Weekend with Grandma Louise

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I have always loved my grandaunt Pat.

She is compassionate, loving, sexy, and voluptous looking.

Ever since her youngest niece(my mom)and my dad died in a plane crash 15 years ago, she has been my legal guardian.

Boy Aunt Pat always makes it so damn hard for me to do the yard work when she is outside. she always wears tiny shorts that barely cover up her big, round voluptous ass, and she wears t shirts with the most revealing V cuts.

Two weeks ago she got a call from mom’s mother Louise. “Your Grandma Louise needs you to come up for a while to help with the house Ben.”

Aunt Pat there’s nothing to do up there except sit on the porch or watch TV. “Oh poor baby, If i know my older sister, sitting on the porch or watching TV will be the least things on your mind” she laughed wickedly.I would find out later that day what Aunt Pat meant.

Aunt Pat drove me to her sister’s home 3 hours north of Lansing, Michigan. I could only imagine what tasks my Grandma Louise would have in store for me that hot summer day.

“Sis, You are right, I will have fun with him.” my grandma remarked with a wink. I thought what the hell did i get myself into anyways?

Grandma Louise was 6’2″ and 340 pounds. Kıbrıs Escort She had medium, curly lucille ball red head that looked awesome on her. Being 62 she looked like she cold pass for 39 or 40. Her face literally only had a few “laugh” wrinkles.

Like Aunt Pat, Grandma was wearing shorts, but these ones were even shorter than Aunt Pat’s. Grandma’s shorts stopped just about 2 inches below her asscheeks. I thought “damn Grandma has a great looking ass too.” She was wearing t shirt that did very little to hid the two huge melons inside. With the slightest movement they moved like to uncontrolled beach balls.

They were perfectly rounded and barely had any sag in them for being 62 years old. I was amazed that i was getting a massive boner just looking at my Grandma Louise’s huge breasts.

Her long legs which seem to go on forever, are very muscular and well toned from always working outdoors.

“Sweety, are you ready for something to eat, you must be famished after that long drive up here?” “Yea Grandma, but first i want to sit down and relax before eating.”

“Ben, I know you’re here to help me out but first you get something to eat and take the day off today.” Climbing Magosa Escort the stairs to my room on the 2nd floor i crashed on the bed and soon was fast asleep.

Later that afternoon i woke to themost amazing sensation. I felt this sucking pressure on me. I opened my eyes and look towards the foot of the bed, and there between my legs, completely naked was Grandma Louise. She was licking my very long and thick cock like candy cane.

“What the hell, Grandma Louise what are you doing?” “This is incest?”

“Yes, it is and you are all mine these next two weeks.” Then she lowered her head again, and began swallowing my cock till it was entirely in her mouth. This was a feat on itself as my cock is 10 inches long and about 4 inches wide. No other other has been able to taken all 10 inches in her mouth.

I pleaded with Grandma Louise to stop her attack on my cock. I mean what if someone from the family like Aunt Pat walked in on us? “oooohhhh gooodddd” “Grandma Louise, stop Aunt Pat or someone else might catch us.” “So let them my dear, and by the way call me Louise.”

After about 10 minutes or so my very busty and over sexed Grandma was pumping her mouth feverishly fast Girne Escort up and down my shaft, wet sucking sounds filling my bedroom, along with my moaning and groaning.

“pleeasssee Louise, make it last longer, pleassse.” She laughed evilly and said, “I have plans for you and your monster cock boy.” She pushed her enormous breasts around my fat shaft and began one hell of a titfuck session.

The look on my face must have been of sheer disbelief and or wonderment of how big her breasts were. I did not have to wait long for a reply from Louise.


“What?” i asked her. “Silly boy, my breasts are 52FF’s. “52FF’s? hell they seemed more like mountains to me.

“Can i fuck you after that Louise?” After dinner you may sweety.”

Louise kept up the awesome pressure of her mountainous breasts around my cock until i could feel the sensation of a geyser wanting to burst through the plump head of my cock.

“Aahhhhh, AAAhhhhh, Ooooohhhh Gooodddd.” came out from my lips, as my Grandma Louise knew i was so fucking close to cumming.

“Yes, Ben, cum for your Louise all you want.” Yea cum all over me and use me any way you want to.”

“AAAAAAhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh Godddddd Cummming allll over.” Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh cummming.” In seconds i was cumming all over my Grandma Louise’s enormous breasts. As i was just shooting out the last strand of thick, ropey cum from my cock, in walked Aunt Pat naked also.

“So sis, is he ready for after dinner.”

“Oh you bet you he is hun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32