My First Time at an Adult Theater Pt. 02

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My First Time at an Adult Theater

(part 2 :After the Movie)



As I sat in the car, waiting for this man who had just closed the door to walk around and drive me to his house to. To do what? How did I get myself into this any way? It was only an hour ago I was sitting down to my first x rated movie, and what happened next? It seemed to be a bit foggy in my mind.

I began to think back, going into the movie, sitting down, started watching, and what happened next. Oh Yes I sucked a strange man’s cock till he came in my mouth. Not only that but I sucked off a second man at the first man’s command. He is the man I’m waiting to drive me to his house and fuck my ass. Oh God! I’m in such a bad place, I have to get out of here.

As I reached for the door handle, the door latch kicked down.

“Going somewhere?” the man in the drivers seat asked as he put in the key and started the engine.

“I think I might have made a mistake. I’d like to get out please.” I begged.

“Too bad, I think our friend from the concession stand was hoping to get to see a show tonight, and I believe you could get some of her wet pussy if you play it right.” He calmly said as he reached for the gear shift lever.

I looked back over my shoulder and saw the headlamps of her car pull in behind us. She was hot, and I really need to get off. I was still hard from earlier and I hadn’t cum yet.

“So stay or go, the choice is yours, but make it now. I’m getting horny again and if you don’t go, I’m still going to have some fun with her.” He said knowing that I wouldn’t get out of the car.

I sat back. He put the car in drive and we pulled out of the theater parking lot with the girl following.

“Good choice, in all the excitement of the theater we never got each other’s name did we? I’ll go first. My name is Frank, and you are?” Frank asked.

I was taken back a little by the pleasant way Frank asked that question. Unlike before when he was commanding me to suck a stranger’s cock and hold his cum in my mouth to show our follower.

“Um, my name is Wayne.” I responded quietly.

“Wayne, good name. Well, Wayne, why don’t you slide over a little closer, and tell me a little about yourself. You don’t have to sit so far away, I won’t bite, unless you like it, that is.” He laughed at that a bit, as he patted the front seat closer to him with his right hand.

I had sat as far toward the passenger door as I could. If the door had opened I would have fallen out. I sighed a little and slid over to where his hand was.

“I’m 19, and a student at college. I don’t know what you want me to say, I’m really not that interesting.” came my reply.

Once I was close he took his hand and placed it on my thigh. Through my jeans he started to rub my leg. His hand was firm but I liked the way it felt massaging my muscle. We just sat there for a moment, queitly.

Frank broke the awkward silence, “Tell me the truth. This was your first trip to an adult theater, and it was your first time giving a blow job?”

“Yes sir, it was.” I replied. Frank squeezed my leg hard and the started moving his hand upward into my crotch.

“I have to tell you something, Wayne. That was one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had. You are a natural cocksucker, and I mean that in a good way. You have a talent to give pleasure, and that’s a gift.” He complimented me.

I felt my cock start to harden again. I don’t know if it was just from the closeness of his hand, or the fact he called me a cocksucker. When he called me that I felt a tingle inside. I shifted closer.

“O.K., now you are warming back up to me.” He said as he grabbed a handful of my crotch. He was rubbing it hard through my jeans, and I began to squirm with his hand playing with me.

As he pressed my cock harder, the more I began pushing my hips to get more of the pressure. I moaned, as he rubbed. The more I moaned, the more Frank rubbed my crotch. I was just about to cum, I knew I was about to get the release I desperately needed, and he stopped and pulled his hand away.

“No, no, no. You don’t get to cum till I make you cum, and that’s not going to happen in my car, in your jeans.” Frank’s tone returned to that of the Master.

As we came to the stoplight, Frank grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled my face towards his. He kissed me hard, right there in the car.

The car behind us turned on her bright lights. I knew our friend was there. I had never thought about kissing a man before but now, in this moment, I loved that kiss. I kissed back just as hard.

She flashed her lights again and blew her horn, she enjoyed the show.

The light changed to green, we broke our kiss and we were off again.

I thought about unzipping his pants and sucking him off again, right there in the car. He seemed to sense what I wanted, saying.

“No, no. You can’t do it here, just wait a Ataşehir Escort few more minutes, and we will be at my house. Then the evening can really get going.”

I sat back and In just a few minutes we were turning into a private driveway, with our friend very close behind.

