Mr. Rob and the Witches Ch. 02

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Part Two – Graduation Night

As always, this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental…all characters exists only within the realm of my imagination.

A word of appreciation to all those who responded to part 1, especially those of the Wiccan beliefs…your kind words and soft criticism were very encouraging. As last time, I mean no disrespect to anyone in the Wiccan faith…this is meant simply as a sexy, fun to write story, my apologies in advance if I offend. Again, please send me feedback or comments…this story has unexpectedly generated more feedback than any story of mine to date. I had no idea where the story would go…it just sort of wrote itself. I enjoyed writing the sequel, I hope you enjoy it to.

The next week passed by in a maddening, often agonizingly slow blur. I scored final exams and averaged grades. I also helped get things ready for our summer graduation event. Usually, we have between thirty and forty students who fail to graduate in the Spring with their class…often because of too many absences or just failing to pass a required class as was the case with my witches. The shock of not graduating with their peers usually grabs their attention well enough that they make up the lost class or lost time quickly that summer and so we have a small graduation ceremony, so they can officially receive diplomas and wear their caps and gowns. Knowing they have this ceremony to look forward to is another incentive to do the work.

I was still in a sex aroused fog from what had occurred with my three witches. The three beautiful young women were constantly in my head, both when I was awake and asleep…especially in my sleep. In all my forty-five years, I have never experienced anything like it…the sheer power and eroticism of my dreams. Images of Tara, Lisa and especially Ashley, naked and carnal, possessing me and allowing me to possess them filled my sleeping hours. We were sex incarnate…god and goddesses consuming ourselves in orgasmic fires only to be reborn from the ashes of our spent desires to burn anew with lustful joy.

Every morning I would awake sweat drenched and exhausted, my cock throbbing and drained as I seemed to have ejaculated in my sleep not once, but multiple times. My head would still be swimming with the images of my three seductresses and I wondered if I was going mad as every morning mixed in with the odors of my lusty sweat and semen were the sweeter aromas of my dream lovers…their particular fragrances that I’d come to know during the summer session, mixed with more carnal scents. I found myself almost convinced that somehow they had slipped into my house in the dark of the night, making magical love to me till dawn.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that all three of my witches passed the final exam with flying colors…the three highest scores in the entire class…with Lisa scoring a ’98’, and Tara and Ashley both scoring a ’97’. All my students passed, but there was a wide gap in scores between my three witches and the rest of the class. Needless to say, Mr. Grady, the Principal was thrilled.

Finally Graduation Night arrived. We always hold the ceremony on the last Friday of June and with such small groups, held a short reception afterwards…punch, cookies and nuts. I tried to act calm, but felt like a young boy about to go out on a first date with the girl of his dreams. My witches had become the stuff of dreams to me. I wondered how they would act…how I would act…I even wondered if they would even bother to show up. I shouldn’t have doubted them though. As I assisted Grady’s secretary in getting things organized on stage, I glanced at the gathering parents, families and the thirty-six students now finally and proudly able to wear their graduation gowns. My heart leaped as I saw my three girls, dressed the most conservatively that I’d ever seen in their long, midnight blue graduation gowns. Each noticed me and gave me a wave and a big smile. Tara even blew me a kiss.

Mr. Grady gave a short speech, thanking me and the other summer school staff, Mrs. Dawson, our chorus teacher sang something inspirational and then with my assistance, Mr. Grady called each student up to the stage and gravely presented them with their diploma. As they crossed the stage in front of the assembled faculty and staff, each student tended to respond differently…some stopping to shake teachers’ hands or to hug a particular teacher, some red-faced and shy, literally racing to get off the stage. As Tara, the first of my witches was called, she strode up on the stage with the same defiant, proud manner that she had first charged into my class with. She accepted her diploma and Grady’s words of congratulation with the most cursory of nods and then as she crossed the stage, stopped and gave me a furious hug.

I groaned inwardly as I felt her body press against mine, feeling almost naked under the robe, a feeling she confirmed as she whispered in my ear, “I’m not wearing anything under this robe. I want you and in the full moon of the Esbat, I shall have you, Mr. Rob!” Blood rushed to my cock…her words filling me with desire.

Her lips brushed my cheek and she smiled sweetly at me and moved on. I prayed that my sudden erection wasn’t that noticeable and tried to act as if everything was normal. I tried to will my hard-on away, but if I was having any success, it was in vain when Lisa was called up to the stage. Again, she took her diploma, barely acknowledging Mr. Grady’s existence and came over and gave me a powerful hug.

