Chris Ch. 01

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“Damn it Chris! Heidi and Jewels will be here any minute!” cried Chris’s sister Hazel pounding on the bathroom door. Chris was taking a shower, after a long football practice. The heat on his body and the smell of the steam eased his body from the sore wounds of being tackled so many times. Now that his sister Hazel was barging in on his relaxed state, bothering him more than the bruised ribs that plagued his body. There was no point to stay in the shower further.

Hazel was such a bitch sometimes. She only cared about herself and who was worth her attention. Being a cheerleader at the University gave away the personality of who she was, a stuck up rich bitch.

Chris was an exact opposite of Hazel. Maybe that is why they often argued so much. Chris was very shy and didn’t associate with many people while Hazel had so many friends to keep her busy. Chris was more of a study oriented person in hopes of becoming a professional football player.

Living in a house full of women meant that bathroom time was limited. That is why Chris figured, he should get out of the shower before any of his sisters came by to make a fuss.

Chris lived with his mother and three sisters. About a year ago, when Chris was seventeen and junior in high school, their father left them to be with his secretary, and was never seen again. Ever since then everyone changed. Chris turned very shy, Hazel into a major bitch, Donna into a motherly sister and Lena into a total sweetheart, who loves everyone. Everyone deals with their father leaving in their own way.

“CHRIS OPEN THE DOOR!” cried Hazel again banging on the door harder.

“Alright! Alright!” Chris replied agitated. He put the towel around himself and opened the door. Hazel was standing there in her bathing suit with her hands on her hips looking at Chris with such hatred in her eyes.

“You know other people live in this house!” barked Hazel as she brushed passed Chris, into the bathroom, and shut the door. Chris walked into his room as fast as he could, almost knocking Lena over in the process. “Watch where your going, hun!”

“Oh sorry Lena. I’m leaking here. Don’t want to start too big of a trail.” Chris apologized.

“It’s ok. Just be careful.”

“I know.” said Chris shutting his door.

Instead of drying himself, Chris relaxed on his bed. The bed felt good on Chris’s sore muscles and the first time he’s been able to really rest on it in a while. Between school and football practice, there was little time spent at home. Chris liked to keep busy so he could avoid Hazel as much as possible.

It wasn’t the fighting that bugged Chris so much, it was the envy he had burning for her. Hazel had everything: friends, popularity, and a definite knockout. Everything about Hazel’s appearance, would intensify a man. The long blonde hair running down her small shoulders. Her sexy long, smooth legs that she used to jump up and down on the gym floor at prep rallies. Her athletic build body with a flat stomach and curves that her clothes accentuated perfectly. Hazel had these glittery blue eyes with a silky face that made her look like an angel every time any guy looked at her. Hazel was beautiful and even Chris could admit it. That is why he envied her so much.

Whenever Chris was around Hazel, he felt insecure about himself. Chris wasn’t a bad looking guy. he had short brown hair that he gelled with a spike rising above his forehead. His face was clean of the plague called acne that most teenagers his age had problems with. He was a well built, tall boy with a toned body and well defined muscles even though he doesn’t show much. Chris worked hard to keep his appearance at a standard high, but compared to Hazel, who made a life of it, he felt cut short.

A little while later, Chris got changed into some shorts and t-shirt. He had plans to stay in his room to study and do homework. There was a little get together with Hazel and her two friends Heidi and Jewels, but being the antisocial that Chris is he decided to be out of the way.

By the evening there was no studying to be done. The get together was in their backyard and he could hear the girls splashing and yelling having the time of their lives. Chris was just about to put away his books when he heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” Chris yelled to whoever it was.

“Hey kiddo!” said Donna once she opened the door. Donna was the mother of the group. She was the oldest out of them all and took care of her brother and sisters, after their father left.

Donna was beautiful in her own right. She had brown hair down to her shoulders with green eyes and little freckles on her face. She wore big t-shirts to hid her attributes, but it was a shame because Chris accidentally walked in on her taking a shower and she had a fantastic body with slender, long legs, a firm round ass and voluptuous full breasts, with a smooth, tan belly. Donna wasn’t big on the make up, but whenever she got dressed up, men have screamed. Not to mention Chris loved her perfume.

Donna came in wearing izmir escort her usual baggy clothes that hung on her body. Her hair was dangling on her shoulders as she brushed her hair behind her ears as she spoke. “Hey Chris! Dinner will be ready soon. How come your not out there with the others?” Donna sat next to me on the bed with her hands on her knees looking at me. She was waiting for an answer.

