Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.04

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She panted at him, her voice rhythmically interrupted by his pounding. “Huh, huh, huh, huh.” In truth it was not just the physical act of her abuse which sent her over the edge, it was the knowledge of this being the culmination of many weeks of flirting and seducing to get this man’s huge cock inside her… she had finally succeeded.

Connor grunted in reply, his resolve defeated by Becca V’s screams and her grasping vagina. With the head of his cock pushing hard against her cervix, he exploded in orgasm. His seed ejaculated at force in gout after gout of thick viscous semen which cannoned into Becca V’s womb; his shafting into her more urgent as he emptied his balls of his come. His fingers rubbing her clitoris vigorously, mopping up the spilling cocktail of her juice and his come as the sheer quantity was forced from Becca V’s cunt by his fucking. He ran the sticky juice around her vaginal lips and through her pubes onto her stomach.

As soon as the first hot ejaculate hit her cervix with the force of a freight train, Becca V’s brain went into “white out”. She was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure that her body was receiving. Her legs could take her weight no longer and shook violently; her breathing was harsh, gasping as her whole being was assaulted; externally by her violation from Connor and internally by her overloaded senses. She didn’t know if this was another orgasm, or simply the prolongation of her last. Her cries were incoherent and mixed with the sheer joy of the complete experience. Tears flooded her eyes and ran down her face as her voice, now quite broken shouted “Oohhh, ohh huh, huh, ummmmmm yeah oh Goddddd”.

She lay across the table, eyes closed, heaving chest trying desperately to supply her body with much needed air. Her head was ringing from her heightened blood pressure as Connor stabbed her again and again with his weapon. His come continuing to splash into her already full vagina in copious load after copious load. His balls were finally emptied on the 9th powerful ejaculation and he too collapsed across Becca V’s back.

As Becca V came to, she realised almanbahis that her hands had been freed. There were red marks across her wrist where they had been straining against their bonds. “Oh my God Connor”, she panted at him, pushing herself up onto her hands, “what happened?” She looked down at her naked and still gasping chest, her 34c breasts; firm mounds of pert bouncing pleasure, were glistening with her sweat and flushed bright crimson. Her large dark nipples in stark contrast to her pale complexion, still stood out proud in their erection begging to be played with too. “I…must have passed out I guess,” she said haltingly, “and how/when did I get naked?” she asked, almost to herself.

“Well,” said Connor, “when I realised that you were still breathing and I hadn’t given you a heart attack; Christ you had me worried for a moment there; I decided that I wanted to see all of you! My God Becca V, you are beautiful!” He looked down at her breasts from the other side of the bars, for once not feeling the least bit guilty as he stared at them. “Your breasts, your thighs, your lips and your arse are perfect. I wouldn’t change a single thing.” Becca V felt herself blush, her face reddening more than ever, her blue-green eyes still wet with tears at the euphoria of the moment. As she looked back at him through the bars, her gaze quickly fell upon his semi-turgid cock; it glistened wet with her juices plastered all along its length, his pubes wet also. As she looked at the slowly swaying pendulous monster, her arms began to shake, so she lay back down on the table.

“Now I have seen all of you, I want you to taste your own juice mixed with mine, a “cocktail” that I am sure you have never had in your life.” He walked forwards and grasped the bars before him, thrusting his hips towards Becca V’s rose coloured lips. “Noooo!” said Becca V, “I can’t believe you are ready for more after what you just did to me? You cannot want it again so soon surely?”

He smiled gently at her. “For that performance, I can only apologise. You had me so worked up with your little bum display upstairs, almanbahis giriş which I now know was deliberate, that I almost shot my load whilst you were talking to me. You are a little prick tease! What you are going to get now, is the real me, so open your mouth and start sucking.

Becca V’s eyes grew larger as the cock in front of her began to take on its fully turgid form again. Her tongue flicked across her painted lips in the realisation that she was suddenly very eager to taste him. Her hands trembled as she reached through the bars to grasp hold of his cock. Her fanny began to tingle again as the phallus beneath her fingertips began to expand with speed. The hot sticky pulsing flesh was hard in seconds, as she pointed the head at her mouth; a dribble of post-come ran from the large eye. She stuck out her tongue to capture it, desperate now to taste his come. She was not disappointed; it was like an aphrodisiac driving her body on to even greater heights of excitement.

Her fingers could not encircle the growing phallus such was its girth as without either of them moving, it bridged the gap between them with each throbbing growth spurt. The power of the throbs pulled Becca V’s arm with it as she said, “Connor, he is huge, how on earth did he fit inside me?”

“He laughed at her before responding, “Because it just so happens that you are the wettest girl that I have ever fucked. The tightest too; just thinking about it makes me want to shaft you again.” As he finished the sentence, his cock seemed to punctuate the thought by throbbing powerfully in her hands. She grasped the bulbous head with her right hand so she could better control it; her fanny responding immediately too. Becca V flicked out her tongue again and licked her juice from around the glans before her; dark crimson, filled with his hot vibrant blood, smooth and shiny as silk, she kissed the eye, speaking to Connor’s prick like as she would a child.

“Now then big boy, you belong to me, don’t you my darling?” She kissed him again with a loud smacking sound, “and if I want to suck on you, I will, if almanbahis yeni giriş I want you to fuck me, you will, is that quite clear my little baby? Or perhaps not so little baby?” Connor’s cock bounced, seemingly in response to her words, as he giggled. “Suck him!” he commanded.

“But, I would just like to say,” she began in protest, “I’m not that experienced at giving blow jobs.”

“Then you had better learn.” His rough words belying his actions; as Connor reached through the bars and gently grasped her head in both hands. He pushed the head of his magnificent weapon slowly between Becca V’s rose coloured, slightly protesting lips. Becca V played her tongue around the enormous plum being force fed to her, flicking the tightly stretched fraenum. Her fingers pulling his foreskin back as she slowly wanked on his shaft with both hands, her mouth open to its limit. She looked up at him; his eyes were closed in the sheer delight of the act she was performing. This made her smile, as she had only accomplished blow jobs twice before, and she felt they had not gone particularly well, she was now anxious to make this a good one.

Becca V desperately wanted Connor’s spunk to spurt into her mouth and throat. She wanted to taste him and please him. She knew in that instant, that if he asked anything of her she would do it right now. She sucked on his phallus like her life now depended on it. Her saliva dripped from her lips as he slowly and tenderly started to fuck her mouth.

Her slurping, suction noises were loud in her ears as he pulled his cock completely from her mouth and asked, “Is that nice?”

“Uuummmm, yes oh yes, he tastes lovely. I could eat all of him. Connor I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you, to feel your throbbing cock spurting into me and onto me…ohhGod, just thinking about it and saying it out loud is making me come again, I just don’t know what is happening I fell like a complete whore!?” Her breathing was erratic once more and he could feel the tremors running through her body as her lips once again were pushed wide as they surrounded the head of his cock. Becca V removed one hand from the stone carved pulsating prick before her and plunged it between her thighs, her fingers; practised in the art of self pleasure, immediately fell upon her erect clitoris and began the much needed and urgent work of masturbation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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