Roman Delight Ch. 09

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Over the course of several months Aurelia worked with each girl individually helping them get in touch with their bodies and sexuality. From her studies of the sutra’s she was able to increase her own skills as well as she learned various exercises and techniques. The two lighter skinned girls, Fen and Yaling, were coming along nicely. They came from the Han provinces, what the Bactrians called China. The four Bactrian girls, Padma, Sunitra, Priya and Anissa took quite a bit of work. Their traditions of what was proper hampered their progress as did their prudish upbringing. Padma was the worst, she avoided her exercises and never masturbated. She refused to let Aurelia touch her and sequestered herself in her cell as the other girls openly practiced with each other or masturbated. She even went so far as to inform one of the Prince’s wives of what was going on. At first the wife was scandalized but quickly realized the potential this could have for her over the senior wife. She had the poor girl whipped for insolence and then requested Aurelia spend a few nights with her when she was not engaged with the Prince.

The Prince was delighted. Aurelia noticed that she was being requested less and less and fell into a regular rotation as the Prince now wanted to spend time with each of his concubines. Except for Padma. After the Prince had taken her she ended up back in the harem that same night, in tears. She ran straight to her cell and pulled the curtain, her sobs echoing through the silent room.

“What happened,” Aurelia asked Himadri. She and the eunuch had become close friends over the last few months.

“The Prince tried to entice her to suck on his dick,” he said grimly, then continued. “At first she refused but upon seeing his anger she relented. I suppose he was a little too eager and she unprepared because after only a couple of thrusts she gagged and threw up on him. The Prince cursed at her and instructed me to bring her back.

“Please, go ask him if he would like Nkiru and myself to attend to him. Perhaps a bath to start,” she suggested.

Himadri nodded in agreement, thinking the Prince’s night had been ruined beyond repair. Twenty minutes later Aurelia and Nkiru were being escorted to the Prince’s chambers where slaves finished filling a large tub in a room adjoining the bed chamber and replaced the soiled linens on his bed.

He smiled as his two favorite concubines entered. As if choreographed the both disrobed simultaneously, each grabbed one of his hands and led him to the bath. As soon as they were all standing in the hot soapy water Nkiru leaned in and began kissing her Prince while Aurelia grabbed the bar of soap and began lathering it over his shoulders and back. She passed the soap to Nkiru, who began washing his chest and arms. This went on, passing the soap back and forth and as they worked their way down to his feet. His cock was rock hard but they purposefully ignored it, at the moment. Once they had washed him from head to toe Aurelia moved to his ass rubbing her soapy fingers through his crack and caressing his asshole, eliciting a slight moan. Nkiru delicately washed his balls then stroked his throbbing cock using long, slow motions. After all the teasing he had received, this treatment was too much, and erupted with ropes of cum, spraying it over Nkiru’s tits.

His knees began to buckle as Nkiru and Aurelia eased him down into the water. They snuggled up to him on either side caressing this chest. He in turn kissed them both deeply. Their caressing moved down to his softened cock as they coxed it back to life. Nkiru moved to straddle the Prince and guided his now hard cock into her dark pussy. She slowly rode him, causing waves of water to splash over the sides of the large tub. Aurelia arose and gathered some drying cloths, dried herself off and approached the tub. Nkiru ceased her fucking and stood as well leading the Prince out of the tub where she and Aurelia dried him off.

Aurelia led him to the large bed where she straddled him and slid his cock into her own waiting pussy. Nkiru dried herself off while Aurelia continued to slow methodic fucking that she had started in the tub. Once dry, Nkiru leaned against one of the bed post watching the sensuous coupling while she ran a finger through her dripping snatch. The Prince looked over at her, taking in her beautiful dark body and motioned for her to join them. She smiled back and climbed onto the bed, settling over his face, easing her pussy against his mouth. He grasped her hips and slid his tongue over her slit. Her head lulled back with the exquisite sensation of having her pussy licked by an expert lover. Aurelia, while still slowly riding his cock leaned forward and took Nkiru’s head in her hands and pulled her in for a long deep kiss. The two caressed each other’s breasts as their tongues intertwined.

