Michele’s Slave Ch. 03

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It was morning and she was kicking him gently to wake him he got in position and as she was peeing in his mouth;

“Slave I will not feed you this morning and you are to drain the bottles before I get home wash them and put them in my car this afternoon. I want scrambled eggs.”

She went in the shower and he prepared her food. She sat on his face without a word ate her breakfast and went to work.

He felt a lot better the shit he ate seemed to go through him faster now could it be the laxative that they had taken he wondered? It was the only thing he had been permitted to eat aside from the scraps in her plate his two raw eggs per day and the stale leftovers she had put in his bowl on the floor.

He did not dare to cheat on Michele’s orders. So he was hungry all the time. He wondered if she was mad at him he was worried of her silence this morning so he went to pour himself a tall glass of piss. He had to start drinking if he wanted to empty those 4 liters.

He was finishing washing the last floor when he heard her car in the driveway she walked in saying the traffic was light today and she asked him:

“Are you going to show me that you are happy to see me? I will start thinking that you do not like serving me.”

He moved quickly behind her lifted her uniform took off her underwear and French kiss her asshole. When she was satisfied he asked if he could put the clean bottles in her car she said he could go after she had pissed in his mouth.

He got back in and got naked. She had changed in a knee length red dress and high heels pushing her height to 6 foot 2 inches. He got an erection as he saw her.

“I see that you are happy to see me that’s good.”

The doorbell rang and she sent him to answer the door. He saw a tall raven beauty with a big smile and a bottle of wine in her hand. He was trying to hide behind the door when Michele ordered him out of the way and invited Jessica in.

“Slave, this is my friend Jessica extend your welcome to her as you do to me when I come home.”

He was redder than ever and got to his knees behind her. He lifted her dress and saw that she was not wearing underwear. He pushed his face in her nice round ass to French kiss her asshole.

“Slave I hope for you that you like the taste. Jessica will help you test the toilet box. She won the draw.”

The doorbell rang again and Michele let Laura in. Who laughed at seeing Jessica skirt on Bernie’s back hiding his head in her ass.

With a wink at Jessica Michele said:

“Slave, hurry up you have to extend your welcome to your friend Laura from the bank. She brought your papers.”

Jessica went to sit in a chair and Laura took her place in front of Bernie. She commented that she liked to be welcome that way and Jessica agreed that it was very nice.

“Laura would you like to join us in our test? Jessica his here to help Bernie test the toilet box he built yesterday.”

“Really. He has built a toilet box so he can service women. Of course I would be happy to help.” Laura said.

“Slave, get us white wine and get in the toilet box we will join you shortly” Michele ordered.

She thanked the girls for coming over. Jessica and Laura had not moved their bowels for three days now. They had never used a toilet slave before and were very excited about it. Michele invited them for dinner after the test.

“Slave, Laura and Jessica have tossed a coin and Laura won.” Michele informed him.

She adjusted his head so that his face was right under the seat permitting his tongue to go in their assholes. He would have to lick them clean. He was lying on his back and saw Michele smiling as she was saying:

“Slave, cook hamburgers and fries tonight for diner we will be three. For now make me proud.”

Laura looked at him.

“I am going to savor the moment. If I had known that you were a shit eater you would be in my home”

She turned around and sat on his mouth. She had him lick her asshole to help her. She grunted and the first stool went in his mouth followed by another one rapidly.

He was panicking his mouth was full and a third one was coming.

Michele said:

“Remember girls to go slowly. He is not used to eat on his back. Slave chew and swallow hurry up.”

The toilet box was the right size and their dresses would hide their ass from view except from him of course. After the third stool she told him to clean her and then she peed in his mouth and got up letting Jessica take her place.

“Laura how many logs did you squeezed out?” Jessica asked.

“Three stools and it was great. You will feel his jaws working when he is chewing and the cleaning is even better.” Laura said.

“Hope you are hungry slave start by licking my asshole.”

She farted, the first stool moved into his mouth and he swallowed to keep up. Jessica told him to chew on the next one. She wanted to feel his jaws working. She pushed a piece out pinched it off and he started chewing. After a third small stool she told him to clean her off. She peed in his mouth and had him lick her clean.