In my ear, Lisa’s tongue flicked out and then she whispered, “I’m naked and wet for you under this robe, Mr. Rob! I want you and in the full moon of the Esbat, I shall have you!” She too kissed me on the cheek and she gave me a heartbreakingly tender smile. My erection was throbbing angrily and I knew if I looked down, I’d see a huge bulge, threatening to rip through my trousers.

The last person called to the stage was Ashley and I could feel my heart pounding as she took her diploma from Mr. Grady without a backward glance, looked out at the audience and waved at her family and then came to me and hugged me fiercely.

Her body seemed to melt against mine…there seemed to be an incredible amount of heat emanating from her body. I could smell her lust. She kissed my cheek. In my ear, she said in a husky whisper that screamed desire, “My time to become a woman is now…I choose you. I want you and in the full moon of the Esbat, I shall have you, Mr. Rob!” She kissed my cheek again, her lips on fire and then stepped back and looked at me with such purpose and power…for a second it was as if we both stood there naked, the world shrunk down to just us two and our need…our lust…our hunger for each other was palpable.

The moment passed in a heartbeat or an eternity…I’m not sure. Then Ashley spoke, “Remember, Mr. Rob. Your reward will be threefold…in the full moon of the Esbat, it will be threefold.” Ashley smiled and strode across the stage and returned to her seat.

I did my best not to begin trembling or to cum in my trousers as Grady made a few last remarks and then declared ‘these assembled students, graduated.” There followed the usual cheers and throwing of graduation caps and then everyone retired to the school cafeteria for the reception. I took a few minutes to bring myself under control…my penis grudgingly wilting to a half erection…its recovery seeming imminent.

At the reception, I accepted the heartfelt thanks of a few parents, most noticeably a few of the jocks who had their athletic eligibility restored thanks to passing my class. Then Lisa bounded up, her parents in tow. Both looked like proud parents…I recognized in them the same characteristics of factory workers that my parents had had. They thanked me with accents that marked them as descendents of Polish immigrants…a trace left even after several generations in America. They thanked me profusely for getting their daughter through graduation. I accepted their thanks humbly and gave all the credit to Lisa, who beamed at me.

As they left, Lisa glancing back to give me a saucy wink, Ashley came up with her parents…slightly bewildered farmers who looked uncomfortable being dressed up in Sunday best and inside. Both gave me curt thanks, the father glumly adding, “We didn’t think she’d ever get anywhere once she took up with this witchery foolishness.” Ashley rolled her eyes and blushed. I tried to blunt any possible argument within the family by assuring them that I had every confidence in the world that Ashley would make her mark…that indeed, she was one of the brightest students I had ever had the pleasure of teaching and my hat was off to them for raising such a fine daughter. Ashley beamed at me, and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” Even her parents smiled at my words of praise.

Finally, Tara arrived holding hands with a woman who had to be her mother. “Mr. Rob, I’d like you to meet my mom, Sara,” she said, taking my hand in hers, linking the three of us. I might have imagined it, but there was a bit of an electrical charge that ran through all of us. I knew what Tara would look like in thirty years or so. Her mother was a big, voluptuous woman, big both in bosom and butt and a solid waist. The term “Earth Mother” passed through my mind. Tara had inherited her mother’s brilliant eyes and she was a beautiful woman. She wore a long, flowing dress of many colors and from the pendant around her neck, I assumed that I knew where Tara’s Wiccan ideas had come from.

“Mr. Rob, Merry met,” said Tara’s mother. She extended her free hand and I took it…forming us into one circle. “I’ve heard so much about you…I wanted to thank you for being so…open-minded.” Her eyes seemed to pierce right through me…peering into my very soul. She had a funny smile on her face and I felt like I had no secrets from her.

“Your daughter marches to her own drummer,” I replied. “There’s nothing wrong with that. We all have to find our own way.”

That seemed to please Sara. “Well said. Still, it’s refreshing to find someone who doesn’t condemn us for the path we walk.” She looked at her daughter. “Even though Tara seems determined to explore new paths to the Craft.” There was a slight tone of chastisement in her voice, as well as amusement.

Tara smiled back at her and then said, “We all walk along as the Lady wills it, Mom. And right now, I need to walk a path and find Lisa and Ashley.” She let go of both our hands and slipped off through the crowd.

