Code Name Tequila Ch. 20

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Ria sat with her head down in a hospital conference room. Carlos was in surgery, but the doctors had said that things looked bleak. The hospital had given the Cabo Blanco team use of one of the conference rooms to wait in to avoid the prying eyes of the press. The room was filled with Carlos’ pit crew and mechanics, as well as the a number of other members of the Cabo Blanco racing team. The mechanics huddled together. Ria was sat off in a corner, keeping to herself.

Marisa entered the room, holding two cups of coffee. She sat down beside Ria and handed her one of the cups of coffee. The two girls sat in silence, sipping their coffees until finally Ria broke the silence.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe that Carlos had such a horrific accident,” Ria said softly, her voice quivering.

Marisa put her arm around Ria. Ria lay her head in the crook of Marisa’s shoulder. The two women sat silently.

Rodrigo Tabernas and Isabella entered the waiting room. The two took a seat in a quiet corner the other side of the room. Ria glared at Tabernas.

“What if this wasn’t an accident?” Ria asked.

Marisa looked at her. “What do you mean, Ria?”

Ria motioned her head to Tabernas. “I don’t trust him. Rodrigo Tabernas. He owns the team. He could probably have engineered an accident.”

Marisa stroked Ria’s hair. Marisa was intrigued by Ria’s announcements, but she showed no external sign of it. Don’t push, Marisa told herself. Don’t get Ria too excited. Just let her tell her story. Marisa knew that Ria’s pronouncements against Tabernas were as likely to be anger at the situation than any true information. Casually and calmly, Marisa said, “Why would Tabernas want to hurt Carlos?”

Ria closed her eyes and said, “Maybe he knows. Maybe he was ordered to. Maybe he gave the order himself. Maybe he knows.”

Marisa kept her poker face of calm stillness on, but inside her mind was turning over. “Maybe he knows.” Knows what? That would be the obvious question, but it was too obvious. Marisa didn’t want to signal her interest too much in getting the answer to that question, in case Ria suddenly backed away from revealing the answer. Slowly, softly, steadily, Marisa told herself. “Come now, Ria. Don’t worry yourself with the whys. I am sure that Mr. Tabernas has no reason to hurt Carlos.”

Ria shook her head. “I wish… I wish I could tell you,” Ria said. “I don’t trust him.”

“Why would you not trust Mr. Tabernas?” Marisa asked.

Ria looked at her. “Marisa, there are things you don’t know about Tabernas. About the entire racing series. There are bad people operating here. You should leave. Today, for your own safety. There is a war going on, and people are dying. For your own safety, tell me you’ll leave.”

Marisa saw her chance. “What danger, Ria? What people are dying? Do you mean Fernandez? He died of a heart attack, didn’t he?”

Ria shook her head. “No, Marisa. He didn’t. I think Tabernas knows that Fernandez didn’t die of a heart attack, and that is why he caused Carlos’ accident.”

Marisa was surprised. Tabernas had always been on her radar, but what did Carlos have to do with anything? And what did Ria know about it? “What do you mean, Ria?” Marisa asked. “What happened to Mr. Fernandez?”

Ria started to cry. “He shot himself. We were questioning him, and he shot himself.”

Marisa cocked her head to the side. The gates had opened, and Marisa no longer took the slow and steady path. She barged ahead. “What do you mean you were questioning him? Who do you mean?”

“Carlos and I,” Ria said, her defences down and the story pouring out of her now. “We had him tied up, but he got free. He got Carlos’ gun and shot himself.” Tears were streaming down Ria’s cheeks.

“Why were you questioning him?” Marisa asked.

“Because Fernandez is connected to a drug lord called the Aguila Roja, and we are hunting for the Aguila Roja,” Ria said.

Marisa sat back. “Who is hunting for the Aguila Roja,” she asked.

Ria sat back and dried her eyes. “Everyone. The CIA, the Colombian security agency the DAS.”

Marisa let that sink in for a moment. That confirmed what Isabella had said, that Carlos was a Colombian agent of DAS. Ria was Mexican, though. She wouldn’t be working for the DAS or the CIA, at least not directly. Perhaps Carlos had simply brought her along, though for what reason Marisa was unclear. Marisa turned to Ria. “Ria, do you work for the DAS?”

Ria shook her head.

Marisa continued, “do you work for the CIA?”

Ria made no movement. Marisa took it as a positive answer. Marisa held Ria’s face in her hands, and pulled their two faces close together. “Ria, I know that Carlos’ accident was no accident. It was ordered by the Aguila Roja.”

Ria’s eyes shot open. “How do you know that?”