He elazığ escort was getting her juices going and she was near orgasm but she could not cheat on her husband so she stood up.

All the while Michele was masturbating him keeping him on the edge. She released him and told him to get cleaned up use the toilet if needed refreshed their wine and start to cook diner.

They had two hamburgers each and Jessica had won the toss up and was seated on his face.

“Michele can I use him at the dinner table? He has stimulated me and I need to go again.”

“Yes you can it is a position that we practice in the morning usually.”

So she squeeze two small stools and nobody saw anything or smelled anything. After dinner they sat in the living room Laura and Jessica ask if they could come back to use him again they were willing to help.

Michele said that she would let them know.

He had used the toilet after cleaning the kitchen.

“Slave, I need to pee.”Michele said.

He was on his knees as she was peeing she ordered him:

“You will wash your mouth and wait for me in the bedroom in the face sit position.”

He was watching the bedroom door and she walked in naked again her tall tone body and her nice firm breast standing out, her nipples erect she sat on his chest and stopped her ass right before his mouth and looked at him.

“Slave I have refrain from feeding you in the toilet box because I wanted to test you in bed and I love crushing you under me. You have serviced two women today. I did not know they would have so much shit for you. You have made big progress in your training. I am very satisfied of your services.”

She moved her asshole on his mouth and he inserted his tongue in. Pretty soon she passed a first stool then a second and so forth after three she ordered him to clean her. She peed in his mouth and after her orgasms turned over and went to sleep.

He lay down at her feet and dozed off.

It was morning and she was kicking him gently to wake him.

“I need to pee, get in position.”

As she was peeing in his mouth she said:

“Slave, I will not feed you this morning but you are not to eat anything today except your eggs. We will practice with the toilet box tonight. France will stop over to help. You are to drink from your bottle only.”

After a small orgasm she went in her shower sat on his face to eat breakfast and went to work.

Driving to work she was thinking; neither the odor nor the taste was a big problem now. He had service three women yesterday. He had surprised her by eating and drinking it all without making a mess.

He was eating larger amount of shit now that pleased her. He was so docile obviously he was in love with her. She liked him like the pet he was. That is why she was feeding him with dog food now.

He never was her boyfriend. She did not need one. She did not like to fuck anyway.

He finished doing the dishes he was still horny he dreaded France’s visit. The last time she had fed him a lot of shit and he had to make big efforts to keep it down.

Her long legs and delectable ass were something else he was thinking still horny.

He was shaving when he heard Michele’s car in the driveway. He dressed up and went to get his bottle in her car that he replaced with a clean one.

He was surprised to see another nurse with Michele. She was 5 feet 7 inches blond hair and hazel eyes an hourglass figure watching him behind designer’s glass.

“Hurry up slave let’s go inside so you will be able to welcome my friend Ann and me.”

They walked in the house he got naked and on his knees he greeted Ann. He was French kissing Michele’s asshole when the doorbell rang, Michele sent him to answer the door to his relief it was France. After properly greeting her he served the wine Michele said;

“Slave, lie down on the couch. Ladies we will sit on him a little bit unless you need to use the toilet” She said looking at him.

“Not now but I will later.” Ann said.

“Me neither” France said.

Michele said;

“Ann would you sit on his face. France on his torso. I will sit on his tights.”

They sat down and Ann moved sideways a little as she was crossing her legs pressing hard on his nose with the fabric of her uniform.

“Ann you can lift your uniform to get his face in your ass.”

She did so and sat back down. He was crushed under the three beauties. He could breathe with difficulty through his nose in Ann’s crack.

France was asking:

“Has he been sick again? His stomach seems to be expanding a little.”

“No, he was sick a few times in the first week he has not been sick in my presence since. Slave have you been sick during the day? Ann you have to lift your rump off his mouth for a second.”

“No, Mistress I almost threw up a few times but with big efffmmmh.”

Ann had sat back down on Michele gesture of her hand.

“Slave, I asked for a yes or no not a speech.”

“France he was able to service three women in one day although he did look elazigescort.biz queasy last night.” Michele said.

