A Neighborly Bet Ch. 06

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With the exception of one misogynist who apparently didn’t understand the concept of this series, the responses to where I’ve taken this has been overwhelmingly positive, therefore I will continue writing, as long as you the reader want more stories. I have a story line planned out, expanding on the developing love between Kurt and Christi, as well as the addition of Britt. However, I will only continue this series if you want me to. Let me know what you think. (Keep in mind, I was content with ending this series after Ch. 4, but continued after reader’s suggestions!)


The next morning, Britt woke me up with a blow job, happily swallowing my load, and then we showered and went to breakfast. We spent the day walking around downtown like a couple of tourists, had lunch and a couple of drinks, and then went back to the room, which I had booked for two days. I called Christi that morning and we both talked to her for a little while. She didn’t say anything but I could tell that something was bothering her, and I knew that it probably had a lot to do with Britt and me. I tried to reassure her as we talked, and by the time we hung up with her I thought that she was sounding better.

When we went out, Britt decided to tease me by wearing a light summer dress and a pair of low-top Chucks … and nothing else. At every chance that she had, she teased me by bending low so I could look down the front of her dress, or she would bend over in front of me, causing her short skirt to rise even higher, sometimes to the very bottom of her firm, cute ass cheeks.

Later, we were relaxing in bed after a long, slow, mid-afternoon fuck. I was laying on my back, with my arm wrapped around Britt, who rested her arm across my chest. My arm was slowly and gently sliding up and down her bare back as we talked.

There was a brief lull in the conversation at the same time that my hand slid down to her ass. I gently squeezed a cheek and then slid my fingertips over to the crack of her ass. Britt gasped softly and her body stiffened momentarily when she felt my fingertip glide across her tight asshole.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Of course,” I replied as I pressed a little harder with my finger.

“Did you really fuck my mommy in the butt?”

“What makes you ask that?” I replied. I continued sliding my fingers up and down her ass crack, massaging in the combination of my cum, her nectar, and her sweat.

She gasped again when I pressed a little harder with my finger, and then said, “After the Halloween party I heard her yelling at you to fuck her ass, and when I talked to her about it she told me that you did. I overheard her telling my Auntie Toni, too. She and Toni talk a lot, and mommy is always telling her about what you two do.”

“Why would she tell her sister about our sex life?” I asked. “Your aunt Toni doesn’t seem like the type that feel comfortable talking about sex. Especially THAT kind of sex!”

“I know!” she giggled, moaning and pressing her ass against my fingers harder. “Aunt Toni used to be a lot wilder though, before she married Bob. Mommy used to call her a slut all the time.”

“I think that now that Auntie Toni is supposed to be so religious and ‘good,’ mommy is having fun being able to reverse the tables on her. Mommy used to be the ‘good girl,’ and Auntie Toni was the slutty one. Now, Auntie Toni’s supposedly the holy-roller type, and you turned mommy into your slut. She loves it, and she loves rubbing Auntie Toni’s nose in it, because Auntie Toni’s always complaining about how boring her sex life is!”

Britt then inhaled sharply as I pressed harder against her asshole, sliding my fingertip inside her. She gripped my chest tightly with her hand and then relaxed it. She continued telling me about the sibling rivalry between the two women, and how now Christi seemed to think that she had the upper hand. Britt’s breathing was getting heavy and ragged as I continued sliding my finger deeper into her ass.

When I realized that because of the way we were laying, I was only able to get less than half of my finger into her tight back end, I hooked my finger into her and pulled up with my hand. Britt quickly got the hint and slid up my body a little, allowing me more access to her ass.

She tried to continue talking about her mother and aunt, but she soon stopped and started breathing heavy again, almost whimpering as my finger was soon joined by a second, and they both slowly started sliding into her ass.

The hand laying across my chest started squeezing once more and I looked down at her. She was staring up at me, her eyes wide and almost glazed over. I was sliding my fingers in and out of her tight ass a little more and I raised my eyebrows, almost like I was asking her a question. Slowly, she nodded her head and I quickly thrust my fingers all the way inside of her ass.

“Ohmygod!” she whimpered softly as her eyes popped open wider. I felt her pushing her ass back at my hand as I continued fingering it.