Sara took my now free hand and studied me closely. Again, her brilliant blue eyes seemed to bore through me…searching for truth. Finally she nodded. “My daughter’s judgment is true…even if her path is not clear to me. “You are a good man, Mr. Rob…let your heart guide you and may the Lady clear any doubt from your soul Know that in what lies ahead, you have my blessing.. Mayhap, we will meet again.” She leaned in, her enormous bosom rubbing against my chest and kissed me quickly on the lips. “Merry met and merry parted.” She left me there wondering what had just happened.

After about thirty minutes, folks began to drift off. I helped my fellow teachers clean up, got another handshake from Mr. Grady for a job well done and the school year was over…just like that. I returned to my classroom, picked up a box of items I was taking home and headed for the parking lot. Mine was the only car left. As I approached my old Ford clunker, out of the shadows stepped Tara and Lisa, still in their graduation gowns. I stopped…my heart beginning to pound.

“Girls…ladies…what can I do for you?”

Lisa pointed at the sky. “It is the full moon, Mr. Rob…the night of the Esbat and we’ve come to take you,” Lisa said quietly

Tara walked up to me and took the box out of my hands and handed it to Lisa. “We’re here for you, Mr. Rob…it’s time,” Tara whispered as she crushed her luscious body against mine and kissed me…her tongue spearing into my mouth. We kissed passionately…I felt her hands in my pockets…fishing out my car keys and caressing my cock.

Tara broke the kiss and Lisa took my hand and led me to the passenger seat of my car. I started to speak, but Lisa put fingers to my lips and smiling, said, “Shhhh…it is time….we’ve come to take you to the Esbat.” As Tara climbed behind the wheel of my car, Lisa climbed into my lap, straddling me, her lips finding mine…kissing me as she pressed her long, lithe body against mine. Her fingers played across my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and then scratching nails softly against my skin, finding my hardened nipples and flicking and pinching them. I heard a zipper and then Lisa was naked against me, her button nipples hard and rubbery…her skin soft and on fire.

Lisa hunched over me, her movements mesmerizing me as our tongues danced and my hands roamed over her body, cupping her tight butt cheeks. I suddenly realized that somehow she had gotten my belt undone and my pants and shorts pushed down around my ankles. My cock was pressed between us…her skin fiery and delicious against my erect penis. Lisa seemed to climb me and then my cock was pressing lengthwise against her pussy…her bare labia embracing my cock with her heat and wetness while her trimmed muff tickled the very tip of my throbbing meat. Our kiss ended and she guided my lips to her nipples, sighing as I rolled my tongue over her hard little buttons, lips encircling to suck them, my teeth playfully nipping at them.

“We’re here,” Tara suddenly announced. I looked up and find us in the drive of an old farmhouse. I didn’t even remember us moving. “This belonged to my grandparents…it belongs to Mom and me, now.” She opened up the door and climbed out. Lisa climbed out as well, helping me shed my shoes and my clothes. When I stepped out of the car, Tara greeted me, now naked herself…gloriously naked…her breasts heaving with excitement, her huge, meaty nipples standing up. Her heavy tits pressed against my body as she kissed me…her hand wrapping around my cock and stroking it slowly.

“Let us go to the Esbat…Ashley awaits us there,” Tara whispered. I found myself mute…unable to totally comprehend what was going on around me…allowing my lust and desire to lead me just as Tara and Lisa now led me. We did not go towards the old farmhouse, but instead stepped onto a path leading into the woods. The full moon, fat and bright above us lit the path well. Flashes of heat lightning also helped illuminate our path. Lisa and Tara seemed to be chanting…mostly in a language I didn’t understand, but I caught some snatches of song about “the Lady.” The words seem to wash over me, wrapping my desire and lust in a blanket of calm and reassurance. Part of me knew that I, an forty-five year old divorced teacher was walking naked alongside two beautiful, enchanting nude eighteen year old women through a patch of woods, but it all seemed appropriate…it all seemed as if things were they way they should be.

Their voices were soon joined by another…I recognized the angelic voice of Ashley and felt my cock swell a little. We stepped into a clearing lit by many candles and I took in several incredible sights. Blocking our path, stood Tara’s mother, Sara…naked as we were…her fleshy body incredibly erotic…a breeze blowing her long, curly black hair around her shoulders. Her body was amazingly similar to her daughters…her thick, meaty breasts slung low across her chest, capped by huge nipples larger than her daughters and between her legs a literal forest of black pubic hair…strands reaching up her belly.

