Fortunate Confluence of Events Ch. 06

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This story is work of complete fiction. Any resemblance to real characters or actual events is purely coincidental and unintended. All characters are mature and over 50 so this story series will likely appeal more to the older crowd here.

There are descriptions of both bisexual female and bisexual male scenarios included herein, so for those who find such activities offensive, please head for the exits now.

Tags for this segment: nudity, BDSM, nipple clips, anal sex, ass licking, cream pie eating, cum eating, ass-to-mouth.

Approx. 5400 words, with apologies for any typos.

~ . ~

I woke up early the next morning to a red and threatening sky. The rain that had been forecast had yet to arrive, but there was every indication that it was coming, judging from the darkness on the western horizon.

I walked down to the beach, and paced up and down the length of our little resort, taking note that the other two couples had still not returned from whatever adventure they embarked on the previous day.

As I stared out to sea, a voice startled me into the present.

“Hey Max. Good morning buddy!”

I turned and smiled back.

“Hey Rube. Good morning to you too.”

We stood together watching the approaching system for a minute or two, then Ruben handed me a small blister-pack with two pills in it.

“I thought you might be able to use these – they work great for me.”

My perplexed look faded when I read the back and saw what they were – Cialis.

“I’ve never tried these; I did try Viagra a couple of times and they worked like a charm, except for the pounding headache that came with them.”

“These are much gentler,” Ruben replied, adding “the Viagra had the same effect on me. So my doctor suggested these instead – and also advised me to take it with food, a couple of aspirin, and lots of water. I’m telling you, one pill lasts almost three days! I thought it might be .. mutually beneficial .. to share them with you.”

“Three days??” I chortled. “I’m not sure I want to stay hard that long.”

“Oh no,” he laughed. “It’s not, like, constant .. just whenever you get aroused. Kind of like the way things used to be naturally when you were 21.”

I liked the sounds of that; but with these two girls running around naked, I contemplated humorously to myself, when was I not fucking aroused.

“Are you sure you have lots to spare?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, four boxes. I figured they’d come in handy at Desire. They’re cheaper on this side of the border.”

“Well it just so happens I’ve got a hot date with a Scandinavian beauty first thing this morning. I’ll let you know how it works out!”

“Got a hot date myself – I best not leave her on her own for too long either. Catch you around later then?”

“You bet, and thanks again Rube.”

I headed back and took one of the pills, chowing down a muffin and a few gulps of water with it as he’d recommended. I didn’t have any aspirin, but I did have ibuprofen, and took two of those with it. The last thing I wanted was a headache, but felt that the gamble might well be worth it.

The wind picked up and the waves got higher as I negotiated Ingrid’s front steps. It was going to be a good day for indoor activities, to be sure.

I found her in the bathtub, her hair up in a bun, and a mug of java in her hands. I also couldn’t help but notice an empty enema bag hanging upside down in the shower. My imagination started running wild.

“Help yourself to a cup, it’s in the percolator on the stove,” Ingrid suggested, “then come on back in and join me.”

The old-style porcelain tub was fairly large as bathtubs go, but with both of us being fairly tall, I doubted I’d fit in there very comfortably with her. So when I returned, I brought in one of her kitchen chairs and sat down beside her to sip my coffee. She looked so beautiful, laying back, her breasts poking above the water’s surface and nipples stretching a good half-inch from their areolae-nests.

“My, it sounds like a storm brewing out there!” She observed, lowering herself down into the relative comfort of the warm bath water.

“There is,” I answered. “I closed the windows back at my place, maybe I should do the same here?”

“Please do. It’s getting positively nipply in here.”

And boy, she wasn’t kidding..

“That’s better,” she said upon my return. “You will be rewarded handsomely.”

“I just bet I will..”

We sat and chatted while we sipped our coffee, mostly about her old (and my new) friends Ruth and Ruben, and pondering the sorts of dirty deeds they might engage in at Desire.

“It’s just a wonderful place to spend a week of hedonism – every morning you get up and just never know what erotic pleasures are waiting around the next corner. I’m betting they’ll have a great time.”

Well into my second cup of coffee, I could now feel that yellow pill doing its thing between my legs.

“Are you by chance in the mood for another surprise? tire escort It sort of looks like it..” She asked, a wicked smile cracking on her face.”