After a couple of minutes, tecavüz porno I leaned down and started kissing her. As soon as our lips touched she attacked me, kissing me passionately. I then wrapped the fingers of my free hand around her wrist and slid it down my chest and over to her belly. I continued gently pushing it down and she started to wrap her fingers around my thickening shaft, but I continued moving her hand until she realized what I wanted her to do, and she started rubbing her clit.

She soon started rubbing her pussy even faster, moaning louder into my mouth, and I began finger-fucking her ass faster and harder.

“OhhhhYYEEEAAAAAHHHH!” she growled softly as I felt her body tighten. “Ooohhhhmmyyyygggoddddddd!”

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! AAAHHHH! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh!”

I suddenly felt her ass tighten around my fingers as an orgasm swept over her body. She moaned low and loud as her hips continued pushing back at my hand.

“OOOOooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as she continued cumming. Her asshole was still squeezing my fingers, tight enough that I thought she wanted me to keep them there permanently.

“Oh my god!” she gasped a few minutes later as she came down from her orgasm. “Holy crap! That was … different! Intense!”

“Did you like it?” I asked as I slid my fingers from her.

“Yes! You were sooo gentle!” she replied. “I’ve had boys play with my ass, but no boy has been as gentle as you were! No wonder mommy likes it!”

“Thank you!” she said a few seconds later as she kissed me. “You are showing me so much! I can see why mommy loves you so much!”

We decided to go home later that day, and as Britt showered I called Christi. She sounded like he had been drinking, and her tone told me that she was upset.

As we drove home a short while later, I was worried. I knew that something was up with Christi, and it wasn’t going to be good. I felt like all my worst fears were coming true.

I told Britt that she had to be careful when we got home, and her reply was simply, “No problem.”

A few minutes later I pulled into our street. Just as I reached Christi’s driveway, Britt looked at me and said, “You can either follow me into the house and watch what happens, or you can go home and wait to hear from mommy. But I’m going to thank her for last night right away.”

I then watched as she got out of the car and started walking towards the house, wondering what she meant by “thank her.” I walked quickly to catch up with her, still worrying about Christi.

As soon as she walked in the house, Britt called out, “Mommy! I’m home!”

“Well, well,” I heard from the kitchen. “Look who walked in, doing the slut walk of shame!” I looked over and saw Christi standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame wearing her old, worn, terry cloth bathrobe. “Typical slut, still wearing the same clothes as last night, too!” From the slurring of her words, and the weaving as she tried to stand still, it was clear that she was drunk.

Britt, to my surprise, didn’t rise to the bait. Instead, she walked up to her mother and grabbed her by the collar of her robe. She then pulled her down and kissed her, stopping Christi from saying anything else.

Christi tried to push her daughter away as the kiss turned passionate, but Britt, being younger and stronger than her drunk mother, grabbed Christi’s hands and pinned them against the wall and kissed her harder. Christi continued to try to fight her off, but her energy soon wore down and Britt embraced her and continued kissing her as Christi wrapped her arms around her.

After a few minutes, with Christi starting to kiss Britt back, Britt pulled her lips form her mother’s. I watched as Britt slowly started opening her mother’s robe and kissing her neck. “Britt! No! What are you doing?” Christi weakly protested.

“Mommy, yes,” Britt replied softly. “You gave me a great gift last night, now let me say thank you.”

“No,” Christi said. “I never should have let that happen! That was wrong!”

“No mommy, it was right. It was SO right! You were right! Kurt is SO GOOD! He made me feel things that I’ve never felt before!”

“I know that you were lonely last night, and you’re confused now. I want to tell you that it’s all right. I love you. Kurt loves you. I love Kurt, and I love you! Now let me show you how much I love you! Let me thank you!”

“But Britt! Baby! I’m your mother! This is wrong!” Christi protested as she leaned back against the wall.

Britt ignored her mother and continued kissing her. She hit all of Christi’s soft spots, from the tender flesh just behind her earlobe, down her neck and over to her throat. As she kissed her, Christi moaned and held her tighter.

Britt started kissing down the center of her mother’s chest and Christi moaned louder. She suddenly started losing her balance and I jumped up and helped Britt hold her up. Britt looked at me and motioned towards the couch in the living room, and I stood behind Christi and üvey anne porno led her there.

Britt held her mother up, hugging and kissing her as she leaned back against me. I then led Christi to her couch and sat her down, sitting behind her. She leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder, and then turned to look at me and smiled. “Hi baby!” she slurred.

