A First Class Degree in Debauchery

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Big Tits


He put an arm around Janey’s shoulder and got exactly the reaction he expected. An irritated shrug, followed by an angry, “Leave it out, Kyle.”

As they reached her house he just had to try, though again, knew what the response would be. “My folks are away — I thought maybe…”

“Think again then. It’s that time of the month.” Without even a farewell kiss, she headed down the path to her front door. She took a final pull on her cigarette and dropped it onto the path, grinding it out under a booted foot.

“See you next week?”

Her shoulders slumped as she turned to him. “Oh, for fuck’s sake Kyle — don’t you ever listen? I’m staying at my Dad’s up in Scotland next weekend. It’s his fiftieth, remember? God, are you cloth-eared or something?”

She had mentioned it ages ago, but he really had forgotten. “Sorry Janey — just forgot. Ok, Tuesday after you get back then? Maybe pizza and drinks?”

He barely warranted a backward glance. “Yeah, whatever…”

Kyle took in her tall, slim figure as she fumbled for her key. The long blonde hair almost to her waist, those sleek wet-look leggings that defined every shapely curve. The long boots she wore almost habitually, despite the warm weather — the ones that had just metaphorically ground him into the dust just like her cigarette butt. She looked sensational as ever, but somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling that as the door closed on her, she was walking out of his life.

In a way, it was almost a relief. She looked like an angel but had a nasty temper and it took very little to rile her. When he was – as he then thought – lucky enough to score with her, Kyle expected the sex to be sensational, but it was vanilla and mechanical. One of his friends said he envied him being in bed with a pneumatic box of tricks like her. In reality it was like being in bed with a fashion-store mannequin.

Her excuse of ‘time of the month’ was the latest in a long line. His previous girlfriend had relished that time of the month as it meant they could use ‘the back door’ as she called it. She was nowhere near Janey in looks, but her bedroom skills had been lightyears ahead. If Janey could somehow match Rosie’s insatiable desires, she would probably be one of the most sought after porn stars out there. Recently, when Kyle tried to finger her darker hole, she almost snapped it off and he was left to sort himself out as she sulked, turned away on her side.

But Rosie was long gone — at University in Manchester, a very long way away. And now it appeared that very soon Kyle would be back on the hunt again.

At least his folks were away. It meant he could link his tablet to the widescreen TV and watch some porn in style, instead of on the usual tiny screen.

It took him a while to find the video he wanted. The things that featured in the action had a fair bit to do with Janey’s attitude towards him. To be fair, although she was a bitch, it was a decent enough reason. It was those leggings and her boots that she wore that did it for him. He had longed to fuck her with those boots on, running the leather across his back as he lapped at her, digging the heels in to urge him on.

A week or so earlier, when his luck was in and they were both a little drunk, she was about to take off her boots before they tumbled into bed. Kyle somehow persuaded her to keep them on, despite a few choice comments about being a dirty old perv. The way she dug her heels into his buttocks and thighs rather painfully left him under no illusions that she was paying him back for his new-found perversions.

A relationship that had never exactly been stable took a major blow to the foundations from a very large sledgehammer and rocked it to its core. It was downhill very fast from there on in.

His video finally found, Kyle watched a tall, leggy blonde wearing thigh-length boots, blowing smoke on a cock the size of a milk bottle before the guy took her up the arse until she screamed the place down. He preferred Janey’s vaping to her smoking, but it was the best fit he could find. Given her reaction to wearing boots in bed, he shuddered to think what would happen if he asked her to vape on him.

When he messaged her on the Tuesday to say he was on his way, Kyle knew the game was up. Usually she responded quickly with a smiley, even though he rarely got such a beaming smile from the sender of said message. This time, the message went unanswered and he almost turned tail and went back home.

In the end he was so glad he didn’t.

He rang the doorbell and waited a few moments; not exactly filled with dread, but an increasing inevitability that no-one was going to answer. He was just about to turn away when the door opened. Janey’s mother looked on in astonishment.

“Kyle! Good God, I wasn’t expecting to see you again!”

Well that reaction certainly put the tin hat on it. They had only met briefly on three or four occasions and he was surprised she even remembered his name. He knew it was pointless but had to say something.

“Hi Mrs. Coughlan. Just came to pick Janey up – we’re heading into almanbahis town.”