“More than you can imagine,” I replied.

“Good, help me up then.”

I pulled the chair out of the way and grasped her arms, lifting her up to a standing position and handing her a towel.

“Would you be so kind as to dry my back?” She asked, then turned around for me. Something immediately caught my eye – it appeared as though she was wearing a butt plug!

“Oh, that can come out now, too,” she said, nonchalantly bending forward.

I grasped the flange and began to slowly pull it from her, but it was not coming out very easily.

“Just go slow, twist it back and forth just a bit, it might take a minute or two. My ass doesn’t want to surrender it,” she giggled.

“Holy fuck,” I said, as I gradually worked it out of her. Although tapered narrow at the flange, it got bigger and bigger as I exposed more of it from her tight hole. It had the familiar shape of a real dick with quite the enormous head, and, seeming to have a mind of its own, slipping from my grip a couple of times and sliding right back into its happy place. On my third attempt, I was able to extract it from her pouting rectum.

“This thing’s humungous,” I commented, rinsing it off in the tub.

“Well, I’m getting geared up for something even bigger – your hard cock!”

I was elated to hear those words, to put it mildly. I had wanted to take her up the ass ever since we laid together the first time.

“You’d like me to fuck your ass?” I asked, just so she could hear those dirty words spill from my mouth.

“Yes. I’m all cleaned out for you. Come to the bedroom with me?”

She did not have to ask twice.

I followed her into her room, and watched as she threw off the top blanket, revealing a thick beach towel laid out on the bottom sheet. Alongside that was an assortment of goodies: her flogger, the nipple clips, a tube of lube, and her pink vibrator.

She laid face down, and handed me her vibrator.

“Slide it into my pussy and turn it on. Then I want to feel your tongue and fingers in my ass.”

“Well, you’re definitely in a ‘take-charge’ mood this morning. Get ready, here it comes.”

I pushed it inside her, and she held it in place as I started lapping away at the crack of her ass.

“Don’t worry, no cooties,” she said.

“That’s good, ’cause I plan on fucking your mouth after I fuck your asshole too, you salacious bitch.”

That got her quivering, and in that highly charged atmosphere, I felt myself swell to full erectness. It had been less than an hour before that I’d swallowed that pill, and it was clearly starting to have a dramatic effect.

“You’re gonna fuck my ass, then put it in my mouth?” She asked, with mocking incredulity.

“It’s not going to clean itself after I pump you full of cum now, is it?”

“Haha, well good thing I’ve got edible lube then.”

I looked at the tube, and sure enough, she was right – that’s what the label said. Cherry flavoured.

As I probed her forbidden passage with my tongue, I noticed, once again, the red flogger laying right beside us. It obviously hadn’t been put there just for decoration. I grabbed it and began running the soft rope lashes up and down her spine, raising up goose pimples on her exposed flesh.

I reeled back and swung them down hard on her right buttock, making a surprisingly loud ‘THWOK’ on her fair skin. Had it been a quiet morning with the windows open, I hazard a guess that the whole resort might have heard it..

“Oh .. Fuck. More of that, please,” she begged.

I gladly complied, and wailed away at will over her back and the cheeks of her ass. I’d never engaged in this sort of disciplinary behaviour before, yet I found it incredibly arousing. I was as hard as a granite obelisk and leaking pre-cum all over the towel beneath us. I scooped up some of the slippery fluid with my left hand and rubbed it right in to Ingrid’s butt hole, before dropping the flogger and diving in once again for another taste of her freshly lubricated asshole.

I felt the vibrations on my tongue from Ingrid’s humming toy that she was slowly pushing in and out of her slick pussy, leaking as much juice onto the towel as I was.

“I need your fingers inside me. Spread me out for your cock, baby. And keep licking me. You feel so good back there.”

I worked one, then two and three fingers into her tight canal, feeling her clamp down on them and release each time I probed deeper. I continued licking and probing her for several minutes until she could wait no longer for the real prize.

“I’m ready now. Sodomize me.”

I teased her for a bit, asking her to repeat herself a second time. She spoke softly, but assertively, letting me know in no uncertain terms what she wanted me to do.

“Please baby – Fuck my ass .. I want your big fucking dick torbalı escort up there NOW.”

