0258223 , the Purity Laws Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Wrenched

I was not alone for more than half an hour when the door opened and all three of them, Josie, Carver and the Sergeant, entered.

“Stand up,” commanded the Sergeant. “Carver, check that his testicles are ready for hanging.”

Carver walked up to me, her face a few millimetres away from mine, I could feel her peppermint breath on my face. She gave the slightest of smiles and I felt her hand, quite gently, run up my thigh and then gently cup each sore ball in turn. She gave each a slight squeeze without taking her eyes off my face. “Oh yes,” she said, so quietly I thought she was talking to me, “They’ll do very nicely.”

She turned away so suddenly it made me jump – but the effect of her proximity had had the painful effect of making my cock swell even more within the confines of the uncomfortable Cage. I could feel the end of my prick forcing itself against the end bars of the contraption. Unfortunately the sensation served to increase my erection within its straitjacket.

“Gets his hands behind him,” instructed the Sergeant – Josie had them fastened together before I realised what was going on. “Right, take him out.”

“Wh…where am I going?” I stuttered.

“To the gallows, but you’ll be back,” he replied.

“This is one hanging that won’t kill,” Carver added as she walked towards me carrying a short chain. She attached it to one of the rings at the end of the Cage. A second chain was attached to a similar ring at the base of my prick. “Follow me, she said and tugged on the first chain.

I had no choice as it pulled the Cage tighter round my prick and could not slip off as it was firmly anchored around my balls.

“You might wish it had killed you, though,” Josie added as we left the cell.

I was led, by my prick along corridors and up and down staircases until I had lost all sense of direction. Carver set off at a pace and I had to nearly run to keep up with her. I fell heavily against the banisters at one point but managed to right myself. Shortly after that I slipped and fell to the ground. Carver showed no interest – she simply pulled on the chain until I had clambered back to my feet.

We went through a final black door and I found myself in a room not unlike a court of law. On the raised platform where the judge might have sat was a black metal frame with cross bars at waist height. One of the bars had a large lead weight attached with a heavy knot. The ısparta escort rest of the room was packed with people – most of them women ranging from late teens to grandmothers. They were in a state of high excitement that changed to a hush as they realised that I had been brought in. I realised, initially with some relief, that they weren’t all looking at me – until I saw that, to either side of the raised platform, were large tv screens displaying a close-up of my imprisoned penis.

I was taken over to the frame – may hands were untied and re-fastened to the top one of the three bars. The chain attached to end of my Cage was fastened to a second chain that went up to the ceiling. A second chain was fastened to the one that had dangled from near my balls on the Cage. Carver walked over to a winding handle on the wall and turned it which pulled the chains tight until I was standing on tip toe – being pulled up by the prick – the women cheered.

“Ladies,” Josie spoke in a clear, practiced voice, “You are here today to witness the legal penalty being paid by 0258223 for masturbating – not only in his own room, but also here in the Police cells.”

There was a gasp from around the room – I thought it sounded like one of anticipation. A woman on the third row – about 35, long raven-black hair wearing a white top that was two sizes to small for her – caught my eye. I don’t understand how I could seem to see one person amongst so many but she seemed to leap out of the room at me. The woman smiled as if she knew that I was looking directly at her.

“He has suffered the testicle twist, public humiliation and the Tube. For his recent behaviour he has been placed in the Cage – it is designed to bend his penis unnaturally. If he becomes erect it will bite into the tissue of his penis and will cause bruising. The Cage will increase the pain involved in the forthcoming testicle suspension.”

Carver was walking across with a thin rope – the end tied in noose.

“This noose,” Josie continued, “will be placed around his testicles and attached to this seven pound weight…” A gasp went round the room and my eyes nearly fell out when I saw the size of the weight and realised what they were going to do. “..it will then be dropped – causing the noose to tighten around his testicles and excrutiating pain.”

The women cheered – raven-hair continued to look straight at me with the little smile playing on her lips.

