A Femboy’s Loving Harem Ch. 02

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Author here, the sex scenes should be much better. All characters are above 18. This story contains: gentle femdom, femboy, futa, maid, and a bunch of other things I can’t be bothered to describe. Onto the story!


Warren’s Point of View

I woke up to the blaring of the alarm clock. I mumbled and nuzzled my face even further into Madi’s soft, warm boobs. I snuggled into her like a cat seeking affection.

I heard Madi’s laugh and looked up at her through bleary eyes before I said, “What time is it? And what’s so funny?” Of course I said it with that customary sleepy sound everyone has when they wake up.

Maid smiled at me and said, “Because of how cute you are. Also it’s 6:00. We might as well go to your hotel to get showered and dressed since we’re both awake.”

“Sure,” I mumbled.

We both got out of bed and redressed ourselves in the cloths we discarded before Madi took my virginity. Madi also grabbed a spare set of cloths for her to change into after our shower. She grabbed a blood red mini skirt that faded to black at the ends, a blood red short sleeved shirt with black designs over it, blood red thigh highs also with black designs running over them, and finally a pair of red shoes along with some black panties with red designs.

With that done we walked out of the hotel she was staying in and went to her car. This time I could tell what it was because I wasn’t deliriously drunk, it happens to be a black SUV. We both proceeded to get into the car.

Before we started driving to my hotel though, Madi said, “Oh yeah, we should exchange phone numbers so we can meet up again.” She handed me her phone so I could put my phone number in and I did the same.

I handed her my phone and thought, ‘I’m so glad she caught that, I don’t know if I could live with myself if I never met her again.’

With that done I directed Madi to where my hotel was, a couple blocks down. We get out of the car and walk through the hotel and into my room. As we walked in I said, “Please don’t mind the mess,” because I’m a pretty messy person when it comes to cloths. Dishes are a different beast, however, and my dishes are always clean because I have a pure hatred for them. Resulting in me rarely using them and if I do they are instantly washed because I hate them so much, yeahhhh simply put I hate dishes.

And sure enough, once we walk into my room you see discarded panties, hoodies, leggings, and socks. I blush as Madi picks up one of my panties and breaths my scent in deeply before she looks at me with a smile dancing in her pitch black eyes, so black they seem like a moonless night, and says, “You smell soooo good, I could just eat you up right here.”

I could feel a blush form as my head became filled with naughty thoughts and my cock became hard. I quickly said, “I’m going to go take a shower.”

Before I pass the threshold to the bathroom though I look back and say with a shy smile, “Would you like to take one with me?”

Madi grins at me lovingly and with a reassurance that makes me tingle all over and says, “I would love to scrub your cute, sexy body clean!”

I quickly turned my blushing face and walked into the bathroom before starting to strip. Madi walked in behind me and also started to strip. I couldn’t resist looking at her beautiful body as she was stripping. Her curves so delightfully sinful and when I glanced up to her light-devouring eyes; I saw her staring at my body as well, I felt so cute and beautiful when Madi stared at my body with such obvious enjoyment and love.

We quickly finished and Madi turned the water to scalding hot, the perfect temperature. Madi turned around and looked at my hard cock that was starting to drip precum with obvious amusement. I looked at her and saw she had erect, delectable nipples and her delicious nectar running down her thighs.

Madi reached over and pulled me into her warmth. With my head resting on her collar bone, her boobs warming my neck and chest, and her soft thighs holding my cock to her scorching hot pussy, I am simply in heaven.

Madi walked us into the shower and under the hot water. It was a pretty big shower too, I got a nicer room in my hotel, so it is able to easily fit both of us comfortably.

Madi looked me in the eyes and said, “We’re going to have to make this quick because we both have work.”

I nodded and Madi reached down and put my cock’s head at her entrance. She gently pushed me over to where my back was against the shower wall. Then she pierced my cock into her magma-like pussy with one drop. Madi’s pussy started to ripple and squeeze causing me to gasp and moan in pleasure.

Madi grinned evilly down at me before she set me down gently on the floor of the shower so she could ride me. She used one of her hands to pin both of my own hands up so I was helpless to do anything.

Madi started to bounce up and down with my cock stretching her deliciously and her pussy massaging my cock with the utmost skill.

