Working for me

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You have only been working for me for a couple of weeks. You always dress very sexily. You seem to be teasing me a lot when you come into my office. Doing little things like dropping a pen and bending over or leaning down towards me showing your cleavage. I am pretty sure you know the effect you are having on me. Being a lot older than you I do nothing at first. One day while having lunch I overhear you saying to a colleague that you love older men. Later on in the afternoon after having you teasing me again I decide I will show you what an older man can do for you. I call you into my office and ask you if you would like do some overtime on Friday.

“Yes I would love to. I could do with the extra money” you say to me.

On the Friday you seemed to have upped your game. You come in dressed even more sexier than usual. You also come into my office a lot more during the day and are still teasing me. My mind starts wandering and thinking about fucking you later. At 5 PM everybody else leaves. I call you into my office.

“So what do you want me to do?” you ask me.

As you say that you drop your pen and ben over.

“I am going to show you what happens to a naughty slut who teases her boss gets” I reply.

You try and protest your innocence and deny you have been deliberately teasing me. I pull you close and kiss you.

“Sit on my desk” I whisper in your ear.

Once you are on my desk I get on my knees and spread your legs. I pull your knickers to the side and tongue your pussy.

“Wow you have your tongue pierced. That feels so nice” you say to me.

You pull my head in closer.

“Oh yes make me cum you fucker. Show me what the pierced tongue of yours can do” you shout.

The more I tongue you the more wetter I can feel you getting. As you orgasm I open my mouth and swallow your sweet juices.

As you lie on the desk recovering I get up and start fucking you.

“Fuck me fast and hard” you say to me.

“Don’t worry you teasing slut you are going nowhere” I laugh.

I then tell you to bend over the desk and start fucking you from behind.

Once I have come I tell you to go on the Internet.

“What do you want me to on the Internet?” you ask me.

I tell you that I want you to book a hotel for tonight. I tell you to be at the hotel for 8 PM, dress sexily and to text me when you arrive. After you have booked the hotel you head for home. Your pussy is still soaking wet. When you get home you have a bath. As you bathe yourself your mind wanders and starts thinking about what will happen tonight. You have a little play with yourself. After you leave I close the office and head home to get some stuff. I then head for the hotel. About 7:50 I get a text message to say you have arrived. I send a text back telling you to come to room 223 at 8 PM. When you arrive at the hotel room you see I have left an envelope taped to the door that says read me. You also there is something hanging from the room door knob. You open the envelope and read the letter. The letter simply says put the blindfold on and knock on the door. You wonder where this leading and put the blindfold on. After you knock I let you in and walk you to the middle of the room.

“Mmmmmmm I see you have dressed very sexily for me” I say escort gaziantep rus bayan to you.

I come to you and start kissing you. As we kiss I slowly undress you. I then get you on the bed and give you a sexual Tantric massage. I tease you by making sure I avoid your pussy but I can see how wet you are getting. After the massage you feel me tying something around your wrists.

“What are you doing?” You ask me.

“Just relax and enjoy it” I reply.

I then tie you by your arms and legs to the bed. I go to my bag and get out a bottle of chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a banana. I spray some whipped cream on your body. The sudden coldness startles you.

“Oh my god what is that?” you ask me.

“Just some whipped cream. I am going to cover you in whipped cream and chocolate sauce and kiss and lick you clean” I laugh.

I cover your whole body in chocolate sauce and whipped cream and insert the banana up your pussy. I lick the chocolate and cream from every inch of your body. Starting with your neck and ears, I work my way down your body, gently kissing your chocolate covered nipples. I take my time to kiss every inch of your stomach then work my way up your legs starting with your feet and kissing the inside of your thighs. I kiss around your pussy teasing you. I want the banana to be really wet with your juices. I play with your clitoris with my pierced tongue. I see your juices seeping out and decide it is time to eat the banana. I eat the entire banana from your pussy using only my mouth and tongue. I tell you that your pussy tastes beautiful. Your pussy is very wet and you are dying for me to tongue you. Being blindfolded is really heightening the pleasure and excitement for you. You never know where my lips and tongue are going to be next.

“Show me what the pierced tongue of yours can do again” you say to me.

I ignore you and carry on teasing you. I then stop for a moment and go back to my bag. I get out my Tiggler. You lie there wondering what I am going to do next. I take out my normal piercing and put my Tiggler in. I turn the Tiggler on and join you on the bed. I gently run my vibrating Tiggler over your stomach. You immediately wonder what it is that you can feel.

“Mmmmmm that feels nice. What is it?” you ask me.

“It is a vibrating tongue piercing” I reply.

I carry on kissing and licking all over your body. The vibrations from the Tiggler is making your body fell all tingly. As I kiss your body I tease you again by avoiding your pussy.

“I want to feel your Tiggler on my pussy” you say to me.

I ignore you and carry on teasing you. Your pussy is aching to be kissed or touched. You then decide you have had enough of my teasing and pull yourself loose. You take of your blindfold and push me down on the bed. As I lie on my back you come and sit on my face.

“Now let me feel that Tiggler” you laugh.

My tongue probes and explores every inch of your pussy as you sit on my face. I tell you that you have a lovely pussy and taste beautiful.

“I want you to flood my mouth with your juices” I say to you.

“Get that Tiggler on my clitoris.” you say to me.

You seem to be trying to be dominant with me now. I go escort bayan gaziantep swinger with the flow and us my Tiggler on your clitoris. You are so horny it doesn’t take much longer before I feel you cumming.

