Young Tommy

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“Hi Mrs. Moore, I’m Tommy Slack, is Jemmina home?” Tommy Slack stood at the door to the Moore`s new mansion, nervously waiting for an answer. He was looking for Jemmina because his mates in the city eleven had told him, “Jemmina Moore fucks.”

He did not mix in their social circle but his sporting ability had introduced him to their privileged group. The fact that his participation in their teams had lifted them to top positions in the district competition had made it imperative that they make him welcome and look after him.

They had in recent weeks taken an interest in his continuing virginity; eventually they had settled on Jemmina Moore as the answer. Having made that decision they set out to convince him to make a play for Jemmina. He had thought it over and reluctantly decided if he was to loose his cherry he would have to find someone who liked cock. If what they had said was true, then Jemmina was his answer.

He had decided to meet Jemmina and ask her out. Jemmina did not go to his school. She went to an upper class all girls’ school, far removed from working class lads like him. He had traveled across town and out to her parent’s estate to ask her out, only to find she was not home. What will I do now? He thought. I will never get up the courage to come back.

The thirty-year-old brunette who had answered the door looked down at Tommy and liked what she saw. “I’m not Mrs. Moore I’m their maid, Jemmina`s not home. Can I help you?”

Tommy blushed. Of course, she could help him. Any woman could help him loose his virginity. His mind went blank he could not tell her why he had come and could not think of anything to say.

Molly Brown grinned at his embarrassment. He is quite a lad she thought as she studied his thick chest and long frame. His blonde hair was shiny and well kept. His clothes were spotlessly clean and pressed. He had obviously spent some time preparing for his visit to the Moore`s mansion.

Molly had led an active sex life until she came to work for the Moores. She came from a poor Irish family and could recognize a lad who had gone to a lot of trouble to come courting. Poor bugger, she thought, Jemmina is a stuck up bitch; she sleeps around but she won’t have any thing to do with a working class boy.

“Come in lad, I’ll get you a drink.”

Tommy studied Molly as he followed her through to the kitchen. She was much shorter than him maybe five-two, her narrow waist made her arse look big, but to Tommy it was a great arse. He liked her black curly hair and her round smiling face, but it was her legs and what was between them that interested him most. From the rear, her legs looked muscular yet curvy. She is a bit of all right for an oldie, he thought.

“I’m Molly,” she said as she sat him down and brought him a coke. “Do you know Jemmina?” Tommy spluttered in his drink, “no,” he finally responded. “I wanted to meet her. I’m in the state sporting squad and all my mates talk about her.” I was coming out this way and thought I would drop in and say hullo.”

Molly smiled “what have your mates been saying about Jemmina that made you want to call on her?” Tommy had been studying Molly’s chest. Her boobs had caught his eye. They were large and seemed to push her blouse so that the buttons were in danger of popping open.

His mind raced. What a question. What can I say? I can’t say she is supposed to be easy and I came looking for a fuck. “They told me she liked winners,” he stammered as he dropped his eyes to the floor, embarrassed at the question and his answer.

Molly smiled at his embarrassment. “Are you a winner then?” she asked, letting him off the hook.

Tom looked up into her smiling Irish eyes. “I won two state junior boxing titles, the best and fairest medal for soccer, player of the year at squash and scored the most runs for the city cricket team. I love sports”

Molly whistled. “My god that’s quite a record. You must have all the girls chasing you.”

Tommy felt a little more relaxed in her company. She made him feel good.

He looked up at her, “quiet truthfully that’s why I came here to meet Jemmina. I don’t have a girl friend. I spend my time training. I am never home and don’t see much of my old crowd. My teammates from up here told me to try Jemmina and I came out to call on her.”

Molly knew Jemmina slept around. She watched Tommy as he blushed and stammered his explanation. He has been told about her all right. He has come here looking to be laid.

Poor young bugger she thought he`s quite good looking. He must be desperate to come right out here on such a slim chance. She bent over in front of him giving him a chance to see down her blouse as she picked up his glass. “You could do better than Jemmina, there must be other girls,” she whispered. Tommy saw the deep vee between her large white breasts and quickly looked away.

Molly was impressed most men would have grabbed the opportunity for a quick perv. She placed her hand under his chin “Look at me,” she whispered. “You are too good Kartal Escort for this mob they will chew you up and spit you out. They are sharks they think their money and power can buy anything. Get out of here lad.”

