Calling Her Bluff Ch. 2

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Alina Lopez

Now that Don and Cindy finally went through with one of their fantasies, they found out just how much they trusted and loved each other. They made love together a lot more often, and their lovemaking was always very intense. Every time they had sex, they talked about their three-some with Steve. This always made them cum very hard!

Don decided to set up another fantasy that Cindy always talked about. Once again, they headed out of town to a very nice Hotel up north. It had a hot-tub right in the room. After they checked in and got settled in their room, Don took his beautiful wife down to the bar. Cindy knew something was up his sleeve! They had a few drinks and decided to go for a swim in the pool and relax in the public hot tub. They got back to their room and changed into their suites. They had a couple of drinks and then headed down to the pool area.

There were about a half dozen people in the area. They both took a swim in the pool and loosened up a little. Then Cindy told Don she was cold and that she was going in the hot tub. As she climbed into the warm bubbling water, she noticed an older good-looking guy sitting in there by himself. He smiled at her and they started talking. After about five minutes, Don got out of the pool and joined them. Cindy was between the to men, and she introduced the older man to her husband. “Hon, this is Ben, Ben, this is my husband, Don. Ben said he buy’s and sells planes for a living.” Cindy told him. They all talked for about fifteen minutes. Don slid closer to his wife and started playing with her pussy under the bubbles. He slipped his fingers under her suit and wiggled them into her. Cindy was really getting turned on with her husband’s finger in her cunt while she talked to a stranger only a foot away. After a while, Cindy asked Don to get her drink. He got out and went to get their drinks.

He came back and gave Cindy her drink and set his on the edge of the hot tub. Then he got back into the soothing hot water. She felt his hand slip back between her thighs and under her suit as she talked to the older guy that was next to her. After rubbing her clit for a while, his finger went deep into her cunt. He pumped it in and out of her tight little shaved pussy lips. Cindy loved this act of sex out in the public. All of a sudden, Don reached out to grab his drink. It was then that she realized, that the finger deep in her cunt, wasn’t her husband’s! She looked over at the old guy and he smiled at her and quietly said, “Feels pretty good, doesn’t it bitch!” Cindy was startled and reached down to pull the stranger’s fingers from her cunt. The man grabbed her hand instead and forced it between his legs. He tried to make her grab on to his cock, but Cindy was quietly fighting his efforts. The old man leaned over and whispered to her, “Grab my cock, slut…I paid your old man a hundred bucks for you!” Cindy stopped her struggling and looked over at her husband. He said, “Hey Hon, a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks!” Cindy said, “I don’t want to!” Don grabbed her nipples hard and said, “Take his fuckin cock in your hand, and do it now!”

Cindy loved her husband very much and trusted him with all her heart. (She also loved the fact that she was being forced into a sex act with a stranger!) So she did as she was told. She opened her hand, and the old man quickly wrapped it around his cock. She was amazed to find that for an old guy, he was very well endowed! His cock was at least 10″ long and very thick! Cindy looked over at her husband and he said to her, “Do you have his cock in your hand?” She just nodded to him. “That’s my good little girl. Now stroke your hand up and down on his cock.” Cindy asked him, “Do I have to?” Don said, “Yes, do it now, stroke is cock for him!” Cindy began to slide her hand up and down the long thick shaft of the stranger’s penis. When her hand reached Ankara escort the top of his cock it stopped on the head. It was very large and it felt like a small apple in her hand. “The fact that she was being made to masturbate a strange old guy’s cock in a public hot-tub, with other people and small children just a couple of feet away, was making her very hot with lust.

She looked over at her husband and whispered to him, “His cock is so big!” Don asked her, “Do you like jacking him off?”

“No!” She said. “You’re making me do this!”

“That’s right Hon, he paid for you, so you’re gonna have to do what he wants.” Cindy said, “But I don’t want to, it’s so dirty!”

Don looked over at the old guy and said to him, “Sorry bud, she really doesn’t want to, so I guess you are shit out of luck! With that, the old guy through her hand off, grabbed for his towel to cover his hard-on, and stormed off. Don and Cindy sat there for a while and talked. “I’m sorry Hon”. Don said, “I didn’t think you would dislike it so much.”

“It’s not that.” Cindy said. “It’s just that I wasn’t expecting that to happen, and it scared me.” Don asked, “Did you like it at all?” She looked at him and said, “It happened so sudden that I guess I just freaked! But, yes! I was really turned on by the whole thing!”