“Hi baby,” I replied, leaning in to kiss her. We kissed gently for a few seconds as Britt joined us and started kissing on her mother’s body again.

“Ohhhh daaamnn!” Christi moaned. “This is wrong!”

I didn’t say anything as I watched Britt over her shoulder. Christi looked at me again and said, “I love you baby!”

“I love you too!” I told her as I kissed her.

“I never should have let last night happen,” she started crying. “You’re not going to want me, now that you’ve had Britt!”

“Baby, I love you more than ever,” I assured her. “I want you more than ever! NOTHING could change that!”

“Oh my god!” she moaned as Britt started licking and sucking on one of her nipples. “Are you sure, baby? I don’t want to lose you!”

“I can’t lose you!” she cried before I could reply.

“Christi, my love, you’re not going to lose me. I promise.”

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she moaned in response. I wasn’t sure if she was moaning because of what Britt was doing to her, or because she felt my cock rising and pressing against her ass.

“Are you two done?” Britt asked. “I’m trying to make love to my mommy, and you two keep jabbering!”

“I think we should stop, and you should just let Britt do what she wants,” I whispered in Christi’s ear.

“But … you don’t think that this is wrong?” Christi asked.

“Right now, from this view, this is HOT!” I assured her. “Your beautiful, sexy little girl wants to thank you and show you her love. You need someone to take care of you and give you some loving right now. Let her love you, and then I’ll take my turn.”

“Oh my gosh!” she moaned. Britt was kissing and nibbling on her neck again and Christi leaned her head back, pressing it against my shoulder. “Do you promise?”

“I promise, baby,” I told her as I cupped her breasts.

“Oooook,” she moaned as Britt started flicking her tongue around her nipples again. I held Christi’s tits up for Britt and she smiled up at me as she took her mother’s stiff nipples between her lips.

After licking, sucking, and gently biting down on her mother’s sensitive nipples, Britt started slowly kissing her way down Christi’s belly. Christi started to try to push Britt away and Britt grabbed her wrists and looked up at her.

“Mommy, if you don’t stop trying to fight me, I’m going to have Kurt use the belt on your robe to tie your hands behind your back,” Britt told her mother. Hearing that threat, Christi gasped and whimpered, and then lay back against me.

“This is so wrong!” she moaned as Britt kissed just above her bare mound. “But it feels soooooo good!”

“Just lay back and enjoy, baby,” I whispered in her ear as I cupped her breasts and started softly squeezing them.

“Ohhhh yeeaaahhh!” she moaned in response, lifting her hips up to Britt’s face. Britt looked up and we made eye contact, and she smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at me as she slid a little lower. I started gently pinching Christi’s hard nipples and she moaned loudly, thrusting her hips harder against her daughter’s face.

“Oh my god!” Christi whimpered as Britt started flicking her tongue at her mother’s clit. Christi then moaned, “Nooooo!” and reached her hands down to Britt’s head and tried to push her away. I quickly released her breasts and grabbed her wrists, holding them firmly as Britt licked her pussy. She tried to wrest her arms from me, making me grip her a little tighter, and she then moaned softly and let her arms drop. I then lifted her hands and brought them to the back of Britt’s head.

“Show her what you like,” I whispered softly. Christi moaned again and nodded her head as she held on to Britt’s head. I smiled to myself and cupped her tits again as I thought about how this was the first time that I’d ever had this view of a woman being eaten out.

I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as I started kissing her neck just behind her ear, and Christi moaned louder, raising her hips and pulling Britt’s head in tighter to her pussy. I heard Britt moan and shake her head softly as she started sucking on Christi’s clit.

I pinched Christi’s nipples harder and she moaned louder, raising her hips up to her daughter’s face again. Christi’s arms soon relaxed and Britt looked up and smiled at me, her face coated in her mother’s juices. Then she leaned back down and started sliding her tongue all around her mother’s pussy again.

Christi let out a long, soft, high-pitched moan when Britt spread her mother’s pussy lips apart and started flicking her tongue at her clit. Then Christi started moving her hips, raising and lowering them at Britt’s face. She moaned again and brought her arms up, üvey erkek kardeş porno placing her hands on top of mine and helped me as I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples.

After a few seconds, I adjusted my grip on her breasts, which were rising and falling harder as Britt continued her oral assault. I gently hugged her and gently nipped at her neck as I squeezed her tits and she tightened her grip with her arms as well.