He grabbed her hand, “thank you,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have come.” Molly melted. He is lovely, she thought as he looked into her eyes still not staring at her boobs. She felt the strength in his hand she looked at his clean young body and felt warmth in her pussy.

He is a bit young for me, but if he came out here looking to be laid, why don’t I accommodate him she thought. Her nipples tingled at the though of this strong young man in her arms. She had not had a man for months. Her last arrangement had collapsed when the old bastard she had chosen as a partner tried to get his kicks by inflicting pain.

“Stand up lad and let’s look at you,” she ordered. She stood back as he stood blushing, looking everywhere but into her eyes. “You’re a handsome young man. Tell me truthfully did they tell you that Jemmina is a slut. That she’s an easy lay.”

Tommy was stunned he did not want to admit that he had come out here for that very reason. His could feel his face grow hot as he realized Molly had worked him out. She put her arm around him and hugged him. “Go home lad,” She tried to push him towards the back door, “Get out of here, this house is not a place for a nice lad like you.”

Tommy did not want to go. He was horny. His cock had grown hard when she pulled his body close to hers. He put his arm around Molly and leant in to kiss her good bye. “You are beautiful,” he whispered.

She had turned her head and his lips brushed hers, “thank you for being so nice,” he cried. Molly looked into his blue eyes and started to wilt. Tommy tried again to kiss her. This time their lips met and her mouth opened.

He panicked. She is kissing me back, he thought as her hands came up around his back and pulled him closer. He hesitated before letting his tongue creep into her mouth. His cock lurched when her mouth and tongue welcomed him.

Molly had been in two minds. She kept thinking he could not stay here. At the same time, she felt the tingle in her breasts and pussy. Why don’t I give him what he came looking for, she thought. An afternoon in bed will satisfy both of us. She returned his kiss as his tongue tentatively sought hers.

Tommy could not believe his luck he was kissing a woman. He had had very little experience kissing. None of the few girls he had kissed kissed him as Molly was kissing him now.

Her big breasts were pushed hard against him, her hands were stroking his back, her tongue was active in his mouth. His cock responded, it stood up hard. He could feel it jammed between their bodies.

Molly too could feel Tommy’s cock growing harder and pushing into her stomach. He is big for a boy she thought, as her pussy grew moist. She held him tight and ran her hands down his backside pulling him hard against her so she could check out his erection.

Tommy felt her hands on his bottom. If she can do that so can I, he thought. He ran his hands up under her arms. He wanted to play with her tits but their bodies were close together and it was too difficult.

Molly realized what Tommy wanted. Now you will have to make up your mind she thought. You let him feel you up and take him back to your room or you send him home. She smiled to herself he is very young and inexperienced. I could teach him how to do me nicely.

She looked around. Mrs. Moores out by the pool, no one will know.

Tommy was unaware of Molly’s thoughts. He moved his hands up her back to her neck. Holding her head in his hands, he used every kissing technique he had learnt from his few girlfriends.

He kept kissing not knowing what to do next. She was still kissing him back. Does that mean she will let me go further? He wondered. He ran his hands down to her butt. Working steadily he kept moving her skirt up until his hand was on bare flesh. Bloody hell it’s a thong, he thought as his fingers ran along the material to the crack of her arse.

Molly smiled, this young buggers really getting horny. She shivered when his hand touched the cheeks of her backside. I’ll let him go and see what he does, she though as her pussy become wet.

Tommy stood with his hands on her bare backside with his cock pushed hard against her stomach. He kept kissing her, his lips sliding from her mouth to her neck. He wanted to kiss down to her tits but he was tall and she was short. Their height difference made it impossible for him to reach them without pulling out of her arms.

He slid his hands down under her butt and lifted her off the ground. “What are you doing,” she gasped as she slid up his body until her tits were level with his face,

“You’re a strong young bugger,” she grunted as his mouth nuzzled her tits through her blouse. His voice muffled by her blouse and tits, he mumbled, “I want to kiss them,”

Molly laughed, “Put me down,”

Tommy Yakacık Escort thinking she wanted him to stop said “no!”

Molly was still laughing. “My god you’re strong,” she cried as she struggled in his arms, her feet still high above the floor. “Oh my god,” she laughed when his mouth sucked on her bra, “wait just wait.”

