Dana and Lisa – Pt. 02

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A few weeks after our Las Vegas trip, Lisa and I were relaxing on our patio watching the Pacific Ocean waves crashing on the shore while enjoying a little wine. We hadn’t talked much about the strange experience and I wasn’t going to bring it up. I knew Lisa would when she was ready to.

Lisa was looking out at the ocean when she changed the subject and blurted out “Dana, I think you were turned on when we got kidnapped.”

I have never lied to Lisa, and I never will. But I wasn’t looking forward to her finding out my part in all this. I love her with all my heart and I would be devastated if she was upset about it and blamed me. I took a deep breath and replied “Yes, I was totally turned on. You looked so sexy in front of me, I couldn’t help but be excited.”

Lisa’s demeanor changed. She pulled off her sunglasses and turned to look me directly in the eye. “I was terrified! I thought they were going to rape us and leave us for dead in some back alley. But you were turned on! I think right from the start!”

Her tone showed me she was upset, and I didn’t blame her. Maybe if I had more time to think about it, but I don’t ever do that. I just blurted it out. “Well, I knew they were not going to rape us, because…” and I realized I had already said too much.

“Yes? Dana? You knew because of what? What did you know Dana??” Her voice raising with intensity with each question.

I’m not good at these things. I’m fairly emotional anyway, and hate it when she’s mad at me. I immediately start to cry and blurted it out. “I knew, because it was my fantasy. It was all my fault, Lisa. I’m so sorry!”

I’m in full blown blubbering by the time I get the whole sentence out. Lisa’s tone softened and she asked “what do you mean, Dana? Who were those people? What do you mean it was your fantasy? Did you arrange this??” The last question with some anger rising in her voice again.

“No! I didn’t arrange it, and I have no idea who the people are. But a few weeks ago, when we got together with our little gang. Remember, you had to meet with your publisher so you couldn’t make it that day. When were all sitting around talking, drinking a bit too much wine, and the girls were sharing some secret fantasies, and I shared one of mine.”

Lisa sat back in her chair, almost in shock. Her mouth hung open with the revelation I had confessed.

“And you didn’t think this was worth mentioning??” She said with accusation dripping from her voice.

“Lisa! You know how much I hate it when you are mad at me! How could I tell you? Besides, we were gagged! And after the fact, I was just too scared. I’d do anything to make it up to you, if I could. I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy my fantasy.”

Lisa was quiet. Unlike me, she chooses her words before she just opens her mouth and lets stupid fly out. After a few moments, she finally spoke “okay, a few things there. First, I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it… I was terrified, but it was erotic and I loved seeing you tied up like that. Second, I am going to hold you to the commitment you just made to do anything to make it up to me.”

I was a little taken aback. Her demeanor was very different. “Wait, what? I didn’t make a commitment… did I? I don’t remember saying that… what did I just say?” She had me totally confused.

Lisa said “you said you’d do anything… and you meant it right? You didn’t lie to me, did you? Along with omitting to tell me you knew who did this to us.”

She knows exactly how to push my buttons. I hate liars, and I won’t lie even for some elaborate prank. And she knows that, having unwittingly ruined her surprise plans in the past because I wouldn’t lie for her.

“Lisa, I really don’t know who those people were, I don’t know who put them up to it. I assume it was one of our friends, several of them could easily afford it and would do it for us (or me, I guess) just out of love. Maybe several of them did it together, I don’t know!” I was getting a little agitated because of her accusatory tone.

“What is it you want me to do?” I asked.

Lisa stood up and told me to follow her. We got up and went into the house. She led me into our bedroom, then into the big attached bathroom. She opened the counter door and pulled out a bag I had stashed under the sink. I immediately knew I had totally been caught.

After we got released, we just stuffed the gags and cuffs and things we were still wearing into our purses and headed back to the room. Later, when Lisa was in the shower, I gathered them all together and hid them in one of our shopping bags. Then when we got home, I stashed it under the sink… and now Lisa is holding it.