It wasn’t long before Nkiru felt the familiar stirrings of an impending orgasm beginning to bubble to the surface. The Prince felt it too and slowed down his manipulations but that only added a few extra heart beats of enjoyment before Nkiru submitted fully to her body’s will and she came in torrent. She Sakarya Escort ground her pussy into the Princes mouth as her body shook, her orgasm taking complete control of her. The Prince locked his arms around her hips preventing her from getting away, and to keep her from breaking his nose, as he kept his tongue in contact with her clit while she bucked and gyrated through the onslaught of her orgasm. He released his grip on her and she rolled off her master to recover, her body still tingling from the powerful climax.

The sheer eroticism of watching another girl cum was a huge aphrodisiac to Aurelia, inciting her to unconsciously quicken her pace, leading to her own orgasm before she could bring it under control. Bringing one girl to orgasm on his tongue and another cumming on his cock was more than the Prince could take as he unloaded the contents of hic cock a second time tonight. She felt the splash of his cum within her depths as he thrust into her spasmodically. The two cried in ecstasy as their bodies pounded each other through the fog of sex that filled their minds and bodies.

Aurelia collapsed on him, their heavy breathing echoing in the bed chamber. As she rolled off of him Nkiru snuggled in, embracing her Prince while Aurelia snuggled up on the other side. The three of drifted on to sleep entwined in a lovers embrace.

The next morning as Aurelia and Nkiru returned to the harem chamber Aurelia could see Padma sitting her cell looking completely dejected. She went and sat next to the poor girl and embraced her. Padma burst into tears.

“I didn’t know what to do,” she explained through her sobs. “I tried to please him but his dick is too big and I kept gagging on it until I threw up all over him.”

“I can help you with that but you must trust me,” Aurelia counseled. “All of the other girls have overcome their gagging reflex on the Princes cock but they have been practicing for some time now.”

Padma nodded. “I know what I need to do, it just feels so dirty.”

“It’s not dirty,” Aurelia said. “It’s a beautiful expression between two lovers. If you can cast off your stifling traditions you’ll be able open yourself to a world of pleasure and enjoyment for you and your Prince. Remember you are his concubine now. It is your duty as his lover to do to bring him pleasure and his duty to bring it to you.”

“I understand,” Padma responded, “Where do I start?”

Aurelia set her up with a regiment of exercises and told her to practice on the stone phallus as often as she could. She agreed.

As the months went by the girl’s skills increased, some faster than others. Padma, for her part, got better but continued to struggle in every aspect. Her traditional ideas of purity continued to interfere with her desire to please her Prince. When it was quite she could be heard muttering prayers to her gods for forgiveness and strength.

In her own studies Aurelia had read through all of the sutras in the Prince’s library and finished copying and translating five of most important ones into her native Latin. She was just starting another when tragedy struck the household.

The night Padma had been called to the Prince’s chamber. She had left with an air of confidence and determination, giving Aurelia a sense of pride that this, once prudish girl, had finally blossomed. That pride was shattered the next morning when Himadri came rushing to the harem in a panic.

“Where is Padma’s cell?” he demanded.

One of the girls pointed and he ran over, ransacking the cell in search of something until he produced a small vial of liquid. He pulled the cork out, taking a tentative sniff, then dropped to his knees in despair.

“What is that?” asked Anissa. “What’s going on?

He turned to look at the girls gathering around him, anguish creasing his features.

“This is deadly nightshade,” he lamented. “The Prince has been poisoned. Both he and Padma are dead.”

Aurelia was stunned, her whole body felt numb. Gasps of grief emanating for all the girls. With the door still open wailing could be heard from the long corridor from the wives as they cried over their dead husband.

A sense dread began to fill Aurelia as the weight of the situation settled over her.

“What will happen to us?” she inquired with a quiver of fear in her voice.

“The eunuchs, servants and slaves will stay at the palace ready to great whoever our new ruler will be. You, I’m afraid, will be sent to the temple monastery where you’ll live out the rest of your life as a sadhavi, serving as a nun. The wives fare the worst. Precedent is clear on this and they will be ritually executed, then cremated on the funeral pyre with the Prince, ready to serve him in the afterlife.”

She knelt next to Himadri and embraced her friend. She starting thinking about life as sadhavi. It sounded dreadfully dull, spending the rest of her life praying to gods she didn’t know and had no respect for.

