Becci was Made for Sex Ch. 05

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Big Tits

This is part five of Becci’s sexploits while on holiday from university. Like the preceding four, the story is completely fictional. If you are easily offended by incestuous relationships, dogging, forced sex, or lesbian acts then please do not read! All characters are fictional and any likeness to any person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the best of my knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

My appreciation and gratitude to Marionclarke (Volunteer Editor)for proof-reading and amending this chapter to make it acceptable to Literotica. Her help was very much appreciated.


My thoughts, that morning, turned to Sharon. I had promised to call her early this week so we could get together and I could keep her company while she nursed her broken leg. I picked up my mobile phone and called her.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner but my brother David is here for a few days and I’ve been a little busy looking after him.”

“Is he the handsome one or the dead gorgeous one?” Sharon asked with a giggle.

“Whichever one you want him to be,” I replied laughing. “When can I come over and keep you company for an hour or so?”

“How about this afternoon,” she said. “Bring that hunk of a brother with you. It will be fun to see him again. I haven’t seen him for years.”

“I’ll mention it to him but I can’t guarantee anything as he might have made plans already,” I said. “I’ll see you about two.”

“That’s ideal, ” Sharon said. “Knock him unconscious and drag him with you if you have to!”

I laughed and just said “Bye, see you later,” as I pressed the end call button on my phone.

I mentioned it to David and to my surprise he seemed quite keen on meeting Sharon. He had met her before but all he could remember about her was that she had large tits. “I expect your eyes didn’t travel any higher than her tits,” I said with a smirk on my lips.

David’s face broke out into a smile at that comment. “That depended on whether she was wearing any panties,” he said winking at me.

“You’re incorrigible,” I replied throwing a tea-towel at his head.

We arrived at Sharon’s house a little after two o’clock. We walked around the back because I knew that the back door was always unlocked if there was someone in the house. I opened the door and called Sharon.

“I’m over here”, she shouted, “by the pool.”

I turned my head and spotted Sharon lounging on a sun bed close to the outdoor swimming pool. “I hope you’ve brought your bikini with you?” she asked.

I was smiling as David and I walked up the garden towards the swimming pool. Sharon was wearing her bikini but she looked a little funny with her bikini on and a white plaster cast on her leg. Her black bikini was so mini it only fitted where it touched. I could see David taking an immediate interest in Sharon as he went to stand quite close to her.

“Sharon, this is David,” I introduced. David held his hand out to Sharon who took it but didn’t shake it. She just held it for a while.

“Very nice to meet you, David,” she said.

“Likewise,” David retorted as Sharon let go of his hand. She leaned to her side and opened a cool box that was sitting by the side of the lounger. She took out two cans of Coca Cola and handed one to each to us.

“Sorry I haven’t got anything stronger,” she said. “Dad doesn’t like me drinking during the day, especially with a broken leg. He thinks I might get drunk, fall over and break the other one,” she said laughing and patting the plaster cast with her hand.

David pulled a small deck chair up while I made myself comfortable on the second lounger. David positioned the chair just behind but to the side of Sharon. He had a perfect view down Sharon’s cleavage. He didn’t miss a trick!

We chatted about nothing and everything for an hour or so. Sharon relating how she came to break her leg and how she fell in love with the male triage nurse who attended to her in A & E. How the male nurse that applied the plaster was even dishier than the triage nurse. Without question he was the man she was going to marry until the taxi driver came to pick her up to drive her home and he suddenly went to the top of the pile of ‘the most attractive man I have ever seen’ list. Sharon always thought that the last man she met was always the most attractive man in the entire world until the next man came along. Her constant glances over towards David confirmed my analysis of Sharon.

The sun was beating down and I was getting just a little too warm. Sharon started to notice my discomfort as I gripped the lapel of my blouse and started to fan it trying to get some cooler air circulating under my clothes.”Take a dip in the pool if you’re getting to hot, Becci,” she said.

“I’d love to but I didn’t bring my costume,” I replied.

“Who cares about a costume. You’re wearing bra and panties. They are almost a bikini in their own right. Strip down to them and jump in,” Sharon said.

“If I could I would,” I replied, “but I’m porno indir not actually wearing a bra.”

