Golden Lust Ch. 10

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Big Cock

How peaceful… How serene… Everything is comfortable, and I want for absolutely nothing right now. I must be dreaming again. What I believe happened to me just recently, couldn’t possibly be real… especially here in my bedroom.

Did Cindy and Victoria really come over to my apartment by themselves? Did my crazy big sister honestly agree, that all of these girls deserve to have their own key to OUR place? That couldn’t be. For Samantha to agree to something like that, it would cause uncountable possible bad situations, that would only land me into more hot water. Even though hot water has been EXACTLY what I’ve been getting into lately with them… in the form of them peeing.

I must be starting to wake up right now. I can’t shake these nasty thoughts of everything’s that’s gone down recently. Did those kooky females co-conspire to lure me into going back to that soritiy house? Was it just by chance, or was it planned all along so they could all have their way with me together? They planned that whole thing out, I just KNOW that they did. I still just can’t believe, one of them put that nasty photo of me with my big sister’s pussy juice all over my mouth, on that smart screen of that refridgerator of theirs. Why would my sister even let everyone know that, and how many of the girls in that house, actually got to SEE that picture of me?

Not to mention that crazy get up, that they put me in. A freaking bow tie, and… damned pair of skimpy underwear? Fuck… I bet they all got a thrill out of that. Samantha, Cindy, Victoria, Anastasia, Tammy, and Ms Tasha all looked at me, like they practically wanted to eat me alive.

It was cool that Ms Tasha kissed me right in front of everyone though. I mean… she’s just so freaking HOT. I honestly couldn’t have predicted that all of these weird things, would be taking place between me and my own teacher. She’s probably one of the most beautiful women, that I’ve ever seen in my entire existence… even when I begged her to fart RIGHT in my face, even though my new girlfriend watched me do it.

And when they all got together in the living room there, they all ENTHUSIASTICALLY shared their kinky moments they experienced with me to each other.

How Samantha spilled the beans, on discovering my hidden fetish of seeing girls piss… To what took place between Tammy & Ms Tasha right inside of the lecture hall…

Fuck… those Gothic girls though. Both Anastasia and Victoria started playing with my dick, as I was forced to stand there, and listen to them basically joyfully brag about what they all got to do with me. I can’t ever forget how those two Goths with their icy blue eyes looked up at me, when they basically started to give me head right there, for all of the girls to watch. It was bad enough having all of the evidence my dark love of girls peeing (via the experiences with them all) being let out right in the open, but the girls were basically having one giant round table discussion about it, while all DISCUSSING those dirty deeds, as I was a willing (or I don’t know unwillingly) participant.

My steadily hardening dick, kept me from wanting to leave the crippling embarassing situation.

I brought them all drinks to enjoy during their planned discussion, but I never expected, that Tammy & Ms Tasha was going to give a live DEMONSTRATION, of what they both did to me while at school. God that was so freaking sexy though wasn’t it? They both commanded me to get down on my knees in front of both of them, and ended up having me eat both of their pussies, while also having to piss in their soda bottles. It was so confusing yet… it was so kinky while it was happening, I didn’t really know which way to turn, or what to really focus on. One girl wanted me to eat her pussy while she was leaking warm mee, and the other wanted me to hold the soda bottle to her slit, so she could mix her urine with the orange soda.

I did end up drinking both girls urine. I think some may have spilled on me, but ended up lapping up their warm pee, and even chugged it from their beverage bottles, while all of the girls watched (and cheered).

It did taste super good though. The elixir of female piss and orange soda, really woke up my taste buds. It was embarassing to do, but it NEEDED to be done. If I hadn’t it might have spilled on their nice floor, and that would’ve been a catastrophe. I want to do it again to be honest… God I’m such a pervert.

Damn it… WAIT… it’s not all good though is it? (If I can actually call this situation good). I can sense a bit of tension, between some of the girls now. Did I… honestly get so turned on by Victoria, I offered to fuck her, right here in my bedroom IN FRONT OF CINDY? Oh shit… that’s probably going to land me in some hella deep trouble, because of what I so thoughtlessly said. I love Cindy and know I want her gaziemir escort to be my girlfriend, perhaps my wife oneday. But Victoria seems so loving towards me as well (which is weird because I didn’t think Goths were like that), not to mention, in her own dark and mysterious ambience, I am madly attracted to her too.

