Set Up

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John phones Chloe and asks her if she wants to make some extra cash as his buddy Greg is in need of a good fucking, and would she be interested in helping out that evening. Chloe agrees and John proceeds to tell her that he is going to arrange that she must go to Greg’s place to collect an envelope that he will drop off. He phones Greg and tells him that something has come up and he won’t be home can he deliver a envelope to his house, and someone will come collect it. He then tells Greg that the person will come by at around 21H00 and collect, but please to make sure that they check the envelope to see everything is there. At about 21:15 there is a knock on the door. Greg goes to open the door. He opens and there is this gorgeous petite blonde he looks her up and down she is wearing a short black skirt and a great low cut top showing off her perfect breasts.

She introduces herself. “Hi I am Chloe, John sent me to collect an envelope from you.” He replies “I am Greg, I have the envelope inside let me get it.” He turns around and walks inside picks up the envelope he turns around and she has walked in the house and is sitting on the couch. He walks over and hands her the envelope she opens it and inside is a letter along with the money. She has been told that he must not find out that it is a set up, and on the letter it states that she must ask to use the ladies. She asks him where the bathroom is he shows her the bathroom. She reads the letter again, going over the special requests as John has noted on the letter. Some of the things he has written are “he loves oral on a woman, would like doggy style, loves toys, loves dirty talk.” all the things that your buddies know about your sex life. He has also written that while on the toilet, she must take her panties off and spread her legs and then call him and ask for some toilet paper as there is none. When he comes around the corner, the door is open and she is gently playing with her clit and massaging her breast, he is obviously very shocked at this, what is a friend of my friend doing fingering herself on my toilet?

Chloe then calls him in and says she has a problem and needs assistance would he mind fucking her? Still shocked, he is very hesitant and places his warm hands onto her breasts and starts to massage them as she begins to moan while slowly putting her finger into her pussy. She remembers reading in the letter that he likes dirty talk and oral, she stands up and walks away. “If you want to fuck me you better come here I want you to walk to me like a dog. Go on your hands and knees;” She stands against the wall and he crawls over to her. “Come eat my fucking pussy, I want you to suck my clit and fuck me with your fingers”. He is obviously in heaven looking up and admiring her silk skin and perfectly shaven pussy, he probes her hole with his tongue “SUCK ME” she orders him and he plunges his tongue into her now swollen clit, the taste of her pussy is making his cock swell and he immediately inserts his finger into her wet pussy, hearing the slush of her pussy juices as he goes in and out.

She moans and grabs his hand and licks herself off his finger seeing this gets him so horny he can hardly control the extreme bulge in his pants then she pushes him away, “Take me to the bedroom I want to suck your cock”.,. as she begins to walk he notices that there is small trickle of pussy juice running down from her shaved cunt…he leads her to the bedroom where…she turns around and grabs him she pushes him onto the bed and climbs on top of him, remembering that she read he likes a women to take control. she plants her mouth onto his and delves her tongue into his mouth, swirling around, there juices flowing, then she pushes him back onto the bed and stands up, slowly removing her top to expose her breasts in all their glory, the sight of her erect nipples makes him sit upright and take them in his mouth, his arms wrapping around her back, pulling her into his mouth. Her breasts flatten against his face he is pulling her in so hard. She lets out a gentle cry and she throws him onto the bed again, she slides onto him, her breasts rubbing up against his cock. She straddles him, her bare pussy french fucking him through his pants and asks him, “You want some of this pussy to eat?”

“Fuck yes, sit on my face.” thinking back to the note left by John, she climbs onto his face and lowers her dripping Niğde Escort pussy onto his face, he tries to lick her, she pulls away teasing him while she is undoing his belt, every now and then her fingers brushing his cock before he can think his pants are off and his cock stands at attention it is very big and really nice he remembers that he loves to 69, she then lowers her slit onto his face where he eagerly begins lapping at her clit, going in circles, sucking it and licking it from side to side. He sucks it into his mouth and then flicks it with his tongue, trying to control her pelvic urges she takes his entire shaft into her mouth and begins to suck, sucking it in and out as her other hand plays with his balls, then she has an idea while grinding her pussy into his face, she slowly but cautiously sneaks her finger around, pass’s his balls and runs it over his ass, not knowing what his reaction would be

She is nearing climax as he eats her, she can feel the cum building up, but she does not want him to stop, she moans to get him going and then touches his ass again, this time attempting to insert a finger….he stops licking her slit and lets out a moan knowing that he wants more she inserts her finger into his ass. She then fells the palm of his hand on her buttocks, squeezing them like he is massaging an orange. She thinks back to the letter, remembering she was about to make another one of his fantasies come true….