“In that case just dive in with panties on. There’s no-one here to see you except me and David. The neighbours don’t overlook the pool and I’m sure David won’t mind. In fact, David would probable relish the idea!”

I laughed and continued fanning myself with the lapel of my blouse.

“Go on Sis. I won’t mind. It’s not as if I haven’t seen your titties before,” David chuckled.

I threw David a disapproving glance which he noticed. Unfortunately though, Sharon saw my disapproving glance as well. “Oh! Is that true! What do you mean by that, David?” Sharon asked.

David started to stammer and found it difficult to string a sentence together or to get a reasonable answer to come out of his mouth.

“You two have been doing naughty things together, haven’t you?” Sharon said. “Do tell. I love a little naughty gossip. Tell me everything.” Sharon shifted on her lounger to make herself more comfortable, ready to listen to whatever she was going to be told.

I just stared at David wondering how we were going to get out of the hole that he had dug for us.

I stood up and announced, “I think I will have that swim after all.” I pulled my blouse off over my head and dropped my white shorts to the ground, kicked my sandals off my feet and dived into the pool.

The pool water was considerably cooler than I thought it was. My nipples suddenly hardened and I could feel goose-bumps forming on my breasts. When I surfaced, I spat some water out of my mouth and then swam to the opposite side of the pool from where Sharon and David were. I was hoping that my sudden rash action would deflect Sharon from the topic that was being discussed. I was wrong of course. Sharon looked at me and said, “Well. If he hasn’t seen your titties before he certainly has now.” She was laughing as she said it.

She turned to David and said something to him that I didn’t quite hear. David looked away from Sharon directly at me. He stood, stripped down to his underpants and dived into the pool surfacing just a couple of inches away from me. He reached out and grabbed the pool side and steadied himself next to me.

“I’ve lost my underpants,” he announced. “The force of the water ripped them off when I dived in.” Sharon and I both burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter at the same time.

“I promise I won’t peek when you come out, David,” Sharon said whilst showing us her crossed fingers on both hands.

“What the fuck am I going to do Sis?” he asked. “Will you get out and throw me a towel? I can’t just get out and let Sharon see my cock.”

“Why not dear bother,” I replied. “Has it shrunk in the cold water and you’re frightened she will laugh at your eensy-weensy cock?”

As I had said it David grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. “Does that feel like an eensy-weensy cock to you?” he asked. The cold water had obviously not affected on his cock. It certainly hadn’t made it smaller. If anything it was larger than I remembered it yesterday. I should have moved my hand away immediately but I couldn’t. I was enjoying the feel of his cock in my hand.

His face was close to mine and with no regard for Sharon he kissed me passionately on the lips. I tried to pull away from the kiss but his mouth followed mine. I could feel my resistance weakening. Suddenly I felt his hand inside my panties and his finger seeking out my pussy.

I broke the kiss and my hold on his cock. I yanked his hand out of my panties. “Behave,” I said, “Sharon’s watching.”

“Sharon certainly is watching and listening,” Sharon called over. “Don’t mind me. You two carry on as if I’m not here,” she added laughing.

I was now so embarrassed I just wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I swam over to where Sharon was and looked up at her from the pool. “Sorry about that, Sharon,” I said.

“Don’t mind me,” Sharon said. “I found it very stimulating. In fact, so stimulating, I’ve got a really wet patch on my bikini bottoms!” I looked down at her crotch and sure enough there was a damp patch there where her pussy had been leaking.

In her hand she was holding David’s wet underpants. She whispered, “I leaned over and fished them out of the pool when they floated to the surface.” She tossed them under her sun lounger to hide them from David. I looked into Sharon’s eyes as we both started to laugh again.

“What are you two laughing about?” David asked.

“Nothing,” Sharon yelled back.

I climbed out of the pool and laid down on the sun lounger. David swam over to our side of the pool and parked himself close to my lounger and stared at my tits. Occasionally he would dip his head under the water and then surface again.

“Are you getting out?” Sharon asked.

“I can’t,” David replied, “without you seeing everything I’ve got.”

“Well. That’s OK with me,” Sharon said. “It’s not every day I see a handsome man’s cock at close quarters. Becci won’t mind rokettube either because it’s pretty obvious that she has seen your equipment before. What I really want to know is has she felt your equipment inside her? Now that would be exciting to find out!”