I kars escort tried to concentrate on her face so that I wouldn’t think about what was happening – but that is not easy when you are standing on tip toe being wrenched upwards by your dick and knowing that your balls about to undergo the kind of pain you have never even dreamt of.

“The noose,” Josie was still talking, “is placed around the sac, so.” I felt a tightening around by bollocks a a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. “I then show the prisoner the weight.”

I couldn’t avoid seeing it – she held it in front of my face.

“The rope is then placed between his teeth, the clever part of this punishment,” she explained, “is that there is an element of suspension…” Gales of laughter swept around the packed room at her pun and she paused. “There is an element of suspension in that he will not know when the pain will come – because it will happen when he lets go.” She turned to me. “Open your mouth!”

I kept my mouth firmly closed.

“If you don’t I will hold the weight above your head and drop it from that height,” she warned me. My mouth shot open. “Right, bite.”

I bit into the rope and took the strain of the half pound weight. I thought for about ten seconds that I could cheat them – I could cope with this for hours. Then Carver gave the handle on the wall another turn – I was standing on the very tips of my toes. Sweat started to pour off my face – it ran down to my mouth making the holding of the weight even more difficult.

Carver gave another jerk on the handle and I felt the rope slipping from my mouth. I f I let get it would surely take my balls with it. My legs were trembling with the effort of holding me up.

She jerked the rope once more and I yelled with pain. Too late I realised I’d let go of the rope.

The next few seconds appeared to occur in slow motion. First there were the few seconds in which it plummeted past my balls – I had time to watch if fall.

Then it reached the end of its rope and the noose slipped tight as my bollocks took the full weight – the weight was kept up by the small piece of skin containing my balls.

“Arrrrgggghhhhhh!” I closed my eyes and screamed – the women cheered. I felt sure that my testicles would not stand the strain. I looked again and saw that they had been squeezed to the size of one golf ball – they were purple and shone in the glare of the lights. kastamonu escort

And the pain was constant.

Carver walked over – I was only vaguely aware. I felt sick. I stared at the black haired woman. For a moment the girl in front of her leaned to one side to say something in her neighbour’s ear and I saw that “my” woman had her hand in her trousers – she was getting off to this!

Carver stood directly in front of me. “Does that hurt?” she whispered.

I nodded dumbly.

“Let me help – maybe you’ve suffered enough,” she lifted the weight and I felt the sudden relief as my knackers were no longer being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. She brought the weight right up to my face. “Let’s try again.” With that she thrust the end of the rope in my mouth. I bit as hard as I could.

They say that fear of the unknown is the greatest fear – but fear of the known can be even greater. I knew what would happen if I let go – I knew what it would feel like to have my balls nearly wrenched off and I was terrified.

Carver moved away and a great cheer went up when the women saw what she had done: they were going to get a re-run. I felt that I could hold on for a very long time this time – I had to. I concentrated on the woman in the crowd – now that I had seen what she was doing the looks on her face made more sense. She was clearly concentrating – her eyes closing from time-to-time. Then her face screwed up and I knew she was cumming. Her hand came to her face – simultaneously as she put her clearly sopping fingers into her mouth her eyes re-opened as wide as she could and she grinned.

I don’t know why, but the effect was too much – I let go.

This time I screamed before I felt the rush of fire to my balls – I’m not sure if I didn’t pass out. The chains above me were released – that ought to have made the pain less –it didn’t because, as I sank from my toes to my feet my balls caught on the bar giving the weight another impetus not helped by my bollocks being suddenly lashed by the two falling chains.

Thankfully the weight was removed.

“Ladies,” Josie announced, “This ends this demonstration of what will happen to those who fail to keep the Purity Laws. The Cage will be retained in order to prevent him from masturbating – even if he is capable. He will be returned to his cell to await the final punishment.”

“There’s more?” I managed to splutter as my hands were being re-tied behind my back.

“Oh, yes,” said Carver, “the best is kept ‘till last. You’d better take a good look at that pathetic collection of bits of skin – you have the Ordeal by Fire to undergo.”



With that I was led back to my cell.

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