A Man, Two Women, a Shave and More

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This story is the fifth of a series, which began with A Knee, A Rub, A Beer and A Babe and continued with similarly named stories.

The first story introduced Jake to the gorgeous, red-haired Suz and described their kinky encounter at a slightly darkened bar. The second story found Jake and Suz about leave the bar, when Suz’s incredible, dark-haired, and longtime lover, Michele, the bartender in the first story, asked to join them. Of course, Jake and Suz agree, and the story describes their late night escapade. The third story continues in the wee hours of the next morning as Michele seduces Jake. The fourth story picks up later that morning with Suz and Jake in their own duet, followed by a serious talk, and concluding with Michele and Jake giving Suz a “doubly” fulfilling workout.

This fifth story finds Jake driving home, after having gone out to purchase fresh bagels and cream cheese for himself and his two new friends.

I offer both public tribute and my deepest appreciation to adetaildiva for her invaluable assistance as a volunteer editor. She’s fixed my grammar, placed my commas, answered my silly questions, suggested words and thoughts, and “rattled” [her word] at me when I was completely off base.

* * *

As I turned the corner onto my street, I wondered if I would see cars in my driveway. I’d spent an incredible Friday night and a memorable Saturday morning with two beautiful women. We’d even talked of spending at least the weekend together. My natural male insecurity still caused me to worry. I wanted to see these two again, but I had no easy way of contacting either of them. I didn’t know their surnames. I didn’t know where they lived. I had no email addresses. I didn’t know their phone numbers. The sum total of identifying information I had about the two of them was where Michele worked.

A wave of relief washed over me as I turned onto my driveway and saw two cars.

I parked, gathered my purchases, bounced into the house, and was greeted by both a melodious, “Is that you, Jake?” and the obnoxious scent of fingernail polish.

“Hi, Michele. It’s me.”

A second woman’s voice chirped, “We’re upstairs, painting our nails. We’re showered, we’re squeaky clean, and we both smell delicious. Want to join us?”

“I’ll be up in a minute or two, Suz. Give me time to cut up these bagels and find some juice. I’ve got orange and grapefruit. Which do you guys prefer?”

“Actually, you don’t have grapefruit anymore. We kind of helped ourselves. We also found some good preserves in your fridge for the bagels. Just bring them and some cream cheese.”

“Toasted or cold, Suz?”

“Ah—toast the bagels and leave the cream cheese cold.”

I had to think about that one for a moment, but gathered my wits in time to respond, “Gotcha.”

Five minutes later, I walked up the stairs carrying a tray of assorted toasted bagels and untoasted cream cheeses. Upon turning the corner to the bedroom, I spied two women sitting in facing easy chairs. Their bare legs stretched into each other’s laps. Suz wore one of my starched, white shirts. Michele had chosen a striped, blue shirt. Both shirts were open, exposing valleys between hidden breasts. Little pinches of white cotton peeked from between toes. Michele held a small bottle of crimson polish while Suz held silver. True to Suz’s statement a few minutes earlier, they were painting each other’s toes.

“Jake—after you set that tray down, would you please put your mouth between my legs while I finish Suz’s nails?”

“I can’t, Michele. I need to eat something. I mean, I need to eat some food. My tennis team has a match in an hour and need nutrition before I play.”

“My cunt’s nutritious, and besides, I ache down there. I need relief.”

“Your cunt might be delicious, but I doubt it’s nutritious. Anyway, I’ll bet Suz can provide the relief you need even better than I.”

“She already has, just as I gave her a little relief of her own while you were gone. I’m greedy though, and I need some man-tongue. How long will your silly tennis take anyway?”

“It starts in an hour and will take between an hour and a half and two hours. We’ll have a quick beer afterward. Add a steam and a shower. I’ll be home around five. Do you guys have plans tonight?”

“Yes, we do.” Suz answered.

“Yeah, we have plans,” Michele added, as she leaned forward and wiped a careful swathe of red across one of Suz’s toes.

“I don’t suppose—no, never mind. I have no right to expect tonight with you guys.”

“What’s that?” Suz asked.

“I just spent the most incredible evening, night, and morning of my life with two beautiful, bright, and inventive women. I’ve had way more than my 15 minutes of fame with you two. I mean, you’ve made fantasies beyond my wildest dreams come true. But, you each have your own lives, and I’m sure they’re full lives. It’s presumptive of me to think you would include me in all your plans this weekend.”