Marisa locked eyes with Ria. “Ria, if you work for the CIA and give me the information you got from Fernandez before he died, then I can tell you how I know that the Aguila Roja tried bağdatcaddesi escort to kill Carlos.”

* *

The surgeon felt the sweat collecting on his brow. “Sponge,” he said. The nurse wiped down his brow with a sponge, daubing away the beads of sweat. The surgeon looked up at the doctor across from him. “The damage is extensive,” The surgeon said.

The second doctor nodded. “I don’t know that we can stop the bleeding from the liver. The spleen is severely bruised.”

The surgeon nodded, looking up at the monitor. Blood pressure was sky-rocketing and the heart beat was erratic. He felt the sweat on his brown again. “Sponge,” he called out, before looking back down at his patient and saying a silent prayer.

* *

Marisa and Ria left the conference room, and found a quiet room in the hospital. Marisa looked at Ria.

Ria had fire in her eyes. “Who ordered Carlos to be killed?” she asked.

Marisa shook her head. “The Aguila Roja, according to my source. I don’t know who that is, though. What did Fernandez tell you?”

“Who told you that?” Ria pressed. “I want to talk to them.”

Marisa took a step back. “Ria, I know you are angry, but you need to be rational right now. I have been chasing the Aguila Roja for a couple of years now. You can’t just barge around questioning people. The Aguila Roja is very secretive. If you come on too strong, the Aguila Roja will just disappear and we will lose our chance to stop him.”

Ria looked up at the ceiling, breathing heavily in and out. Finally, she looked back at Marisa. “Who are you?”

Marisa responded, “I work for Venezuela’s Dirección Nacional de los Servicios de Inteligencia y Prevención, or DISIP. It is our version of the CIA and FBI, rolled up into one. I am here to infiltrate and collect information on the Aguila Roja. Do you work for the CIA?”

Ria nodded. “Yes, I do.”

Marisa smiled. “Good. Now, I suggest we share information. Obviously you were close to Luis Tabernas before his death, and have been working with Carlos and DAS to collect information. I have a wealth of information from my source. Are you willing to exchange information?”

Ria nodded. “Yes, if it will help me identify the Aguila Roja, and get revenge then let’s do it.”

The two spies sat down and over the next hour played a game of tit-for-tat, revealing small bits of information to each other, carefully and slowly, like animals circling each other, wary of whether their counterpart was friend or foe.

Ria learned that Marisa’s source was Isabella. Despite her outward prudish appearance was a bisexual. Marisa has seduced her, and was slowly getting information out of her. Isabella was well connected to someone high up with Aguila Roja’s organisation, Marisa revealed, possibly sleeping with that person, or perhaps acting as a personal administrator. Isabella was the one who revealed that the Aguila Roja knew of Carlos’ work with the DAS, and as such had ordered him to be killed. Isabella’s potential involvement in the Aguila Roja’s organisation was not something that had shown up on any CIA gathered intel on the Aguila Roja.

Throughout this exchange, Ria let out little bits of information that they had got from following Fernandez. She told Marisa about his death, about the boats in Peru and the canal plans in Panama.

After the hour of circling, the two both felt better about their involvement with each other. Both had revealed information and received back in kind. The information started to flow more freely, the secrets bigger.

Ria asked Marisa, “Who do you think Isabella is connected to within the Aguila Roja’s organisation?”

Marisa took a deep breath, and let it out. This was the biggest secret of all, and Marisa took a moment to debate the pros and cons of releasing it. Marisa was afraid that it might cause Ria to do something rash, given her emotional state, but the potential for more CIA information in return out weighed the risk. “We believe that she is directly in contact with the Aguila Roja, either as his personal assistant or his lover.”

Ria’s eyes grew wide. She thought back to the conference room, and Tabernas and Isabella sitting together. “Tabernas. She is very close to Tabernas.”

Marisa nodded. “He is our top candidate for being the Aguila Roja.”

Just then, the girls phones both buzzed in unison. They looked at their phones. It was a text message from one of the mechanics. “Doctors are out of surgery.”

The two girls ran back to the conference room where the Cabo Blanco racing team was waiting. They arrived just as the doctor walked into the room. Marisa and Ria walked into the room and stood behind him.

The doctor took a deep breath, exhaling slowly, before saying. “I’m sorry, we did everything we could, but the internal injuries were too great. Mr. Sanz is dead.”

Ria felt her knees go weak, and her vision go black. She felt her legs give way, and would have fallen to the floor beykoz escort if not for Marisa’s arms, which wrapped around her to prop her up.

