if her mother knew what her friends were like so she put the other 5 dvds back in the box and hid them away where she found them and kept the 1 in her laptop.

That night after everyone had gone to their own rooms Emma text her mother and asked her to meet her in the dining room.

Ann put in a robe headed to the dining room to meet Emma.

When she arrived Emma told her to be quiet she need to ask her something did she know about Susan Michelle and Nancy.

Ann laughed thinking Emma was winding her up until Emma pressed play on her laptop and onto the screen appeared the 3 other women.

Ann was shocked she had no idea her friends were like this.

Emma had an idea, she was going to make Susan a live in slave in the household Ann would be her second in command and she would blackmail Michelle and Nancy into being her slaves as well or she would leak the dvd on the internet making their lives end as they knew it.

Ann agreed, annoyed at the fact her friends had never shared this deep dark secret with her it was time for them to pay the price of secrecy.

To be continued…….

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