Beyond Tara’s mother, in the center of the clearing was a small knoll…an earthen bed or altar, now covered in linens, pillows and flowers. In front of the earthen bed, stood Ashley, naked and glorious, looking like a goddess…her perfect body glistening with oil. Her large, upright breasts heaved with desire…her nipples standing out, hard and long.

“This be the Esbat,” intoned Sara, her voice merry. “Come forth and be purified.” She held up a large water pitcher and I realized that beside her a little spring bubbled forth from a rock outcropping. Lisa stepped forth and began to chant as Sara poured water over her, once, twice, three times. Lisa’s long naked form glistened in the moonlight and I could smell the scents of flowers and bath oil. Tara followed and her mother poured water from the spring over her head, showering down three times from the spring until her body glistened

Lisa and Tara led me forward and Sara smiled gently at me. “Be welcome to the Esbat, may your soul be nourished and enlightenment be yours.” She poured fresh water from the spring over me…icy cold water that drove the breath from my body. I expected my erection to wither away in the cold water, but with each dousing, I felt my cock throb and stand a little stiffer until it was literally slapping my stomach…something I hadn’t experienced in years.

Lisa and Tara led me towards the altar and Ashley. She too glistened from the bath oils…her hair almost blown dry by the gentle breeze. She held out her arms and said, “Let all be witness…I have chosen this man…this gentle, wise man to be my first…to be the conduit by which I hope to touch all the universe and to know the embrace of the Lady and the Lord.” Ashley climbed onto the earthen altar, laying back and spreading her long, shapely legs. She said in almost a whisper, “Do you accept this gift…my virginity, on behalf of the Lord and the Lady?”

I felt lost and unsure, but my heart urged me to reply, “I do,” I said in a hoarse whisper.

Lisa and Tara urged me forward, helping me climb onto the altar…their hands stroked my body, leading me on until I climbed between Ashley’s thighs. Bath oil, sweat and her body’s lust wafted up and filled my nostrils…making me heady with desire.

Ashley held out her arms and I slowly rested myself on top of her warm, slick body…feeling her long, hard nipples rubbing against my chest as my weight flattened out her full breasts…feeling her velvety thighs rising up, her legs rising into the air. I kissed her then, on the mouth, pressing my tongue into her mouth with an urgent need second only to the need to sink my flesh deep into her own. Tara’s hand slipped between our bodies and guided my aching cock to the mouth of Ashley’s vagina. Tara was chanting as was Lisa and I think, Sara…words of invocation, urging the Lady to bless this union…this sacrifice, this act of primal love.

Ashley broke the kiss…her lips brushing mine and whispered, “Please, Mr. Rob…now…make love to me now!” With a groan, I thrust into her as she flung her pussy upwards. She was incredibly wet and tight and hot…like sinking into pleasure itself. I buried my cock into that eighteen year old virgin pussy…meeting resistance and then breaking through her hymen with a steady, hungry thrust.

Ashley’s body arched against mine and she cried out…”For the Lady…I offer this, my most sacred gift!” She screamed as I tore through her cherry…a brief warm flow of blood, coating my cock as I continued to sink all my aching hardness into her wonderful velvet warmth.

As I felt myself fully inside her…my pubic hair grinding against her naked cunt, an incredible hunger swept through me…almost electric…the hairs on my arm stood up. Ashley convulsed, her hazel eyes snapping open wide…her legs wrapped around my hips and she pulled me to her with her arms. “Ohhhh, Goddess!” she moaned. “Take me, lover…fuck meee!”

Like animals in heat, we exploded into a furious mating…kissing, biting, sucking as our joined groins slammed hungrily into each other. It seemed as if we were suddenly in a whirlwind…a thunderstorm…lust exploding and arching off of us like lightning bolts. My cock was like a jackhammer, pounding into her pussy, attempting to go deeper into her clasping womb…pleasure coursed through my cock as never before…taking me to the edge of orgasm, but not letting me cross over. I tried to slow down, not wanting to cum too soon, but Ashley wouldn’t let me…in truth, I couldn’t stop. It was as if her very flesh…the wet, fiery folds of her hot cunt demanded me to continue.

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