This isn’t good…

I think Cindy & Victoria are also a tad bit self-conscious though, simply because of their tit size. They are both the smallest pairs in the bunch without a doubt.

THAT’S IT…. that’s what happened. They both took pictures of me, sucking on their titties. Then they sent those pictures directly out to Ms Tasha, solely out of spite. Because her gorgeous full-sized breasts are the BIGGEST of the bunch… even bigger than Samantha’s. They’re simply amazing. Victoria & Cindy must know how much Ms Tasha’s tits turn me on, and that triggered them to DO that with me.

Uhhhhhhhh fuck. What am I gonna do?

Ms Tasha did respond to those pics. I don’t think she was too pleased, seeing me to that to the girls. I don’t know what I can say to her, when I see her again. Cindy & Victoria… I guess I’m trapped in a weird love triangle, and BOTH of these 2 know my fetish. Hell ALL of these girls know it, but I’m guessing I’m the closest to a relationship, with these two now.

Hehe… not to mention it felt damn MAGNIFICENT, letting my load out on both of their faces. WAIT… I think I busted a nut on Victoria and Cindy’s faces, and passed out afterward. Ohhhh shit. I need to wake up. I gotta try and see what’s going on, in this mixed up situation. Lord help me… I don’t even know, what could POSSIBLY happen next.


Cracking open my eyes, before squinting a the ceailing, I briefly go back to thinking about everything I reflected on, whilst I was beginging to wake up.

Attempting to stretch while laying in my bed, I feel unable to move, like my arms are locked into place for some reason. Opening my eyes fully, I then notice a slight puff of air brushing against my cheek. I look up my left and instantly get shocked back into reality, when I see Cindy with her eyes closed, and her face is RIGHT next to mine.

Oh my god… all of that stuff I was thinking about really DID happen. Cindy’s right HERE in my own bed with with me, wait… does that mean…?

I immediately turn to my right, and notice that (sure enough) Victoria is at my opposite side, sleeping just as quiet as a church mouse. Oh man… these crazy two actually spent the night with me. I feel another puff of air coming from Cindy’s side, I look over at her again, and notice she is drooling a little, and snoring ever so slightly while she’s completely knocked out.

She really is adorable. I keep my gaze fixated on the adorable blonde girl beside me, it really is no wonder why I fell in love with her all of those years ago. I begin to smile and look over again at Victoria. She isn’t making a sound at ALL, is she really that quiet a sleeper? Her face is nearly completely covered, in that exquistely long black hair of hers. Just look at this young Gothic chic… She is cute as a button yet… so amazingly mysterious, that I can’t help BUT feel drawn to her on some deep unexplainable level. Not to mention how much she’s come to like me of late. I don’t think… I ever want to lose her. OR CINDY.

Shit… I’ve got morning wood, hell I’m not shocked though, thinking about everything that took place last night. I’ve got to get up though. I’ve got to sort things out, not to mention use the restroom myself. I exhale a bit more marginally, and smell the aroma of piss and pussy on my breath. The scent COMPLETELY catches me off guard. That’s right… I ended up eating both of these little girls pussies last night. Not to mention… I openly welcomed both of them farting right in my mouth. Pairing both of those with my morning breath, that wouldn’t be a good thing to let these girls smell.

I carefully begin to wiggle around a bit, before noticing that both girls have wrapped themselves completely around both of my arms. Hmmm… this is going to be tricky, but I’ve got to get this done. Shifting my shoulders inward a bit, and pulling my arms upward ever so slowly, I am able to get some slack from the grip both of them have on me. I notice Cindy breathe harder for a second, I quietly look over to her, and wait for her to settle back down into sleep. Looking at Victoria, she is still basically silent, so I figure she must still be gone. I begin to flap my arms gently in a back and forth motion, until I feel I’m able to pull my arms up from both of them. I crunch my stomach muscles and raise up slowly, before crawling out of my bed, making sure not to make a single sound, as I walk out of my bedroom, closing the gümüldür escort door gently behind me.