“It would be wrong of you to expect us to change our plans. Although we each enjoyed alanya escort you both last night and this morning, we’ve had plans for some time to meet a client of mine and two of her friends for pizza at Faccagnini’s tonight,” Suz dead panned, looking down rather than at me, as she swiped a streak of silver across one of Michele’s toes. “Besides, we can get together tomorrow—or who knows, we might even stop by on the way home tonight for a bit more of that Jake excellence.”

Chin up and best foot forward here, Jake. They didn’t promise you anything.

“Hey, that’d be great if you did, but I’ll understand if you’re too tired. I hope you guys have a great time. Faccagnini’s makes real pizza.

“Oh, please give my best to Anna when you’re out there. In fact, would you mind if I gave her a call right now and asked her to set aside a couple of bottles of her special Chianti for you? The grapes are grown on her family’s estate in Italy and the wine’s bottled and aged there before being shipped to the States. It’s not on their list, but it’s an incredible compliment to their pizza.”

“That would be wonderful of you, Jake. Thanks. You’d do that for us when we’re abandoning you so soon after the past eighteen or so hours?” Suz asked.

“It’s the least I can do. You’ve both been great to me.”

I watched two pair of saddened eyes meet in the midst of a silent room. They stared at each other for a long moment. As the brunette’s mouth morphed into a small smile, the redhead exploded with teasing laughter.

“Go ahead and tell him, Michele.”

“Oh, Jake. We’re just funnin’ with ya. While it’s true that we’re meeting people at Faccagnini’s for pizza, it’s also true that not one-half hour ago I spoke with Anna and asked if she would add a sixth chair to our table. Anna asked if ‘she’ were someone special. I chuckled as I explained, ‘he’ was quite special. Oh, and don’t worry about the Chianti. Anna’s already set it aside for us.”

So it was. Suz and Michele and I sat together for the next half hour or so just talking, eating our bagels, and laughing before I had to leave. I finished my cinnamon-raisin bagel topped with apple-cinnamon cream cheese, the brunch of champions. Even though they’d ordered cinnamon-raisin along with me, the women nibbled on a variety of other bagels covered with various cream cheeses and preserves.

The women finished their nails as I learned Suz lived in Chicago and was a marketing rep for a small, but thriving, advertising firm based there. Michele was finishing her Ph.D. in bio-chemistry while supporting herself by teaching some grad-level classes and bartending on the side. She said she earned more from the latter than the former.

I told them of my law career: that I was one-half of a local partnership. We’d been practicing together almost twenty years, having met a few years before our practice began when both of us were in law school. I told them of my failed marriage many years ago and of my adult daughter that marriage produced. I bragged that she survived the divorce and that both my ex and I now have a great relationship with her.

We agreed the women would pick me up on their way to Faccagnini’s and that any late night festivities would be at their home court. It was time for me to leave, so I gathered my tennis gear, kissed each of them, and walked out the front door, a content man.

My tennis match flew by with my partner and me winning easily. True to form, I stuck around and had a quick sandwich and a beer with the other players. We were all good guys who had known each other for years and who played tennis at a more-than-competent level.

I hadn’t seen the guys on the other team for several months and so they asked about my recovery from cancer. Beyond that, we talked of tennis and football and aches and pains and knee surgeries and other guy stuff. I said nothing of the women. It would have been off form.

Later that evening, the women tantalized me with the tale of their activities back at my home.

* * *

After they finished their nails, Michele slouched in her easy chair with her legs spread. Suz knelt between those legs, while two of her fingers, turned pads up, played inside Michele’s cunt. Suz occasionally leaned forward and licked or suckled or nibbled some portion of her lover’s exposed pubic area. Two fingers of Suz’s other hand were in her own vagina, while her thumb glided back and forth across her own clitoris.

With her eyes closed, Michele’s silver-tipped fingers teased her own skin, tracing a random route about her ears, her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, her neck, her chest. and her breasts.

Neither woman was in a hurry to get anywhere as they enjoyed their touches.

“I like him,” Suz began.

“He seems to be a good man.”

“Do you think he’s the one?”

“He’s far better than anyone else we’ve met.”

“Do you think you could love him?”

“Like I love you?”


Michele’s hips moved in gentle thrusts as she thought for artvin escort a moment and then answered, “Maybe. Probably. I don’t know. I haven’t tried loving a man for years. He’s a good person though; one who’s entitled to respect.”