Her tits bounced up and down enticingly Kartal escort as she rode me. Her thighs meeting my slender hips on the way down and making a slapping sound. I could feel every inch of my body become overexcited from Madi’s sinful pussy devouring my cock.

“Oooo, please don’t stop!” I moaned in a breathless voice. Madi grinned before she started to gyrate her hips around, sending indescribable pleasure surging through my body. Her hot wetness then continued to slid up and down my cock, hitting all the right spots.

Madi started to speed up, her pussy wet enough to easily provide enough lubrication for her furious pace. I started to shiver with pleasure as my cock was embraced in Madi’s scorching heat.

Madi suddenly stopped with my feminine cock buried deeply inside her fiery pussy. She smirked down at me and leaned down next to my ear to sinfully whisper, “Cum for me, cum for mommy my gorgeous slut.”

I felt my entire face start to blush with arousal and pure lusty happiness race through my body like a drug. Madi leaned down to kiss me before starting to ride me cowgirl again.

Madi’s pussy would grip my cock, not wanting to let go. As my cock would be cooling she would slam her pelvis into mine and embrace my cock in her delicious heat once again. Over and over her pussy made love to my cock as her tongue played inside my mouth. All the while Madi and I were both moaning into each other’s mouths in pure lustful, sinful pleasure.

I desperately said in between Madi’s loving kisses, “I’m about to cum! Please don’t stop!”

Madi kissed me again and said, “Me too!” Then she leaned down and seductively whispered, “Now cum for mommy like a good boy!”

Madi reached with her unoccupied hand and pinched one of my nipples and slammed her pussy onto my cock. Her pussy started to spasm around my cock as she came, milking it, and started to spray my lower body with her delicious nectar.

Meanwhile, after she had said, “‘Cum for Mommy!'” and twisted my nipple I had started to feel my orgasm about to explode. Then her pussy started to milk my cock and that was the last straw. I exploded inside her and my cum filled her pussy before starting to fall out and accumulate with Madi’s nectar on my lower body.

While we both came down from our high, Madi gently kissed me and continued to gently milk my cock with her warm pussy.

After a while we both finished calming down and Madi’s fantastic pussy gushed my cum as she stood up. She helped me stand up then she kissed me and said, “That will have to do for now, we have to get ready to leave.”


Madi brought me over to the hot water and let my hair and body get wet. She then gently pushed me into sitting in front of her with the back of my head resting on her stomach.

I heard her reach for my shampoo and open it. She then started to gently massage the shampoo into my scalp. I unconsciously purred in contentment at Madi’s massaging fingers.

Madi removed the shower head and rinsed off my hair. She then had me stand so she could use my poof and body wash to lovingly scrub my entire body. It felt soooo good!!!!

Much too soon though Madi was finished. She started to rinse my body with the hot shower water.

After Madi had finished washing me, I gently pushed her to the ground with the back of her head against my stomach in order to return the favor. I started to gently massage her scalp and silky hair with my own shampoo. I finished and rinsed her off just as she had rinsed me.

I then helped her up and lovingly scrubbed her body with my poof and body wash. I did it in a completely chaste way though as I was loving the intimacy of washing each other and didn’t want to ruin it. Plus I didn’t want to get horny again and not have time to satisfy either of our urges. I finished and rinsed her off as she had me.

Madi turned the water off and I reached for the towel. I turned to Madi with the towel in hand and gently patted her down as Madi stared with love filled eyes at me.

After I was done, Madi used the same towel that was coated in her scent, this time her scent was the same intoxicating berries but with the sweetness of raspberries mixed in, and patted me off gently and with love.

We stepped out of the shower and Madi hugged me to her warmth. Then she said with so much reassurance and love dancing on her face that I was entranced by her, “I love you, Warren. We may not have known each other for long but I have truly come to love you.”

I felt my entire face blush bright red, now something about me real quick. The word ‘love’ holds a lot of meaning to me. I was forced to say it constantly without meaning it so when I do say the word ‘love’ I truly mean it because I wish for it to be true and not something forced upon me, hard to explain but just know that the word love means something really special to me. With my face red, I looked at Madi’s reassuring eyes and said, “I lo-lov-love you too!” I struggled to say the word love 3 times.