I smacked her butt cheeks once more, then pulled her up on her knees, still face down on the bed.

“Get ready then, my cock-loving whore. I’m driven’ it home.”

I was shocked at the size and hardness of my penis; that little yellow pill really worked wonders, and I felt no adverse effects either. I’d never seen the head so engorged, probably since I was a teenager.

“Back into me – take it, my little anal slut,” I commanded. I knew she loved the dirty talk, and had responded quite favourably to that in our past sessions.

“Oh fuck, is that really you?” She asked. “You seem so much bigger . . OW! Shit! Slow down!”

As if to prove it was really me, I moved up toward the head of the bed and grabbed her by the hair.

“See for yourself,” I said, bobbing it right in front of her face. “Would you like to suck it first and get me nice and wet for you?”

“Oh my God, have you got a pump hidden somewhere for that thing, or what?”

I confessed that I’d obtained some ‘pharmaceutical help’ from a certain naked man on the beach earlier that morning. “Rube shared some with me – I guess he has lots. Quite the effect, eh?”

But she wasn’t able to answer at that moment, as her mouth was quite full of cock.

“That’s right, take it, you horny bitch. And don’t worry, there’ll be more of that later, after I fuck your other holes raw.”

She did take it well, but couldn’t get it more than about a third of the way down. The girth – not the length – was the limiting factor.

After determining her threshold, I grabbed her head and fucked my cock in and out with purpose, but no further than she could comfortably accommodate me; her mouth as wide open as I’d ever seen it.

“You’re such a good girl .. such a submissive slut for me, aren’t you, Ingrid.” I was very impressed with her enthusiasm, and how well she shielded her teeth from my delicate skin.

She nodded her head slightly, looking up at me with love and affection in her eyes.

When I was satisfied with that little appetizer, I pulled off and kissed all the cock-suck spit off her face, before returning to foot of the bed to get down to the real business of the day.

She’d dropped her vibrator on the bed, so I took the opportunity for a short detour, to sample that vacancy first.

“Give me that pussy baby. When I’m done with that, I’ll fuck your ass.”

I eased it into her, slowly inserting it then pulling it out, coating myself with a thick layer of her juice, while she moaned approvingly. I gradually picked up the pace once I sensed she was good and ready.

“I love all of your holes, Ingrid. Be a good little whore and take that dick.”

“I love being your fucking whore, baby. Give it to me wherever you want to. My cunt, my ass, and my dirty cock-sucking mouth. Slap my tits if I don’t do it right.”

I pulled out, my shaft glistening with our combined juices, and planted it right at her anal opening for yet another attempt at the morning’s prime directive.

She fumbled with her vibrator again, sticking it in the hole I’d just vacated. There was probably room for two or three of them in there now that I’d stretched her out, so she held it in place with her hand so it wouldn’t slip out.

“Push back against me, baby. Open that pretty ass up for me.”

She groaned as she pushed, and I could feel her outer sphincter slowly giving way, and accepting the inevitable invader.

I had a great view, and could see that the head was about to breach her first line of defence. I drizzled a generous portion of lube down her crack and over my shaft, pushing it inside her with my fingers and opening her up even more. I took a taste of it, and it really wasn’t all that bad.

“Oh, that’s right baby. Make me nice and slippery. I want you to fill my ass with your cock.”

“OK, push back against me again – just a little more..”

This time, the head popped right in, and I just held still while she adjusted to the new invader. She was good and tight, and as much as I wanted to drive it deeper, I didn’t want to do anything that might discourage her from continuing.

“Oh God, I think that’s the biggest thing that’s ever gone in there,” she said, panting heavily. “As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it.”

“You let me know when you’re ready. I’m not going to move a muscle.”

“Thanks love. I just need a minute more to relax a bit, I think.”

But it wasn’t even that long before I felt her open up, and start moving backwards into me, impaling herself inch by inch, ever deeper.

“That’s right”, I encouraged her. “Take it baby – take all of me. Nice and slow. Swallow that dick in your ass.”

“Oh FUCK . . that hurts SO good.”

I could feel the buzzing of her vibrator through her anal wall along the bottom vein of my throbbing cock, adding to the already overwhelming stimulation. üçyol escort I could feel every flinch of her muscles, squeezing then relaxing in voluntary and involuntary spasms; and I tried to imagine what it might feel like for her, dilated to the max and totally at my mercy.

