Curiosity… And the Massage Continues

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Huge Ass

My thanks to everyone for the positive voting and for the feedback that many have shared. Hope you’ll enjoy this next story as well.


Although I’m not a real fan of Jimmy’s studio location, I decided to return and take advantage of the longer massage session that he had to offer. We hadn’t really talked about the difference between the two session lengths, but I always enjoy the time on someone’s table, the sensation of being touched, and any extra benefits that they’ve shared. His massage work was different than some of the others in many ways and I enjoyed the other talents that he shared beyond his incredible hands…

I scheduled a late afternoon massage on a weekend knowing that it would likely be the last session of the day. That often helps prevent feeling like there is a need to wrap things up to get ready for someone else to arrive. Plus the commercial building was almost empty judging by the parking area – which is a plus to me because it feels a bit more discreet especially since a common bathroom in the hallway is all that’s available here… We exchanged updates for a few minutes, and he then lead me into the massage room telling me to let him know when I was ready to get started. Right away, this visit felt more comfortable and familiar although I was experiencing a good bit of soreness deep in my left ass cheek.

After stripping and getting more relaxed on the table, I called to Jimmy so he could get started. A little more details about him… probably about the same age as myself and had a good body. My guess would be that his massage practice keeps him in good shape, but I would also guess that he doesn’t spend a lot of time in any gym. Lightly hairy all over kind of like myself, nice package, large strong hands that were comfortably warm. He strolled in nude with the massage lotion holster tied around his waist. His cock was just slightly aroused, but appeared his pubes were a bit more trimmed up than I recalled. He also seemed to be quite a bit tanner and his tan was just a bit darker on the bulk of his body compared to his ass and crotch. I recalled that he was taking vacation after I had been there before – must have been somewhere that allowed for some privacy judging by the tan lines.

He got to work beginning on my back and shoulders with a bit of evaluation before adding any lotion to the massage. I mentioned the discomfort in my ass cheek and he said that we would get there in a bit. It was obvious to him that my shoulders were in knots and it felt great to have him begin to melt those away. I liked how he would work deep into the area and then move on to the rest of my back and return again once I had relaxed more before attempting to work the sore area further.

The massage felt different to me this time – probably because we were both a bit more familiar with each other. We talked a bit about the unexpected heat that already begun – realizing that summer was arriving. Jimmy talked about having a pool and was looking forward to a bit of time to relax in it enjoying the warm sunny days. I mentioned that he must have enjoyed his vacation and he said that they had perfect weather. Told him I noticed the tan and he only commented about the quiet, beautiful beaches.

As he continued to work on my back, he seemed to extend his strokes further than I recalled from the prior massage – covering more of my back and grazing the top of my ass cheeks each time. His method also seemed to be more varied between therapeutic work along with more sensual strokes. He continued to work on the shoulders with pressure, but his touch grew lighter as he approached the crack of my butt while primarily working alongside of me. My hands were draped over the sides of the table, but I was able to reach back and share some touch of his body as well. I stroked his leg working my way up to his butt and attempting to reach between his legs.

He came to the head of the table to work more into my neck muscles. As his strokes began to focus more on my upper arm and into the shoulder, I turned my head toward his body and noticed that he was now somewhat more aroused than when Casibom he first walked in. He stayed where he was and began to work across my upper back addressing the area on the opposite side of my body. I extended my head a bit to just capture the head of his cock in my mouth. He let out a soft moan and continued what he was doing. I grabbed his sack and pulled him closer to me taking him deeper and feeling him get plumper as I sucked. After a minute or so, I felt him begin to flex his hips as he took control of his rhythm within my mouth continuing to verbally let me know how much he was enjoying it. After awhile, he withdrew and went back to working on my neck having me put my head back in the headrest to allow him to concentrate on that area more.

When he finished there, he moved to the other side and resumed working on my neck (always one of my trouble spots). He then began working that side, down my back and again extending the strokes to my ass. But this time, his strokes of my butt seemed more intense and extended into my crack deeper. I too let out some soft moans letting him know that I was enjoying the attention. He moved back up the table and repeated his work on this upper arm and shoulder while I reached again for his dick. But this time, I began playing with it more and feeling his balls since he was standing a bit further from the table. It wasn’t long before he moved closer and fed me again. He has a nice suckable cock and it was audibly clear that he was appreciating what I was doing to him – concentrating a bit on his head and also working on the shaft as he pumped it.