Madi grinned her beautiful smile Kurtköy Escort so excitedly I became enthralled by it. But then I just hugged her. I hugged her tight. I nuzzled my face into her neck and just breathed Madi’s scent in as deep as I could into my lungs. Madi sensed what I needed and wrapped her arms around me and just rocked me back and forth. I could feel myself being surrounded by Madi’s love and warmth. It felt soooo good. I struggled not to cry and I haven’t cried since I was 8 years old.

After about 10 minutes of Madi holding me in her arms and rocking me back and forth, she reluctantly said in her gentlest voice, “Warren, we have to get dressed. We both have to go to work.”

I looked up from Madi’s neck and said, “Can we do this later, please?”

Madi’s jet black eyes danced with love and she said, “Of course my love.”

I felt my heart throbbing before I gave one last squeeze and let go of Madi, immediately missing her warmth. We walked out of the bathroom and I went to my suitcase to look at my clothing while Madi got dressed. Sticking with Madi’s devilish/evil theme I picked a pair of purple panties, a pair of leggings that looked as if purple fire had been painted on a black background, a short sleeved shirt that had black flames on a hauntingly purple background, a hoodie to throw on over my shirt that has the same pattern as my shirt; because I always get cold, black socks, and my only pair of shoes that happen to be black. After I put everything on I thought, ‘This truly is the coolest set of clothing I own.’

I turned around to look at Madi. I was immediately flabbergasted by her appearance. Madi looked like a demon, with her red and black clothing along with her moonless night black eyes and midnight hair contrasting her white skin. She was so beautiful. I said with a blush, “Wow, Madi! You look so beautiful! It kind of reminds me of a demon?!”

Madi laughed and said back at me while gazing at my own outfit, “Thank you! You look beautiful too my love!”

I’m sure she noticed how my face flushed red and how happy I looked every time she said that. It made me feel sooo special! Madi came over and hugged me before saying, “It’s time to leave my love, where do you need to go?”

“Uhhh,” I checked my phone and said, “Fatalistic Thriving.”

Madi responded with a surprised look saying, “That’s where I’m going to, that’s convenient!”

“Does that mean I get to see you more?” I ask excitedly. I really can’t get enough of Madi.

“Maybe, we’ll see when we get there!”

We left the hotel and got into Madi’s black SUV. Madi and I just talked about random things on the way to Fatalistic Thriving. Eventually we arrived and both walked in together. Madi asked me, “Where are you going?”

“Uhh, meeting room X,” I responded.

“Same, I’ll take you there,” Madi responded with slight confusion. I’m sure both of us were starting to get confused. We went up an elevator and walked to the meeting room. We sat once we were inside, waiting for other people to arrive. Both of us confused as to why the other was there.


Lynsey’s Point of View

“So quick warning before you meet him, he’s ummm, how do you put it. Quite literally one of the smartest people you will ever meet or the smartest person.” Said the military general in front of me named General Cortus.

“Yes sir, we have both read his file,” I said in response, referring to myself and the woman standing next to me, Saber.

“About that, we haven’t told him about you two.” General Cortus said out of the blue.

“Sir, how do you expect him to take us then?” Saber asked from next to me but I was also thinking the same thing.

“Truthfully, we expect him to judge you extensively, and if you don’t meet his expectations he will send you back in the nicest way possible.” General Cortus answered.

“What are we being judged on sir?” I asked.

“No clue. We hope you two will fit his personality well, though, because we have examined him extensively and find you two fit him perfectly. However, we don’t know what he will think so we are kind of hoping for the best.” General Cortus said and kind of shrugged.

General Cortus sighed heavily but before he could open the door to the meeting room Saber asked, “Why are you so wary of him, sir? From his profile it says that he isn’t intimidating nor mean.”

General Cortus looked back at us and responded, “True, he is definitely one of the sweetest people I know and he isn’t necessarily intimidating. He’s just, how do I put this. He’s hard to keep entertained I guess. And of course he’s obnoxiously smart. But most of all I think it’s that you can tell he wasn’t raised well which makes him hard to handle. He has terrible social skills and it’s almost like he’s a wounded predator that is constantly ready to pounce at the first sign of danger. And make no mistake, Warren Aleith is a predator.”

We were both even more confused so I asked, “But sir, isn’t that contradicting your previous statement Pendik Escort that he is incredibly sweet and genial?”