* *

Two hours later, and Marisa and Ria were sitting at the bar at the hotel. Marisa was nursing her first pisco sour, while Ria was deep into her sixth tequila.

Ria had said little since the doctor made his announcement. Marisa had sat with her and watched as Ria’s face went from hatred and anger to anguish and pain, and then back again. Finally, as the fifth tequila settled into her stomach, Ria had started to come around and re-engage with the outside world. Now, on tequila number six, she was quite drunk and quite sad.

“I think we should get you up to your room,” Marisa said.

Ria nodded. Marisa helped her up, and the two women took the elevator up to Ria’s floor. Marisa walked with Ria to her room, and helped her onto the bed. Ria sat on the bed, watching as Marisa walked towards the door.

“Don’t go,” Ria called out. “I don’t want to be alone.”

Marisa looked at her. “Ria, I think you should probably just get some rest.”

Ria shook her head. “No, please, come here and hold me. I just don’t want to be alone right now.”

Marisa walked over and sat on the bed. The two women embraced, and lay back. Ria lay her head on Marisa’s chest, letting the soft, slow rise and fall of Marisa’s breathing comfort her. Marisa kissed Ria on the top of the head. Ria looked up at Marisa. Their heads slowly moved towards each other, until their lips met.

As they kissed gently, Marisa and Ria’s hands grasped each other, they fingers weaving in and out of each other. Ria’s hand ran up and down Marisa’s arm, gently massaging it. With each pass, Ria’s hand ran further up Marisa’s arm, finally onto her shoulder, and from there across her chest. Ria’s fingers played with Marisa’s nipples through the fabric of her shirt.

Marisa’s hands started to rove across Ria’s body. One hand ran down Ria’s back and over her ass, while Marisa’s other hand moved up Ria’s stomach, under her shirt and up towards her chest. Ria’s perky breasts were not covered by a bra, so Marisa’s fingers crawled over the fleshy mounds and started to play with Marisa’s nipples.

The two girls separated from their kiss, and removed each other’s shirts. Breasts exposed, their hands once again started to roam over the rounded landscape of the other woman’s chest. Ria leaned her head forward and kissed Marisa’s neck. Marisa lay on her back, and Ria moved her mouth down from Marisa’s neck across her torso until it found Marisa’s nipples. They were large and red, with a small nub. Ria kissed the nub, before taking it into her mouth and suckling it. Ria licked and kissed the nipple for a moment, and then moved over to the other nipple. Marisa moaned with pleasure.

Ria moved down to Marisa’s flat stomach, kissing and licking the side of her stomach, working towards her belly button. Marisa arched her back, and she reached between her legs and started to rub her groin, which was growing hot and wet with the attention of Ria’s lips.

Ria lay back onto her back. Marisa perched herself over Ria’s breasts, and started to suck on them. Ria felt her cock growing in her pants. She undid her pants and pulled them down, revealing her hard cock. Marisa moved her mouth down, kissing her way down Ria’s stomach until her lips touched the tip of Ria’s hard dick.

Marisa took it into her mouth, pushing herself down onto it until its full length was in her mouth. Marisa slowly moved her head up and down on the hard shaft. Ria put her head back and let out a long and loud breath. Ria’s hands reached out, grabbing at the waist of Marisa’s pants and tugging them down. Marisa’s rounded ass and wet pussy were revealed the air.

Marisa got onto all fours on the bed. Ria crawled behind her, burying her face into Marisa’s wet cunt and tight asshole. Marisa watched over her shoulder through eyes half-closed with ecstasy as the beautiful Mexican transsexual sucked on her pussy and asshole.

Marisa turned over, lying on her back. Ria started at Marisa’s knee, slowly running her tongue along Marisa’s leg until she reached her neatly trimmed pussy, the small patch of pubic hair now glistening with moisture. Ria ran her tongue up and down Marisa’s slit, playfully flicking her clit. Marisa moaned with pleasure, moving her hips to try and maximise the amount of time that Ria’s tongue was in contact with her clit. Finally, Ria settled into sucking and licking on Marisa’s clitoris. Marisa leaned back, eyes closed and hands playing with her nipples as Ria ate her pussy.

Ria ate Marisa’s pussy for ten minutes, playing and sucking on the clit, and occasionally running her tongue down and into her deep, wet hole of Marisa’s pussy. Ria’s cock was rock hard, and Marisa’s cunt lubricated, Ria climbed in between Marisa’s legs, and pushed herself inside Marisa.

Marisa moaned as Ria’s dick entered her. She looked up to see a beautiful woman caddebostan escort between her legs. Such a strange and wonderful situation, Marisa reflected to herself. The beauty and tenderness of a woman, yet with the ability to give her satisfaction like a man. Marisa reached up and wrapped her arms around Ria’s waist, urging her faster and deeper into her.

