A Fantasy with My Therapist

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I’d been attending the therapy clinic for almost a year. Once a month, I’d turn up routinely for a punishing session to loosen my tight hamstrings and associated athletic ailments.

For an hour each visit, I was putty in the hands of Darla, a therapist with strong fingers and an even stronger will. I’m not sure if they trained sadism at massage school, or if therapists are just born that way, but for an hour I’d get elbows, fingers and even knees ground into the most sensitive parts of my body.

Darla would chat during the consultation and I’d try to talk back, but usually I’d be grimacing, and sometimes whimpering like a baby. We’d achieved a connection through time, but it was of a professional nature and we’d only discuss the weather, the news and trivia.

But at this visit, something had changed. Darla conducted her ritual inspection at the start of the consultation, poking and prodding, manipulating me this way and that. “Hmmm,” she said. “Very good. It looks like the therapy has worked. There’s no real tightness, and your range of motion is pretty much like a normal human.”

“I am a normal human!” I protested.

“Yes, I know. But you’ve loosened up. So today it’ll just be a gentle massage. A relaxation one. So just lie face down and relax. Leave everything to me.”

After the agony of previous sessions, this massage was a delight. Her fingers and hands delicately played over my back, along my calves, up to my thighs, and visited the hem of my underwear..

“This is so good,” I complimented. “It’s like a fantasy compared to your usual torture session.”

“Ha!” Darla sniggered. “So this is your fantasy?”

We fell into an awkward silence.

After a short while, I decided to return to the point.

“Actually, I would love a fantasy massage, you know?”

“Not really,” she responded innocently.

“Well, a sensual, intimate, erotic massage. Surely you know what I mean?


Oh no, I thought. I’ve been inappropriate and I’ve pushed the conversation too far. That would be too bad, because she was the most skilled therapist I’d ever encountered and I didn’t want to lose the appointments!

I felt a single finger slide gently along the length of my spine and rest at the top of my ass. “Talk me through it,” she requested in a suggestive tone.

I felt really uncomfortable. Did she really want me to open up completely? Maybe our wires were crossed and she was expecting a mild discussion and not the outpourings of a deviant. Fingers crossed, I thought I’d gently ease into it and gauge the reaction.

It took me a little while to think of how I’d get started and how I’d deliver my fantasies. All the while, she continued to gently massage my back, and after an extended silence she offered: “It’s OK. You can tell me.”

Here it goes, I thought.

“Well, I’d come in and meet you in reception. You would be wearing a robe. A silken one. Tied at the waist and only just covered your ass. I mean your bottom.”

She giggled. “Its OK. Go on.”

“I’d give you some cash and you’d hide it away somewhere. You’d give me that smile.” I pulled my head out of the massage table hole and looked at her. “Yes, that one. That smile. Then you’d take me by the hand and lead me down the hall. I’d be watching your wiggling hips and your smile as you looked back at me every few steps. We’d walk straight past the studios. I would wonder where you are taking me. And you’d lead us into an oversized bathroom.”

“Yes, we’ve actually got one of those,” said Darla.

“You’d face me, and then undress me. You’d stand really close and undo my shirt. Button by button. Then your hands would glide across my chest and you’d peel my shirt back and let it fall. You’d look up at my face and then tilt your head forward and gently lick one of my nipples, and then then other.”

“Then you’d undo my fly, you’d crouch and drag my pants down. All the way to the floor and I’d step out. My cock would be hard and obvious in my underwear and your face would be teasingly close. I’d resist the temptation to place my hands on your head. You’d run your finger under the waistband of my briefs, accidentally just brushing the tip of my cock with your hand as you moved around.”

“You’d take your time. letting the anticipation build. I’d feel that pressure rising in my loins, and I’d feel those butterflies in my tummy and wonder – and hope – that you were feeling the same.”


“Then you’d draw my briefs down, letting my cock spill out, and I’d see a gleam in your eye and a smile on your mouth. You wouldn’t grab it. But you’d run your fingernail gently along the shaft back and forth, and almanbahis say something like ‘nice’.”