I was embarrassed again. Sharon looked over at me with an inquisitive look in her eyes. My eyes, full of guilt, looked back at hers. Sharon saw the guilt in my eyes and she understood. She winked at me and blew me an imaginary kiss.

“Just get out, David, and show me your cock,” Sharon demanded.

David must have heard the threatening tone of Sharon’s voice. He did as he was told. His cock stood out like a steel rod. “Come over here so I can have a good look at it,” she demanded.

David complied and was now standing just inches away from Sharon’s face. She leaned over and took his cock between her thumb and forefinger. I saw it twitch and grow even bigger. She held it for a short while, then lifted it to look at his balls. She moved it to the left and then the right before lifting it up again. It was like she was examining it – examining it in minute detail.

I watched Sharon manipulating David’s cock. I could see the glistening head which meant he was leaking pre cum. I know that Sharon must have seen it as well.

What was she thinking? What was she planning to do, if anything at all? It wasn’t long before I found out.

She pulled David closer to her by pulling him by his cock. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out and licked the head of his cock. Then she placed her lips around his shaft and started to suck and lick him. David’s eyes were closed. His hands were now either side of Sharon’s head holding it in position. His cock was deep in her mouth. His hips were thrusting gently forward and backward. He was fucking Sharon’s mouth.

My hand automatically went inside my panties to my pussy. My love juices were already flowing freely and my finger found my clitoris with ease. I rubbed it in a circular motion and knew it would not take me long to reach a climax. I looked at David again. His eyes were now open and watching me fingering myself. This acted as an aphrodisiac on me and as I rubbed a little harder my orgasm mounted from deep inside my pussy. It exploded within me and ripped through my body sending electric shocks to the tips of my fingers and toes. My mouth let out a gasp of pleasure as my eyes closed and my hand ceased rubbing. My body felt limp and exhausted.

I looked at Sharon sucking on David’s cock. Her one hand was holding his cock and the other was helping her prop herself up on the sun-lounger. Her one leg was over the edge of the lounger while the one in plaster was securely placed on the lounger. Her hips were writhing with pleasure. I leaned over toward her and put my hand on her crouch. Her bikini bottoms were soaked with pussy juice. As she felt my touch she stopped sucking David’s cock and glanced in my direction. Her lips broke out into a smiled of approval. She then returned her attention back to David’s cock.

My finger traced the line around her bikini bottoms. It was an easy manoeuvre to push a finger between her skin and her bikini to feel her trimmed pubic hair, and her pussy lips. She wriggled a little with excitement as my finger touched her lips and doused itself in her sweet love lubricant. I stroked her pussy lips gently before finding the entrance to her secret treasures. My finger entered slowly and I pushed it upwards towards her pubic bone. She cried a cry of enjoyment and I knew I had hit the right spot. I gently massaged her until her body started to twitch quite violently and her hips started to jerk spasmodically. She was reaching her climax. There was a sudden and increased release of love juices as she let out a cry. She had achieved her orgasm.

David had sensed her approaching climax and at the same time that she achieved her height of ecstasy he released his cum into her mouth and throat. She sounded at first as if she would choke but she managed to swallow most of his cum. What little she couldn’t swallow leaked out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Sharon slumped back onto the lounger and at the same time used her finger to scoop the cum that remained on her face into her mouth. I removed my hand from inside her bikini bottoms and David flopped down onto his deck chair.

We were all exhausted. No-one spoke for at least 5 minutes.

Sharon was the first to break the silence when she said, “I didn’t expect that this afternoon. I was happy thinking we would just sit here and have a chat. If that was ‘just a chat’ I’ll have some more any day of the week.” She looked over at me and winked. I returned the wink with a smile.

David stood up and pulled his shorts on. “Just in case someone comes,” he explained when Sharon gave him an inquisitive look.

“My father is not due home from work until five o’clock.”

David checked his watch. “That is in exactly two minutes time,” he announced triumphantly, pulling his seks filmi shirt on.

As if on cue we heard Sharon’s father’s footsteps nearing the pool. He approached cautiously not knowing who his daughter’s visitors were. When he got to the poolside he bent down and gave Sharon a kiss on the cheek. “How’s my angel been today?” he asked.