“Wayne, you go collect our girl, and find out her name, while I go in and let my wife know we have new playthings tonight.” Frank Informed me.

“Your Wife. You are married?” I shouted surprised.

“Of course, Erica and I are Bi-sexual. We enjoy all types of sex, but we really like training new pets.” He informed me as he got out of the car and headed towards the front door.

I was floored by Frank’s last words. His wife? I thought Frank was a homo. (As we called them back in the 70’s) I didn’t think you could like both men and women, but why not? I asked myself. If Frank has a wife she must be just as hot and sexy as he was.

I caught myself on that thought. Yes I think Frank is hot and sexy. I can’t wait to meet his wife, wait what did he mean “pets”?

The driver’s door opened as I approached her car. In the glow of the dome light I finally got a good look at our new friend , back a the theater I was in a crazy haze and did not focus on her.

She had long straight black hair, red lips, and a cute smile. I opened the door further and saw she was wearing a tie-dyed tee shirt. I noticed that her nipples were poking like rock hard diamonds through the material. I offered her my hand, and as she took it to swing her legs out of the car. I saw the orange hot pants she was wearing and the thigh high black boots. As she moved her leg out of the car, she opened her crotch directly into view, and there was the damp spot between her legs. If she was wearing any panties they were soaked thru and thru. I’ll bet her pussy juices were flowing like a river. I thought this was the hottest thing I had seen in my 19 years of life..

“Frank asked me to help you inside, while he goes ahead and tells his wife about our little party.” I informed.

“His Wife, and his name is Frank?” she responded.

“Yeah, I said the same thing. Oh, by the way my name is Wayne. What’s yours?” I asked.

She paused for a second and moved to sit on the hood of her car. She looked at me saying.

“I don’t know if I can go through with this now. At first I I thought I could, but now, here, I don’t think I can go on.”

I moved beside her and sat next to her. I thought for a second and then took her hand gently.

“When this night started I was just going to the movie to get out of the dorm. Hell before tonight I had never seen a x rated movie. I sat there watching something I thought I would never see in real life. A man sitting next to me stroking his cock. Forget the movie, it was a real dick, and I got excited about it. I thought I was straight at that point. Never, ever would I have thought that I would get a hard on watching a man play with himself.

There is just something about Frank. The way he talked to me, and yes, like he told you, he seduced me into sucking his cock. Then he told me to suck the other man. He has a way about him. He knew me better than I knew myself. He got me to do things i never dreamed I’d do. I never had so much got fun in my life. I’m sure if you just give it a chance we could have an experience we will neve forget, together. “

I tried to convince her, as well as myself.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” I turned to her. She nodded yes.

“What made you follow us out?”

She thought for a second.

“I don’t know. I think it was when Frank grabbed your face and turned you towards me. When he told you to open your mouth and I saw the cum in your mouth, my pussy got very wet all of a sudden. I was going to say something but when he told me to tell you to swallow the cum, and i did. I thought my pussy would explode right there. I thought I had to see more. I was so hot driving over here I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other in my pants rubbing one out, but now that I’ve cum I’m not so sure.”

She informed me.

“I felt that exact same way on the ride over here. I didn’t get the chance to rub one out. Frank stopped me. There is just something about him that makes me do things I never thought I could. You saw him kiss me, didn’t you?” I asked, she nodded.

“That was the first really sexually charged kiss of my life, and a man gave it to me. If he can give me that kind of pleasure and excitement I for damn sure want to know what other kinds of pleasure he can give. The fact that he has a wife, who I think will be just as hot as he is only makes me want even more.” I had talked myself into going in that door, as I stood up and offer my hand to her to go with me. She reached out and took it.

“Damn right, he said he was going to fuck you and I really want to watch him kiss you again and fuck you. My pussy getting wet again. Let’s go.”

As she grabbed my hand she added.

“My name is Vickie, let’s see what Anadolu Yakası Escort sexy trouble we can get into tonight.”

We walked towards the door, and together we knocked on it.

The door opened and there stood the single most attractive woman I have ever seen in my life. Vickie was cute but this woman put centerfolds to shame.

Dressed in a red satin robe, with her blonde hair pulled back in a tight bun, her make-up was simply perfect. Her breast were bigger than Vickie’s, her nipples appeared ever harder.(If that was possible)

I looked down the front of her robe and saw that it was untied and open. Her shaved pussy was in full view. I thought I heard Vickie gasp (I know I did). Her long legs were set off by her red high heels to match the color of her robe.

