Male Sociopath

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My name is Henry and I am a very nasty guy. I love to experiment sexually. The more depraved, the better. I am six feet tall, with jet-black skin, light brown eyes and curly hair. I also weigh two hundred and forty pounds. I’m a very large man. I work as a carpenter and sometimes a repairman to make some money. I went to college, got a degree in Criminal Justice but was unable to become a police officer since I couldn’t pass certain physical exams. Oh, well. I hate cops anyway. I don’t give a damn about anyone or anything. Some might call me a sociopath but I call myself a Free Spirit.

My favorite activity is looking through the Internet for people to hook up with. There are all kinds of freaks out there, and I am totally down with just about whatever.

One time, I met this plump woman named Katherine. Miss Katherine was a tall, chubby but attractive woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She was in her early forties. This large woman was a total pervert, just like me, in spite of her polished appearance. What most people don’t realize is that there are plenty of women out there who are perverted and watch porn and do all sorts of crazy, kinky stuff. People always think it’s men. Oh, damn. Women are much worse than we are. Case in point, right here. Katherine worked as regional manager of a large chain of stores. She also had an MBA. Yeah, none of it fooled me, though. Katherine came to meet me at a hotel, and we got started with our freaky business right away.

Katherine got undressed, and I admired her sexy, if plump, naked body. Yeah, she was a hot bitch. I like large women. Especially large women with thick butts. I got naked, and we started kissing and touching each other. Katherine went straight for the dick. She sucked my cock and licked my balls. I thrust my cock into her mouth and fucked her hole until I came. When Samsun Escort I did, she drank it. Then, we got down to real business. Katherine got on all fours and asked me to sodomize her. And so I did. I spread her butt cheeks wide open, and slid my cock into her asshole. Katherine gasped as I began pounding the hell out of her asshole. I loved every minute of it. I shoved my cock deep into her asshole. Her ass was so wonderfully tight. I fucked her hard and deep. Katherine screamed as I plowed deep into the depths of her anal crevice. I love fucking fat women in the ass. I don’t know why. It’s not cruelty, just a special interest. I flipped Katherine on her back, the better to look at her face while I fucked her in the ass. It was a lot of fun. Driving my cock deep where the sun didn’t shine. When I came, filling her asshole with my seed, Katherine shrieked. Whether in pleasure or pain, was anyone’s guess. A half hour later, Katherine left the motel room after taking a shower. I went back to my apartment, happy and satisfied.

I’ve had other adventures with folks I meet on the web. I met this good-looking black man named King. I invited him to join me and one of my female freaks one night. The female freak in question is Susan, a plump Asian woman with a shaved head, a thick body, and a large, chunky ass. She’s my neighbor and I think she has a crush on me. Like me, Susan is bisexual. Her ex-girlfriend, a black woman named Jessica, is currently in jail. She’ll be there for a long time. The dumb bitch hit a cop. The district attorney made an example out of her by giving her six years in jail.

These days, Susan was hooking up left and right with men and women from our neighborhood. I don’t like sleeping with neighbors. They’re nosy and they spread your business around. I really can’t have that. I made an exception for Susan, Samsun Escort Bayan though. Why? This girl gave killer head and she also loved getting fucked in the ass. Oh, and she wasn’t above returning some anal action, courtesy of her very own strap on dildo. Yeah, this chick was a freak. Just like me. Down for whatever. I guess that’s why we get along so well. Although I had plans to meet a guest this afternoon, I couldn’t wait and gave into Susan’s pleas for some sex play. Susan and I started doing our thing. Susan is a really freaky bitch and she is into all sorts of weird things. That’s why I like her.

I kissed her, and suckled on her breasts. I also fingered her asshole, then made my way to the space between her thighs. I licked Susan’s pussy before fucking her. I thrust my hard cock in and out of her snatch. Plowing into that tight pussy of hers felt really good. Especially after I lathered it up with my tongue. She loved it and screamed loud enough to wake the dead. We tried some anal play. I licked her butt hole before sticking my fingers up her ass. Susan was an anal connoisseur and she could take up to three fingers into her asshole at the same time without any problems. I greased up her ass before sticking my cock in her. Never had I heard any woman scream so loudly. I fucked her tight asshole like there was no tomorrow, and she came several times. I drank her cum.

We continued with our freaky little actions. Susan sucked my cock and fingered my asshole. While sucking me, she slid a small dildo into my ass. Dildos aren’t my thing but sometimes I do crave some butt fucking action, with me on the receiving end. Susan indulged my craving a few times by wearing a strap on dildo and fucking me with it. I’m freaky enough to try just about anything but I prefer live cock up my ass. Accept no substitute. Finally, Escort Samsun I heard a knock on the door. I shucked Susan from the premises, and she protested. I put her in the closet, and told her to keep her mouth shut. I didn’t want any distractions while entertaining my man. I went to greet my newest victim. Oops, I mean sex partner.

King had finally arrived. The guy looked really good. He seemed nervous and tried to make small talk. told me that he worked as a lawyer but since he had prison tattoos, I didn’t buy it. Whatever. I didn’t care what he did. He might be a saint or a devil. He came to my spot for one thing only, for sex. And that’s what he got. We went to the bedroom and hooked up. King was a gorgeous guy and he looked real good. He had a big cock too. Man, did we have fun together. King and I did our thing in the shower. I got on my knees and sucked him off. He had a huge cock. I got him nice and hard, then climbed on top of him. King began to fuck my ass like it was going out of style. We had lots of fun together. His cock went deep inside of me and I loved every minute of it. The intense feeling of a hard cock filling up every inch of my asshole. It’s like no other feeling on the planet. I loved it!

Afterwards, King and I showered, then he left. Apparently, he had a wife and family waiting for him at home. Just another closeted bisexual black man living a life on the down low. They are frighteningly common. I sat there, smiling. I was still glowing from getting fucked by King. This guy deserved his name. Susan came out of the place where she’d been hiding. She came out, pouting. I’ve already given her a lecture about my encounters with men. I don’t like having her around when I’m getting my freak on with the dudes! Susan wants me to move in with her. I don’t want that to happen. I mean, she’s good for a few things, like giving head, taking up the ass and loaning me money when I’m broke but I am not the type to move in together with anybody. I like my space. Susan smiled at me. I knew what she wanted. Some cock in the butt. I laughed, and told her to assume the position. Daddy’s coming home, girl!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32