“Ohhhh babyyy,” she moaned softly. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or her daughter, who’s tongue was flicking faster.

“It’s just so …” she moaned as I felt her arms tighten and she started to move them.

“Good?” I said, trying to finish her sentence as I held her arms down. “Just let it go, baby. Let yourself go.”

“Yes. Sooo good!” she moaned in response.

“I love you,” she moaned a couple of seconds later, turning her head towards me.

“I love you too baby,” I told her as I kissed her. I pinched her nipples as our tongues danced together and Britt continued eating her out.

Christi suddenly gasped and moaned loudly into my mouth, and I opened my eyes and looked down at Britt. From the view that I had, I could see that Britt had slid a finger into her mother’s pussy. As I watched it looked like Britt added a second finger and Christi gasped louder when I broke off our kiss and started kissing and nibbling on her neck again.

Christi was moving her hips, alternating between pushing her wet pussy up at Britt’s face and rubbing her ass against my now rock-hard cock.

I knew by her sounds and her actions that Christi was going to cum soon, so I whispered in her ear again.

“That’s it baby, let it go. Cum,” I told her.

“Oh yeeeaaahh!” she whimpered in reply. She started squeezing my hands harder and her breathing got heavier. “So close!”

“Yeah baby, cum,” I whispered. “Cum for her. Cum all over her pretty face.”

Christi moaned loudly and then squeezed my hands even harder. “Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhhhyyyyyeeeeaaahhhhhhhh!” she started wailing. I looked down and saw her hips moving up and down, a sure sign.

“Ohmygod! I’mcumming!” she moaned a few seconds later. “So good! I’m cumming baby! Oh my god! Yeahhhh!”

I held Christi, hugging her tight as her orgasm swept over her. She shook in my arms and I could hear Britt moan too as she continued making her mother cum, and soon Christi’s body collapsed in my arms.

“Oh my god!” she whimpered softly, gripping my arms. “That was so good!” I watched as Britt slid her fingers from her mother’s pussy and she raised them for me to see. Christi’s juices coated Britt’s fingers and there was a trickle running down to her wrist. Britt smiled at me and raised her fingers to my mouth, offering her wet fingers to me.

I licked and sucked one of Britt’s fingers clean as Christi lay back against my chest and moaned softly, recovering from her orgasm. Britt then pulled her finger from my mouth and started cleaning off the other one as Christi started moving her hips again, grinding her ass against my bulge.

“Baby, please make love to me! I need you right now!” she moaned as she squeezed my arms tighter.

“I’m all yours baby,” I whispered in her ear as I squeezed her breast with one hand while the other one slid down her belly. I knew that with the huge orgasm she just had, she was still wound up and was ready for just about anything. It also wouldn’t take much to make her cum again. “Show me how much you want me.”

Christi moaned and slid off of the couch, getting to her knees and turning towards me until she was between my legs. She looked up at me as she slid her hands across my bulging pants and opened them. My cock soon popped up and she giggled, and then slid them down to my ankles.

I heard a noise from behind her, and I looked up to see Britt sitting in the loveseat just off to the side, watching us intently.

With my rock-hard shaft standing tall and proud, Christi wrapped her hand around it and slowly stroked it up and down. “I love this cock SOOOO much!” she moaned softly. She then looked back up at me and added, “I love YOU SOOOO much!”

“I love you so much too, baby,” I replied as she lowered her head and kissed the head of my rod, flicking her tongue all around it.

“Damn! I can’t wait any longer!” she said as she placed her hands on my knees and pushed herself up. Still showing the effects of her drinking, she wobbled a little and giggled as she stood in front of me and shrugged her shoulders, dropping her robe to the floor.

“Damn!” I said softly as I looked her body up and down. Her neatly waxed pussy shined with her juices, her lips open wide and ready. Her nipples were still hard, standing out from the center of her areola. Christi whimpered softly as she leaned down and grabbed on to my knees again.

I slid my body down a little further, hanging my ass off the cushions and watched her as she looked at me and giggled drunkenly again. She straddled my legs as she tried to awkwardly walk up to me. Almost pressing her mound in my face as she wobbled, she placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly squatted down until she felt the head of my cock pressing against her wet hole. With her eyes wide as she looked down at me, Christi reached down and grasped my pole, holding it up as she lowered her pussy down the length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32