Tommy realized that she wasn’t angry. Still holding her up off the floor, he walked over, laid her on her back on the kitchen table, and started to unbutton her blouse.

Molly was overwhelmed she had never met anyone so strong and yet so gentle. He had picked her up like a baby. He was taking the time to undo buttons when she had expected him to rip her clothes away.

When he reached her bra she murmured, “It opens in the front.” Tommy was all thumbs he had never undressed a girl before. He couldn’t believe that Molly was letting him open her bra.

He wondered how far she would let him go before she stopped him. Every other time he had tried to remove a bra his date had stopped him as soon as he reached bare flesh. He held his breath and waited for her objection as her large firm white breasts spilled out into his hands.

“They are beautiful,” he groaned as he lifted them in his hands. When she did not object, he ran his fingers under them and moved up to play with her nipples. Her nipples stood out like golf tees. He held them between his finger and thumb rolling them lightly, still waiting to be stopped.

Molly relaxed. She had been surprised at his strength. He had picked her up and placed her on the kitchen table without any obvious effort. For a minute, she had panicked. He’s a strong young bugger maybe he’ll be too rough. Memories of her bad experience with her last live in lover flooded back, chilling her to the bone.

She need not have worried. Her big white breasts with their long dark brown nipples were enough for him at present. He gently rolled her nipples between finger and thumb, gasping, as he felt them grow hard.

His heart beat wildly as he kissed down to lick around a nipple. He was still amazed when Molly did not object. He smiled and took more of her breast in his mouth when he heard her groan of pleasure.

He was breathing heavy, using his tongue and mouth. He felt his prick start to leak come. Bloody hell he thought what do I do now. Should I try to remove her skirt and her thong? Should I go for her pussy?

He gripped her nipple between his teeth pulling it until she groaned. He was struggling to control an urge to speed things up. His head was buzzing with questions.

Will she let me fuck her? Do I take my time and just kiss her breasts? Will she stop me if I move down to her pussy?

Molly could not believe how Tommy’s tongue licking her nipples was turning her on. Most men grabbed a handful of tit gave it a squeeze and moved on to her pussy. Tommy on the other hand was sucking like a baby. She relaxed and enjoyed the gentle suck of his warm wet mouth.

He surprised her by stopping. She watched as he held her tits in his hands and stood looking at them. Slowly his long tongue licked up from under her nipple causing the most exquisite feeling in her pussy.

Her body jolted as a mini orgasm hit her. “Oh my God,” she whispered. She ran her hands through his hair and held his head. She had never had an orgasm caused by a man kissing her tits. She shook her head, not just her tits. In all her lovemaking, she had never become so hot and agitated from any man’s mouth.

Tommy grunted when her hands ran through his hair and held him by the ears. He held his breath waiting to see what she would do. He gasped for air when she moved his mouth to her other nipple. “Do them both darling,” she moaned, “do them both.”

Molly moved her legs wide inviting him to run his hands up her legs and caress her pussy. She was very wet and her pussy itched for his fingers or his cock.

She was putty in his hands. Lying on her kitchen table, she was prepared to do anything he wanted to do. “Yes anything,” she whispered as his head bobbed up and down sucking her nipple.

Tommy thought he heard her say anything. “Did you say anything?” He asked. Molly pulled his head down to her breasts, “yes anything.”

She rolled on her side so her hands could reach his cock.

Tommy held his breath as Molly slid his zipper down and inspected his angry cock. He blushed when Molly looked up at him. “I knew you would be big,” she growled as she ran her tongue out and licked her lips.

Tommy stopped licking her nipples. He stood and watched as thirty-year-old Molly maneuvered her body on the table until her mouth could close on his eighteen-year-old cock.

She started to lick along his shaft. Then her mouth opened and swallowed the head, taking it in, until he though he could feel the back of her throat. While she mouthed his cock, her hand started to move up and down his shaft. Her eyes never left his face as her mouth sucked him deeper. He tried to pull away. “Oh Kadıköy Escort hell I won’t last.” He cried.

She lifted her head and looked up at him. Her big Irish eyes seemed to laugh as she whispered, “don’t worry, we have all afternoon. We can do it again.”

Tommy had never had anyone touch his cock let alone suck and lick it. It was only minutes before he felt a build up in his balls. “I’m not joking,” he whispered as he felt his come start to spurt.