She looked askance. “Into town? I would imagine she may well be off into town, but if she is, that town is a long way away — she’s moved up to Edinburgh.”

Despite expecting to hear he was yesterday’s news, Kyle couldn’t take in what she was saying. She was only supposed to be up for the birthday weekend. “Edinburgh?”

“Big city in Scotland. Castle, kilts, bagpipes, shortbread.”

He looked at her blankly.

“Sorry, Kyle — not the time for what passes for my sense of humour, eh? It’s where her father – my former husband now resides. She’s moved in with him for an unspecified duration following what she described to me as a ‘harrowing breakup’ with a guy called Kyle Marshall. I never got your last name. I take it that you are the Kyle in question, rather than some other unspecified lad of the same name?”

All he could do was nod mutely.

Mrs. Coughlan then closed her eyes and clenched her fists. Her words were forced out through gritted teeth as though she really wanted to scream out loud. “Oh, that fucking girl. She never bloody well told you, did she? That’s why you’re here now. The little bitch never even had the courage to tell you.”

At least Kyle managed to change his reaction. Instead of nodding his head mutely, he shook it mutely.

“That fucking girl! Oops, I said it again. Sorry Kyle — but she does my bloody head in. Treats people like shit, so she does. Drives me mad. I’m so sorry. What can I say? To be perfectly honest, I think we’re both better off without the little madam because she’s been driving me apeshit with her attitude these last few months and it was a relief when she upped sticks.”

Somehow, he found his voice. “It’s ok, Mrs. Coughlan. Been coming for a while, but no great shock. Not a nice way to find out, but at least I now know.”

If Mrs. Coughlan thought she was helping with her next action, she only made matters worse.

She hugged him. “Oh, Kyle, I’m so sorry. What a way to find out, you poor lad!”

In itself, that would not have been an issue – but for one thing.

Mrs. Coughlan was an absolute stunner. She and Janey could have passed for sisters they were so alike. Many a night after being spurned by Janey, Kyle had imagined Jude Coughlan comforting him.

He squirmed uncomfortably in her embrace, trying to recall when Janey had last held him that tenderly. There was a musky scent to her, a faint hint of wine on her breath as she spoke. He didn’t know how to respond so just stood there like the mannequin Janey had been in bed and endured it as it went on way longer than it should have.

They may have looked similar, but there was one significant difference between them. Forty-something Jude Coughlan’s breasts were significantly larger than her twenty-one-year-old daughter’s. They crushed very alluringly against Kyle’s chest and it crossed his mind that maybe they had been enhanced. Rosie had bars in her nipples, so he was no stranger to them. By the time he was released from his little ordeal, he was pretty convinced that his assailant also had piercings.

Just when he thought he may be about to embarrass himself, she mercifully let go. “All I can do is apologise for her. I’m so sorry, Kyle. I’ll swing for her, so help me. No consideration for others. Picks them up and drops them like hot bricks. Shit, I may be divorced, but at least we had the balls to look each other in the eye when it all fell apart.”

Stepping back in relief, he sighed. “Thanks, but as I said — no real surprise. Oh well, doesn’t look like I’ll be back this way again. See you around.”

“Bye Kyle. What a silly girl — lovely lad like you.”

Reddening, he turned to go. Halfway down the path, Mrs Coughlan called out his name and he turned back.

“Erm, Kyle… no, sorry. Forget it. It’s a shitty time to be asking. Pay no attention to me, sorry to have stopped you.”

Looking back at this older clone of his ex-girlfriend, Kyle wondered what she wanted. She was utterly drop-dead gorgeous, despite her age. The same friend that had been jealous of his relationship with Janey once said that he always looked at his girlfriend’s mothers with interest as it gave an indication of what they would be like when older.

If Janey Coughlan looked half as good as her mother at her age, she would still have people craning their necks to see her. Her hair was not much shorter and a little darker, but she wore her years well. There were a few more curves to her than her daughter and having just felt a few of them rather more intimately than he could ever have imagined, Kyle had to fight down the thought of what she would look like naked. She wouldn’t have looked out of place in a racy internet movie in which an older blonde seduces her babysitter.

Or her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

As that thought flashed through his mind, he needed to know what she had been going to ask. “No, it’s ok — ask away. I’m fine with it, honestly.”

