Eternally Bound Pt. 03

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“Welcome to San Diego where the local time is 11:32am,” chirped the flight attendant as our aircraft taxied to the gate.

Thankfully, our flight hadn’t been delayed and we still had the chance to sneak into the house while Mom was out. Shannon and I were both determined not to ruin the surprise for Mom. We had the entire sequence of events planned and rehearsed, leaving nothing to chance. Mom usually got home from Pilates shortly after 2pm, and we had just enough time to set everything up.

Shannon and I showered a few minutes before 2pm so we would be nice and clean for mom. Shannon wrapped a towel around my waist and told me not to put any clothes on, as she wanted the full nudity to take mom by surprise. Shannon kept her hair wet, and she too wore only a towel. I was beside myself the entire time just imagining what untold beauty awaited the three of us. Mom pulled into the driveway at 2:12pm and came through the garage door as she always did. But this time she found a string of pink yarn tied to the kitchen table and leading up the banister of the stairs. At each juncture of the yarn a small printed note would give her clues as to what was in store for her.

We had woven the yarn to through the entire house, naturally ending in her bedroom, where both Shannon and I would be waiting for her. We both watched the live home video surveillance footage on my cell phone app as Mom stopped to read each note. The first note read: “A lifetime of forbidden love.”

Mom practically melted reading the endearing note.

At the bottom of the stairs, the card read: “Each step is now together, as one.”

When Mom reached the top of the stairs another card awaited her: “We have climbed the stairs on a journey so many only dream of.”

“Oh, baby,” I heard Mom whimper as she wiped away tears of joy.

As Mom made her way into her bedroom, she found the end of the pink yarn held in my right hand. She shrieked at the slight shock of seeing me.

“Oh my God, Chris!”

I grinning and silently offered her my left hand. “My God, you’re here! And Shannon?”

“Hi Beth. We wanted to surprise you,” Shannon said, hugging Mom. “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“Oh my God, you too! Wow, this is so… I’m so happy!”

Mom leaned up for a loving but “safe” kiss. Having another person present definitely gave her reason to pause. I, however, was feeling braver and kept my mouth pressed to her cheek.

“God, this is so surprising,” she said. “And you brought Shannon!”

“It was my idea,” Shannon replied.

“Oh God, thank you so much.”

She leaned over to hug Shannon, and they held each other more a litter longer than expected.

“I’m sorry if I’m a little awkward,” Mom began.

“I totally understand, it’s all new,” replied Shannon reassuringly.

Mom relaxed a little. “It really is, but I’m so grateful to have someone on our side.”

“I’m your and Chris’s biggest cheerleader, Beth-have been from day one.”

“God, I am so glad he has you,” Mom replied.

“And now he’ll have you. Forever.”

Mom smiled tearfully, hugging Beth again.

“Your relationship will be my greatest accomplishment,” Shannon added. “Bringing you together like this. God, you two look so good together. I never realized how much until just now.”

“Thank you. Chris never would have said anything if it weren’t for you and your class,” Mom remarked.

“I know,” Shannon answered. “Honestly I always hoped one of my classes would bring a couple together like this.”

Shannon leaned back, looking into Mom’s teary eyes. “God, I see why Chris fell so hard for you.”

“Mmm,” Mom chuckled shyly as I stepped closer to them.

“I think the feeling’s mutual,” added Mom.

“It is,” I said.

I could see the sparks of a deep friendship forming. As Mom met Shannon’s intense gaze, she said brightly “Well, let’s make our guest feel at home.”

Then, slipping out of Shannon’s arms and turning to me, she said “Honey, would you go pour us some wine and open up the pool?”


“Shannon, honey, is a medium red Zinfandel okay?”

“Lovely, yes.”

“And some snacks too, honey,” Mom said to me.

“On it.” I winked at Shannon as she snuck in a quick kiss . “Love her ass!” Shannon mouthed to me with a sly grin.

“Just wait until you taste it,” I shot back.

“You wish.”

I gave her a soft pat on her ass and headed out to set up the pool.

Moments later, Shannon joined me outside in her all-white bathing suit. It was a one-piece but really gave her pale skin a warm orange glow, and it had the high cut on it that I adored accenting the width of her hips. I proudly watched her sashay toward me, strutting those hips I so loved.

“I think I freaked your mom out a little,” she said sheepishly.

“It’ll just take some time for her to get used to you. It’s all so new for her.” Shannon said. I handed her a full glass of red wine and we clinked our glasses together in a toast.

“To true love,” gaziantep escort Shannon proposed.

“To friends who believe in it,” I added.