“And finally when I’m naked you would stand again, your hands around my neck, smiling at me, and my cock would be swaying in the breeze, just brushing against your silken robe. Then you’d shrug your shoulders back and your robe would fall to the floor, leaving your glorious naked body in full view.”

“Hmmmm,” intimated Darla.

“You’d say something like ‘showertime’, and you’d turn on the steaming shower and we’d both move under the water. I can just imagine the water streaming off your body. My cock would hard and almost upright, and it would touch your smooth, wet skin. You’d get the soap, and lather up my chest. You put it on your breasts too and then pull us in together for that amazing feeling of our slippery skin against one another.”

“This sounds a bit cliche,” interjected Darla, surprising me. I’ll have to mix this up a bit, I thought. Maybe I can press on a little more.

“I put my arms around you, and pull you tight into me. You are much smaller than me, so my hard cock would be at the height of your belly, and I’d press it hard against your tummy. I’d hear you moan and wonder if it was pleasure you feel already. But you say, ‘You’re pressing hard against me, and I’m kind of full inside. I’ve been hydrating all day.'”

“‘I don’t mind, you can go’, I would say, with no concerns about pissing in the shower. You would look at me with sparkling eyes and a look of mischief. ‘Really?’ you would ask with a kind of evil smirk. Your hands go on my shoulders and you gently press me down. I sink to my knees, and you keep pressing until I’m on my haunches, folded in the corner of the shower against the wall.”

“No, I don’t mind, it’s true,” said Darla. Her hands continued to play delicately on my back.

“You would take a tiny step back, with the water still falling on your shoulders from the shower rose. I look up at your gorgeous body. Your hands fall to your pubes and create a diamond shape around your slit. You tilt your pelvis forward, and a tiny stream of clear fluid would begin to spill, almost indistinguishable from the rest of the water streaming off your body. But it grows stronger, and angles higher, spilling over my legs. You wiggle your hips from side to side and begin to spray the stream over me. I don’t mind at all. The clear liquid squirts on my legs, my groin, my torso. You laugh out loud a little, tilt your pelvis right forward, and splash a stream across my face. “

“I wasn’t expecting that! Is that really your fantasy?” said Darla with a laugh.

“Well, maybe. Is it OK?” I checked.

“Yes of course,” replied Darla. “Just not expected.”

“Soon the stream weakens and fades. You pull your pussy apart with one hand, and use the other to cup water from the shower stream and splash it across your pussy lips.”

“Your open cunt would be so beautiful and inviting, so I’d scoot my butt across the floor and inject my face into your pussy. My tongue extends and I lick your pussy lips and then slide my tongue up and down along the slit. I would hear some slight feint moans. My tongue would reach up for the little button of your clit and I would feel it warm and firm and sensitive. My hands would be resting on each of your thighs, and I would feel your legs quivering a little. There is not much taste from your pussy. No urine and not much juice. And what is there is washed away with the incessant stream of water from the shower. But after a while, as my mouth and my tongue is playing and exploring your pussy, I begin to feel the slimy juices beginning to build. You know, that slippery, slimy pussy juice?”

“Hm. Go on.”

“I would plunge a finger inside, and curl it forward, pressing the cunt hard against my lips. And I would hear you moan out of pleasure.”

“Are you sure this is your fantasy? It sounds more like the fantasy is going the other way. What’s in it for you?”

“I haven’t finished yet. You would push me back and then turn around to face the wall in the shower. Your hands would go up high on the wall – like being detained in a police raid. Your feet adjust with a stance with your legs twelve inches apart. And you turn your neck to look back down at me.”


“I’d dive straight into your ass. My hand would curl between your legs and I’d capture the whole of your pussy in the palm of my hand and I’d use it like I was feeding you into my mouth. My lips and tongue would swirl around your butt – on the cheeks, the crease at the top of your legs, and then delvedf into the crevice, and lick back and forth. You’d close your eyes almanbahis giriş and look up to the ceiling, and just revel in the feeling and eventually I’d feel you starting to lose control, pushing back with your ass, trying to grind it against me.”