“Thanks to Becci and David here, I’ve been well entertained this afternoon,” she replied nodding over at me.

“So, this is Becci,” he said holding out his hand for me to shake. It was only then that I realised I was still sitting there in just my panties! He smiled when I tried an amateur attempt to hide my tits with my hands. He went over to David and shook his hand instead. I looked around for my top but couldn’t find it.

“What have you all been up to?” he asked Sharon.

“We’ve just sat around the poolside enjoying the sun. The highlight of the afternoon was when Becci and David jumped in the pool for a cooling dip,” Sharon declared.

Sharon’s father looked at all three of us, one at a time. He gave a little laugh, then came over and stood close to me. I was still looking for my top when I saw David holding it in his hand waving it at me. “Is this what you’re looking for, Becci?” he asked. I threw him a death glance and he smiled. This was obviously payback time for not getting him a towel when he lost his underpants in the pool!

“Shall I get it for you Becci?” asked Sharon’s father.

“If you would be so kind,” I replied. He walked over to David who reluctantly gave him my blouse.

As Sharon’s father approached me I saw him lift my blouse up to his nose. Was he smelling the scent on my blouse? He then held the blouse out for me to reach it. He was astute because he knew if I took the blouse from him I would use one of my hands which were hiding my tits.

A week ago I might have hesitated but today I didn’t care anymore. I lowered both my hands letting him have a good look at my 32B size tits and then reached up and took the blouse from his. “Thank you,” I said.

“My pleasure,” he responded still looking at my naked breasts. As I looked him straight in the eye I noticed he was quite a handsome man. Well built and fit. Obviously the results of visits to the gym. Bronzed skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. I could see where Sharon got her looks from.

He didn’t flinch. He just kept looking at my breasts. I got up from the lounger without putting my blouse on. Now he could see me in all my glory. I allowed him to ogle me for a while longer before I put one arm in my blouse sleeve, threw it around my back and struggled to get my other arm in. He came to the rescue and held my blouse while my arm searched for the arm opening. I noticed that he was still admiring my breasts. I thanked him again for his help and started buttoning up my blouse. I did it slowly , like a reverse striptease! It was only when I fastened the last button on my blouse did he avert his eyes. I found my shorts and stepped into them and finally stepped into my sandals.

“I’m going in for my shower, Sharon. I’ll see you later. Goodbye Becci. Goodbye David. It’s been nice meeting you both.”

We watched him entering the house and then close the door behind him.

“He certainly fancied you Becci,” David said. “He couldn’t take his eyes off you. Mind you, you did get dressed in a very seductive way. Were you making a move for him?”

“Don’t be so bloody silly,” I said.

“It turned me on, that’s for sure,” he said.

“Turned me on as well, ” Sharon added. Then she gave a little chuckle.

“I think it’s time we went now David. I’ve enjoyed myself Sharon. It’s been a fun afternoon.”

“It certainly has,” Sharon said. “We must all get together again, soon!”

I bent down and kissed Sharon on the cheek. “I’ll give you a call later in the week,” I said.

I sat in the car waiting for David to get in. Eventually he did and I started the car, honked the horn as a ‘goodbye’ message to Sharon and we drove away.

We drove for a few miles in silence. Eventually David broke the silence and asked if we were going to stop and have something to eat. “I don’t mind what I eat but I am rather hungry. My afternoon exercises have given me quite an appetite,” he said looking at me. I glanced at him and he had a smile on his lips.

“Will The Hungry Horse be OK?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me.”

I pulled into the car park of The Hungry Horse public house and brought the car to a stop. We entered the pub and I noticed that it was quite empty. We sat at a table and a waitress brought us a menu. I chose a chicken and bacon salad and David ordered a medium rare steak. He also ordered a pint of lager for himself and a diet coke for me. The waitress returned quite quickly with our drinks order.

David picked his glass up and said, “Cheers.” I repeated the toast with my glass of coke.

“That was quite an afternoon,” David said. “I didn’t think it was going to be like that. I was expecting to listen to two giggling schoolgirls reminiscing about what they got up to years ago while I sat there counting the bubbles in the wallpaper on the wall. Instead of that I had a fantastic blowjob, a good look at my sisters boobs and a bird’s eye view of my sister playing with another woman’s pussy. Quite a coup, I think.”

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