“I was actually masturbating his cock with those kids playing a few feet away!” He smiled at her and said, “Come on, let’s go back upstairs and get another drink.” They got out and headed back to their room. On the way there, she asked him, “Are you mad at me?”

“Not at all Hon, I love you very much and would not make you do something that you really didn’t want to do.”

“It’s not that, I actually love it!”

“Like I said, it just freaked me out!”

“Would you do it again if I asked you to?” She said, “Yes I would. But now I will be kind of expecting something to happed.”

They got in the room and Cindy went in the bathroom and put on her sweats as Don locked the door and walked over to make some more drinks. Cindy came over and grabbed her drink. When she turned around, she was startled to find the old guy she was masturbating in the hot-tub, sitting in a chair next to the bed! He was naked with his hard cock in his hand and was stroking it slowly. Cindy looked over at her husband and he said, “He paid me to make you do sexual things for him.”

“Now you are gonna do it!” And threw her onto the bed. The old man grabbed her arms as her husband pulled off her sweat bottoms leaving her bare cunt lips in full view for the stranger. As the old guy held her arms, Don dove between her legs and shoved his tongue deep into her cunt. He sucked and licked at her little pussy while the old guy watched. “That’s it! Suck on the little girl’s hot pussy!” He shouted at him. Don ate her till she shook and was ready to cum. Ben told them to stop. He looked at her naked pussy lips, smiled and said, “Get on top of her! I want you to fuck her while I watch! The old man was fantasizing that Don was raping his own little girl.

Don placed his cock at her warm wet cunt and started to enter her. She looked over at the old guy to see him stroking his large cock as he watched them fuck. “That’s it…ram it in the little girl!”

“Fuck her virgin cunt!” He yelled at Don. Don fucked his wife for about ten minutes while the stranger jacked off in front of them. He was pumping the long thick shaft with one hand, and with the other, he was pulling and fondling his large balls. Then he said to them, “That’s enough!”

“Now bring that little cunt here!” He then pulled Cindy up by the arms and grabbed her by the tits and said, “Come up here little girl!”

“I want you to sit on my lap!” She looked at her husband and he nodded his head. Don pulled out of her and she got up off the bed. The old guy pulled her Ankara escort bayan over to him. He turned her around, grabbed her by the hips and sat her on his lap so that his large cock was sticking out between her legs. The way she was sitting there, it looked like that large cock was actually hers! Ben looked over to me and said, “Look bud, you’re little girl has a big cock.”

“Come over here and get on you’re knees.”

“You’re gonna take it in you’re mouth and suck it for her.” I looked at Cindy and she smiled at me. She got this sassy look of revenge in her eyes and said, “Yes! Get over here on you’re knees.”

“You are gonna suck my cock daddy!” She then reached down between her legs and grabbed a hold of the hard cock that stuck up out of her crotch. She slowly stroked it up and down as if it were her own! It was so sexy, that Don couldn’t help himself from falling to his knees, bringing his face just inch’s away from “her” cock.

Cindy pointed the cock forward toward his lips and said, “Come on…show me how my daddy will suck cock for his little girl!”

“You want it don’t you? You want to suck this nice big cock. Come on…show me how much you want to suck it!” The cock head was very large and shaped like a mushroom. His shaft was also very thick and long. Don’s wife pushed it down further, touching it to his lips. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him onto the head of the big cock. It started to enter his mouth and Cindy gasped. Her shaved pussy lips were spread around the thick shaft, and her clit was rubbing on it. That caused a vibration on her clit with every movement of the cock. Don ran his tongue all around the big head. It was soft like velvet. After he licked the head a bit, he opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips around the head. It was huge! He sucked on the cock head while she slowly pumped it up and down as if it were really hers and she were feeding it to him! At the same time, she was pushing the big penis back against her clit. Ben had her tits in his hands and was squeezing and pinching them. Cindy said, “That’s it. Now take it deeper!” Then she put both hands on her husband’s head and started pushing him down onto the thick cock meat, forcing him to take it deeper into his throat.

Don had it in about 6″ when she began to move his head up and down on it. She fucked his mouth just like Don fucked hers when they made love. She continued forcing him to suck the stranger’s cock while he fondled and pulled at her tits. Cindy was pushing her husband’s head down onto the large cock to see how much he could take! She watched closely just how her husband sucked on it, as she knew that men knew how to suck cock cause after all, they had the cocks and knew how they themselves wanted to be sucked. Don was really getting into sucking the old guy’s penis as he wife fed it to him. It was in his throat about 8″ when Ben said, “You better pull him off now, or I’m gonna cum!”

