La Petit Mort

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His kisses were nothing short of delicious. Sinfully delicious. A mixture of raw heat and desire and ecstasy.

As we traveled towards our final destination of the night – to his hotel suite, no less – we kissed and caressed one another with wild abandon. His touches were deliberate and skillful and I knew without a doubt that I’d experience a plethora of carnal pleasures in his arms tonight.

I was so caught up in my desire for him that I didn’t even register our arrival at his hotel. Before long, I stood pressed up against the door inside his suite, attempting to catch my breath in between his incredibly passionate kisses.

“Mmmm, baby, I need to taste every inch of your body. Right now,” he said, his voice dripping with lust as his nose lightly skimmed across my collar bone and neck.

I turned myself around and looked back at him with hooded eyes and said, “Then, start by unzipping this dress.”

He shook his head slowly and said “Uh-uh,” with a wicked smile and a lustful look in his eyes. “Only the panties. Are you wearing panties, my love?”

I felt myself drip into them.

Ever so slowly, I turned back around, looked up at him through my lashes and nodded.

“Take off the panties. Do it now.” His voice was firm and commanding.

I proceeded to raise the hem of my dress – while keeping my eyes locked with his – and held it up in one hand at my waistline, giving him a perfect view of my tiny see-through panties. He groaned in clear delight as he caught sight of my bare, whisper soft folds through the pretty lace triangle that covered it.

I slowly licked my lips as I hooked my thumbs on both sides of the tiny scraps of lace and moved to pull them down. However, before I could move any further, he put his hands over mine and said, “Stop. Let me.” He kneeled before me, hooked his fingers onto the sides of my barely-there panties, and in one swift motion, ripped them off my body and left my bottom half completely exposed to him. His warm hands instantly gripped my behind tightly as he brought my hips closer to his face and inhaled the scent of my throbbing core. I was literally dripping down my exposed thighs and could not wait to feel his slick tongue erotically stroking my awaiting center. He had barely even touched me, yet I already wanted him inside.

“Unghhh…please…touch me…baby, please,” I pleaded. It was all I could muster as he remained on his knees with his face in front of my dripping folds. I grabbed hold of his hair in an effort to coax him into burying his face within me, but he quickly stood up, turned me around, and pinned me against the door with both my arms locked in a tight grip behind my back.

He then leaned his face into my neck, breathing heavily as he whispered, “Let’s get one thing straight. This is my show. I call the shots. I tell you what to do and I tell you when to cum. Is that understood?”

I was so turned on that all I could do was nod.

“I didn’t hear you. Am I understood? Say, ‘Yes, my love’, if you understand.”

Barely able to get my voice out, I replied, “Yes…m-my love,” in between panted breaths. This game he was playing was beginning to feel like torture.

Without releasing his hold on my arms, he used one hand to run his fingers across my behind, gliding lightly over each cheek and into my rim. Every surface of my body was afire and alert as I anticipated his next touch. He then lightly dipped a finger at my entrance and said, “Mmmm. MY pussy. So wet. Just for me,” before plunging that digit into my backdoor. My entire body tensed at the unexpected intrusion.

“Shhhh. Relax,” he whispered. “I only want to make you feel good, love. I promise that this will feel so good. Tonight you’re going to be screaming my name and begging me to let you cum because your body will feel pleasure Urfa Escort like never before.”

Oh, God.

He released his grip on my arms and pulled them both above my head while still keeping me pinned against the door.

“Don’t you dare move until I tell you to,” he said menacingly.

With his finger still inside me, his other hand stroked my inner thigh. I desperately wanted to feel friction against my aching center and unconsciously moved my hips towards his hand.

“I SAID, DON’T MOVE!” He growled at me as he slapped my behind, hard. I hissed as I felt the sting of his forceful hand and looked back to see a bright red mark which he then kissed, licked, and gently rubbed.

“Don’t make me do that again, okay? Can you promise to be a good girl from now on?” He whispered in my ear as he licked it.

“Y-Yes,” I whimpered.

He slowly pumped his finger in and out of my backdoor as he reached up front in order to stroke my now desperately throbbing bundle of nerves. I felt 2 fingers rub it in a circular motion, first slowly and then faster, all while he fingered my behind. It was torturous and erotic and oh so fucking hot.

“Oh God, baby…oh God…I wanna cum…unghhh…feels so good,” I moaned in between ragged breaths.