Ann could not help a small fart from escaping and said she would need to use him. Michele getting up said:

“Slave, get in the toilet box Ann needs to go and France will use you after. We want T-bone steaks for dinner.”

He put his head in the toilet box and Michele gave him a big smile as she was setting him in.

Ann sat on the box and as soon that his tongue was in her ass she started shitting a long soft log and he had to open his throat to let it pass. She was enjoying having her asshole cleaned by his tongue.

Then France sat down and told him;

“You know slave that I did not shit since I used you the last time. I love feeling your jaws chewing under my ass.”

She grunted and pushed a large log in his mouth that nearly choked him. He had to bite it off and chew rapidly to be able to swallow and have some more.

Michele was masturbating him lightly. Whenever he was getting close to climax she would stop only to start again when he had calmed down.

Michele knew that Ann would feed him some more later on because she had given her a laxative. France fed him two smaller logs that he had to chew also for her pleasure. She moved back a little peed in his mouth and got up. Michele freed him from his toilet box.

“Slave, use the toilet if you need wash your mouth refresh our wine in the living room and start cooking dinner.”

He got to the kitchen and had all his ingredients ready. He was preparing the salad when he ran to the toilet. That shit was getting through him faster he wondered why he could only think that the laxative they had taken was affecting him.

He felt a lot better after and went back to the kitchen.

When there were only the steaks left to grill. He went in the living room to ask how they wanted them and grilled them to their liking.

Ann was seated on his mouth saying;

“Thank you Michele for that laxative do you think it will affect him?”

“I do not know I do not really care as long that he is still able to perform his duties.”

“Michele I have to shit again. Do I have to use the box?”

“Well you can stay seated were you are or use the box if you prefer the choice is yours.”

So Ann pushed a small stool in his mouth and said;

“Slave, chew I want to experience that feeling that France likes so much.”

After pushing another small log in him.

“You are right France this is great.”

After diner they were having coffee in the living room and he was washing the dishes when Michele walked up behind him;

“On your knees, I need to pee.”

As she was peeing she told him;

“Slave, you are making a great impression on my girlfriends. They envy me because of you. I am very pleased. Do you have any friends that I could refer to them?” She asked laughing.

He was so horny putting his mouth on Michele’s lips did not help him. He got back to doing the dishes when Ann came in to pee in him.

After her orgasm on his face still weak in the knees she asked if she could kidnap him for her own use. As the girls were saying good night France peed in him and left with Ann.

Michele ordered;

“Wash your mouth use the toilet and join me in bed in the face sit position.”

He got in bed on his back waiting for her. He was remembering an evening before he had started serving her. When he was eating her sex and was allowed to caress her body her breast that was so exciting he wanted to grab them kisses them and caresses them.

At least after her orgasms he could masturbate for his own. Now he endured an almost permanent hard on thinking of her naked body.

She walked in wearing a night gown. She had a little cage in her hand and a glass of cold water. Seating herself beside him she said:

“I have a gift for you. It will help you to avoid an accidental orgasm when you sleep.”

She had the glass of cold water on his penis that was shrinking rapidly and then she put the small cage on it.

“See it will prevent an erection and you still can use the toilet. You have permission to take it off in the morning but you have to put it on before bedtime. Now to see what the consequences are you may caress my breast with your hands.”

She saw the pain in his eyes and it pleased her only the idea of caressing her breast had given him the beginning of an erection.

She took off her night gown and straddled his face to sit on his mouth looking at his feet;

“I do not need stimulation of my bowels tonight I already need to shit again we will practice you smelling my shit as you eat it. You have made so much progress.”

She farted in his mouth and pushed out a small piece ordering him to chew. He was concentrating on suppressing his gag reflex when he felt that pain again on his caged penis.

Her ass in his face and the smell of her shit was kind of exciting to him. It had been almost two weeks ago that he had eaten her first stool and little did he know, the conditioning was working.

She had notice his squirming and had notice the beginning of his erection. Soon he would ejaculate on command when she would shit in his mouth.

She fed him four stools then backed up on his face pissed in his mouth lay down and went to sleep.