Ria obliged, closing her eyes and pumping in and out of Marisa’s wet and warm pussy. Ria bent down, laying her body on top of Marisa’s, the heat from each woman’s body radiating into the other’s. They made love in almost complete silence, only the occasionally grunt or moan breaking the intense silence.

Marisa wrapped her legs around Ria’s waist, and used them to urge Ria to enter her faster and deeper. Ria’s lip started to quiver. Marisa’s body started to shake. Both woman’s breathing became laboured. A loud grunt, a long, low moan and a series of sharp breaths. Marisa tensed, then her body shook. Her nails dug into Ria’s back. Ria’s buttock and legs tensed, and then an explosion of relief accompanied the release of her orgasm.

The two woman separated, but quickly found each other’s arms again. Marisa comforted Ria, who lay quietly until she fell asleep.

* *

Dr. Hugh Patterson’s plane landed in Santiago on Sunday, which was the day of the race. Patterson had left the camp in the jungle just after breakfast, and when he left the camp was fully intact and the prisoners were tightly locked up in their huts. It wasn’t until he was in the air that Chambers, April and May along with the help of Alma broke free of the camp.

Patterson learnt of the attack upon landing, which immediately turned his mood foul. He had hoped to enjoy a day at the car races, but obviously that was not to be.

Not that anyone was really in the mood for enjoying a day at the car races. The news that Carlos Sanz had died from injuries sustained in the crash during qualifying brought a sombre tone to the day. The usual press conferences full of jokes and banter were cancelled, and drivers and racing teams mostly kept to themselves and kept their minds concentrated on preparing for the race.

The mood in the Cabo Blanco owner’s box was doubly glum, with both the loss of Andre Frenandez and Carlos Sanz in a couple of days. Just a handful of VIPs showed up, and Marisa, Emma and Ria sat quietly as Rodrigo Fernandez and Isabella went over press releases and other business related to the racing.

Marisa and Emma watched the race, but Ria couldn’t quite keep her eye of Tabernas. Ria was hung over and still feeling the anger of learning that Carlos’ crash was no accident. Tabernas seemed the most likely candidate to be the Aguila Roja, and thus have ordered Carlos’ death. Ria seethed, knowing that despite sitting here not twenty feet from Tabernas, she could do nothing. Nothing until she had some proof that he was the Aguila Roja.

The race ended with Patterson Racing’s Jacques La Roc taking the chequered flag. Cabo Blanco’s two remaining drivers Simon Correa and Kasper Ahlstad finished 6th and 10th respectively. There was a muted celebration in the Cabo Blanco box at the sixth place finish from Correa, as that was his best finish in his short racing career so far. Mostly, though, as soon as the race finished those in the Cabo Blanco box disbanded and went their separate ways.

Ria wandered out onto the pit lane to watch the trophy presentation. Jacques La Roc accepted the trophy with a smile that seemed too big for the circumstances. He scanned the crowd, and upon seeing Ria gave her a wink. It sent a shutter down her spine.

Beside La Roc, Patterson looked on. As team owner, he was expected on the podium, but Patterson looked pale and distracted.

Ria scanned the crowd. In the Cabo Blanco garage, Tabernas was talking to Gaston, his head of security. Tabernas told Gaston something. Gaston nodded gravely, and walked out the back of the garage. Tabernas headed the other way – out of the front of the garage and down the pit lane.

Ria walked through the Cabo Blanco garage and out the same door as Tabernas. She scanned the distance, and saw Gaston disappearing around a corner. Ria quickly followed, running to close the gap between her and Gaston. Ria saw Gaston jump into one of the waiting taxis. Ria grabbed a taxi of her own, and had it follow Gaston.

Gaston returned to the hotel at which all the Cabo Blanco team members were staying. Ria saw Gaston enter the hotel. She quickly paid up her cab and followed him into the lobby. She scanned the lobby, finding it hard to find him in the crowd. There were seemingly hundreds of people milling around, many of them members of the press who were waiting for the key members of the Cabo Blanco racing team to return so they could get quotes and comments.

Finally, Ria saw Gaston near the elevator banks. Ria pushed her way through the crowd, almost knocking a few photographers to their feet, who cursed after Ria.

Ahead of her, Ria saw Gaston get into an open elevator. Ria pressed ahead, knocking a photographer and a reporter to the ground. The elevator doors started to close. Ria surged forward, only to be slowed by a hand on her shoulder. She turned around quickly to see the reporter she had knocked to the ground.

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