“You know I don’t like hanging out with Hazel’s friends.” lied Chris. “Besides, I don’t think Hazel wants me to be in the way.”

Donna raised her left arm up and around Chris’s shoulders. Se shook her head and said “Who cares what Hazel thinks! It’s your pool too. Besides Lena wants you to go out there and spend some time with her anyway.”

Donna really knows how to push Chris’s buttons. She knew Chris wouldn’t say no if Lena wanted him to go down there and see him. Chris and Lena are very close. they have been since they were kids. Being the two youngest and Hazel and Donna being the two oldest it is natural that Chris and Lena are so close with Hazel and Donna so distant. Ever since their father left Chris and Lena got closer looking out for each other and taking care of one another.

“Alright! I guess I can do that if Lena wants me to.” Chris said looking up at Donna again.

Donna took her arm off from around Chris’s and tapped his shoulder. “Thata boy! And don’t worry about Hazel. She is so cooped up with entertaining Jewels and Heidi she wont even notice you!”

Donna had a point. Just like everyone else, Hazel acts differently when she has guests. Hazel turns from such a total stuck up bitch to a little sweetheart. That is the only time I like having Hazel around because she is actually nice tome. She likes to show off that she is a sweet, innocent girl, but Chris can easily see through her charade.

“Alright then!” sighed Donna tapping her knees before standing up. “Now don’t keep Lena waiting. I had to fight her from barging in here and scaring the piss out of you.”

Obviously Donna was joking. Lena really wasn’t the type of person to yell, lose her temper or barge through doors. Lena was a laid back person and it took a lot of work to make her angry. Maybe that is why people get along with her so well, except for Hazel of course. Hazel didn’t get along with anyone.

Don’t underestimate a patient person like Lena. Lena is a very calm, cool and collective person, but if you manage to piss her off it will cause an earthquake. Whenever Lena erupts all hell breaks loose. One time Hazel took Lena’s diary and started flipping through the pages. There must of been something in there that Lena didn’t want Hazel to find out and Lena tackled her down the stairs breaking Hazel’s arm in the process. Ever since then Hazel never said more than two words to Lena.

Chris came downstairs and into the backyard. Hazel and her friends were in the pool splashing around and giggling. Chris looked around for Lena, who was sitting on a long folding chair by the pool. She wasn’t into the whole party that Hazel and the girls were having in the pool. Lena wasn’t even in a bathing suit.

Lena was laying on the chair with her hair in a ponytail squished between her back and the chair. She was wearing jean shorts that showed off her tan legs, and a tank top that showed the top of her bathing suit tied around the back of her neck. In her left hand was a beer that she brought to her lips to drink.

Lena was drinking?! What in the world was going on? Lena wasn’t the type to drink and when she did it was only a few beers. But Lena was beyond a few. Chris could smell it from across the yard. It was a bad sight.

Chris sat down on the folding chair beside Lena. Lena looked over at Chris and smiled. Chris hoped that she didn’t because he could smell the alcohol on her breath clearly. Grabbing the beer for Lena’s hand “What’s up Lena? You never drink like this.”

“No, but tonight is a special night. I am free tonight.” slurred Lena as she snatched the bottle out of Chris’s hand and drank.

Chris snatched it back from Lena’s fingers. “What do you mean? I thought you were inviting Jake over.”

“Well Jake, decided to FUCK that bitch Stephanie.” said Lena taking the bottle again and downing it before Chris could take it again.

Chris felt bad for Lena now. Lena and Jake have been dating for over a year. It was looking like they were in love. the last thing Chris was expecting was to find out Jake would cheat on Lena with her best friend.

Stephanie was Lena’s best friend since diapers. Chris was too young to know, but he heard stories about Lena and Stephanie fighting for the baby rattle. Now they were fighting over Jake.

Chris looked at Lena who suddenly stood up with her ponytail swinging left and right as she walked. Her hips were rocking as Chris watched her. Chris felt bad about Lena, but he wasn’t going to let her drink herself into depression.

Lena grabbed another beer from the cooler. Chris walked alsancak escort up to Lena with a purpose. He looked at her with a look of disappointment in his face. “Come on Lena. I’ve never seen you drink like this. This has to stop.”