“What about emotional attachment; you know, feeling as though he’s a part of you and you’re a part of him?”

Michele thought again, “I think that’s already beginning. Whether or not it’s love, only time will tell.”

Suz sighed as her self-ministrations were becoming more than just casual touching, but continued, “I think I could find those feelings with him. Would that threaten you if I did?”

“Maybe, if I thought those feelings would replace your love for me.”

“I doubt they would, but it’s difficult to say. I don’t know if I could love two people equally.”

“I understand what you’re saying. It’s a scary place, isn’t it?”

“It sure is.”

“The sex is good, even better than good,” Michele observed with a grin on her face as her hips picked up pace.

Suz agreed, “It’s been yummy so far and he hasn’t backed away from anything. I wonder how far he’ll go.”

“I get the sense he could surprise us on that front.”

“Yes, I think it could become interesting.”

Michele changed the subject from sex, “Would he move with us in a year? We both know that’s coming in order for me to continue my work once I finish my thesis.”

“He’s older than we are. I wonder how close he is to retirement. Do you know what kind of law he does?”

“Not exactly, but from the few conversations he and I’ve had in the bar, I think he spends a lot of time in court.”

“The trial guys usually can move if they’re good at it.”

“But would he want to? He’s got a nice home here; he’s his own boss; and it seems he knows a lot of people,” Michele observed.

“Maybe his moving depends on the type of love he develops with us.”

Michele changed the subject again, “We’d fall from favor in the local lesbian community.”

“Only with those who insist on labels. I doubt our friends would abandon us and if they did, maybe they never were our friends.”

Michele got to the crux of the matter for herself, “Gay, bi, hetero, tran, who cares, so long as you and I have each other.”

Suz wondered, “It’ll be interesting tonight to see how he reacts to three true lesbians.”

Michele responded, “Don’t forget, he once knew one of them, and they’ll recognize each other. Besides, he’s a smart guy. I suspect he’s already figured out the women are lesbians. He’ll be on his best behavior because he knows he needs to be able to interact with our friends.”

“And, at some time, we with his,” Suz predicted.

“Yes, that’ll be an interesting introduction, won’t it. Can you imagine us at his office Christmas party?” Michele grinned as she pictured herself and Suz on either of my arms being introduced to my partner and staff.

“We might create a bit of a stir,” Suz laughed.

“Can you imagine the look on his little, gray-haired secretary’s face when he introduces us as his—um, friends.?”

“Gray haired? What if she’s hot, busty, young, and blonde”

“You don’t really think so do you?”

“Nah. He doesn’t look that type. On the other hand, he’s surprised us so far.”

Michele retreated to a more personal level, “I’m confident in our love, you know.”

Suz smiled and tilted her head as she looked at Michele, “Yes, sweetie. I know. I hope you know I’m just as confident as you.”

Michele asked quietly, “Climb up here and kiss me.”

Suz grinned her consent, “Um, I thought you’d never ask.”

Suz rose from her knees. Her eyes found Michele’s eyes and didn’t stray as she placed one knee on either side of Michele’s hips. Her hands drew Michele’s head to her own. Lips tickled each other, as mouths opened and tongues explored oh-so-familiar territory. Michele, noting a hint of her own taste on Suz’s tongue, sucked, wanting to extract all of herself that she could.

What began as a slow waltz of lips and tongues continued with only tentative acceleration. Michele’s hands found Suz’s back and put her painted nails to good use.

“Lower,” Suz asked as she arched her back, rose on her knees and offered a breast to Michele’s willing mouth. As Michele accepted her treat, Suz’s hands found Michele’s shoulders and massaged, bringing moans of approval that matched her own.

It was a familiar position for the women. One they frequently enjoyed as a preliminary to more intense intimacies.

Michele switched breasts and accelerated her suckling, drawing shivers of approval from her partner.

Suz pressed her pussy against Michele’s stomach and ground small circles. She moved a knee from outside Michele’s hip to between her legs. Michele released Suz’s back and placed her arms on the chair’s arms. She lifted herself slightly and began her own pubic circles against Suz’s knee. Her mouth applied teeth to Suz’s breasts.

The women continued. They knew the other’s most sensitive places burdur escort and used their fingers to stimulate those nerves. Each could feel herself becoming moist inside.

Time passed without comprehension until Michele lifted her mouth from Suz’s breasts, looked up into her lover’s eyes, and announced, “I want to ride you.”

