Helen’s Compulsion Ch. 01

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Christina Hale was an oversexed 22-year old woman: long black hair with blue highlights, blue eyes, tight pink tank top, white jeans, black shoes. She had a very casual and uninhibited attitude towards sex that was borderline “nympho”, and a severe disrespect for authority. To her, her mother could be such a bitch. They frequently argued about a great many things.

Helen Hale was a 42-year old single woman who wore all white conservative clothing (albeit with different fabrics): white jacket, white mini-skirt, white shirt, etc. The only thing she didn’t wear that was white was mirror-sunglasses, and metallic silver accessories such as her earrings. She wore her black hair in a short punk haircut, and had very intimidating whitish-blue eyes. She had aged extremely very well and had worked out enough to give her impressive physical characteristics. Her ass was especially large, as she had spent a considerable amount of time on it. She pushed herself hard, and she wanted her daughter to do the same.

Instead Christina was a disappointment on all counts, and it made her so fucking furious. If her daughter would just stop and actually focus she’d accomplish something. If Helen behaved like a bitch around Christina, it was because being nice didn’t seem to work at all.

Or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Helen had been like Christina once: an extremely perverted nymphomaniac. In fact that was the reason she had gotten unexpectedly pregnant when she was 18 in the first place, and that pregnancy lead to her getting herself in order and repress her perversions. Now her daughter seemed to be doomed to repeat history, and it was so frustrated for Helen to watch it unfold before her.

Things changed one day. Christina had wanted to go out with some college junior who was all too much like the guy who had impregnated Helen. Helen correctly recognized what kind of a man he was and refused to let Christina go with him. This made Christina extraordinarily angry and she let Helen know it, which in turn incensed her.

She was so angry that when Helen went to sleep, Christina (having eaten too fast at dinner) decided to fart on her mother’s face alaçatı escort just to show how much she hated her. The rage-filled, impulsive daughter crept up onto her mother’s bed, and positioned her ass right next to Helen’s face.

“You are such a fucking bitch mother, do you know that? I hate you! I wish you were dead!” Christina whispered hatefully, tears coming out of her eyes. Then she farted. Christina smiled, and waited anxiously for her mother to react.

Helen did respond. She inhaled it in and then……moaned. Christina couldn’t believe it. Her mother was….enjoying this? No….more than just enjoying. Aroused. Her mother was turned on by farts. HER fart. In spite of herself, Christina couldn’t help but feel aroused as well watching her mother’s visible arousal as she breathed in her own daughter’s gas.

Christina’s hand unconsciously moved downwards, towards her pussy. She had a very strong urge to masturbate right then and there. She was shocked. She knew she was a slut, but this was her own mother! But she couldn’t help it, and her hand slipped down under her jeans.

Then Helen woke up with a smile(albeit a brief one) on her face. She had had the strangest dream….regarding very old experiences she had had while she was in college. Very perverted ones….ones that had converted her to Eroctophilism. For one moment she had a look of happiness on her face….but then she saw Christina with her hand caught down her pants.

Intense anger (and a little arousal) hit Helen like a lightning bolt. As Christina backed away in terror, Helen sprang to life and rushed at her daughter. Before she could explain, her mother had grabbed her and forced her onto the floor. Helen then planted her heavy body on top of Chrstina’s midsection, facing backwards. From this position her daughter’s ass could be seen if Helen looked down.

“Don’t move you sick slut! You fucking whore! How dare you masturbate in front of me! Were you doing that because I was nude? Were you turned on? Huh?”

Christina had never seen her mother this enraged and she was terrified now.

“NO! I wasn’t masturbating because alaybey escort of you! I was just….just…”

Christina stammered, she could not think of an excuse.

Helen smiled, but it was a smile filled with rage:

“I’ve been too easy on you! But that was the last straw! You’ll never fart on my face again, my good-for-nothing daughter!”

Her hand came down hard on Christina’s bubble-butt. The pain was sharp and she cried out, a fart escaping from her plump ass. Christina got the chills when she heard that sound, she was so incredibly bloated with gas. Before she could apologize, Helen cut her off:

“Fart again will you?! I have done everything to help you, and all you’ve ever done in return is to treat me like shit!”

Helen’s hand came down harder than before, again knocking more gas right out of Christina’s vibrating butt. But in spite of herself, the pain in her ass was turning into pleasure. Maybe it was the fact that it was her mother was pinning her down like some kind of incestuous dominatrix, maybe it was the fact that she had not been spanked as an adult before, but whatever it was….she was starting to…like it.

Helen wasn’t oblivious to it either. She silently breathed in all of her daughter’s gas and inaudibly moaned. Old instincts were returning, she had not been farted on in years. And she had forgotten how much she missed the smell of other women’s gas.

Christina paused for a long time. She didn’t want the feeling in her ass….and her cunt…to end. Even if it was her mother doing this, this was new for her. Her butt flesh throbbed with white-hot heat and delightful numbness. So she farted….again. But this time it was on purpose. She wanted to get spanked.

Helen obliged, and (partly because she actually wanted to breathe in just a little more butt-gas) struck her daughter’s ass harder than ever. Christina moaned, the pain was definitely turning her on. And she felt really naughty….farting for her mother. She could hear her mother breath it in despite Helen’s attempt to hide the sounds.

Christina decided to be bolder, and actually moved her butt upwards. aliağa escort Helen was shocked, but her arousal had gotten the better of her. Her response was half-hearted:

“Are you going to fart again Christina?”

It was meant as a threat, but it came across somewhat as a plea. Christina was no fool, and she arched her ass even closer to her mother. She was really enjoying the deliciousness of the situation now, of turning the tables on her mother.

“Oh yes Mom, I am.”

And Christina really let loose now, expelling as much gas as she could towards Helen’s face. Helen was both shocked and aroused, so much so that she hesitated to bring her hand down again. She can’t help but breathe it in; her arousal had skyrocketed to the point where it was clouding her reason. Both of them had felt incestuous desire before towards each other, but now it was so much stronger.

Christina unfastened her jeans and pulled them down, presenting her ass to her mother as if offering it to Helen.

“Mom……strike me as much as you want. I’ll give you what you want….what I think you’ve always wanted.”

For the longest time Helen did nothing, and Christina was actually worried she’d stop. But lust overrode Helen’s reason, and suddenly she spanked Christina’s ass with barely suppressed desire. Again and again and again her hand came down on Christina’s big cheeks, and Christina wantonly moaned and farted as much as possible. Helen continued for quite some time until her daughter’s butt was brilliant red and as hot as the sun. And all the while Helen breathed in all of those wonderful, explosive chain-farts.

Then Helen stopped, both of their bodies soaked in sweat and extremely aroused. Christina then pulled down her panties, and spread her butt-cheeks for her mother. The 22-year old now felt lust, intense desire….for her mother. And Helen was feeling it too. Christina gathered up all her body’s strength, and channeled the energy into the largest fart she could muster. Then she dropped a non-so-subtle hint to her now-lust crazed mother.

“Mom…….you can….if you want to.”

Helen knew immediately what her daughter was hinting at, and she got off of her daughter and rushed towards the door. As Helen was almost at the exit, her daughter let off the single loudest, longest, potent chain-fart Helen had ever heard.

The sweating, horny-as-hell 42 year woman found herself turning around….and looking at her daughter with glazed eyes…..

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