Cindy moaned as if disappointed, but did as she was told and slowly pulled his head up till his mouth left the stranger’s cock. Then the old guy grabbed her hips and raised her up till her wet cunt was on top of the large cock head that she made her husband suck. He looked at Don and said, “I’m going to lower your pretty little daughter’s virgin pussy down on my big cock while you watch. What do you think of that?” Don looked at him and said, “Please don’t! I don’t think you’re fat cock will fit in her! She’s got a very tight cunt!” Ben said, “Just shut up and watch me!” Cindy was turned on by all that was happening, so she was well lubed. Don knew that would help a little. He started to lower her down onto his cock. Don watched only a few inches’s away as her plump lips started to spread wide and the big mushroom head disappeared into her cunt. It was great! Don looked into her eyes and she said, “I love Escort Ankara you hon.”

Don watched as his wife’s cunt was stretched around the massive cock as it went deeper and deeper into her. Her clit was large, and sticking out. Don leaned over and licked it to help stimulate her. She moaned as his large cock was going further and further into her. After the old man had his massive cock in her half way, he started to move her up and down, each time, going another inch deeper. Don was surprised that she could take such a large cock up her tight little cunt! This was the sight he has been fantasizing about for years! As he watched, he felt a very warm feeling deep in his chest knowing that his wife was doing this for him. She was doing it because she loved him and she knew he wanted to see her fucking a stranger’s large cock while he watched. Of course she was also doing it for herself! She also wanted to feel that big cock going into her cunt as her husband watched! He had such a nice big cock and was really stretching her bald little pussy lips tight! Soon, he was almost all the way in her little pussy. Don could see everything because of her shaved cunt lips. He knew that if he even touched his own cock, there would be cum flying everywhere!

Then the old man told Don to stand up, and shove his cock into the guy’s mouth while he fucked Don’s little girl. Don stood up and moved to him. He opened his mouth and Don shoved his cock all the way into the stranger’s mouth! Cindy turned to see her husband’s cock go so deep into his throat, that only his balls were sticking out! She stuck her tongue out and licked them. They were all in a sexual frenzy! Don pumped the old man’s mouth with his hard cock, and the old guy pumped Don’s wife’s cunt. The men were both grabbing and pulling on her tits and nipples. Don couldn’t hold back anymore and yelled, “I’m cumming!” He started to unload his thick cum into the stranger’s throat in long, hard spurts. As he did, his wife held his balls and swirled her finger’s around his sack. She said, “Oh Hon! I can feel you shooting your cum into him!” He swallowed fast as load after load shot from Don’s cock into the guy’s throat. When he finished, he pulled his cock from the old man’s mouth as he continued to fuck Don’s wife. Don got back down on his knees to watch more closely. He stuck his tongue out and took turns licking her clit, and then the guy’s large balls.

The huge cock sliding deep into his wife’s little pussy was such a fantastic sight! Don watched as the stranger’s balls got tighter and he knew the guy was about to cum! The stranger slowed his pumping and stopped with his cock almost all the way in her. He twitched and began to pump his cum deep into Don’s wife’s belly.

She looked down at him and said, “Honey! He’s cumming in my pussy!”

“Oh God! I can feel his cum shooting into me!” Don’s wife’s cunt was being filled with the hot sperm from a strange man’s cock! Don watched his balls as the thick cum kept pumping and filling her insides. The hot cum shooting into her, made her begin to orgasm herself. She came so hard, she was pumping her juice out around the big shaft that filled her pussy. Don started to lick her stretched cunt and his cock where it entered her. He was eating all the cum that was leaking out of her body. He was pumping her so full that she couldn’t take it all! What a feeling for Don! Eating another man’s fresh cum out of his own wife’s pussy! The mixture of pussy juice and male sperm was rather tasty! They finally stopped and he was still buried deep in her. They all rest for a while, then Don helped her off the old man’s big cock.

The three rested up and caught their breath for a while. Then the old man got up and said, “Thanks slut!” And through a hand full of hundred dollar bills at her. “Best money I ever spent!” He grabbed his clothes, threw them on and left. Cindy turned to her husband and said, “I love you so much hon. Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me!” Within 5 minutes, she had the cum of two different men deep in her cunt!

End of chapter two…

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