As we sipped, Mom joined us. Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing the skimpy black suit she’d worn in the steamy photos she’d she sent. Damn. Still, she looked breathtaking. She had on her black one-piece suit with a floral print kimono over it, tied around her hips. I shot up out of my seat, greeting Mom with a quick kiss on the lips.

“You look amazing,” I whispered.

“Aww, thanks honey.”

Shannon handed Mom her own glass of wine as we sat down. Now the real “get to know you” phase began. Luckily, the wine was the perfect emollient as Mom gradually opened up. Shannon’s calming, supportive tone certainly helped too. Before too long we’d finished the bottle and I offered to go fetch another one, thinking it best to leave them alone for a while. When I returned I did some laps in the pool, as I could hear their conversation turn quiet. Pretending to be focused on my laps, I overheard the occasional snippet:

“I never thought he’d come through…”

“Are you scared?”

“I swear he knows what I’m going to say next…”

I jumped out of the pool, making my way to the pair.

“Well hello sexy!” Shannon called, raising her arms in bravado.

“Oh please,” I said, deflecting the praise.

“You made a hell of a sexy-ass stud, Beth,” she added.

“That I did,” agreed Mom.

I leaned over Mom’s chair, giving her a long kiss that she eagerly returned. This time there was no hesitancy or doubt in her.

“Now that’s what I mean,” Shannon noted.

Mom purred in agreement, gently curling her arms around me to savor our kiss. I had missed the taste of her during these long few weeks apart, the slow gentle motions of her lips on mine. Mom was simply the best kisser, blending tongue, saliva and meaning in every gesture.

“Yeah,” Shannon whispered fervently. “Oh my God, that is so beautiful to see.”

Our lips split for a brief moment as Mom exhaled longingly. I sensed the release of countless repressed emotions from her.

“God, that is so sexy to watch a mother and son kiss like lovers,” Shannon said.

“Mmm,” mom replied, initiating a renewed, more powerful kiss.

I lowered myself to her, gliding my tongue past her chin to her jaw.

“Yeah Chris, just like that, baby,” Shannon urged wickedly. “God, I can see that lust in your kiss.”

A half-cry, half-moan escaped from Mother’s mouth-a cry of surrender and hope.

“Your son’s kissing you, Beth. Think about what that means.”

Mother’s only reply was a slight, throaty gasp. A shiver ran down her spine as her body quivered in my arms.

“Oh God, yes,” Mom uttered, enthralled. I heard Shannon move closer to us as I felt Mom’s fingernails graze my back ever so lightly. God, I fucking loved it when she did that.

“Never thought it could be so good, did you Beth?”

“No,” whispered Mother.

The salty tang of her skin filled my mouth as I licked her neck up and down, crosswise and up again in super slow motion, taking my time to savor the flesh of my own Mother.

“The look on your face says it all,” Shannon continued. “So much beauty… so much hope, isn’t there?”

Mom’s voice shook. “Yes. God, yes.”

“No other man could kiss you like he does.”

Mother’s back arched as I sank my teeth into the nape of her neck. I had straddled Mother now as her hands clutched my arms, brushing my back and ass. Her fingernails tucked under the waistband of my trunks in search of my insatiable cock. I flinched as I felt her sacred touch on my hard shaft.

“Yeah,” moaned Shannon. “Feeling that hardness, aren’t you Beth? The cock of your own son.”

Mom’s only reply was to pull my head up and smother her lips to mine. Her hands tugged at my trunks once more, peeling the wet fabric from my skin. A tremor of lust surged through each of us as I lifted Mother from her lounge chair, lowering her to the poolside. Shannon quickly pulled the cushion off for Mom to lay on. Our kiss didn’t break as I pulled the bathing suit down from Mom’s golden shoulders. That familiar fire of forbidden lust ignited between us as I kicked off my trunks, pressing the full weight of my cock to Mom’s thigh. “God, you two are really gonna do it,” Shannon commented. “Mother and son will make love to each other… as nature intended.”

Her words added to my already-blinding lust, creating a powerful need within me. I was all over Mom, pulling down the top of her swimsuit to worship the motherly breasts I so loved. “Get this off,” Mom panted. “Wanna feel you on me.”