“Sounds like something I’d do.”

“I’d feel myself becoming hard as a rock with a twitching cock that would be sensitive to every touch. it would slap against your leg every now and then. Your ass, your pussy, your moans would be turning me on. And I’d just be dying to fuck. I’d hold my cock in my hand and think of standing and then plunging it straight into your desperate ass.”

“No!’ exclaimed Darla. Then she continued in a more measured tone. “No, not yet.”

“I’d stand behind you and align my long hard straight cock along the length of your ass cheeks. So its not in your ass, its along your ass.”

“Yes, I know what you mean. That’s OK.”

“I’d put my hands onto your hips and then I’d slowly thrust my hips back and forward, letting my cock rub hard against your ass.” I could sense that Darla was massaging my back with only one hand now, and I subtly lifted my head from the massage table pillow and looked to the side to see that Darla’s other hand was plunged down the front of her towelling shorts and her fingers were wiggling rhythmically. It provided some assurance that I hadn’t gone too far with my fantasy, but it also excited me that I was turning her on.

“Stay there,” Darla demanded. She walked over to the studio door, turned the lock and returned to gently kneading my back.

“My hands would rise from your hips, sliding up to your waist. All the time my cock would continue sliding back an forth along your ass. Then my hands slide up to your ribs. Then curl around and grasp your pert tits. I would finger the nipples, squeezing them, milking them. Then return to caressing around the full circle of your breast. Then back to the nipples.”

“Not too hard.”

“No, not too hard. Just gentle. And in the same rhythm as my cock sliding forwards and back. Then my hands would work up to your shoulders. And onto your neck. My hands would circle around your neck and then slide up and down – from your shoulders to your chin. Back and forth. And then I would begin to squeeze, with my grasp around your throat becoming tighter, and I would feel your breathing restricted through my fingers.”

“And then I would turn around,” interrupted Darla.

It seemed like choking might be a sensitive topic. Time to change the plot. “Then you would turn around and we’d be facing each other in the shower.”

“Maybe it’s time for you to turn around,” said Darla.

“What do you mean?”

“Turn over.”

“Oh! You mean in real life. Not in the fantasy,”


“Maybe that would be a good way for the story to go. I turn around and you take me from behind, somehow?” I joked.

“I don’t think so,” said Darla seriously.

“OK then. Where were we?” I rolled over on the therapy table. Of course, my cock was fully erect. I had spilled an enormous amount of precum that had smeared against my leg and belly and all over the sheet.

“Have you cum already?” exclaimed Darla with surprise, standing back a little.

“What? No.” I said, getting confused again between real-life and my story. “That’s just what happens when I get excited and think about fantasies like this. And when I’m in the presence of a babe like you.”

“Carry on then,” instructed Darla. And she began to run her hands across my chest and down to my belly.

“We would be in the shower. We haven’t even gotten to the massage yet. And we are facing each other and the water is on. And we’re both as horny as hell. Then you reach up with your face and plant a long and luscious kiss on my lips. And your tongue just darts out once and touches mine momentarily. And then you slowly lower yourself, down onto your knees, and my hard and upright cock is there right in front of your face.”

“Mmmmm,” sighed Darla.

“And then you’d take my cock in your hand by the base of the shaft, and bring your mouth right up close to the tip, but not actually put it in your mouth. I’d just sense your breathing and I’d be dying in anticipation, doing everything I can to stop thrusting forward into your mouth.”

“Like this?” asked Darla. She swung her hair to one side the her neck away from me, and grasped the base of my cock. She lowered her face to within millimetres of a pearl of precum sitting on the end of my cock, and locked eye contact with me.

“Ohhhh,” I groaned. “Just like that.”

“And then you would lick the head, your tongue rolling around and around, like almanbahis yeni giriş licking a lollypop, or like a cat lapping up milk.”