“Please Chris! Just one more!” pleaded Lena as she looked at Chris with fear in her eyes. Chris had to give in. He loved Lena very much and couldn’t watch her in so much pain. He could smell the pain off of her worse than the alcohol. that escaped Lena’s lips. Chris rationalized the situation. Lena obviously drank many beers already and on more couldn’t hurt, but if she asked for another, Chris would have to put his foot down.

“Alright Lena, but no more, promise?” Chris asked handing Lena the beer.

Chris and Lena sat by the pool in their respective folding chairs. They talked about Jake and Stephanie. When Lena asked about the girls in Chris s life, Chris had the same answer “I like to concentrate with my studies.”

The trust is Chris had no luck with women. Most people think that being on the football team, gives you an all day pass to women, but it doesn’t. Chris always had a problem with women. He just didn’t know what to say when it came down to talking to girls.

After a while the girls got bored and come out of the pool. Heidi came out of the water with her long red hair clinging to her back as water was dripping down her gorgeous body. A gorgeous body Heidi had. Heidi was sort around 5’4″. Her bathing suit was a small blue and yellow bikini that tied on her hips and her top held her enormous breasts into place Chris wondered how they hold those monsters. Heidi’s face was tan like the rest of her body. She was a little Latino girl with a big smile and a small nose that made her all the more appealing. Chris had a crush on her as long as he could remember.

Chris felt nervous as Heidi came walking towards him. Her wide hips were swaying side to side as she walked hypnotizing Chris. When she got to the chair that Chris was sitting on she stopped and stared at him with those gorgeous green eyes. “Excuse me, Chris!”. Heidi reached behind Chris to get the towel that was on the back of the chair. As she leaned over to get it Chris got a close up view of her breasts. Chris could tell the water was cool as he was her erect nipples through her bikini top.

“Sorry Chris.” said Heidi now drying herself off with the towel and sat down beside him. Chris could smell the chlorine off her, but could care less. He was sitting next to a Latino goddess. “So…” continued Heidi tying the towel around her bathing suit and running her hands through her hair trying to make it presentable. “So what’s up, Chris? You don’t talk to me anymore.”

“Sorry, I’ve been busy.” lied Chris. Chris and Heidi used to be really good friends despite Hazel’s protests. Whenever Heidi came over was the only time Hazel and Chris spent any time together. The three of them used to stay up all night talking and when Hazel fell asleep, they used to talk into early morning. Sometimes when Hazel and Chris would have a big fight earlier in the day and Chris wouldn’t hang out with Hazel, Heidi would sneak into Chris’s room after Hazel fell asleep.

All that changed after Chris’s father left. It seemed like he shut himself off from the world, and only Lena was able to penetrate Chris’s defenses. Chris stopped talking to Heidi, and regretted it. Even though he had no chance with her, Heidi was good friend.

Heidi looked at Lena with a raised eyebrow. She knew that Lena wasn’t herself. Anyone could tell with her red eyes and the attitude she possessed. Not to mention her breath was overflowing with alcohol. “God Damn Lena! How much did you drink?”

“I’m fine. I think I’m going to call it a night.” said Lena slowly staggering to her feet.

“It’s only seven o’ clock!” said Heidi checking the clock that was on the wall by the door that led in the house.

“Yeah, well long day tomorrow.” said Lena walking into the house looking down at her feet.

“What’s wrong with Lena?” asked Heidi turning her attention back to Chris, once Lena was clear out of earshot. Chris felt awkward being alone with Heidi. Heidi being in a towel and bathing suit didn’t help the situation nonetheless. She looked extremely sexy with her wet hair hanging down the back of her towel and her breasts pushing on the knot that she tied it around her. Chris needed to get out of there and luckily he had an excuse.

“Lena had a long day.” Chris lied trying to get his eyes off of Heidi’s cleavage protruding through the top of the towel. “I think I’m going to check on her.”

“Yeah maybe you should.” nodded Heidi with a look of disappointment on her face. Chris stood up and walked passed Heidi, cut as he did she snatched his hand stopping him from going any further. She looked up at Chris with those hypnotic green eyes again. “Chris! I am your friend. I know it has been hard for you the past year, but I want you to know that I am here for you.”

“Y-Yeah buca escort I know.” said Chris unable of what to think at that moment. Heidi was a beauty unconceivable to him. Chris didn’t know what to do or say. All he knew was the feel of Heidi soft hands on his felt nice and warm and a little uncomfortable. Chris looked back at Heidi and smiled. “Thanks Heidi, but I need to check on Lena.”

