Masters Program

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I had been swimming again for the past few months, trying to get fit for a summer triathlon, I had a swimming background in my youth but it had been many years since I’d swum competitively. The local masters’ swim program had me back in shape but, unfortunately, had my shoulder out of sorts as well.

The coach of the masters’ program, Eric, was nearly twenty years removed from his college swimming days but maintained a high level of fitness and the body of a man half his age. He was a physical therapist by trade but also ran the aquatic program at my athletic club. He had put me through my paces for the past hour.

The evening swim was finished and I was the last out of the pool and late getting into the showers. The club was closing up so I had to get moving. As I walked toward the shower room, I had to stop and work my arm back and forth to relieve a pinch in the rotator cuff that had been increasing in its annoyance. I reached back and arched my hand behind me. Placing it against the wall to get a good stretch.

“You know, I could help you with that stretch, if you’d like,” I heard from behind. I looked back and there was Eric, standing in his Speedo with a towel over his shoulder. “I am a professional, after all.” He smiled.

“No, it’s all good,” I replied, not thinking much of it. “We better get along before they lock us in.”

“Not to worry,” he replied. “I’m closing up tonight and I’m pretty sure the place is empty by now.”

I walked to the closest stall and turned on the shower. I let the hot water wash over me and rubbed at my shoulder as streams ran down my face and over my body. As a rolled my shoulder once more to work out the kink, something inside pinched and I winced in pain. “Shit!” I cried out.

Eric came around from his adjacent stall and asked, “Everything okay?”

“This rotator cuff thing is a bitch,” Bycasino I replied.

“Here, let me give it a go.” Eric stepped forward and told me to turn around. He reached an arm around me and pulled me close from behind, pinning me against his chest as his other arm and hand pushed against my shoulder blade.

“Dude, what are you doing?”

“I got you, man. Trust me, this will feel good.”

I wasn’t comfortable but, knowing he had a girlfriend and nobody was around, I didn’t feel much more than awkward. He worked the muscles in my shoulder and I stood there rigidly as the water rained down on my chest. He then pulled my affected arm back and he placed it over his shoulder as his body remained pressed against mine. “It’s okay, man, relax,” he said quietly.

I dropped both arms to my sides as he transitioned to working my shoulder blade with both his hands but he remained firmly against me. I could feel the bulge of his cock pressed against the back of my Speedo and, quite surprisingly, felt a twitch in my loins as he moved gently against me. I had never had this kind of contact with a man nor had I given it much thought. But I was beginning to think this was headed for more than physical therapy. And then, after a few minutes of shoulder work, his hand dropped and came around to my chest where he started to pinch my nipple.

“Whoa,” I protested as his finger continued to trace circles around my bud. “This ain’t my kinda thing, Eric.”

His hand slowly soothed its way down my torso to my crotch where he softly caressed the growing lump in my swimsuit. “Seems the little head doesn’t agree with the big head.” He worked his hand in a rhythm over my cock which quickly gained its full hardness.

My eyes closed as the pleasure built. But I couldn’t believe what was happening. I wasn’t gay by any stretch but at the same Bycasino giriş time, any sense of protest had dissipated as his hand now worked inside my suit and freed my cock. He pulled the suit down and started to pump me with increasing tempo from behind. Fully submitted now, I arched my head back and it rested on his shoulder as he pumped away. His tongue eventually darted into my ear and then he started to kiss his way down my neck and onto my shoulder.

He maintained his grip on my throbbing member as he trailed down to his knees and turned me to face him. He then took me into his mouth, slowly at first, licking the delicate underside and then softly taking the bulbous head in and massaging it with his tongue. And then it was all in as he bobbed up and down on me, increasing the pace as I let out a low moan. He was fucking amazing, better than any woman I’d had, even with all the added slop of water running down our bodies. He took me to the base, paused, then resumed an amazing performance that I wouldn’t soon forget, despite all apprehension.

I felt my orgasm building from deep within and it came on in a bull rush. I grabbed his head and held him before me as I exploded in his mouth with a long groan. “Ahhh, uhhh…fuuuck!” His mouth remained in place, his soft lips caressing every inch, up and down, as I unloaded and he swallowed. “OOOHHH.”

When I finally opened my eyes, Eric was starting to rise. He stood before me, a wry smile on his face. “Told you it would feel good.”

“Fuck,” was all I could muster.

We stood looking at each other before he finally reached out and took my hand. He pulled it toward him and placed it on his Speedo. I looked down but really didn’t have to in order to know that he was fully erect, his cock straining at the Spandex of his suit. At this point, I had already gone down the rabbit Bycasino güncel giriş hole. I was all in.

I reached into his suit and untied it, pulling it down to the ground. His full cock now sprung out to greet me. He was bigger than me in all manner, thick and veined. I touched it, another first on this day. It was rock hard but soft at the same time. I gave it a few gentle tugs and Eric let out a moan. While this was all new to me, for some odd reason I wanted to be good at it and hearing him moan spurred me on.

Slowly, maintaining my grasp, I dropped to my knees. I licked his length, moving my hand to cup his heavy ball sack. Working my tongue back and forth along his length, I elicited another long moan. And then I took him into my mouth, engulfing half his length. He was big enough that I could place one hand at the base while I pumped my mouth up and down the rest and it still seemed like a considerable mouthful. I bobbed up and down on him, pausing occasionally to give extra attention to the underside of the head, which I always liked. Judging by the moans, he did too.

My pace quickened as I grew accustomed to him and he started to match my rhythm by fucking my face. I pulled out once and licked his balls before repeating the whole process. I could feel him building inside and could tell he was close. Then, like I did with him, he grasped me by the head and started to unload. “FUUUCCKKK!” he groaned out.

I tried to continue to suck him while he blew his load but I lost control and he started to shoot in my face. I pumped him as he continued to shoot, several gobs hitting me in the face. When his massive orgasm ceased, I released my grip.

Save for the sound of the water splashing on the floor, we stood for a moment, not saying a word.

“Not your thing, huh?” Eric said, breaking the silence.

“What the hell just happened?” I replied. “I didn’t know you were gay.”

“And you?”

“Wow. I don’t know. I thought you had a girlfriend.”

“I do. But I’m also good at physical therapy.”

“If that’s what you’re calling it, then yeah. That was pretty fucking good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32