Taken – A Virtual Seduction

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To my readers, thanks for waiting. It’s been a while since I have submitted a story, lacking proper motivation. I hope you enjoy the latest addition. A story of a couple that exchange erotic chats and emails and how they realize that a mental fuck is almost as good as the real thing!

As always, this story is for the sole use of the author and cannot be duplicated without my personal consent. All characters are over the age of 18.

Feel free to leave feedback and voting, that’s how an author can gauge his work and what the readers really want and like.



Taken – A Virtual Seduction

The chats had always been hot between them, filling that void that they both needed filled. Satisfying that sexual desire to be wanted that was missing from their lives. But little did she know how hot it would get!

It was a normal Monday afternoon. The grind of work making her numb as she steadily worked through the stack of papers on her desk.

*Ping* She jumped excitedly, knowing it was a message from him. She quickly grabbed her phone to read the message, hoping it was another steamy picture of his hard cock. She started her morning with one that kept her mind wondering, and her pussy wet and longing all day.

It simply said “You will receive an email later today with instructions that you WILL follow explicitly.” Nothing else, just that simple, but demanding statement. She tried to continue working, but her mind kept wondering to the picture from this morning and then the demand just sent to her. So she waited, getting wetter just from the mystery.

It was an agonizing two hours later when she heard it. *Ping* It was killing her. She was on a conference call and couldn’t look at it yet. She squeezed her legs together trying to satisfy that burning between her legs. It didn’t help. Fifteen minutes later, the meeting ended. She grabbed her things and sprinted to her office, anxious to see what she received.

When she reached her office, she closed the door and quickly grabbed her phone. The message again short and sweet. “You have mail!”

She opened the email and began reading. She almost hyperventilated while reading it. Her pussy immediately began leaking copious amounts of her juices, soaking her panties. She called her secretary and had her clear her last appointment saying she wasn’t feeling good and needed to head home.

When she got there, The children were doing their homework and her husband was where he always was, in his study working on yet another report for work. She quickly dropped her things on the table, checked on each of the children, told her husband she was going to take a long hot bath and went straight to the bathroom. There, she opened the email again to emmerce herself in fantasy by following the instructions sent to her.

The email read:

On the way home from work, I want you to think about the pic I sent this morning. How you would like to taste it….to feel it….how bad you need to be taken like you have longed for….what it would feel like to be taken that way…..to be taken by ME….you’re wet, I can tell. In fact, you’ve been wet since I told you this email was coming. Now you can’t wait to get home and do it!

When you get home I want you to go off by yourself and I want you to get your favorite toy. I know you have one, so don’t say you don’t! I want you to go into the bathroom, close and lock the door. Then I want you to imagine standing there, looking in the mirror. You see me come up behind you.

I reach around your waist Kurtköy Escort and pull you into my body. My arms wrap around you, taking your breasts in my hands. Kneeling them, squeezing them. I then snake my left hand down between your legs, feeling your heat. I squeeze you into my body as I lean in and bite your neck and shoulder sending goosebumps up your neck and small electric shocks straight to your pussy.

I slide my nose up your neck to your ear and whisper “I am going to take this pussy…” squeezing you with my hand, “…like it wants to be taken. Like it NEEDS to be taken!”

Then imagine me undoing your slacks and sliding them down to your knees violently, panties and all. Then with both hands, raising your blouse and bra up over your tits, leaving your midsection exposed to my ministrations.

I reach up and again attack your neck and shoulder while my hands go back to your tits. I roll your nipples between my fingers, tugging and pinching them as I grind my now stiff cock between your ass cheeks. You moan at the overload of feelings. I whisper again “I am going to fuck this pussy. MY pussy. It’s not making love and it won’t be slow. I am going to pound this pussy…” Imagine me sliding two fingers deep into your now soaking pussy, curling them up to hit your g-stop making you shudder, “…like I own it!”

I grab your neck and force you to lean down on the counter again. With your head resting on the edge and your tits hanging off and easily accessible, I grab your ass cheeks and spread them wide. With a flattened tongue, I start at your clit and slowly slide my way up to your puckered ass where I circle it before rolling my tongue and sticking it deep inside.

Now I want you to take your toy and use it as my tongue. Slowly running it up and down your slit, smearing the copious amount of juices that I know will be flowing from you pussy now. From MY pussy!