“Put your finger in my ass” she orders him, she can feel his cock getting harder, he liked this and as soon as she had given the command, she felt a thumb penetrate her ass, sending ways of electricity through her ass and pussy. Sending her over the edge, forcing herself backwards to make his finger go deeper, she grinds her clit deeper onto his face as she explodes with a earth shattering orgasm, she knows it is a good one because she had squirted all over his face and he is lapping the cum from his face like when a kid first tastes ice – cream.

She then sits up, positioning her ass over his mouth, another one of his fantasies about to be fulfilled licking a women’s ass, this would be her first time. With the fresh taste of pussy all over his face he can not believe when he hears the words. “I want you to tongue fuck my tight little ass” without hesitation, he gently licks the outer rim of her hole, being gentle as this is his first time, not knowing how deep to go… she starts to moan in pleasure, why had she not done this before, it feels so fucking awesome, suddenly a shiver runs through her spine as his hand comes over her leg and starts to massage her clit again, the experiences of the tongue in her ass and the finger on her clit makes her extremely wet, she wants to fuck him and fuck him now.

Slowly she lifts her perfectly tanned body, all he can see is her ass and the silhouette of her pussy lips that are millimeters away from engulfing his penis, she grasps him at the bottom of his shaft and eases onto his cock, slowly he feels as his cock spreads her tight lips. She is so wet that he goes in easy, but she takes her time, every now and then bouncing upwards and then coming down a bit further, taking him a bit more in. He puts his hands onto her hips to support him as she continues to lower herself onto his very hard erect cock as she slides down she squirms a bit and moves her pussy back and forth, not up and down, This is something new to him, he is worried if he can last, this pussy is going to milk him. He gently lifts her and she uses her legs and bounces on his cock, being careful that it does not come out her wet pussy cause it so damn slippery, the noise that her pussy makes is getting him hotter and hotter,

She is so hot now, she leans forward and puts her nipple into his mouth while she grinds her pussy on him, her clit is on his pelvic bone and it feels fucking amazing, but she does not want to cum yet, she sits up and forces his entire cock into her pussy, she can feel it go all the way in, filling her pussy with all its glory, he moans saying he is close to cumming. She climbs off of him, his cock making a popping sound as it exits her soaking pussy. She slides down his body and places his penis between her perfect breasts using her hands now, clasps his cock between her breasts. the pussy juices provides the perfect lube as she begins to bob up and down, her breasts fucking Niğde Escort Bayan him she squeezes her wet breasts together to make a cock sandwich, moving up and down as her breasts fuck him, she can see the skin of his cock go back and forth and how swollen the head of his dick his, every now and then she leans down to allow the tip of his cock in her mouth, giving a perfectly timed gentle suck He starts to breath fast and shallow, should she go on.

Seen he is so close and she wants to feel his hot cum inside her she stands up and leans on the bed, ass in the air and looks at him he needs no explanation as he jumps up and positions himself behind her. His fingers lightly touch her pussy to see if she is ready and man is she ready, her pussy is soaking wet, the perfect cock receptacle. Cock in hand he thrusts forward, parting the lips of her wet pussy and teases her not entering fully. She pushes back on to him but he moves back, he can hardly control himself now, He is about to burst. Horny as hell she reaches for her clit and gently tugs on it sending shivers of excitement to her brain, she is so ready to cum, and she needs to cum so bad. She starts to push backwards and alter the angle of entry to her pussy so he can go a little deeper, where she can squeeze him more so that he can deposit his seed inside her.

They move together as they fuck, she can feel his hard cock rubbing the inside of her pussy, he cannot control himself as his cock thrusts at her inner folds, she frantically rubs her clit, feeling the cum build up inside her, moaning louder telling him to go deeper indicating to him she is ready “cum for me you dirty, dirty boy, I want you to cum inside my wet pussy, put your sperm inside me, I want to feel you ooze hot cum in my pussy”. he begins to tense up, squeezing her hard with his hands, she knows he is going to cum any minute “fuck me harder and deeper, fuck this feels fucking aaaahhhh” she screamed to him, his cum begins to boil from deep in his loins, he can feel the sperm rushing up to the tip of his cock, it is as if they have stopped, then started again. He is beyond return he is about to cum, she moans as she rubs her clit

He jerks, and she can feel him try to go deeper, he is already all the way in her pussy but he wants to go deeper and she encourages it “that’s it fuck my pussy deeper, thrust your cock in harder” and with that all time stops as his cum is released from his cock, flooding the insides of her pussy with every contraction he squirts out cum ,he thrusts harder into her, grabbing her tighter and tighter, she is massaging her pussy muscles to help milk all his juices from his cock. She continues to rub her clit until she can no more, a rush of carnal pleasure comes over her and she begins to cum, slowly crying out, hearing this he pumps harder and leans over and puts his hand onto hers as he helps her rub herself until she cums.

she shivers as she cums, sending waves of pure pleasure through his cock, still hard inside her dripping with fresh cum. she closes her hands into fists as she goes into another pelvic uprooting orgasm, trying to close her legs but she can’t as there is still his cock inside her, he feels her entire orgasm.