He pulled his hands away almost instantly and turned me around to face him. I suddenly felt completely lightheaded, being that my body was on the brink of an orgasm which was abruptly foiled. Luckily, he noticed and carried me bridal style towards the bed where he dropped me face down onto the mattress. He then pulled my legs towards him so I was bent over the side of the bed with my behind exposed.

Bending over me and laughing wickedly in my ear, he said, “Not just yet, my love. You don’t get to cum just yet.” And with that, he plunged two large fingers into my soaking wet core. I instantly clenched around his fingers and began grinding my hips against his hand. I was desperate for release. He pumped me hard and fast several times before pulling them out and once again leaving me weak with desire. He continuously had me at the brink of orgasm only to bring me back out again. It was utterly exhausting and I laid my head down constantly to keep from passing out. Nevertheless, I awaited more from him because I knew that he couldn’t keep withholding his desire any more than I could. I knew that sooner, rather than later, I’d be feeling his pulsing length inside my swollen flesh.

Suddenly, the sound of clothing dropping onto the floor alerted me to the potential of a very naked man standing behind me, and of course, I couldn’t resist a look.

Dear. Gawd.

He was completely naked and magnificent. All lean, athletic, and defined.

So yummy.

But his dick…my God. It was a sight to behold, standing proudly at attention, just for me. Long…thick…pink…perfect. I wanted to devour every inch of it and have it buried deeply inside my sweetest secrets.

He, of course, had other plans.

With his hand firmly grasping and stroking his beautiful cock, he said, “My love, lay back on the bed and spread your legs wide for me, then take your fingers and split open your sweet pussy so I can stare at it before I fuck it with my tongue.”

My heated core was suddenly weeping in delight as my mind processed what he intended to do to me.

Oh, yes. Fuck me, please.

He leaned down and placed his face right between my legs as he ogled my naked flesh. I could feel his hot breath sweeping across my most tender skin, igniting my desire even further. My body shivered in anticipation and I thought I’d come undone the minute his tongue touched my skin.

“Mmmm, I’m going to love eating your pussy until you are begging me to stop.”

He then gave one long, slow lick down the length of my slit before Urfa Escort Bayan lapping up all of the juices that coated my entire over-heated center. I heard him moan in delight as he tasted every inch.

This wasn’t just a sexual encounter; it was a complete mind fuck and I was a crazed, lustful newborn in his world of erotic play. The way he teased and pleased my body was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The build up of sexual tension he created within me was akin to standing at the very edge of a precipice and begging to be pushed off. I wanted his hands, his tongue, and his beautiful cock all over me, inside me; touching, tasting, and penetrating until my body could stand no more.

I couldn’t even think straight; all I could focus on was the urges of my flesh and it was all his doing.

He continued his oral ministrations on my now desperately throbbing flesh, but never stroked one spot long enough to let me cum.

“Take the fucking dress off,” he commanded, as he moved his mouth away from my still ravenous heat. I did exactly as I was told. Once the dress was on the ground, he pointed at my bra and demanded that I get rid of it too. I was suddenly completely naked before him and his eyes devoured every inch of me in a lascivious way.

“Fucking delicious,” he said. “You really are lovely. Beautiful skin, breasts, pussy, and ass. I’m going to make you mine tonight. You know this, right?”

I nodded.

“Now lay back down and spread your legs again,” he instructed.

He took his time alternating between licking and sucking on my oh-so-swollen nub and licking, sucking, pinching, and rolling my hardened nipples. God, it was so painfully good. Every time he touched me, large beads of sweat ran down my naked, trembling body, as it begged for that sweet, lush ecstasy that I knew his body could provide me with. I wasn’t above begging and pleading for my release at this point, but that seemed to only motivate him to prolong my frustration further. All I wanted was to die a little death and I wanted it now.

Eventually, when I could no longer hold it together, I sat up and practically barked my frustration at him.

“God damn it! I need you so badly. Stop fucking torturing me already and please, please fuck me. I’m begging you.”

He stopped what he was doing and stood before me, stroking his glistening cock. He gave me his signature wicked smile and I instinctively knew that he was thinking of torturing me some more.

“That’s what I like, my love,” he said in a seductive, guttural voice. “I want to see you come completely undone and hear you beg for your release. I want you to beg for my cock inside your delicious pussy.”