She walked back into the bedroom and tossed the bag onto istanbul travesti the bed.

“Put them on” she said.

These were all part of my fantasy. So, I didn’t even think about it I just sat down on the bed, dug out the ankle cuffs and buckled them on my ankles. Then dug out the wrist cuffs and pushed up the long sleeves of my hoodie to get to my wrists, then buckled them in place. I then rummaged around the bag and found the two collars which were still chained together and was fiddling with them when Lisa couldn’t keep her mouth shut any longer.

“Oh my god! You really are like a bondage slut! You didn’t even ask what I wanted! You just happily started locking yourself up!”

That kind of stung me, I don’t like name calling, and I’ve never been a slut. But I did like wearing these things.

“Lisa! You have no right to call me a slut! Why are you being so mean to me…” I blurted out but she was already sitting down next to me, with a big smile on her face and wrapping her arm around me.

“Dana… I’m not serious. I’m sorry I called you a slut. But the bondage part was right, isn’t it?”

I looked her in the eyes and said quietly “yes. I love the idea of being tied up. I had never experienced it, until when we were locked together and it was one of the most sexually exciting moments in my life… to me.”

Lisa continued to look me in the eye and said in a low, seductive voice “you still owe me. Put your hands behind your back.”

I turned away from her, presenting my back to her, with my hands together for her. She dug in the bag and pulled out a metal clip and locked my wrists together. She then rummaged around in the bag and pulled out one of the gags and slid it into my mouth, then buckled it behind my head just like our captors had done.

I moaned a little because I was getting really turned on. And it reminded me of hearing my beloved wife moaning in her gag when we were captives, which had also turned me on.

Lisa pushed me over, so I was lying face down on our bed. She got up and went into our bathroom and came back quickly, carrying a wooden hairbrush.

I started making protest sounds at her, which she ignored and pulled down my leggings to my knees. Then she pulled down my panties and started running her hand over my exposed bare ass.

She caressed one cheek softly, then slapped it with her hand. I let out a little yelp, because I hadn’t expected that. She then started softy caressing the other cheek, and I was preparing myself for the slap coming next when SMACK! She hit my first cheek with the hairbrush! I jumped and yelled. Before I could recover, SMACK! She hit the other cheek. Then SMACK! SMAK! She alternated a few times back and forth. I lost count, tears were running down my face, I was crying into the gag stuffed in my mouth and resigned to just take whatever punishment my love wanted to give me.

I think my ass was really red when she finally stopped slapping and smacking me. She stopped suddenly then told me “Good girl, you are now forgiven.”

She unlocked my wrists and got up and left the room. Leaving me like that, laying on the bed sobbing. I stayed there for a few minutes, until the burning in my ass calmed down a little. Then carefully reached behind my head and unbuckled the gag. I climbed off the bed and very carefully pulled my panties back up, then my leggings. My ass was tender, but not in horrible pain. My pride was a bit more wounded however.

I removed the cuffs, put all the toys back in the bag and returned it to its place under the sink. I put the hairbrush away, made the bed again, then headed out into the kitchen. I saw Lisa had gone back out on the patio again and was drinking her wine.

I didn’t say anything as I joined her on the patio. I just carefully sat back down in my chair and looked at her.

Lisa didn’t bother to look my way, she just said “you aren’t the only one with fantasies you know. That was one of mine. And I enjoyed it immensely, thank you.”

She looked over at me and smiled with a wicked smile and said “I’m going to want to do that again. Now, is there anything else you are hiding from me?”

I was getting into the spirit of her tone, and replied “I’m a naughty girl. It’s my nature.”

We both started laughing, unable to keep up our farcical bantering. Soon we were both sharing some of our deep dark secret fantasies with each other. We learned that day that neither of us had wanted to share them before because we were both worried about scaring off or alienating the other. We vowed to each other to never keep such things from each other again.