He used the toilet again. Ann’s laxative must have had an effect on him. He had been excited by Michele’s ass and the smell of her shit. The cage had prevented him from making a mess.

He got in bed at her feet and fell asleep.

It was morning and she was kicking him gently to wake him.

“I need to pee, get in position.”

As she was peeing in his mouth she said:

“We are going out this afternoon to see Jackie the lawyer France recommended. She has drafted a contract that will bind you to me and a new will that will make me your one and only heir. You will be mine forever like you promised.”

She took her shower had her breakfast sitting on his face and went to work.

He had cleaned up the yard and the pool and got himself a tall glass of her piss. After the first sip he thought that it was not so bad especially cold on a hot summer day.

He was getting dressed up to go see the lawyer thinking about his new life. He was hungry all the time and when she would announce that she needed to shit his stomach would growl and he started having an erection.

He had not expected her to have planned all those details neither had she showed her sadistic side before. He was scared because he liked the way she was treating him like a thing, her thing.

She got home and he was French kissing her asshole;

“I will need to pee before we go. Jessica sent you a gift so that you will not forget her. It is in the sealed container beside your bottle. Look at it like candy that you can have during the day.”

She had changed in a mid length dress and high heels.

They were greeted by Jackie’s receptionist Leslie tall black hair. Who introduced them to her boss. She was a pretty woman in her late 30’s 5 feet 5 inches 130 pounds in great shape;

” Leslie get something to drink for Michele. I will have a coffee.”

” A coffee is fine with me.” Michele said.

Bernie was completely ignored.

Jackie had drafted an unbreakable contract that would leave Bernie homeless and penny less if he ever tried to leave Michele or if she kicked him out. He would have to please her all the time or he was lost. His will was making her his only heir.

After signing all the contracts with Leslie as the witness Jackie offered a comfort pause before revisiting Michele’s will.

Michele offered;

“Let me show you what he does for me. Slave on your knees.” Michele ordered.

She straddled his mouth and peed in him. Her flow was strong and he drank her audibly.

“Would you like to use him?” Michele offered.

“I do not think so. I need to go number two.” Jackie said.

“He is a full service toilet. Slave, sit in front of the chair and lay your head back.”

Michele ordered him pointing to Jackie’s chair.

“You only have to place your asshole on his mouth. He will stick his tongue in your asshole all you have to do is relax and push but not too hard. So that it comes out slowly and he can swallow without choking.” Michele instructed.

After a little persuasion Jackie was sitting on his mouth. She was so nervous that her asshole was closed tight. He licked her asshole to relax her and when he could he inserted his tongue in to stimulate her bowels.

She fed him three stools and she liked the experience very much. She got up and turned around to pee in him.

“You could have backed up on his face and pee in his mouth. It must be your first time with a toilet slave.” Michele said.

“Yes it is but it is not the last. I will find one for myself. I had an orgasm shitting in his mouth and the cleaning sensation his great.”

Jackie said looking flushed.

“May be I should open an agency recruiting boyfriends to be broken down in toilet slavery.”

Michele said laughing.

Jackie asked to be the first customer on the list also laughing.

“Leslie would you like to use him?” Michele asked.

“Oh yes. I always wanted to do that to a man. However small he might be.”

Leslie said as she was lowering her panties. She positioned her cunt on his mouth and peed hard in him and then she moved her asshole on his mouth and pushed a stool fast in his throat.

“Go slowly he will choke if you push too hard.” Michele said.

Leslie slowed the pace and relaxed a little gently pushing two stools in his mouth.

“Thank you very much for lending him to me. Did it take you long to train him?” Leslie asked.

“The training as such was very quick. Wednesday, a little more than two weeks ago he asked to be my toilet for the week end. He was already licking my ass clean daily, after I had used the toilet. He offered to keep on being my toilet-slave forever if I liked it. ” Michele said with a grin.

“Well, I did not like it. I loved it. I had always wanted a toilet-slave. I had planned to turn him into one after the first night six months ago. This is why we are here today! He just signed his life over to me! He belongs to me now!” She burst laughing

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