We leapt up, angrily yanking off her swimsuit. As soon as I flung it away I leant over Mom, reveling in the unholy glory of our bodies together. Mom’s walls were completely down as we hungrily lapped and sucked at each other’s faces. I reached down, clutching my manhood and pointing it back into my dear mother’s pussy. I eased my tingling cock inside her, quickly reminding myself giresun escort that it had been months since I had been inside her. That made me appreciate the sins I was about to commit even more. Mom’s “O” face distorted her lovely features, her face reddened in disbelief that we were making love again. A low growl grew into a higher, helpless wail as my balls came to rest against her vulva. My gasps quickened as I breathed in her ear, inundated by the welcoming warmth of Mother’s essence. It felt as if thousands of tiny oily fingertips were cradling my cock, gently caressing it again and again.

It was her, my mother, who I was inside.

“Oh, Mother,” I whispered against her left ear.

Mom shuddered, practically weeping from my reaction. Shannon crawled over to Mom’s right ear…

“Back inside you, isn’t he?”

Feeble and weak, Mom faintly nodded yes.

I tongued her ear, circling the delicate skin over and over. Mom’s body stiffened, quivering as I slipped back out, and gently back in, each time subtly seeking to get deeper than before.

“It’s not sex, is it?” Shannon said knowingly. “It’s so much more.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mom replied amidst the waves of building orgasm.

“It’s spiritual.”

“Ooooh yeah,” Mom cried, louder this time.

The trembling increased as I began to move in a steady rhythm, in and out of my beloved mother’s flesh. I propped myself up on my hands, gazing down to see the sight that took my breath away: My hard, glistening cock, vanishing and reappearing from my mother’s core. I sawed back and forth, each thrust filled with more purpose than the last. Mother knew this, reaching up to position my sweat-soaked face so we could look at each other.

“Tell your son he’s home,” Shannon urged.

“You’re home, my love.”

I loved hearing her say that. It was still as fresh and as shocking as it was the first time we made love.

“There’s nowhere else he’d rather be,” affirmed Shannon, now holding Mom’s head in her arms while looking up at me.

The site of Mom and Shannon robbed me of whatever willpower I had left. It still took my breath away that I was able to bed my mother, let alone find someone who championed our romance so deeply. And now, perhaps, these sparks between Mom and Shannon could develop into something more.

A loud, steady clap echoed between our bodies as I pounded Mom. I came back down, reaching under her to grasp her wide hips. That feeling of mother’s soft, buxom flesh galvanized my appetite. I bounced atop her again and again, really nailing her with every ounce of my being.

“Ooooh Beth, you did it,” said Shannon.

I smothered my mouth to Mother’s, thrusting my tongue down her throat, trying to match the thrusting of my cock. Mom answered by sucking it, cradling my sweat-covered face with her open palms, whimpering in forbidden abandon.

“Kiss the man you were meant to love,” ordered Shannon.

Our mouths twisted, curling for a deeper kiss.

“No going back. Ever.”

Mom broke our kiss to pledge “No, never.”

“Always together,” I added.

Mother pulled my face down to hers again, sealing our lips once more as I dug my fingernails into her ass cheeks.

“Get on your back, Chris” directed Shannon. “I want your mother to mount you.”

Mother and I shared a quick nod yes as we obeyed. I looked down to see my cock, drenched in my mother’s juices and pointing skyward, and admired the beauty of my mother’s golden flesh straddling me. I took note of her hair smeared to her forehead in sweat, reassuring myself that I was the cause of that. Her right leg lifted across me, enticing me to softly touch the tanned curvy thickness.

My mother came down on me, jutting that big juicy ass out. Both hands clamped down on the sweet width of her hips. Not yet inside her, we made out for some time as Shannon cradled my head the way she’d previously held Mother’s.

“Now you have her, Chris.”

I basked in Shannon’s tantalizing commentary. She knew exactly what to say and how to say it. I think it took Mom a little time to adjust to it, but she was clearly coming around very quickly.

“Gonna watch you vanish inside her,” Shannon said, crawling down to where my cock was throbbing against mom’s vulva. “Put the tip in,” Shannon ordered, grasping my cock. “But keep it there.”

I felt the sweet sting of Mother’s warmth envelop my head. The sensation made my body spasm. Mom held my shoulders, letting my face get lost between her large breasts.

“God almighty, look at your hips and ass,” commented Shannon. “Jesus, no wonder he wants you.”

I glanced up to see a look on Mom’s face I’d never seen before. I instantly committed it to memory: Her mouth agape, her brow wrinkled in deep concentration, unspeakable bliss and pure contentment. I knew she was at peace with this. I realized at that moment that nothing I had read or seen on the internet had prepared me for the real thing. Mother’s hips instinctually lowered; enormous pride swelled in me as I was rewarded with the most gümüşhane escort forbidden privilege known to man: The contact of her body atop me, skin to skin. The dreams, the fantasies of a love so wrong and immoral-all of it amplified the unbelievable joy of having my cock in her pussy. We were both inundated with so many emotions: Hope, chance, desperation… all of it filled us with a sense of purpose. Arising discovery, boundless hope. Eternal love.