After a brief period, time for him to move on… and it felt like he might need a little relief. He commented, ‘you’re good at that’. I replied that I’m sure he would be even better knowing what lied ahead.

He now started working my lower legs and calves hitting a couple of areas where I had been cramping recently. Has a great way of taking your mind off the discomfort of his working on sort spots – feather light sensual strokes up the inside of my leg and thighs returning to the same spot until everything was comfortable in the spots that had been sore. The work progressed up my leg and he began to concentrate more across my quads into my inner thighs and working into my lower butt. Again, he could tell I was enjoying that and he would frequently graze my sack and tease my crack with sensual strokes. Before moving on, he bent his body over my legs and I felt that wonderful warm tongue searching for his target from the bottom of my crack. I slightly lifted my butt and attempted to open my legs a bit to give him easier access as I began to quietly moan how good it felt. As he began diving deeper, I could feel the stubble of his face brushing the sides of my ass. He started doing the scissoring move that I had really enjoyed last time where one arm was reaching in underneath my hip and sweeping across my crotch while the other arm was sweeping underneath from below my quads catching my hardening cock and maneuvering it downward between my thighs. Once he had me in the position he wanted, he moved up the table a bit so he could lower his mouth further and began lightly sucking on my dick between my thighs followed by running his tongue up the shaft across my balls and on up into my crack.

I knew from the last time, I couldn’t take much more of that or I would end up shooting my load since it was so pleasurable. So after a number of repeated passes, I asked him to give me a breather and move on. I wanted to enjoy the rest of the massage before l came – and explained that I preferred to be on my back when that happened so I could enjoy it more. One last pass to tease me… and he then moved up closer to my hips and abdomen and began concentrating on my glutes. Although it felt great, I was looking forward to him getting to the other side which was where the tender spot was. But for now, he was back within my reach again and I resumed playing with his cock and balls. You could tell he was thoroughly enjoying himself by now – the tip of his cock actually felt moist. He seemed to like the touch that he was experiencing and moved Casibom Giriş a bit further up the table so I could play a bit easier. I ran my hand under his balls and between his thighs – also a bit moist – and I began to hear his appreciation. His work on my butt was a mix of deep massage followed by teasing caresses the length of my crack. As he drew his hand down my crack, I attempted to slightly lift my ass to encourage him to go deeper. It wasn’t long before I felt his fingers circling my hole occasionally penetrating it slightly. I would grip his cock tighter as that occurred letting him know he hit the bullseye. That encouraged him to play there more while he was working through the muscles of my glute. I certainly enjoyed it and appreciated that it wasn’t so stimulating that I had to worry about it pushing me over the edge.

Onto the other side, and he pretty much repeated the same flow. That calf was in better shape and he quickly moved up to the thigh sweeping underneath the quad again – this time teasing my balls a bit more and giving them a bit of massage. I felt that warm moist tongue return again briefly, but with a little less gusto this time so I was safe from losing control. His body was now back alongside my hip again and was within easy reach. As I resumed playing with him, he began working into the glute and you could tell he found the sore spot in my cheek. He slowly worked at it from different angles continuing to dig further into the muscle… thankfully also occasionally playing with my hole and stroking my shaft and sack to distract me from the discomfort. The massage continued to follow through the cheek into my thigh trying to stretch the fibers and provide relief. To add a bit more distraction after a bit, I felt him lean over my back and butt again feeling his stubble along the cheeks of my ass followed by a light sweeping of his tongue from top to bottom while lightly teasing my dick with his other hand. I told him how much I was enjoying those sensations and commented that he seemed to be as well. It seemed to be something he returned to frequently and I was never really sure whether it was because he sensed how pleasurable it was, or whether it was something he really just enjoyed doing.

He finished up by rubbing a towel all over my torso to remove any excess cream followed by sensually laying the towel over my body and slowly dragging it down the length of my body to remove it before telling me I could flip over and get comfortable.

The work with me face up started with him pulling up a stool and working the muscles from the neck up into my head and out across the shoulders. His strokes then continued from there down across my chest and over my nipples. Although the nips usually stiffen up, they never seem to help stiffen anything further south like they do for some guys… but I enjoyed the touch none the less. He briefly worked a bit on my abs before moving to the other end of the table.