Eventually, we were both so turned on that we were back in the istanbul travestileri bedroom, this time both of us were naked and making love to each other as we always had. It was incredible, probably partly fueled by our mutual ideas of the kinky things we were going to explore together.

The following morning, after breakfast we were sitting at the kitchen table working through plans for a seminar in Seattle.

Lisa asked “Dana, I think I left the itinerary from the last seminar laying on the bed. Would you go grab it for me please?”

I got up and walked into the bedroom, but instead of seeing an itinerary on the bed, there was a pair of the leather wrist cuffs, a pair of the ankle cuffs, one of the collars, one of the gags and a pair of my highest heels laying on the bed.

I went back into the kitchen and asked “Lisa, what is this stuff for? What’s going on?”

Lisa turned and looked at me with a very stern expression, her long blond hair was now in a ponytail from high on her head. She said “Dana, I’d like you to put those on… and nothing else. Will you do that for me?”

My inner kinky girl was already turned on so I didn’t even reply. I just turned and went back into the bedroom and stripped. I sat down on the edge of the bed and started buckling the ankle cuffs on and also the strappy heels she laid out for me. Next, I buckled the cuffs on each of my wrists, then the collar around my neck then lastly the gag in my mouth and strapped around my head.

I was getting really wet as I put them on. The idea of my lovely wife taking me while bound was another of my fantasies that I had only just shared with her. I got up and walked into the kitchen to find Lisa was now wearing her short, silky baby blue robe and nothing else.

She looked up at me and stopped for a moment, just staring. “I’ve known you all of my adult life and then some. We’ve been together for years. But Dana, every time I see you naked you take my breath away.”

My eyes started to well up a little, but I couldn’t say anything, I was already wearing the gag. Lisa stood up and walked over to me. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders and we walked back into the bedroom, side by side.

I sat down on the end of the bed, and pulled my long hair around in front of me, then scooted to the middle of the bed. Lisa asked me to lay down on my back. She sat down next to me, and had me spread my legs and pull my knees up. My heels were digging into the bed. She pulled my ankles back far enough where she could clip my ankle to my wrist on each side. She then told me to spread my legs more, exposing myself completely to her.

Lisa then reached into the drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a blindfold we had bought to see if it would help with sleep. It didn’t. Now she carefully and lovingly put it on me.

It was an electric feeling. My body tingling as I laid there naked on our bed. My hands and legs immobilized, and I couldn’t see or talk to Lisa. I could feel she had gotten off the bed, and she was opening drawers, and rummaging around. My thoughts were soaring. What was she going to do to me? Hopefully not spank me again. Thankfully, this wasn’t a good position for that.

I wasn’t worried because I was pretty sure I was more adventurous with what I would like to try, then what she would be willing to do. It turned out, that may not have been an accurate assumption on my part.

I felt her climb up between my legs. She started gently kissing my belly, then moved up higher and started lightly licking my nipples. First one, then the other. Playing with me with her subtle ministrations. She then started nibbling lightly with her teeth which she knows turns me on.

My hips started moving on their own, as her teasing continued. I was moaning loudly, enjoying her undivided attention. Finally, she stopped and slid down a bit. I next felt the head of a dildo at my wet pussy. We don’t play with it often, but we have both enjoyed pleasing each other with it. And this time she was holding it just at my opening, teasing me. I rotated my hips around, trying to get her to slide it in.

I started whining, trying to goad her into sticking it in. When she finally did, I was so wet that it easily slid deep inside me and I moaned loudly with pleasure. My body immediately started gyrating more, wanting more and more. Lisa was happy to oblige, sliding it in and out with the rhythms of my body. Faster and faster, sliding it in as deep as it could go. My excitement kept growing until I squealed as my first orgasm grew inside me, flowing all through me. Lisa held the dildo deep inside me as my body spasmed on the bed. When I finally calmed down, she pulled travesti istanbul it back out.