Suz smiled down on her partner and dismounted their chair. Michele remained sitting, knowing her lover had implements to gather before they would begin. As was their habit, Suz found a clean towel, the bottle of Astroglide, and Michele’s familiar, purple cock. She stroked its length as she marveled at how Michele’s cunt would grip the dildo’s short stubby end so that the other end protruded from her cunt as a perfectly-shaped, blood-engorged man-cock. She placed the towel on the carpet and the cock and the lubricant on the towel.

Suz assumed her favored hands and knees position. Michele left the chair, picked up the lubricant, and walked to her lover’s left side where she dribbled a few drops onto Suz’s lower back. She planted her left foot opposite Suz’s left hip and swung her right leg across Suz’s back. She sat and slid herself front to back and side to side, spreading the lubricant. She reached forward and grabbed two hands full of Suz’s wild, red “reins.” She tugged, pulling Suz’s head up and stretching Suz’s neck.

Michele touched her knees to Suz’s ribs, signaling her horse to begin a slow walk. Suz responded by rocking her body forward and back. Michele contributed to her own pleasure by bracing herself with her feet on the floor while sliding her cunt forward and back along Suz’s spine inversely in time with her horse’s gait. They continued their walking pace long enough to exit an imaginary corral.

Suz knew the path they customarily traveled and soon stepped up her gait to a trot. Michele followed suit, sliding herself forward and back across Suz’s well lubricated back with greater force.

Michele soon pressed her knees against Suz’s ribs signaling the beginning of a canter. Suz’s hips responded as Michele escalated her own motion. Michele knew her own juices now were mingling with the lubricant on Suz’s back. She knew her labia had opened and her cunt and clit were fully in contact with her saddle.

Soon they reached the freedom of their open pasture. Michele reached behind herself and gave Suz’s ass a stinging slap. Suz obeyed her lover’s command and galloped. She rocked her hips forward and back faster and faster. Michele matched in reverse her steed’s motion, sliding forward as Suz rocked back and sliding back as Suz rocked forward.

Michele wanted more and slapped again. She leaned forward increasing the contact of her clit with Suz’s back. She tightened her grip on her crimson reins. The more Suz rocked the harder Michele moved.

Michele began bouncing in her saddle and regularly slapping her horse’s ass, demanding all the beast had to give. The beast responded, bucking its hips up and down. The animal’s motion, coupled with its rider’s legs, propelled Michele off and immediately back into her saddle, producing intense sensations within Michele. Each bounce caused another stimulation of her clit. Each stimulation brought Michele closer to her cum.

Michele no longer could restrain herself. She took both hands off Suz’s hair, gripped Suz on either side of her waist, and ground her cunt into Suz’s back.

Michele gritted her teeth as bliss began. She closed her eyes as comets and shooting stars flew by. Colors exploded in blues and greens and reds and yellows. A symphony of sound exploded in her ears. The muscles in her thighs tightened. Her calves tensed. Her toes curled. Her head, neck, and shoulders froze. That familiar intensity spread from her cunt upward to the backs of her eyes and downward into her thighs, calves and toes. She ground furiously against her beast until she screamed her release, lessening the pressure only as her orgasm calmed.

She collapsed against Suz’s back, while both women panted hard to catch their breath.

“Fuck me, bitch!” Suz demanded.

Suz rose from her knees and leaned on her stomach over the edge of my bed. Michele responded with practiced precision to her lover’s demand. She grabbed her cock and slid it into her now sopping wet cunt, causing more shivers within her walls. She marveled at the way her cock grew from her cunt and stood tall and proud before her with nothing to support it beyond the muscles in her groin. She dribbled a few drops of lubricant on her cock and masturbated them along the cock’s length. Michele approached Suz from behind, spread Suz’s legs wide apart until Suz’s vagina was at just the right height. Only then did she slide the purple head between two wide open labia.

Upon feeling the cock’s first touch, Suz slammed herself back against Michele and the cock slid fast and true to the deepest reaches of Suz’s vagina. The lovers began their dance of joy, as Michele pushed in and Suz shoved back. Michele withdrew and Suz did the same. Over and over they moved, the cock’s stimulating each of them almost equally.

Michele slapped Suz’s reddened ass at irregular intervals, while encouraging her onward with profane demands. Suz responded in kind, insulting Michele’s adequacy as a cocksman, and demanding more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32