“How will this take place?” she asked. A plan started to form in her head.

Himadri thought for a moment, “You’ll be led to the temple and turned over to the holy order who will then Sakarya Escort Bayan wash and clothe you in holy robes. Why do you ask?”

“I want to leave this place and return to Rome,” she stated bluntly.

“That’s quite impossible,” he said. “The only way a woman leaves this society is if she is dead or banished.”

“Banished?” Aurelia mussed. “What actions justify banishment?”

He thought for a moment, “as consorts of the Prince it would be unbecoming for another man to partake of that woman, hence your induction to the temple. Such an act would be an insult to him and subject to banishment.”

He continued, “This is madness. There is no guarantee you’ll even be banished. You could just as easily be stoned to death or imprisoned, besides how would you get to Rome? It’s a long dangerous journey, you have no money and no protection.”

“I have money, my jewels and gold trinkets. Once we get to my home town I know of several caches of gold my father left. As for protection, I was hoping you would accompany me.”

There was a chorus of voices behind them. Nkiru, Fen, Yaling and Anissa all voiced their desire to go to Rome with Aurelia. They looked to Aurelia as their big sister, she having introduced them to a world of sexuality they never knew existed. Sunitra and Priya voiced their content to serve the monastery, attempting to atone for their carnal deeds.

They discussed various plans and deeds which had a higher chance of banishment and decided their best option would be to commit some sexual indiscretions near the temple of Ishtar the goddess of love and sex. This would play on their piety to the love goddess while still being condemned for disgracing the Prince and lead to their banishment. Over the years Himadri had accumulated a fair amount of money since he no longer had a family to send it to. He volunteered to use that to buy the necessary transport, supplies and protection.

The next day they marched in the funeral procession of their Prince which wound through city until they came to a temple with a large pyre setup in front. They watched as the wives, all resplendently dressed in their finest regalia, bravely meet their execution and were placed serenely on the pyre with the body Prince Vayaspara. Priests of the temple recited prayers as a line of aristocrats and commoners alike shuffled by with gifts, prayers and lamentations. After the people had paid their respects the wood was doused with oil and lit. Within moments the Prince and his wives were hidden within the conflagration as their bodies and the pyre were consumed by the flames. The girls were led to the monastery where they were taken in, stripped naked, ritually washed and adorned with orange robes. From there they were instructed to memorize and recite their first mantra. That evening those keen on leaving snuck out of the monastery to do a little whoring.

The next day the monastery had received complaints about five girls wearing monastic robes committing vulgar acts in public. The five were immediately identified, their robes torn and stained with black denoting their disgrace and then ejected from the monastery. As they were ushered out Himadri was there to greet them. With his money along with what he made from selling the girls’ jewelry he was able to hire two veteran soldiers as guards and buy a wagon with two horses filled with provisions, tents and desert gear.

She looked over the contents of the wagon and was grateful the see the chest of scrolls containing her precious sutras from the Princes library as well as her translations. With these she could build an empire of flesh and desire that her father would be proud of.

The journey across the Parthian desert was grueling with the heat bearing down on them constantly. They wore robes and head scarves to protect themselves from the sun and rationed their water as best they could. They travel on bumpy worn ruts that passed for roads which sent the wagon jolting as they lumbered on. Their voyage used an established trading route which had stops setup around oasis’s and villages with wells. The horses struggled between the long water breaks and once they completely ran out of water before making it to the next oasis later that evening. The girls initially turns thanking the two soldiers in their own ways. This served to keep their morale and loyalty high as well as ease the tension that built up through the day. At first they thought it was a dream come true. Getting a blow job or some pussy from one of these lovely’s each evening was great but as time and wariness dragged on so their desire began to wane.

Once they were attacked by bandits on horseback. Fortunately, desperate bandits were no match for seasoned soldiers. The two men hired for protection proved with worth has they picked off the bandits with their bows. After felling four of them the rest sped off in panic. This netted four extra horses as well as food and water bags. More horses significantly lightened the wagon load as the two soldiers could ride individual horses. The other two were tied to the wagon and walked behind, they would be sold at the Escort Sakarya first opportunity.