My insides quivered at the sound of his dirty talk. It was such an incredible turn on to hear him, a man so outwardly polished and proper, being such a deviant who was willing to withhold his own release for the sake of pleasuring me until I passed out from sexual bliss. However, I desperately needed to turn the tables and make him give in; make him lose his control and submit to the demands of his own flesh. Sensing how much he enjoyed the role of sexual dominant, I decided to play the submissive kitten role to my favor in order to entice him into finishing me off.

“Unngghhh, baby…you’re driving me crazy…I’ll do anything…anything you want,” I said in a low, breathy voice. “I want to please you so badly…let me please you…let me get on my knees to please you. Please, let me…”

Before I could finish speaking, he positioned the wet tip of his hot length on my lower lip, demanding entrance. I secretly smirked as I realized that I had actually gotten him to break his control. I’d take him into my mouth and bring him to the brink of his own orgasm only to stop and get him to take me. Then we’d float Escort Urfa in our blissful release together.

“Open up, baby. Don’t make me force you,” he commanded.

I looked up at him with hooded, lust-filled eyes and said in the sultriest voice I could muster, “Oh, you don’t have to force anything, love. I am your willing submissive who will do anything to please you.”

I opened my mouth and relaxed my jaw. This was something that I was particularly good at and enjoyed doing very much, so I knew that he’d be putty in my mouth. He had no idea how much he was going to enjoy my oral ministrations on him and I was prepared to torture him just as well as he had tortured me.

He slowly slid in as I sucked in my cheeks in order to get a tighter grip on him. I didn’t even need to stroke him with my hand because to his utter amazement and excitement, I took in his entire length in with ease. He grabbed a fist-full of my hair as he made his way inside and hissed at the pleasurable sensations. I let him set the pace of his thrusts, but I controlled the intensity and suction just to keep him at the very brink of rapture.

His eyes were shut tightly and his head was thrown back in satisfaction.

“Unngghhh, baby…you can…deep…throat…so…fucking good….baby…ungh…yes…suck it, baby…ungh…good girl,” he managed to say in between thrusts. Within minutes I felt his muscles tense and his breath become ragged, so I pulled my mouth away. His fist was still in my hair and he attempted to put himself back into my mouth, but I resisted. It was time to play hardball.

“You want more, baby?” I said in a coquettish tone. “Put it in my pussy and feel every inch of the exquisite bliss that’s inside of me.”

His eyes burned with intense desire and anger as he flipped me over on the bed.

“You’re playing with fire,” he said menacingly. “I want you to kneel in front of the headboard, place your hands on it, and stick your ass out where I can see that pretty pussy from behind.”

I did exactly as he commanded and kneeled in front of the headboard, awaiting his next move. Without a word, I felt his hardened length right at my entrance. My eyes rolled to the back of my head just from the rush of expectation. I knew that this was the tip of the iceberg, the edge of the precipice, and I was beyond ready to throw myself off with him buried deep inside of me.

“Do you wanna get fucked, baby girl?” He whispered in my ear. “Because I’ve been torturing myself all night, imagining my cock buried to the hilt inside your tempting pussy.”

“Oh God, please.” I whispered. His words would be my undoing. I was mad with lust and needed him to give me every inch of himself, now.

He gripped my hips hard as his thick cock rammed into my awaiting center, working himself into me fast and hard. We both struggled to catch our breaths as we slammed our bodies against one another, and for a moment I thought that I’d explode just from the ecstasy of finally having him inside of me. I felt myself become lightheaded from the intense pleasure I was feeling but no way would I let myself miss one second of this bliss. The coil in my lower belly was stretched nice and taught and I knew that with just a few more thrusts I’d be flying high. My pleasure index at this point was registering off the charts as I moaned and whispered his name in sheer delight.

He slowed his thrusts for a moment as he leaned his body into mine and licked from my collar bone all the way up to my ear. He then whispered, “Do you wanna cum now, my love? I’m ready to let you cum. Just tell me…tell me, who does this sweet pussy belong to?”

Delirious for that heavenly release, I responded, “Yours. My pussy is yours, only yours.”

“Only mine,” he said, as he pounded into me, hard and fast once again. He then pinched my clit between his fingers and I fell into the most exquisite oblivion ever imaginable.

He had just given me the most erotic, intense, & pleasurable night of my life and I couldn’t wait to see what morning sex with him would be like.

A little death, perhaps?

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