General Cortus looked at us with an understanding expression before he said, “Its confusing, I know. You’ll just have to meet him before you can understand. But remember, just act like yourselves. He can’t stand when people lie.”

General Cortus opened the door and entered with Saber and I trailing after him. The first thing I saw was a woman, who I assumed to be Madi. The next thing I saw was a gorgeous, cute boy flick his stormy blue eyes over, they were eyes filled with mirth and kindness. Those happy emotions were instantly replaced with a guarded look when he saw Saber and I. However, that analytical, cold gaze was still hidden behind his kindness, only detectable by trained professionals. I had to give it to the General, though, he was certainly right, the boy’s eyes certainly look like a wounded predator ready to pounce.

The boy, who I assumed to be Warren, looked at us then at the General and asked, “Who are the two people behind you Cortus? Wait?! Was that rude?! I’m sorry!” But everyone could tell he actually wanted to know who we were, despite being sincerely apologetic at how he said it. ‘Hmmm, this is going to be interesting.’

General Cortus answered, “They will be your new bodyguard and maid.”

“But why do I need them,” Warren asked in obvious confusion.

“You always avoid your escort for one,” General Cortus answered dryly.

“I just get bored and I wanted to see if they could find me,” Warren answered with a blush. “But why do I need a maid too?”

“She’s really more like a mixture of the best secretary, the best maid, a million other things, and is also a highly trained soldier. Perfect for an additional layer of security.” General Cortus answered.

“Who decided on this anyway? I’m definitely not important enough for these two so why?” Warren asked.

Both Saber and I noticed an incredibly subtle sigh from the General, so subtle I doubt anyone else noticed. Then General Cortus said, “Well, the leaders of the entire NATO alliance decided to.”

I felt an indescribable amount of shock. We were picked specifically for Warren by the leaders of most of the world?! Warren was confused too because he said, “But why Cortus? I’m really not all that special. Besides, do those two even want to be with me constantly, are they okay with this? And what if I don’t like them? No offense of course,” he finished apologetically.

I looked over at Saber, it looked like she was having the same thought. We were going to speak before General Cortus could respond for us and try to impress this cute boy that struck both of our interests.

I stepped forward, this being more of my area and said, “Warren, you are more important than you know. This is why I was assigned to you.”


Warren’s Point of View

I laugh and say, “I’m not really important, I just have a slightly higher IQ than the average person.”

The beautiful lady smiles and says, “Ahhh, this was also in your profile. Low self-esteem and a total misunderstanding of your own worth. Most likely relating back to some form of childhood trauma.”

I look at her sharply, she is definitely pretty smart and I ask, “So who are you and what do you do?” I assume she’s a maid though based on her outfit but you never know.

She has a beautiful smile while saying, “I’m a maid to put it bluntly. However I do everything, from being your secretary to picking clothing for you to protecting you. My name is Lynsey.” Lynsey is 6’3 with hair that is a beautiful light pink along with mesmerizing pink eyes too. She was wearing a French maid outfit, she has a British accent too, while also wearing white thigh highs and black shoes. She had E-cup boobs from the look of it as well(I know the breast sizes may seem gigantic but if you think about everyone’s height it makes sense in proportion to their body). She was absolutely gorgeous.

There is one thing that caught my attention though, “My file? What does it tell you?” I was genuinely curious.

Lynsey responded, “That you have low self esteem, probably the smartest person in the world, have an incredibly high sex drive, and likes more feminine things than masculine things, including clothing.

Lynsey looked over at the other woman and asked, “Did I miss anything?”

The woman answered, “Yes, you are notorious for getting bored easily. You are also a security nightmare because when you get bored you avoid them and make your security try to find you, and they almost never do I might add.”

I said, “That’s cool, I didn’t realize I had a file! Also, who are you?” I looked at the unidentified woman.

She put her right hand over her heart and gave a little bow while saying, “I am Saber. I will be your personal body guard, forever by your side.” Saber was 6’5 and was wearing a black suit with a grey under shirt and a black tie along with black pants and black shoes. She also has black gloves that complete the ensemble. Saber has golden hair with sharp, emerald green eyes. Honestly, she looks exactly like Saber from Fate/Zero when Saber is wearing her modern suit. She has, from the look of it, C-cup boobs. She is utterly beautiful and gallant.

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