“Alright! I need to shower and change anyway.” said Heidi following him in.

The smell of Donna’s cooking engulfed the room. The table was set for five people. There was a total of six people in the house. Not to mention Chris’s mother, but Donna never made a plate for her because, she was seldom at home. Chris’s mother worked for a prestigious law firm and had many business trips. Chris missed his mother dearly, but couldn’t complain, she worked hard to provide a future for him and his sisters.

Chris walked up to Donna who was doing some finishing touches on the lasagna. “umm Donna, I only see five plates here. Aren’t there six of us.”

Donna turned around and looked at me irritated. She looked extremely angry. Her face was red, her hands were gripping the spoon a little too hard for Chris’s liking. Chris backed up a few steps and raised her hands to her hips. “BECAUSE OF HER UPSTAIRS! SHE HAD TOO MUCH TO DRINK! NOW SHE IS TOO DRUNK TO EAT THIS MEAL I WORKED SO HARD TO MAKE!”

Chris looked over at the table and immediately understood her pain. It looked like a thanksgiving dinner in September. There were five plates around the extended dining room table. Usually it was a small table for the four of us. Now apparently while Chris was outside with Lena, Donna installed the piece into the table to make more room. In the center of the table were plates of food: salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, ham, and an big spot in the middle for the lasagna. It was a well prepared fest for their little party.

Chris understood Donna’s pain. It was an enormous meal and it looked like, she put a long of work into preparing this meal. The sweat running down her cheeks and the food stains on her shirt were evidence enough of her hard work.

The whole dinner situation brought mixed feelings for Chris. He felt bad for all the work she had done, but Chris also felt bad for Lena because she was going through a rough time, and now she was going to miss a great dinner.

On the other hand he was disappointed in Lena. Lena was going through a real traumatic event, but Chris thought she would of treated the situation differently. Lena was a responsible person, and she never drank more than half a beer. Tonight Lena was a whole new person, and Chris suddenly knew that there was a whole new side to Lena. A side of Lena he didn’t want to see again.

With the way Lena was acting Donna being so angry, Chris decided not to argue. He figured Lena not joining them was for the best. Chris sat in silence as all the girls chatted as they ate. By the time Chris was halfway through his lasagna, his appetite was diminished into nothing.

Heidi came down a little while later. She looked absolutely beautiful in her short, shorts and a t-shirt she always wore when she spent the night. The damp hair from the shower and the nipples poking through the fabric of her t-shirt was going too far in Chris’s comfort zone. He threw away his lasagna and rinsed out the dish, before leaving the room without a word to any of the girls.

Late that night after everyone has fallen asleep, Chris laid awake in his bed. He had been tossing and turning all night trying to fall asleep, with no success. thinking about Lena, Donna being angry, and the fact that Heidi noticed Chris’s change in behavior was too much to ignore. There was so much on his mind that he thought he’d never all asleep.

Knock! Knock!

Oh now what! Chris thought to himself. It was a little late for someone to be knocking on his door. Then he though about how Heidi used to sneak into his bedroom and talk.

Regardless of who it was, Chris would have to tell them to come in before he could find out. “Come in!” The door slightly opened and the long brown hair came into view dangling off of Donna’s head. She tucked her head in looking a little sad. Her smile faded, cheeks a little paler than usual and her eyes refused to look at Chris. Chris had to be dumb not to see it.

“You got a minute?” asked Donna before stepping in the room. This was a side of Donna, Chris has never seen. It seemed like he was learning a little about his sisters, one sister at a time. Donna came in with her hands swinging at her sides. She was wearing a long t-shirt down her body to her thighs. Chris couldn’t tell if she had any underwear on because it didn’t show any signs of underwear. Donna’s nice legs were protruding under that shirt as they teased him walking in his direction. Her hips were rocking left and right as she walked and her hair clinging to her shoulders. Chris felt himself growing under his blankets at the new Donna.

“Uh y-yeah!” stuttered Chris trying no to leave Donna hanging for a reply.

“Good!” sighed Donna as she sat down with her shirt rising up a little further up her thighs. Donna brushed her hair behind her ear as she spoke. “Look Chris, I’m sorry about taking it out on you earlier. Its just that I’m worried about Lena. She hasn’t been herself lately.”

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