Hard Worker Ch. 10

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Hi, my name is Jean.

I’m young BI nudist, and exhibitionist, and now cross dressing junky.

Physically, I pull off an attractive young girl with 34-24-36 measurements. My face is fully made up with mascara to show off my long eyelashes, eyeliner, blush, full red lips. My long blonde hair that I wear pulled back in a ponytail. I’m five feet eight, I have small feet with red painted toenails, large ‘pianist’ hands with the same red on my fingernails. My strong well-shaped legs are covered in thigh high white socks trimmed with red stripes my only other clothing is my black patent leather pumps with 5-inch heels. I’m working undressed like this in a fancy accounting firm on my first day at work, sitting at a large glass and steel conference table with my semi erect seven-inch cut cock that is surrounded by a wisp of honey blonde hair that is like soft down covering my nice handful of hanging balls.

I’m trying to do work while watching the clock and playing with my dick. I’m having a hard time concentrating knowing that after work, my supervisor the gorgeous Victoria has told me that I will be center stage at a Bukkake event. I can’t wait to get covered in all that cum!

Finally, Victoria steps into the conference to get me. She is wearing white 6-inch platform pumps, white fishnet nylons held up by a black lace garter belt, and black satin thong trimmed in red. The bra she is wearing has thin straps of red and then thin strips of red are the edging around triangles of red lace barely covering each of her hefty handfuls of tits. Around her neck is a string of black pearls.

“Jean, it’s time to get ready,” Victoria says in a sultry and a no-nonsense voice. “I had an overwhelming amount of requests to join this party. I think every guy in the building will be there and at least, as many outsiders will show up as well. So many horny guys wanted to attend that I had to promise to schedule another event tomorrow after work as well.”

“Oh my!” I squeal.

She takes my hand and leads me out of the office and down the hall toward a closed office down one hallway, near the back elevator. She opens the door up with her keys and we step in. As we step over the dark threshold, the lights and electric devices click on and begin to hum, all as if by magic.

“Everything is rigged to motion detectors,” Victoria explains.

It is a large empty room with parquet wooden flooring fixed up to look like a fancy living bornova escort room. What is a living room doing in the middle of an office complex? Then it hits me. It is a huge stage for a porn set. I spot the video cameras that are placed all around and on, they were the electronic sounds I heard. So, that is who shares this floor with our office, porn companies.

In the room’s center is a mechanical device on the floor is sort of like a kid’s plastic horse to ride on, it has a leather saddle with stirrups, but it has one very unusual feature, a realistic plastic cock with balls attached to the saddle. I almost imagine that my own cock and balls were used as the model for that cock; it seems to be the same length and girth as my erect tool.

“That’s where you will be as the center piece of this event,” Victoria says, “Time to get on it.”

I walk up to the mechanical horse and I imagine that sitting on it my head would be placed at level to most guys’ cock. There is a lotion bottle near the base of the horse and I take it, pour out some white cream, and rub it on my ass crack and asshole. I insert my lotion greased finger into my ass and slip it in and out. Okay, I think I’m ready. I straddle the horse and hold the erect plastic cock steady as I aim it and my asshole to meet. They do and I slowly set my ass down as the silicon cock slides into my ass. Finally, my ass rest against the horse’s balls and saddle. Victoria then secures my ankles to the bottom of the horse so I can’t get off it. Then she takes my arms and pulls them straight down and she secures them to the bottom of the horse as well.

“Now feel the fun,” Victoria says with a wicked glee. She is holding a remote control of some kind and as she flicks a button and spins a dial, I feel the cock in my ass begin to come alive. It vibrates. First, the cock vibrates gently then more vigorously as she works the dial. Ahhhh….what a wonderful sensation, my whole inside feels the cock’s vibration and it makes me hum with pleasure. She dials it back down to a gentle subtle level, sort of like teasing my ass with that cock.

“One last thing,” she says as she approaches me. She has a band of silk and she takes it an secures it across my eyes. Now I can’t see with any detail, just shapes. She whispers in my ears, I can smell her scent and feel her breath on my neck.