“My, my, my. Two very attractive prospects here. My name is Erica, do you want to be our playthings tonight?”

Her voice sucked us in and both of us could only nod as she opened the door wider for us to enter.

As we walked past Erica, she closed the door behind us. We were standing in the entry alcove, to our left was the formal dinning room, straight ahead was a hallway with 2 doors at the end, and to our right was the living room. That’s where Frank was standing in the center. He was taking off his shirt as Erica took Vickie’s hand and lead her away from me and over to the sofa off to one side.

“Come my dear, let’s get ourselves comfortable for the show that’s about to start.” She just oozed sexapeal in her voice. Vickie followed silently.

My eyes watched them as they got closer to the sofa, Erica casually cast off her robe and just stood there, naked. She leaned over and held Vickie’s head in her hands as she lowered her lips to kiss her for the first time. Vickie seemed to melt into her arms.

Erica broke the kiss saying, “Let’s get you out of these clothes, my pet. I think we will have a lot more fun if we are both naked.”

Vickie just nodded, as she raised her arms for Erica to remove her shirt.

“Wayne, get over here and take off my pants, and you need to be naked by the time you get here..” Frank commanded, snapping my attention back to him.

I immediately stripped off all my clothes in record time, and when I got in front of Frank my dick was rock hard and sticking straight out.

“On your knees now and undue my pants.” Frank said as he pointed to the floor in front of him.

I dropped down and began removing his pants. As I pulled his pants down his cock sprang out, hard and right at my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and gave it a quick lick.

“Finish getting me out of my pants and shoes, first. Then lay down on you back in front of the girls.” Frank commanded.

I looked back at Vickie and Erica. Erica was sitting on Vickie’s lap holding her hands above her head and kissing her hard, I swear I heard Vickie moaning deeply into Erica’s mouth.

I finished getting Frank out of clothes and took my position on my back in front of the sofa as instructed. Erica broke her kiss with Vickie and slid to sit beside her on the couch. Her hand quickly went to Vickie’s pussy and Erica started to finger the girl. I could smell the hot pussy juices already flowing.

I heard Vickie say, “I’ve never done anything like this before.” I turned my eyes toward the ladies and saw Vickie looking into Erica’s eyes, as the woman’s 2 fingers worked in and out of the young girls soaking wet pussy.

Erica smiled and said. “I bet there’s going to be a lot of things you’ve never done before. Have you ever tasted your own pussy before?”

Vickie shook her head NO as Erica removed her wet fingers from Vickie’s pussy and placed them on her lips.

“So, taste it now, my pet.” Erica commanded. Vickie opened her mouth and sucked the woman’s fingers deep into her mouth.

As I watched Vickie suck her pussy juice from Erica’s well manicured fingers,on me.”

I took a quick glance at Vickie and saw her eyes widen at the prospect.

Erica tossed a pillow to Frank and he caught it. He began to lower himself down until he had sat on my chest. His hard cock only inches from my face. He placed the pillow under my head, and said.

“Open your mouth slut and show these women what a good cocksucker you are.”

As he slid his cock forward I opened my mouth eagerly and as it touched my lips, My mouth closed around it.

As Frank slowly began to fuck my mouth with his cock I heard a gasp coming from the couch behind me, apparently Vickie and Erica were enjoying the show. I began to make slurping noises as Frank’s cock slid in and out of my mouth. He would slow fuck my mouth and every so often pick up the pace a bit, then slow back down, teasing me by saying.

“I’m not going to waste this hot load in your mouth, I’m saving it for your tight cherry ass. I’m going to breed you like the slut you are.”

“Get on the floor, my pet, right beside Wayne. I’m going to ride your hot young mouth till I get off and then I’m going to fuck you just like Kadıköy Escort my husband wil be fucking his slut.” Erica commanded.

Vickie scrambled to the floor beside and as Erica came into view I saw the

Strap-on dildo she had put on. She lowered herself on to Vickies waiting mouth.

“Tell me Vickie, have you every eaten a woman’s pussy before?” She asked.

“No, mam.” She replied.

“Well just stick out your tongue, you are about to taste your first pussy.” With that Erica lowered herself onto Vickie’s face right beside me.