I ran the lashes up her spine again as the widest point of my shaft breeched her tight inner sphincter.

“Do it baby,” she pleaded between loud groans.

And I did, too, ‘THWOK’ing her repeatedly as she writhed on my pulsating member.

It was obvious to me that I must have some suppressed urges buried inside me, that were only now coming to the surface. The act of striking her, flogging her, and calling her the filthiest names I could conjure up, awakened something inside me that I had no idea was there.

The Cialis was a definite plus, but I doubted that it contributed to my psychological state. Was I a closet sadist? I’d always thought I’d known myself inside out. But since coming under Ingrid’s spell and exploring my dominant side, things were coming to the surface that I’d never before experienced.

It was a bit scary, but at the same time, exhilarating as all hell.

By now, Ingrid was doing all the work and taking my full length in long, slow strokes. I drizzled more lube down her ass crack, pushing it deep inside with the head of my cock. She really got into a rhythm now, picking up the pace with every thrust.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and held tight, as I started to move in and out in concert with her movements, now taking more of the initiative in our sacrilegious copulation.

“That’s right baby. Fuck my ass just like that. You can go harder now if you like.”

I did, and her moaning became even louder. I was relieved I’d shut the windows earlier.

After a good pounding, she asked me to stop so she could change positions.

“Take me missionary. I want to watch you as you drive your cock up my ass.”

I hopped down and pulled her body toward the edge of the bed so I could get off my knees and stand up, placing a pillow directly underneath her butt to elevate her and get the perfect angle of approach.

She reached for her nipple clips, and affixed them as she’d done before.

“Oh God, you look so fucking sexy with those on,” I told her. “You ready?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, as I held her legs up high and slid back inside her again, this time with little resistance.

“Play with yourself. I want to feel you cum before I breed you.”

“Oh fuck, I want to cum with your cock in my ass so bad.”

I drove into her with even more authority now – she was well dilated and took me without any hint of trepidation. As I slid all the way in, I bent down until my face was just over top of hers. I could smell her desire as we kissed, and our tongues danced as if in a ballet, each of us taking turns probing and being probed.

I resumed my standing position and pulled her back to the edge of the bed again, before picking up my pace in earnest, driving my hot rod in and out of her puckered hole. I pulled firmly but carefully on the chain attached to her nipple clips, stretching out her tits as she furiously and obscenely rubbed her hairy cunt; the pink vibrator still humming away deep in her cunt.

I released her chain and grabbed the flogger, and stared down at her tits.

“Do it baby. I need to be punished for this. I am a very bad girl.”

I reeled back, and let her have it, trying without much success to avoid directly contacting the clasps over her nipples. She yelped with each landing of the lashes on her tender flesh, but not so terribly to make me think I was actually hurting her.

“Fuck .. thrash my nipples too! I’m such a naughty slut!”

I flogged those tits again and again in time with my pile-driving strokes in and out of her now stretched-to-the-limit asshole, and right over those clamped nipples too, just as she’d begged me to do. How she could sustain such intense stimulation without tapping out was a mystery to me, but with deliberate defiance, she kept crying out for more.

My arms soon became fatigued, so I dropped the flogger and leaned over her menacingly. I knew she was close and I damn well was, and I wanted us to cum together.

“Don’t cum until I tell you,” I said, knowing that purposely delaying the inevitable often leads to an even more powerful orgasm.

With each thrust of my sword into her sheath, I was pushing the vibrator in and out too – in effect, fucking both her holes at the same time.

“FUCK . . FUCK!” She said as I pounded her, her hand furiously rubbing her clit.

I’d held off as long as I could, but now felt myself at the point of no return.

“NOW,” I said; “Cum on that cock while I fill your ass!”

“YES! YES! Fill my ass!” She literally screamed out, and made a face so twisted with pleasure, I barely recognized her for a moment.

As I watched, she squirted a shot of something out from lord knows where, hitting my belly and dripping down my balls. It was a pale whitish colour, almost like breast milk, thinner than cum but thicker than piss, like nothing like I’d ever seen come out of ‘there’ before. That carried me over the edge, and I pounded five good spurts of my viscous seed deep into her bowels.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32