“Now you wait for the guests. They will soon be here buca escort presenting their cocks for you to suck with your open mouth. They know they have to share your mouth with everyone who attends so you only get to suck on anyone cock for just a few minutes, then they will remove their cocks and another guy will stick his in. All the guys will be jacking off and eventually you will be covered on all sides by spurting cocks. I’ll be watching and monitoring the situation and of course playing with the remote control. We have sold this event on the net, hundreds if not thousands will be watching live. We will sell streaming video of it afterwards. You will definitely be earning your pay today for the firm.”

She steps back and soon I hear the sound of guys coming into the room. There is the sound of zippers coming down and the rustle of clothes coming off. I can see many shapes stepping toward me with their erections. Soon the first guy slips his cock into my open mouth. I suck on his warm firm member and I can hear him sigh with delight. Someone was very excited about this event because I can hear him yell out he’s cumming as he sprays his load onto my neck and back. The cock in my mouth starts to erupt next. He pulls it out and his cum splatters against my lips, chin, and cheeks.

Another cock slips in and I suck on it. As a few more guys spray my hair, ears, and someone is unloading their warm spunk on my shoulder. The guy in my mouth moans that he is going to cum and pulls out to cover my hair while another guy pushes his dick into my empty mouth. It’s getting more frantic as I am surrounded by spraying cocks and their cum is splattering me all over. I’m getting face fucked by this guy as he holds my head still by grabbing my cum soaked hair. Other guys just keep stepping up and with guttural groans of fuck yes, they pump out their warm wet cum loads on me from all directions. Victoria is laughing with delight as she ups the vibration in my ass.

The face fucker has pumped out his load on my face and now I’m some guy just puts his precum dripping head against my lips and lets his cock head slip in and out of my lips. He groans as he starts to gush. My lips, chin feels his cum stream flowing out and down, it’s like a waterfall of cum flowing down my skin. The stream of guys doesn’t stop and the air is filled with the moans, groans, and guttural joy as men pump, spray, dump their wet spunk all çeşme escort over me. It is dripping down my back and chest, I can feel it sliding down my ass cheeks and down my ass crack. All their melting and dribbling cum streams around the base of my own hard erect cock and begins to coat my balls.

Then I hear Victoria’s authoritative tones telling people to stand aside. I see her approach me with a large bowl. I’m confused until she tips the contents over my head and a flood of cum cascades over my head and down my face on all sides. As she is handed another bowl, I realize how many horny jackers must be here, those who are on the outskirts of the circle have been filling these bowls with their spunk. She pours the second bowl over my shoulders. The smell of cum and the feel of it is overwhelming. I’m completely coated in the warm sticky stuff. I’m amazed and my cock is a hard vibrating rod that demands attention but I can’t get to it. The vibrations in my ass go up a notch and I can’t keep my hips and ass still. I try to slide up and around the silicon cock that is lodged in my ass, trying to fuck myself on this vibrating stiff fake cock all the while sucking on dicks that are popped into my mouth. I can’t feel the guys who are unloading on me, I’m so covered now with cum. All I can feel is the vibrations in my ass, the stiffness in my tired arms and hot throbbing cocks in my mouth.

Then I realize how quiet the room is, the only sound is the guttural moan of the guy whose big stiff one is pumping his warm spunk down my throat. He pulls out his now soft sensitive prick out of my cum filled mouth. I hear him get dressed and realize I am the only one in the room. I hear the distinctive sound of Victoria’s heels clicking on the wooden floor behind me. I hear her and feel her freeing my legs from the horse’s base; and then undo my hands.

“I will see you at work tomorrow,” She says as she leaves me.

I remove the jizz soaked blindfold and see my clothes lying on the floor. I am stiff and so is my throbbing prick. I spread out my skirt and blouse and lie back onto them. I can feel my jizz covered body stick and soak into the fabric. I then reach over and finally wrap my hand around my own prick. I pump it frantically it and I need release! With a loud Fuck I begin to pump out my hot load. I watch my hands work out a fountain of jizz that erupts out of my cock, spattering my face chest. I pound out my stiff member and balls three creamy ropes of hot steamy spunk. Until I’m done and collapse onto the wooden floor exhausted.

I wake up use my blouse to clean up my hair and face as best I can, then put the blouse and skirt, wrap jizz soaked body in my leather jacket and walk out of the room to take myself home.

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