Here he began with a brief foot massage and continued working his way up my legs. When he arrived at my quads, he massaged further between my legs deeper into the thighs adding sensual strokes up the side of the thigh into my crotch stroking the length of my shaft which began expanding again. Once I was fully erect, he moved to the other leg and repeated it all from start to finish. His strokes reached further back grazing my hole. By this point, I was the one who was beginning to get moist…

He turned his body toward my head and began working the length of my arm holding it in place so I couldn’t really show much attention to his body. As the massage moved back into the shoulder and pecs, he would briefly lean over and suck on the nipples. I was kind of wishing that I could return the same attention to him to see what effect it would have but they’ve never been within my reach while this work occurs. Again, repeated the techniques on the opposite side…

The attention then turned back to my cock, first with a bit of massage which I provided to him as well since he was standing along my side. He was definitely damper than before… He leaned his body over the table Casibom Güncel Giriş to begin taking my dick into his mouth and lightly teasing my hole with his fingers. His position made it a bit harder for me to keep playing with his massage toy. As I laid there, I recalled the conversations from the earlier visit and decided to see how comfortable he really might be since he had commented that he’s typically pretty comfortable with most requests. So, I suggested to him that I would be ok with some mutual sucking if he was ok with that and the table could support both of us. He was clearly fine with that and I quickly had his nice suckable cock back in my mouth while he continued his oral work on mine. He was definitely leaking a bit and I’m sure that I probably was too since it felt so great. You could tell he’s had lots of practice – changing the suction and tempo, shallower and then deeper – ummmm.

Before it got too far down this path, I asked him for a quick breather because I had another suggestion. So he hopped off the table and continued to lightly stroke me while we talked for a second. I asked if he would consider sharing his cock in another hole and received a very quick ‘sure’ as his reply. But I wanted to be sure that he was able to safely share which wasn’t a problem for him at all. He quickly retrieved some protection and lube.

Now, he repositioned me a bit on the table so he could stand and enter me from the side of the table. I shared that I didn’t have much experience doing this, so please take it slowly… As he began to enter, it was clear that I wasn’t quite ready – so he withdrew and began fingering my hole to open me up a bit and get me more accustomed to his size. That really seemed to help and he was able to enter me without too much additional discomfort. Once he was in and things felt more pleasurable, he was off to the races while he continued to play with my cock trying to maintain the fading erection that had been disappearing as he attempted to enter me. While I was enjoying the ride, you wouldn’t have really known it by looking at my dick.

After a bit, you could tell that Jimmy was about to explode. Soon he was slamming it home and was over the edge filling the condom with his load. But he wasn’t done with me… After withdrawing, he leaned back over and began to swallow me once again and I quickly returned back to full mast. While continuing to suck, he was also teasing my hole penetrating it with his finger. After a little time, I warned him that I was about to come, but that didn’t seem to phase him – he just kept sucking like he knew what he wanted. Soon enough, I couldn’t hold on any more and began to fire in that warm mouth. The tongue action stopped but he continued to suck and then released my load back onto my shaft. It felt incredible having it drool from him back onto me. He stroked me for a bit since my erection didn’t seem to want to quit – but eventually he grabbed a cloth from the steam cabinet and began cleaning up my crotch and ass up a bit. He then got me turned back around so I was comfortable on the table and grabbed a warm towel completely covering me with it. He told me to take my time putting myself back together and thanked me. I returned the thanks and told him how much I enjoyed the entire visit and was glad that I had asked for the longer session.

When I returned to the outer office, he was checking messages. I headed for the bathroom across the hallway wishing that it was in his studio and had a shower that we could share a nice soapy clean-up in together. I came back and we chatted for a few minutes more about plans for the rest of the weekend. We shared a big bear hug and then we walked out together since he was now done for the day.

Quite a memorable massage – wonderful just for the massage itself – but even better that I had a chance for more experiences related to my curiosity. He made this curious cub feel quite comfortable, and seemed to appreciate everything that I attempted to share with him as well. I’m sure that I’ll visit again – would definitely be back more often if it was closer and the facilities were more accommodating.


Hope you enjoy this story as well… certainly have appreciated the feedback that I’ve been sent from the earlier stories. And also hope that you’ll try a similar experience for yourself if you find that you’re now more interested…

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