Molly’s mouth worked wonders, swallowing his spurts while her hands milked his cock until there was none left. She pulled back, his cock in her hands, cum leaking from one corner of her mouth and smiled at him. “Did you like that sweetie?”

Tommy bent down and kissed her on the lips. “That was awesome I have never had a blow job before, I can’t wait until you do it again.”

Molly laughed, “You are a greedy young bugger, it’s your turn now. Then I will do it again.”

“My turn?” Tommy asked. “Yes your turn,” she said, as she lifted her bottom and ripped her thong off, throwing it in the corner. She lay on the kitchen table, raised her knees, and opened her legs. “Kiss me lover, it’s your turn, kiss me,” she groaned.

Tommy looked at her pussy. He had never seen one, other than in diagrams in sex Ed class. “Its beautiful,” he gasped. Not knowing where to start he gingerly ran his fingers over the moist patch of hair. Molly could not wait. She took his hand and pushed it down on her pussy. “Open it with you fingers, and then kiss it,” she whispered.

Tommy found her slit and slipped his finger inside. It was warm and wet. He leant in and sniffed her aroused body odor. His cock immediately grew hard and erect. “I want to fuck you,” he

growled. “Kiss me first,” Molly moaned. “Then we can fuck all afternoon.”

Tommy held her pussy lips open and saw a little white nub behind some flaps of skin. He ran his finger up to the nub and caressed it lightly. His tongue followed his finger. He licked the little nub as if he was licking an ice cream. Immediately Molly’s body bucked up into his face. Her hands grabbed his head. A low moan escaped from her mouth.

Tommy felt her reaction and realized that he had done something she liked, so he did it again and again. Every time his tongue touched the little erect nub, Molly’s body jolted up against his face. He kept it up, flinching as her fingernails gripped him tight.

She started to whine when what was obviously an orgasm hit her. Her reactions made his cock harder. It felt as though it was about to explode. He tried to push up and watch her body as its jolting intensified.

Without any warning, Molly grabbed his head and pulled him back into her pussy. Her legs came up around his ears and squeezed him tight.

He found it hard to breath. His nose was now in her pussy surrounded by the smell and taste of her juice. He found a hole, stuck his tongue in, and licked. She bucked and let him loose. He looked and discovered he had tried to stick his tongue in her arse.

Tommy stood back blushing and looked at Molly. She was flushed. She was breathing heavy, her mouth hung open. She was hot. He felt his cock move and looked down. It was standing out as if straining to reach her. Now, he though, now.

Aloud-buzzing noise made Tommy jump, “what was that?” he gasped. “It’s the bloody intercom Mrs. Moore must want something.” Tommy listened as Mrs. Moore’s voice asked, “Where are you Molly?”

“I’m in the kitchen,” Molly said as she pushed Tommy away and straightened her clothes.

“I only want some ice for my scotch. I will come down and get it. I’ve had enough sun.”

Within minutes, Mrs. Moore pushed through the kitchen door. Tommy gasped when he saw her. She was magnificent. His mouth went dry as he studied her. His dreams were full of bodies like hers.

He licked his lips. She wore a bikini that was so tiny he thought he could see the edge of her pussy lips not covered by the tiny wisp of white cloth. The small light frame of her mini bra pushed up her heavy breasts.

She was brown as a berry. Her long legs were not muscled; their skin seemed to ripple when she walked. He thought it obvious that she did little or no exercise. In his opinion, she did not need it.

“Who’s this?” she asked, when she spied Tommy.

“This is Tommy Slack. He came to call on Jemmina,” Molly explained. “When she wasn’t home, he joined me here for a cool drink before returning home.”

Mrs. Moore could smell sex. She saw Molly’s thong on the floor near the wall. Tommy was flushed. He had been buttoning up his shirt when she entered. They have been fucking she thought.

As that thought hit her, she looked again at Tommy. It was obvious that he could not keep his eyes off her body. She smiled. I must have disturbed them. He looks hungry for a woman, too hungry and horny to have just finished fucking.

She smiled I will have some fun. She turned to Tommy, “I have to drop down to the post office. I can give you a lift into town if you like,” she said as she watched them both for any signals or body language.

Molly responded quickly. She saw her thong lying against the wall. I hope the bitch hasn’t seen it. She thought, as she urged Tommy to accept the offer of a lift.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32