Sissy Training Vol. 01

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Being feminine is taught. Correcting your nasty masculine behavior with feminine manners and class is what you need. Being a sissy is your new reality. I am going to make you the pretty little girl you have always dreamt of being. You need to be taught ho live your every day life properly. You can only dream of being as sexy, girly and attractive as a real woman, but we will do our best with you. Being pretty is painful. You want to look as soft and sexy as possible. Pampering you will not be easy, turning you from bitch boy to sissy slut will require plenty of pink. Sissy bitches universal uniforms are pink, because it makes you feel feminine and girly wearing a color associated with girls and women. From our pink lips to our pink pussies and purses. Having a sissy clit complicates things but I can still teach you how to tuck your pathetic sissy clit between your legs and hide it behind your frilly pink outfits. You should always look like you have a pussy. Clitty tucked away and possibly locked. Hiding under your dresses, skirts and panties.

To be a good sissy girl, you will need to çekmeköy escort act and talk like a girl first. Sit with your legs crossed like a pretty girl so no one sees your pretty panties. You would not want the boys to think you are a little slut showing your panties would you? They might come rub your sissy clit and try to fuck you.

You will on occasion call me Mommy. A good sissy always respects her Mommy and elders. No talking back or whining. Always please and thank you. You will sit with your back up straight like a good girl, and always straighten your dress out, hold your hands at your waist or stomach. No slouching. If I can see even a peak of your panties you will get a spanking. Bad girls get spanked and bent over.

A good sissy girl never has her mouth open, unless she is sucking cock for me. You will earn the privilege to suck cock after I train you to with dildos and strap ons. You should be excited to have your mouth trained. You will get your mouth and ass fucked. You do not have breasts but you will always wear a bra under your outfits. You would cevizli escort not want boys to see your perky nipples and tug them. You will never have boobs as hot and bouncy as mine but you can wear a bra to try and fill the shape. If we have to we will fatten you up.

Next Mommy is going to teach you about putting panties on! You’re a little girl so you do not know how to put on sexy little thongs. You like watching me lift my little skirt up and watching me pull at the top strings of my thong, showing you how sexy my pussy looks in them as my thong is swallowed by it.

You will never have a real pussy like Mommys’. Your clitty gets really hard and leaky at the thought of wearing panties and watching my wear panties. Watching my perfect ass show off cute little g strings and instructing you how to be a sexy little sissy slut for me. Mommy wears sexy thongs so boys will fuck her pretty pussy. If you are lucky Mommy will bring boys to fuck your sissy pussy too.

A sissy slut like you wishes she could get fucked too. Mommy is going to train you to be a cock slut, erenköy escort do not worry! First you have to learn how to put on sexy panties. Sliding them on gently so they don’t rip and making sure they hug your curves perfectly. You will bend over like a slut while Mommy inspects if you have putten them on correctly. You are rewarded with spanks and your clitty rubbed through your panties. You will wear a little pink dress over you panties and practice crossing your legs.

You will say please when you beg me to see my panties again. You will say thank you when I allow you to rub your sissy clit again. You will be a good sissy slut and beg me to train you and feminized you further. To push you further and teach you all the feminine sexy ways I can make you a cock loving slut who wears panties and craves to be fucked and bent over. The first step of your training is complete. Making you look like a girl.

We still need to work on how to talk like a girl. I want to hear your verbal admission for wanting to suck cock. I want to hear you call yourself a slut and tell me you have a sissy pussy. That you’re a girl with a sissy pussy who wants to be fucked and made suck cock. To be feminized and put in dresses, makeup and wigs. To be the sexy girl you will never get to fuck, me.

All you have to do is say “Please Mommy” and “Thank You Mommy”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32