With Frank’s cock in my mouth and Erica’s pussy in Vickie’s I thought nothing could be hotter than that, till I saw Frank and his wife kissing each other as they used us for their pleasure. I swear I thought I was in heaven at that moment.

Erica broke the kiss with Frank turning her full attention to Vickie’s tongue.

“Yes, my pussy hungry slut, make me cum. Lick my sweet cunt.” she said as she grinded her pussy harder against Vickie’s mouth.

I felt Frank’s cock tense at that moment and I thought he was going to cum right then and there. I know my cock was leaking a steady flow of precum and I was so hard it hurt. When he pulled out of my mouth got off my chest.

Frank reached down and pulled me up to him. He leaned down and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth grabbing and twisting my nipples at the same time.

All I could do was melt and moan, I was his to do with what he wanted.

I turned over and put myself on all fours and finally got a good look at Erica riding Vickies face. Her big plastic dick bouncing as she ground her pussy against her.

“Yes, my pet make your mistress cum. I’m almost there. Make me cum.” Erica barked.

Then I felt Frank reach under me and squeeze my throbbing cock.

Whispering in my ear. ” My wife looks so fucking hot riding Vickie’s face like that. Don’t you think?’

“Yes,sir, so fucking hot.” came my reply.

“You’re leaking like a sieve down here, Wayne. Have a taste.” Frank said as he stroked my cock one last time and brought his slick fingers to my mouth. I licked them clean.

“You keep watching my wife, while I get your ass rewady for it’s first fucking.” He said as I felt the tip of his finger on my asshole. I tensed a little as the first tingle of the gel he had on his finger began to swirl around my virgin hole.

I watched the hot lesbian show that was in front of me as Frank continued to tease my asshole. Putting more pressure around the opening, letting me accept it at my pace. I started to slowly push my hips back toward the pressure of his finger. After a few circles he stopped and spread more gel around my asshole. I was closing my eyes and trying to concentrate on the feeling coming from his teasing when I heard a scream.

“Yes, my pet That’s it Make Me Cum!!!” Erica screamed, and at that exact moment Frank pushed his finger deep into my asshole. I screamed as well.

“Yes, Wayne take my finger, get used to it. I’m going to finger your ass for a bit, and work in a couple of more before I breed you.” Frank stated as he began to fuck my hole with his finger.

As Erica climbed off of Vickie’s wet face she reached over and helped her husband spread my ass cheeks. I felt more gel being applied as Frank worked a second finger in my asshole. After a few minutes of hard thrust into my ass with two fingers, my hips began to respond on their own. Bucking back to accept more.

“You see Vickie, Wayne really likes my husband’s finger in his ass. Just wait till he fells his big cock in there.

Have every been fucked in the ass, my Pet?” Erica asked.

“No, mam. No one’s ever touched my ass.” Vickie replied.

“Well get over here on all fours like Wayne, I’ll just have to change that.” Erica instructed.

“You’re not going to fuck my ass with that monster cock you have on right now are you?” Vickie said in a panic.

“No, my dear this 12″ cock is for your sweet pussy, I just want to eat that virgin ass of yours while we watch my husband take Wayne’s cherry.” Erica reassured Vickie.

Hearing that Vickie jumped over to be next to Erica on all four with her ass sticking up. True to her word Erica lowered her mouth to Vickie;s asshole and began eating it to beat the band.

“OH My God, I’ve never felt anything so wickedly wonderful before!” Vickie exclaimed. Grinding her ass against Erica’s oral assault.

I was so taken by the sight of these two women together I had not noticed that Frank had taken his fingers out of my and now had the tip of hard cock against my open ass hole.

As he pressed the head of his massive cock past the opening of my ass. I was keenly aware of the presence of this beast being slowly pushed into me. I let out a guttural roar as he pushed deeper into my ass.

Frank reached around and grabbed me by my chest and pulled me back toward him. He shifted just a bit into a sitting position on his knees as he continued to pull me closer to him. Soon I sitting on his lap, impaled on his monster cock deep in my ass. Frank was twisting each of my nipples, bitting me on my neck, abd whispering in my ear.

“That’s it Wayne. Take my dick into your man pussy. You’re no longer a virgin. Accept my dick. Just sit still and enjoy that fact you are

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32