Ryan’s Story Pt. 12

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Big Tits

I woke in the morning to a wonderful warm feeling on my little morning wood. I raised my head and looking down, saw my grandma with her face in my crotch, sucking my little cocklet. When she saw me raise my head, she lifted hers and smiling at me said, “Good morning honey. I love to start my day with a nice little drink of young man cum,” and she returned to sucking. I squirmed and moaned and soon gave her what she wanted — my load in her mouth.

After swallowing it all, she climbed back up on me and gave me a deep passionate kiss, letting me taste my own cum.

Raising up, she told me “Turn over honey, it is time for granny to have her fun.”.

I rolled over onto my stomach and she grabbed my hips and lifted them so I was now ass up and face down on the pillow. Holding my hips, she worked her hard morning wood into me. I squealed and squirmed and my hands dug into the sheets as she finally bottomed out, all fourteen inches of her hard cock deep in me.

“I do love to start my day like this,” she said. And she started pulling back and ramming into me, fucking me hard and deep. I was moaning and grunting with every thrust, she leaned over me and held my shoulders so she could drive harder into me. Finally, she shoved in and shot a big warm load deep in me. Then she pulled all the way out and rammed all the way back in and shot another load.

She did this five or six times, finally collapsing on top of me.

Both of us were panting, trying to catch our breath. As she slowly pulled out of me, we heard a slight tapping Kıbrıs Escort on the door. The door slowly opened and mother stepped into the room, her eyes fixed on grandma’s cock sliding out of my ass.

“Knock, knock.” she said, “Just checking to see if you two were up yet.”. As she smiled at me.

As grandma stood and pulled a robe on, she said “Already having a good start to the day honey. I’d better get cleaned up,” giving my ass a slap as she walked out.

Mother walked over to the bed and looking down at me, ran her hand over my chest.

“I missed visiting you last night baby,” she said as her hand ran over my face.

I reached into her robe and wrapped my hand around her very hard cock. She moaned.

“I missed you too mother,” I smiled at her as I stroked her cock.

I spun around so my ass was on the edge of the bed and lifted my legs. Letting the robe fall open, she grabbed my legs as she leaned over me. I reached up and took her breasts in my hands, squeezing and pinching the nipples. She moaned as her lips found mine, my mouth opening to invite her tongue into a passionate kiss. Then the head of her cock pushed into my tight ass. Now I moaned into her mouth as we kissed and she pushed into me.

Grandma walked in, nude, toweling her hair, and smiled at us. As mother continued to slam into me, grandma started to get dressed. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of mothers cock fucking deep into me.

As mother shoved deep into me and shot a large load, grandma was Lefkoşa Escort buttoning her blouse, finishing getting dressed. She said, “I’m starving, I’m going to go start breakfast,” as she walked to the door.

Pulling her cock out of me and pulling her robe closed, mother said to her “I’ll be right down as soon as I clean up,” as she leaned over to lightly kiss me before walking to the door.

After mother and grandma left, I collapsed. Lying there for a moment, reliving the past couple of days. How wonderful my family was. Slowly I got up and staggered to the shower. Standing under the hot water revived me, it felt so good. After I washed and enjoyed the warm water, I was about to turn it off when the door to the shower opened and Julie stepped in. My eyes feasted on her beautiful body, slim and firm, very athletic, full breasts at least a C cup with large nipples, erect, down her toned flat stomach to the wonderful eleven-inch cut cock that I loved so much, and those long slim legs.

“Good morning sister,” I said as I leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the lips.

Smiling at me, she said “Good morning little brother. I missed you last night,” stepping forward.

My hand wrapped around her cock which was now very hard. Stroking it I said, “And I sure missed you too.”

I sank to my knees in front of her and holding her cock, kissed the tip. Cupping her large balls in one hand, I pushed my mouth down onto her cock, looking up into her eyes. I pressed my mouth against her, feeling Girne Escort her cock slide into my throat. Why I loved her cock so much, it was perfect for sucking. Not too thick and long enough to dip well into my throat. After a few minutes of sucking up and down, she took my head in both hands. I knew what was coming and relaxed to enjoy it. Holding my head she rocked her hips back and forth, fucking my mouth and throat. Slamming into me, her large balls slapping against my chin, her belly smacking into my nose with every thrust. After a time, she grunted, held me against her, and shot her first load into my stomach. She pulled back enough so the next shot filled my mouth. I had asked her before to do this for me so I could enjoy the sweet, salty taste of her cum and was happy she remembered. I held her cock and balls in my hands as she continued to flood my mouth with I eagerly swallowed. Finally, she relaxed, spent, and let go of my head. I continued to hold her in my mouth, enjoying the feel of her. I stood and lightly kissed her on the lips.

“Wow little brother,” she gasped, “you are a great cocksucker.”

I smiled at her and said “Probably because I love your cock so much sister. Glad to do you anytime,” as I stepped out of the shower.

I dried off and walked to my room to get dressed. Putting on a skimpy pair of satin gym shorts and a tee-shirt, I headed downstairs for some breakfast.

Mother and grandma were sitting at the table when I walked in. I gave each a hug and they gave me an ass squeeze. I poured a cup of coffee and sat down with them.

“When will Aunt Sue and the rest be over?” I asked.

“Probably at lunchtime baby,” mom answered, “They are looking forward to seeing grandma.”

Giving a chuckle, grandma said, “And playing with Ryan, I am sure.”

(To be continued)

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