“Lick my clit faster.” you say.

All of a sudden an orgasm rips through your body flooding my mouth with your sweet juices.

I lie there and swallow every drop of your pussy juice. You rest for a while then stand up and reach for the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

“Your turn now.” you say

You cover my cock in chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You begin by licking up and down my penis then swallow it all in one go. I am in seventh heaven as you move your head up and down teasing my cock with your tongue.

You stop and tell me you want to save me spunk for later. I start kiss you and tease your clitoris with my fingers.

“Make me come.” you beg me.

I play with your pussy as I once again kiss you all over your body looking for the spots that really turn you on. I notice you love having your neck and ears kissed and loved being teased and kissed around your thighs and pussy area. I decide to tease you and kiss just at the top of your thighs and pussy area.

“Lick me.” you say to me.

I carry on teasing you. My fingers keep working on your pussy every now and again to tease you. I grab a vibrator from my bag and rub it up and down your pussy.

“Use it on me.” you say.

“I’ll use it when I’m ready.” I tell you.

I carry on rubbing your clit with the vibrator until you are really aching for me to use it on you. I thrust the vibrator up your wet pussy and lick your clitoris as I thrust it up and down. I want you to come for me again. I move to your nipples and breasts and give them some deserved attention. The vibrator is wet with your juices and slips in and out very easily. You build up to another orgasm. I replace the vibrator with my tongue. You once again flood my mouth with your sweet pussy juices.

“I need cock and I need it now” you tell me.

“Not yet.”

“Oh, please fuck me” you beg me.

“Not yet. Wait miss impatient” I laugh.

“Fuck this from now on you do as I say” you tell me.

You get up and impale yourself on my hard cock. You ride my cock and tweak your nipples. I tell you have a lovely tight cunt.

You start to ride me harder playing with your clitoris as you do so. You look so sexy. Your breasts swaying to and from as you ride me.

Your breathing gets shallower and you gently bite your top lip as you cum. You lie on the bed exhausted. Now it’s my turn to cum. I get you on all fours and I enter you from behind, building up a steady rhythm, pumping in and out.

“Fuck me harder.” you tell me.

My thrusts get faster and harder. I warn you that I’m close to coming. You tell me to pull out and give me a blowjob.

I don’t last much longer and shoot my load in your mouth. You swallow some and the rest goes on your breasts. I reach down and lick your breasts clean swallowing every last drop of my cum. We fall back on the bed.

After while of lying there I tell you I want you to show me how you masturbate. I watch as you slide two fingers in. After while of watching you finger yourself I give gaziantep travesti escort kızlar you the vibrator. You quickly replace your fingers with the vibrator. As you play with yourself I shove my cock in your mouth to get me sucked back to hardness. Once you have me hard I get you to bend over the dressing table. You are still soaking wet and my cock slides easily back into your pussy. As I fuck you from behind you reach under and play with your clit. After you have had another orgasm I warn you I am about to cum. You get me to pull out and get on your knees. You masturbate my cock. I think you are going to get me to shoot all over you. As I get close to cumming you take my cock in your mouth and I cum. You then get up and kiss me. As we kiss you pass half of my cum back to me and we both swallow.

We then both get back on the bed. I get up and get my laptop from my bag. Once Windows is loaded I log onto fab. We go into one of the directing rooms. There are a few couples on cam. Watching the couples fuck is getting you turned on again. I feel your hand move to my cock.

“Put your web cam on and fuck me” you whisper in my ear.

Within in minutes of putting the web cam on we have lots of viewers. There are lots of messages in the chat saying things like “U 2 going to fuck?”, “Suck his cock” etc.

“Let’s give them what they want” you laugh.

With that you start kissing down my body. Once you have my hard cock in your mouth I get you to get your pussy over my face. I turn my Tiggler on and tongue you. Once I have made you cum again we have a little look at the chat again. “Nice show guys you going to fuck?” You type back “Of course we are”. I push you down on the bed and push your legs towards the back of your head.

“Oh yes show them what your cock can do. Fuck me good” you shout.

While we fuck I ignore the chat messages. I get you on your knees on the edge of the bed and fuck you from behind. As we fuck you are able to read the chat messages. There are the typical messages of “That’s it slut take his cock”, “I wish I was fucking you”, “You want another guy to join you?”, “I can be with you in 30 minutes” etc. Knowing lots of people are watching you being fucked and knowing lots of the men wish it was them fucking you is making you more turned on than you have ever been. I pull out of you and get back on the bed.

“Show them how you ride cock” I say to you.

You don’t need asking twice and quickly impale yourself on my waiting cock. As you ride my cock I suck on your nipples and play with your clit. Once you have made yourself cum again you take me back in to your mouth and suck me until I cum. Once I have coum you show the people watching that you have a mouth full of cum. You then swallow. This gets the watchers really excited. We see messages like “I love a cum drinking slut”, “I love a swallower” etc. We look at the time and see it is now 3 AM.

“Time for me to go” you say to me.

With that you get dressed and leave.

On Monday morning you come into my office and get under my desk. I feel you pulling my soft cock out and taking it in your mouth. As you start sucking me off Steve walks into the office. He wants to ask me something about a contract he is working on. Knowing you cannot be seen you carry on sucking me off. I smile to myself as I carry on chatting to Steve. Luckily he leaves not long after.

“Make mu cum you slut” I say to you.

Once you have made me cum you get back out from under the desk.

“See you later” you say to me.

You then leave. We are going to have a lot of fun together I think to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32