I laid there, my breathing still heavy, fully expecting she would unlock me then, but she didn’t. Instead, she started licking my clit. Gently at first, then harder and harder. That part of me is so sensitive, I can hardly deal with her attention. Normally I stop her if she goes there, but that wasn’t possible for me, I was hers to do with as she pleased. My feeling of vulnerability and helplessness to her was almost as intoxicating and exciting to me as what she was physically doing. My body shook hard with each flick of her tongue, and the bite of her teeth on my tender clit. I was making all kinds of noises, screaming and moaning in my gag. My body was thrashing on the bed with her manipulating of me. The rattling sounds of the metal clips holding my cuffs together filled the air as my arms reacted involuntarily to her assault. She was relentless, pushing me farther and farther out of my mind until I felt my second orgasm growing and overpower me. I screamed again as the feelings overpowered me and flowed all over my sweating body.

Lisa showed some mercy and let me lay there and catch my breath. We have had some amazing experiences before; this one was definitely way up the list. It felt so incredible to feel that, but to also not be able to see or say anything, nor could I push her away since my hands were bound. Instead, I could only lay there and experience what my lover had in store for me. My little world had just been blown apart. The real experience was far better than my fantasy ever hoped to be. What I didn’t know was that she had more planned.

I could tell by the feel of the bed moving, that she was sitting on the end of the bed again. I remember thinking that she must be getting into a position to unlock my hands easier or something. I was totally taken by surprise when I felt her finger around my ass. This was not something we had ever done before. I could feel something wet (other than my wetness) as she apparently was applying lubricant to my virgin hole. I gasped loudly as she stuck something inside my ass.

She did show it to me later, and explained it was a small vibrating butt plug with a remote but it felt pretty big to me when she stuck it in. And she didn’t hesitate to slide it all the way in either. And then she just left it there, deep inside my ass.

Then I felt her climb up between my legs again and she started licking my nipples again. Only this time, I could also feel a dildo laying on my belly, so I knew she had put on our strap-on harness. We had recently bought a thing called a “bumpher” which was supposed to increase the wearer’s stimulation. But we hadn’t tried it yet, so I figured she must want to try it now.

I was soaking wet, so she had no trouble sliding the dildo inside me but it felt bigger now than it had earlier. That, combined with the plug in my ass, caused a friction between the two invaders which was a new and incredible sensation. Lisa then started taking me in long, hard strokes.

My body was on overload. Lisa slammed hard into me, over and over, then she switched on the vibrator in my ass and my body was electrified. Every nerve ending was tingling. I screamed into my gag, I had never in my life experienced something so intense before.

The feel of Lisa on top of me, plowing into me. Her swinging breasts swaying over my own, our nipples happily brushing each other, and the tingling coming from the invader in my ass, my senses were on complete overload. And for the first time in my life, a third orgasm swept over me.

Lisa was also experiencing an orgasm of her own, but I didn’t know it at the time, I was too overloaded to think. My body shook and quivered, shaking all over as the waves of pleasure swept through my captive body. Lisa laid down on top of me, her dildo still deep inside me. She thankfully turned off the plug tingling in my ass. Our sweaty bodies pressed together, almost becoming one.

Finally, Lisa climbed off of me and released my wrists. I took my gag and blindfold off, and then just stretched out on the bed. I was so overcome from what Lisa had just done to me, she had to remind me to spread my legs so she could pull the plug out of my ass.

After a while, we both got up and I removed my cuffs and collar. Lisa took off her robe and we headed to the shower, holding hands. We started the water, stepped in and immediately were running our hands over each other’s bodies, letting the warm water flow over us as we put soap on each other. Playfully enjoying our time and pushing our wet soapy bodies against each other. We didn’t do anything sexual, but just enjoyed exploring each other and being together.

After we got out and dried off, we got dressed and went to a local favorite restaurant for a late lunch. I’m sure no one seeing us would have any idea that this woman had just given me one of the most powerful sexual experiences of my life, and I’m good with that.

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