After three straight weeks of travel they stopped at a city for a few days to bathe and recuperate. They sold two of the horses for quite a bit of money and offered to let their guards keep the extra ones they had been riding, as bonuses to their pay. Accommodations with actual beds was a little hard to find but eventually they were pointed to a rather upscale inn where they were able to bathe, relax, eat some meat and drink. With two days of rest the soldier’s libido returned with a vengeance and now they were ready for some pussy. The girls who were now properly bathed and groomed were only too happy to oblige.

They congregated in the soldiers’ room for some much needed fucking. The first soldier removed his tunic and pulled Nkiru close, his hard cock pressing against her stomach. He was ready to just bend her over and stick it in when she held up a wagging finger to slow him down. She slowing disrobed teasing in the process and dropped to her knees. She grasped his cock in her hand, rubbing it against her nipples, sending ripples of pleasure through both of them, followed by taking him into her warm, silky mouth and sucking on it like it was a honey treat.

The second soldier likewise removed his tunic but hesitated, unable to decide which girl he wanted most. Fen made the decision for him and, following Nkiru’s lead, took him into her mouth, sucking his cock like a starved calf.

Yaling and Anissa, feeling left out, decided to take care of each other. They met with a long deep kiss before dropping to the floor to assume the sixty-nine. They lapped at each other’s pussies like cats with bowls of fresh cream. Anissa was the first to break her lip lock as a wave a pleasure forced a moan to pass her lips. She took a moment to enjoy the sensual feel of a soft tongue on her clit before she was back Yaling’s delicious pussy.

Both men were in heaven, enjoying these exquisite blow jobs. Nkiru could taste the pre-cum starting to ooze from her soldier. She stood turned around and bent over hugging her chest to her legs. The soldier didn’t need and invitation and grabbed her hips as he thrust her is cock deep into her dark pussy. Nkiru moaned in ecstasy as this position allow him to penetrate her to her very core. Their passion became so enthusiastic they almost lost their balance. Nkiru leaned up and planted her hands on the wall for extra support as the soldier continued to pound her from behind. Moments later he howled as he filled her pussy with cum.

The second soldier, not to be outdone, picked up the petite Fen and had her place her feet against his shoulders while she held onto his arms, allowing her to be completely suspended in his powerful arms. He thrust his cock into her like and army with a battering ram. She was in a frenzy of lust never having been fucked like this before. She screamed as her body shuddered in climax followed by the soldier spewing his seed into her.

Unable to contain their lust, Yaling and Anissa flipped around, positioned their legs to sides of each other so could press their clits together. Their sopping wet slits slid easily against each other as their bodies convulsed with pleasure until they both came simultaneously screaming in delight.

Aurelia watched, amused at the whole spectacle. She turned and looked at Himadri who watched with detached interest. Having been emasculated she couldn’t imagine what he felt. Suddenly he turned to her, a fire in his gaze.

“May I…” he hesitated.

“May I taste your pussy?” he asked, suddenly embarrassed by the request.

Aurelia smiled at him, a gleam in her eye. “Absolutely!” she replied, “But… I won’t be able to return the favor to you.”

“There is no need. I’ve learned to focus my pleasure through alternate means, “he assured. “Your pleasure is very much my pleasure.”

Himadri the eunuch, had been her friend, protector and confidant since she had been introduced to Bactrian society and never asked anything of her, only wanting to server her. He had been enthralled with this Western woman from the moment he saw her. She was beautiful, intelligent and kind, where most of the women from the palace barked orders for him to follow. The wives would stroll by the harem and whip the eunuchs just for being there and she would always console them. Even though she was a concubine she quickly rose in favor with the Prince and was able to get him to temper the cruelty of the wives to the eunuchs and slaves alike. The palace had become a better place with her there.

As a eunuch he had never know a woman’s touch. His penis and balls had been removed before having such a privilege. It was a decision he had little say in at the time, as it was primarily his family who had requested the ceremony in hopes that he could secure a high ranking position in the palace. Usually at least half of the boys who underwent the horrors of having the sexual organs sliced off either bleed to death or died from infections. He survived, but just barely, spending the rest of his life in servitude, moving to ever higher roles until he was assigned to the Princes harem. He maintained his physique by adding sheep testicles to his diet. It was not long after this he learned of a plague that had struck the Northern region, were his village was, that had wiped out his entire family and almost his entire village.

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