Her warm smile was something he had seen all too infrequently almanbahis giriş from Janey and his heart melted a little. “Well, ok then. It’s just Janey once said to me you were a bit of a computer whizz-kid. My bloody PC went on the fritz this morning and all I am getting are strange, broken-up lines and splodges on the screen.” She nodded to the open door behind her. “Don’t suppose? Might save me getting a man in if it’s something simple? If you want to tell me to eff off, I’ll fully understand.”

The thought of being home alone with Mrs. Coughlan was too much to resist. “No, I would never do that. It’s not like it’s your fault. Yeah, ok — I’ll see what I can do.”

She appeared to be so genuinely appalled by Janey’s behaviour, he could not refuse. Her thanks seemed every bit as genuine and he followed her in and upstairs. The sight of Janey’s former bedroom door elicited his first real pang of anger and regret. Ok, the sex was never stellar, but there was always the hope that things would improve. After all, a few nice things had happened behind that door. But now that was officially a thing of the past.

Jude’s home office was behind a door further down the hallway, a tidy and well-equipped room that overlooked the garden where once Janey and he had romped naked in the rain a few weeks after they met, and things were still fresh and fun.

Kyle was ushered into a sumptuous leather work chair. There was another moment of discomfort as Mrs. Coughlan leaned over to switch on the machine. Her left breast brushed his shoulder and again, that heady scent rose up from her. As she straightened up, her hand went to his shoulder and long, elegant fingers gripped it gently. Her face was far too close for comfort as she spoke. She really was well-preserved. There was barely a line on her face and Kyle thought of the wrinkles around his mother’s eyes, maybe only a couple of years older than her.

“Right, I’ll leave you to it for a minute. I’ve got a bottle of wine on the go downstairs if you fancy a glass — or maybe a beer?”

A drink sounded like a fine idea. “Yes, a beer would be great thanks.”

She was back in a moment and he sipped the beer from the bottle as the machine ground into life. As soon as he saw the screen, he knew what it was. The graphics card had gone. He was about to turn back and go downstairs when her hand brushed his shoulder again, sending shivers through him.

“Any luck?” She stepped back and leaned on the doorpost, a glass of wine in one hand, tucking a stray hair behind her ear with the other.

Forcing down thoughts of watching porn stars tucking their hair back in such a manner, Kyle told her his prognosis, trying not to stare too hard at her voluptuous curves.

“Damn. I work from home most of the time and I need it for a conference call tomorrow morning. I have loads more scheduled for next week. I could use my tablet, but I prefer the bigger screens. Lots of people involved – can’t see any detail on those tiny things.”

After viewing porn on a seventy-two inch TV after her daughter blew him out instead of blowing him off, Kyle had to agree. “If you order one on Prime, it will be here tomorrow. I can fit it for you after work if you like. You’ll need to do tomorrow’s call on the tablet, but you’ll be up and running for next week.”

He winced as she put her arm around his shoulders and hugged him once more. “Ooh, you little lifesaver, Kyle. I’ll make it worth your while!”

He assumed she meant monetarily, but the other thoughts that crossed his fevered mind would be a lot more pleasurable. “No, that’s ok thanks — it’s only a few minutes. No need, honestly.”

It was a relief when they retreated back downstairs and away from the confines of the office. On the patio she sipped her wine as Kyle tried not to neck his beer too fast as they discussed what to order. “I take it you’re not a computer gamer.”

She laughed. “I was ok at Pacman and Tetris back in the day. Does that tell you anything?”

Not only did she look as good as her daughter, but she had a sense of humour sadly lacking in Janey. They agreed on a fairly basic, inexpensive card and she was assured it would be fine for watching ‘the occasional movie’, which she said was about her only real requirement.

Job done, Kyle thanked her for the beer and made his retreat. Unfortunately for him, their arrival at the door was greeted by another hug, more apologies for Janey’s behaviour and a promise that she would call him when the card arrived. This time he could feel himself begin to harden and prayed she hadn’t been aware of it.

It felt strange to give his ex-girlfriend’s mother his number.

And he only expected her to use it once, not become a frequent caller.

As the front door closed and Kyle retreated down the path, Judith Coughlan smiled to herself. Another job well done. Another fish on the hook. Very few people could say ‘no’ to Jude Coughlan and she was sure that very soon Kyle would be saying ‘yes’ to a lot of her more out-there demands.

She had fancied him when he first got together almanbahis yeni giriş with Janey. Then she heard something about Kyle Marshall that had made her juices flow. The things he wanted Janey to do were obviously anathema to her daughter.