Heading to the restroom, I’m able to take a quick morning piss (which wasn’t the easiest thing to do with a somewhat hard dick), and gargle some mouthwash very deeply for a while. It really wouldn’t be right, to let the girls smell that first thing in the morning. It is then I notice I’m actually completely naked, but it’s all good, I’m in me and my sisters place after all. Exiting the bathroom complemplating what am I gonna go when those two wake up here, I stop and my mouth drops down wide open, before between being met with a familiar voice.

“Hehehehe Hello Danny. I see you are… up.”

I stand there dazed for a moment, because standing right in front of me, is my beautiful teacher Ms Tasha. She is standing there wearing a black maxi skirt with tiny white printed designs, with a short-sleeve white button down shirt, which is buttoned up only about half of the way. Her mesmerizingly bouncy huge tits, are sticking out just as clear as day. I can see she’s wearing a white bra, I just can’t… bring myself to take my eyes off of them. My hanging open mouth begins shaking from the sight of such a beautiful thing. My somewhat softening dick begins to immediately fills up with blood, springing back to life as strong as ever. Feeling it throb hard over and over, I look down noticing it standing up, and cover it with my hands before blurting out a response.

“Wh.. what are you doing here Ms Tasha!? How did you… even get inside?”

I say to her. Suddenly remember that Cindy and Victoria are fast asleep in my bed. Covering my dick while embarassingly looking at her, she casts a coy smile towards me, before reaching inside of her purse, and pulling out a duplicate key to my apartment, letting it dangle from her finger.

“I got this last night as a gift from you. All of us girls had fun hanging out, and talking about you Danny. Your sister said you’d love it, if we all had keys to the apartment, as we shoud treat it like our home too.”

She said maintaining her focus while smiling. Samantha… I KNEW she was the mastermind behind this. And saying I’d love them being able to just come over whenever they want? And calling it a “gift”. My fortress of solitude has just been obliterated. Realizing my stare instantly went back down to her tits, she begins moving closer to me, and begins pushing her massivw chest directly into my face.

“Wai- Mmmbppph!”

I speak out. Getting completely absored into my teacher’s soft, emcompassing bossom. The feel of her flesh surrounding my face is incredible. Her aroma catches me completely off guard. I’ve smelt her before, but this time I’m able to take in even MORE of her scent directly. She really smells nice. I feel that bouncy, heavy sensation of her breasts moving my head around as I stay deep inside between them. Even with her wearing a bra, this warm sensation absolutely feels like heaven from above.

“Now now… what is this Danny?”

She says. I really cannot see anything except darkness, from being enveloped by her huge breasts. But suddenly I feel one of her hands slip in between my own, and parting them so she can gain access to my dick. I feel her hand reach down and cup my balls for a moment, and she begins to massage them as if she’s feeling around for something. I moan out a bit because of the sensation. My gorgeous teacher (the most beautiful woman I have ever seen) is standing before me in my apartment in the morning, and I’m here butt ass naked, having my balls getting fondled by her.

“Mmmmmm they’re quite heavy. You haven’t emptied these out lately have you? Answer me honestly young man.”

Ms Tasha says to me. I keep my face buried between her miraculous tits, bathing in the smell and soft fluffy flesh wobbling my head around. Maintaining my silence towards her, because I feel this question might be a trap. After those pictures went out last night, she DID say I was in “big trouble’ right? I’d better keep my trap shut, and maybe she won’t press the issue too hard.


She again calls towards me, moving her hand from my balls directly against my dick. I pulled my head out from her breasts, causing them to bounce around in a mesmerizing fashion. The touch of her hand feels so damn good on my dick. Having the most beautiful woman ever in my eyes fondling me, is causing me to grow hornier by the second. I can’t bring myself to look directly at her, because I don’t want to tell her the truth about busting a nut on the girls faces last night.

“Tell your teacher the truth now. Did this let anything out last night Danny?”

She says with an even softer voice, as her hand beins pulling my cock in and out with massaging strokes. I tighten up and clench my teeth in pleasure, güzelbahçe escort not really wanting her to stop. I suddenly have the biggest urge to kiss her, right here and NOW in my apartment. But I have to answer her… but the truth might make her more upset right? Hell I’d better say SOMETHING to quench her curiosities.