They both start to relax, he retracts his spent cock from her wet pussy, with it came a mixture of cum and pussy juice that starts to stream down from her shaved pussy onto her legs, she wipes it with her hand and then licks it off. She turns around and kisses him on the mouth, the taste of each other flowing through them. “You can’t go sleep now with a dirty cock now can you” she kneels down and takes him in her mouth again, she can taste herself and this turns her on, but she wants to concentrate on sucking him clean. After she had cleans him she lies down on the bed she decides to go to the bathroom to clean her neat little pussy but Greg sits up and leans into her wet pussy and starts to lick her clean. She stops him and gets up and heads to the bathroom when she comes back in she sees him lying on the bed and climbs onto the bed next to him, placing her head onto his shoulder. She plays with his nipple pulling it in her fingers pinching it hard. Hearing him gasp as she does.

She waits a while before she can fulfill his next fantasy….. after a while she is lying awake gently rubbing her pussy thinking of what she is about to do and then Escort Niğde she hears it and knows it’s time, he made a gentle snore, kind of cute, but that means that he has fallen asleep, time to put the final fantasy into action gently, without waking him up she positions herself over his face knowing that he would love to wake up with a pussy in his face waiting for him to lick, in one sweep she lowers herself onto his face smothering his mouth and nose with a slightly moist pussy he wakes up with a start the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is her middle and index finger spreading her lips revealing a swollen clit, erect and wet,. He knows what she wants and instinctively thrusts his tongue into her pussy, the way she is sitting makes for the perfect angle of entry. She moves her hips up and down on his face. Smothering him slightly but he loves it. He licks her clit faster and faster wanting her to squirt her juices all over his face.

He inserts two fingers into her wet pussy and starts to massage her. His teeth pulling on her clit as her body begins to shuddered he knows she is about to cum she tries to climb off of him but he grabs her and pulls her down into his face sucking and licking his fingers working her wet pussy so hard and fast she lets out a scream and shoots cum right into his mouth. He laps it up licking and sucking. He picks her up and carries her into the bathroom switching on the shower he places her in the shower and climbs in. lifting her up she wraps her legs around his waist he pushes them against the wall kissing her breasts his hands roving all over her body. Grabbing her ass inserting his finger into her. Massaging her, rubbing inside her ass. She is moaning. He massages harder inserting two fingers now. He lowers her and inserts his cock into her pussy bouncing her up and down on his cock as his fingers massage faster now inserting three fingers. She pushes herself up and down on his cock and fingers. Her breathing getting faster and shallow as her fingers dig into his flesh. “Aaaaahhh god yes fuck me, so fucking good.”

Her legs tighten around his waist as she orgasms like never before. Feels like it lasts forever. He puts her down. She climbs out of the shower and places a towel around her soaking body. She heads to the bed. The shower turns off and he walks into the room cock standing at attention as he looks up he sees she has been snooping and has found his toys. She is know inserting one of the vibrators into her pussy turning it on. Pushing it in and out of her dripping wet pussy his cock gets harder. “Don’t you want to come and help me?” She says. He smiles and walks over to the bed sitting on the end of the bed he reaches for the vibrator and starts to lick her juices off of it. He moves onto the bed and opens her legs wide. He places the tip of the vibrator into her pussy teasing her with it. She moves her body down trying to get him to put the vibrator in deeper but he moves it back. “Fuck me with it. Make me cum again” She cries out. He teases for a little while longer. She grabs the vibrator from him and pushes him down on the bed she sits on him and she inserts the toy into her pussy she places it onto his chest and she bounces up and down on it. This makes him really hard.

He pushes her down onto the bed. But she stands up “get on your hands and knees know.” He does what she says. She pushes his legs wider and wider. She starts to lick his ass. Taking her finger and massaging his hole. She found some lubricant in his box of toys so she opens up the bottle and she puts a lot of lubricant all over the vibrator. She slowly inserts it into his ass; he lets out a cry of pain. She tells him to shut up. She moves it in and out slowly. He starts to feel the pain subside. And he can know feel how good this feels. He tells her to go deeper. She does and turns the vibrator up faster and she thrusts it in and out of his ass harder and faster. “Oh my god this feels so gooooooodddddddd.” His breathing getter loader he is moaning and his body is thrusting back into the vibrator. She pulls it out and tells him to lie down on his back. He does this and she climbs on top of him her pussy in his face and he starts to lick as she sucks on his rock hard cock. He can’t resist anymore and he picks her up and places her on all fours thrusting his cock in to her pussy so hard he nearly knocks her off balance. He spanks her ass with every thrust. “You like that don’t you, you are a dirty bastard. Fuck me harder.” She tells him but he can’t and he cums in side her. He collapses onto the bed. She lies next to him massaging her pussy with the vibrator. He watches her as she cums.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32