But her mother?

Oh yeah. Jude Coughlan would wear her boots in bed. And she would definitely vape on Kyle’s erection.

There were a lot of other things she would do to him as well. She began to put together a plan of action that would blow Kyle Marshall away.


“Hi Kyle, it’s Jude Coughlan.”

“Oh, hi Mrs. Coughlan. Has it arrived?”

“It certainly has. And it’s Jude, Kyle. This ‘Mrs’ thing makes me feel old!”

A little tingle ran through him. “Ok, Jude it is.”

When he had spoken to her in her home, her voice was low and sultry and very sensuous. Now over the ether, it seemed even more so and he had to fight down thoughts of her talking dirty on some sex chat line. But instead of her telling him how to jerk himself off, she merely arranged for him to head round after work, between five and five-thirty.

When the front door opened, Kyle prayed she would not hug him this time. He didn’t know how she normally dressed on a Friday evening, but if it was always in a deep red, sleeveless leather dress that barely covered her modesty, that was fine by him. She looked like a wet dream and it occurred to him that it was hardly appropriate attire for five-thirty on a Friday. Surely she must be going out — or maybe staying in – with some lucky guy. Whoever it was, he was in for a treat.

She greeted him gushingly, but to his relief, there was no physical contact. As they walked upstairs, Jude in the lead, it was all he could do not to reach up and run a hand over her buttocks and the tiny, frilly knickers that were giving him the best show in town.

Jude knew the effect she was having on him. Her knowing smile as she ascended the stairs ahead of him said it all. The hook that had been planted the night before had just gone in deeper. This was going to be such fun. She had planned it all out in detail and it was about to come to fruition. The poor lad wouldn’t know what had hit him once Hurricane Jude started to blow.

But as she sat him down in the office chair, there was no inkling of what was about to come and her expression was like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“Right Kyle, I’ll leave you to work your magic. I’ve got a few calls to make to end the working week, so I’ll take them out in the garden and get out of your hair.”

Kyle had to bite his lip as she ran a hand through that very thing, upping the ante. “Nice hair though — I like it long, so I do.” Her hand fell to his shoulder once more. “Beer?”

“Yes, that would be good thanks. It shouldn’t be too long so I won’t keep you if you’re heading out.”

She looked puzzled for a moment, then it was as though the penny dropped as she ran a hand down a leather-clad flank – maybe just a little more slowly than she should have. She dropped her voice to a low rasp. “Oh this old thing? No, not going anywhere tonight. Just a little something I threw on!”

Kyle stared at her retreating back, thinking, ‘Yes just some little old thing to tease the shit out of the poor sod that’s trying to fix your computer.’ Trying to put improper thoughts out of his mind was not easy.

The graphics card was ready and waiting by the machine. As he took the casing off the system box, Kyle thought of the incredible vision he had just witnessed. She had looked good in jeans and a shirt, but this? Her hair was wound up around her head in an elaborate swirl and hung down to her shoulders in swathes. A mass of clips held it all in place and he imagined undoing them one by one and watching it fall down around her face. Her upper arm was adorned by a tattoo – a ring of butterflies. It was beautiful and it was ever harder to believe that she was in her forties — she barely looked any older than her daughter.

The sight of her climbing the stairs would be etched in his memory forever and jealousy swept over him at the thought of some lucky bastard arriving later to put his hand under that short, sleek skirt then ravishing her over the course of the evening.

Downstairs, Jude went about opening her wine and his beer. She knew what he would be thinking. Wondering who was going to get lucky with her, never believing it was going to be him. That he would get to live out some of his dirty little fantasies over the next few hours. She returned with his beer, mobile phone clamped to her ear and mimed tapping on the window, followed by pointing to the garden. Kyle nodded his understanding and she left once more.

It didn’t take long to fit the card and the machine was up and running in no time. Kyle glanced down into the garden to see her draped across one of the loungers in which Janey and he had fucked in the rain. A long, elegant leg trailed lazily over the arm and he wished she was facing the window instead of the other way. She propped up her phone on an adjacent table, next to a large glass of red wine. Kyle had no idea what sort of call she was making, but every now and again, her left hand went to her breast, the middle finger flicking at her nipple or giving it a little squeeze. He shivered at the thought of feeling one of those marvellous mounds through the tight leather.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32