“N-no!!! Of course I didn’t… I mean sure I wanted to, but the girls wouldn’t let me.”

I say to her. Looking blatantly off to the side, with a mildly nervous grin scattered across my face.

“To be honest with you Ms Tasha… I wish you would’ve spent the night with me instead.”

I then suddenly blurt out. Wait did I honestly just SAY THAT to Ms Tasha? I mean what I just said, wasn’t COMPLETELY a lie was it? I gave both Cindy and Victoria a facial, but I bet if it was her that spent the night with me, I would’ve GLADLY fucked her and given her my first time with a woman.

Ms Tasha gasps looking shocked towards what I just said. Her eyes widen in front of me, and she places one of her hands over her mouth, it’s obvious that what I just said had caught her off guard. She looks downward briefly then back up to me, with a relieved looking smile on her face. I can see her begining to blush a little bit, as we both face each other in my apartment.

“Thank you Danny. I’m really happy you said that to me.”

She says. Going immediately back to her sexual glace towards me. She then takes her hand and places it at the back of my head, pulling me down towards her mouth. My lips reach her own, and she squeezes my cock over and over, with the other hand that never let me go. My eyes instantly close, as our lips open and begin kissing each other in hallway of my apartment. Her tongue slips inside of my mouth, and her hand motion on my dick, begins jerking me up and down as she kisses me. Her tongue has brought a heap of her saliva into my mouth, spilling her spit all over my tougue, which keeps slipping across her own. She pulls her tongue out of my mouth, then presses it back in, bring even more spit inside of it.


I moan out of bit, feeling my dick get even harder, from the taste of the massive amount of her personal liquid that she has just given me. I press my lips even harder against her own. The taste of her spit is absolutely delicious. I swallow down a lot of it as we continue to kiss, as I want even more of this treasure that she’s given me. My cock feel EXTREMELY hot now, as she backs off of me one more time, then presses her mouth to my own. The amount of her saliva catches me off guard, and I moan out even more as she continues to kiss me, giving me her precious spit for me to enjoy. I swallow the pool of spit she has forced into me to enjoy. I end up backing away from her, causing a long spit trail connecting her mouth to mine, to stretch and hang down, landing directly on the floor. I felt myself almost come, and begin hunching over while breathing heavy, from what my teacher has just done to me.

“Oh my…”

Ms Tasha says. I look up at her, to see her glancing down towards my penis. I look to check what she’s staring at, to see a HUGE glob of precum that has settled on the tip of my dick. It is so big it is practically starting to hang down, and she walks over to me, and beging wiping it off with her finger.

“Did that really excite you that much Danny…?”

My teacher asks, while keep her eye sight on me. I cannot say anything, still wracked in the pleasure of tasting her spit, before seeing her push her precum coverd finger into her mouth. She begins closing her eyes, as it appears she’s taking her time to taste the fluid from my dick. My mouth hangs open a bit in amazement, here in my hot teacher standing there, tasting the precum that just came out of my dick in my apartment. She then pulls her finger out of her mouth with a *pop* and looks at me, with a completely content smile.

“Thank you for the snack Danny…”

She says. And then grabs me by the hand, before pulling me into the living room, and sets herself down on my couch. She lays all the way across it, and sits up, before pulling me down to lay down on top of her, facing the same direction. She wraps her arms across my chest from behind to hug me, and I willingly let her do so, as this position really is honestly comforting.

“Here… This is what I’d like right now…”

She then says. I’m taken back at Ms Tasha’s direction. It seems she wants to do nothing sit here on the couch with me, holding me for the moment. Being so close to my teacher, I can catch whiffs of her beautiful scent once more. She really does take good care of herself, as she’s always clean, professional, and presentable. Honestly I can’t believe how lucky I am at this moment, hell… SO many of the other students would KILL to be in my position. Nevermind the fact that this same woman who teaches one of my classes, has pissed and farted in my face before. Right now… she just… wants some time alone to cuddle with me.

“Do you really like me Danny?”

She then says softly in my ear… My dick begins to twitch a bit, and I instantly rush to answer this important question.

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