Darla began to lick my cock, her tongue imparting the most erotic sensations, while continuously holding eye contact with me. Her tongue found a home on the underside of my cock and continued to slide back and forth, inducing yet more juices to ooze from the tip. Then she licked across the head and a long strand of sticky precum stuck to her tongue as she pulled away.

“My fantasy seems to be materialising,” I said. I carried on with the story, prompting Darla to follow along. “Then you would open your mouth – not wide – just the right size – and take my cock right into your mouth, with your lips sliding down the shaft as you go.” Darla complied. “And then I’d be in ecstasy as you worked your head back and forth, lips on the shaft, and then tongue rolling around the head.” It felt so amazingly thrilling, and then Darla’s hand slipped down between my legs and she began to gently fondle my balls, just adding to the experience.

I became mesmorised, watching Darla work my cock, entranced by her eyes locked with mine. The story evaporated and I was captured by the moment, enslaved by the sensations and paralysed by Darla’s expertise on my cock. I could feel the origins of a climax building from deep within me. My cock was becoming more and more sensitive and her tender caress on my balls only helped to build my arousal.

After a few short minuites, Darla lifted her head and asked in a sultry voice, “What next?”

“Oh fuck,” I said. “Where were we? I lost track. That feels so good.”

“I was sucking your gorgeous cock,” replied Darla, and I was uncertain if she meant in my fantasy or reality. She reverted to delivering little kisses and licks on my glans.

“Then I would grab your hair in two bunches – piggytails – on each side. And my cock would press deep into your mouth. I would feel my cock sliding along the length of your tongue, feeling the restriction as I finally reached the back of your mouth.”

“Mmmm,” encouraged Darla. She took the tip of my cock into her mouth again and I felt the head swell large and bulbous inside her.

“And then you would open your mouth wide and relax your throat. I’d pull myself into you by the hair and my cock would go right into your throat.”

“Sounds nice,” Darla took my cock from her mouth for just long enough to speak.

“You’d begin to make gagging, slurping noises and I’d start to thrust deep into your throat. Harder. And faster. Over and over again.” I was extremely excited and my climax was nearing the surface. Any moment now and I’d boil over with an imminent orgasm.

Darla held her hair in a bundle with one hand, placed the other on my belly, adjusted her mouth and pressed her face down hard against me. My cock slid deeper and deeper into her mouth, down her throat until her nose was hard up against my pubes and my cock was entirely down her throat. I saw her eyes water, and she stifled a little gag. The sensation on my cock was magical – a feeling of warmth, of thick slippery mucus, the contact against her textured tongue, but most of all, the tight restriction of her throat around my cock.

In several quick actions she lifted her head upwards and then drove down hard, taking my cock deep into her mouth and through that magical throat restriction. I passed the point of no return and my orgasm was inevitable. But I squeezed my ass and sucked in my pelvic floor to delay my explosion for as long as possible. After four more thrust it could no longer be denied and my cock burst forth with a cum explosion. I pressed hard on the back of Darla’s head and I set free my load deep in the back of her throat. I heard her cough and splutter, and some squirts of semen erupted from the edges of her lips. My body bucked and after several convulsions, my load was spent. Darla pulled back with cum dripping from her lips, and she held my cock in one hand and watched it intently as it jerked in a weakening sequence of twitches.

I lay gasping on the therapy table, exhausted from my climax. “Fuck,” I said. “That was amazing.”

“You certainly were”, complimented Darla, swirling her fingers around the pools of cum that had accumulated on my belly.

“I didn’t get very far with the story of my fantasy massage, sorry,” I apologised. “I don’t think we even made it out of the shower.”

“That’s OK. I’d be happy to hear more. Let’s call that chapter one. Why don’t we continue at our next appointment? We could play out chapter one next time. But actually, I’d be more interested to hear chapter two first.”

My appointment hour was up. I dressed. We hugged. I kissed Darla on the cheek, and then the lips. We both understood that the nature of our appointments had changed forever. And then I left, comforted and excited by the fact that our next appointment was only one month away.

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