“Get on your knees,” Shannon ordered Mom, who quickly complied. “Time for some doggy style.”

Mom and I glanced at one another in giddy excitement. Shannon grabbed a cushion from a nearby lounge chair for Mom’s knees. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t done doggy style yet, but was grateful Shannon made mention of it. Mom swung her right leg about, jutting out her wet, bronzed cheeks. The heavenly sight of her supple ass briefly paralyzed me. Mom gazed over her shoulder at me, giving me a look of reckless desire. I crawled behind, caressing the crown of her left cheek. The feel of her wet, golden ass made my cock throb even harder as I aimed it where it belonged.

“Yeah Chris,” purred Shannon. “Take your mother.”

I looked down at my cock about to enter her, sliding it up as I leaned forward. I eased myself in as Mom yelped.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Shannon continued. “Fucking your mom at the pool where you stared at her.”

Mom and I wailed, acknowledging the delicious disclosure.

I brought my right hand up, resting it atop her right ass cheek. The feeling of Mom’s plump ass and luscious width seized my senses.

“Yeah, now you know, don’t you Chris? Like you’re in charge… the captain of his vessel.”

I began sawing in and out of Mom, amazed at the momentous significance of this setting. But feeling Mom’s ass pouncing back at me crippled any rational thought process.

“Arch your back down,” Shannon motioned Mom as her chest lay flat on the cushion. “Yeah, put that ass way up for him.”

I buckled, picking up the pace of my thrusts. I clutched and clawed at her beautifully rounded hips, my instincts fully heightened. Moms spread out flat on the cushion and concrete, willingly overpowered by my strength and need.

I glanced over to see a look of wonder and infatuation on Shannon’s lovely face. Her mouth was wide open, and I wondered what thoughts were swirling in that creative mind of hers.

Mom’s hands made tight fists as I pulled her ass back at me with dire need. I loved how round and big her ass was and how captivating it looked being pounded by my every lunge. I was transfixed by their golden allure as I slammed into her, balls-deep. I roared in triumph-long, high-pitched wails that announced to the world what sweet ecstasy my dear mother was bestowing upon me.

Mom was surely aware of what she was doing to me, of what she had managed to accomplish with that magical body of hers-that hex she had so easily cast over me ever since I could remember. Surely, she had to know.

My head rolled from side to side as I groaned in wicked ecstasy. Shannon’s chants blended with Mom’s soft cries, highlighting the meaning of this blessed intercourse between a mother and her son. Mom’s flesh dripped with sensuality, adding layers of mystery and hope to every second our bodies fought to remain joined.

She reached her left hand behind her to bring my mouth to hers. I opened my eyes to see my mother’s soul fusing with mine. A thin smile graced her face as we vowed our love once more. Her words sank into me like thousands of vines reaching into my body, planting their roots deep and true.

“Mother and son,” Shannon added. The words were laced with so much subtext and meaning that we both gasped. I buckled as the beast of my orgasm grew in strength, stirred to life by its loving creator. I shuddered, paralyzed by the sweet knowledge that I was making love to my own mother.

With urgency, she kissed me, digging those big sexy hips back into me. With each thrust we both struggled to get deeper than the last. Hearing our bodies clap together made us try that much harder. Grabbing handfuls of Mom’s meaty ass, I discovered newfound determination, wishing I could get all of my body inside her. I wanted to crawl back in her, to live in her as I once did… to be whole again.

“Love you,” Mother confessed.

“Ooooh fuck!” I cried as all the years of desiring her flashed before me. Prom. Late-night swims. All the stolen glances. The near misses. The embraces that lasted longer than they should have. Now, here we were.

“Don’t pull out, Chris,” pled Shannon.

Mom collapsed back on her chest, overcome by Shannon’s command. Her spine arched and curved just the way I liked it. With renewed vigor I grasped Mother’s hips anew, hurling into her with all of my will.

My cock now had its greatest spiritual feat to perform. It was going to release the raw essence which could be transformed into life inside my mother’s crucible. I likened it to King Kong in chains, screaming and fighting for release. Knowing I would cum inside my mother empowered the incestuous beast within me beyond measure.

No fear or doubt, no looking back. Our naked bodies, glistening with sweat, mashed together. Mother and son, for sure-but now, more importantly: Man and woman inexorably locked in the timeless act of procreation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32