Now imagine me sucking your juices into my mouth, imagine me reaching up and forcibly pinching your nipples again. Rolling them between my fingers, pulling them in different directions. You push your ass back, wanting me deeper. Purring, you reach back and grab your ass with both hands, spreading it wide so I have better access.

You try to raise up, but I push you back down. Holding your neck down, I stand and slap your ass hard leaving a red handprint seconds later. The sting both startles you and excites you causing a flood of juices to run down your leg. I lean in and in a low growl declare “You WILL stay bent over like this until I say you can move!” With that, I slap the other side of your ass, creating a mirror handprint on that side. “Understand!”

You groan loudly now lost in the erotic moment. Your head in a daze as this is EXACTLY how you wanted to be taken.

I tell you that you can be loud. “I don’t care if your husband hears us. He should be doing this to you. He should be giving you what you want! He should be taking this pussy and fucking it like it so desperately needs!”

At this point you sink the toy deep inside you in one solid thrust, imagining that it’s my stiff cock. That cock you saw in the picture this morning. The one that made you wet all day! That one – sliding balls deep in one, full, powerful thrust. You envision me firmly holding your hips as I slide into you in one long stroke until my balls smash up against your clit. Imagine my hips moving in circles while I’m buried deep, smashing your clit and sending electric jolts directly into your pussy. Into MY pussy.

You groan as you Pendik Escort use the toy, imagining that it’s me behind you. You pussy on fire and drooling down your legs. Wishing I really was there. That I really was taking you. You longed for this. Longed to be taken like this. To be owned like this!

Then imagine how it would feel when I reach up and grab a handful of your hair, pulling you up to me as I continue to thrust inside you. My other hand grabbing your nipple again. Tugging it….twisting it….before moving up to your throat. Grabbing it firmly as I lean into your ear again “This is MY pussy now!” As I slam into you for emphasis. “I am fucking this pussy as it needs to be fucked. You will give me this pussy WHENEVER and WHEREVER I want it. You will cum when I tell you that you can cum. You will touch yourself when I tell you to so. Do you understand?”

You start to speak through moans of pleasure, but I stop you. “Yes or No. Those are your choices!” You moan again resulting in me pulling your hair harder as I slam my cock into you again for emphasis. “Do…” (slam) “You…” (Slam) “Understand?” (Slam, SLam, SLAM).

You scream “YEEEESSSSS” as you approach a powerful orgasm.

Then you feel me pull out….. a loud sucking sound echoes in the room as if your pussy screams from the sudden vacancy of my cock. Whimpering you look back at me and start to ask why, but remember just I slap your ass and remind you that you will cum when I tell you to cum and not before.

“You will beg me to cum and IF you are good and I am satisfied with MY pussy, I may let you cum. Understand?”

You whimper in response, too wound up in the moment to speak coherently.

I release your hair and you rest your head on the counter again, trying to catch your breath as I enter you again. You struggle to keep from exploding from the excitement of being taken this way but also fighting to keep from exploding. The contradiction of the two feelings is mind blowing.

I lightly run my fingers down your back until I reach your hips. I take hold of them and slowly pull my cock back out. You moan at the sudden emptiness inside before gasping as I go balls deep in one solid stab, my cock sinking into you like a hot knife to butter forcing you forward, your head hitting against the mirror. Your hips pinned against the counter. No where to go. Nothing to do but feel my cock slamming into deeply.

I know your hand is a blur slamming your toy in and out of your pussy now. You can see envision me behind you. You can feel me doing this to you, can’t you? Don’t cum!

I again pull all the way out, listening to the wet pop of your pussy. Seeing your pussy juice covering my cock and balls now. The sucking sound as I pull out exciting you and making you long to have my cock back inside. I slam into you again and begin to fuck you like I have a mission. Totally taken by the moment.

“Do you like this cock inside you? Do you like being taken like this? Do you like that I OWN this pussy now?” You groan again, unable to effectively communicate through the erotic fog you are in. You are totally consumed by the pounding of my cock into MY pussy!

“Good, I take that as a yes! I bet you want to cum right now, don’t you?”

A guttural grown all that comes out of your mouth as I continue to pound into you with growing force.

“I am getting close now. Once I am ready to cum, I want you on your knees in front of me. I want your hands by your side. You are not to touch me and you cannot cum, is that understood?” I state Maltepe Escort more than ask.

I piston into you with growing urgency now, on the verge of blowing a huge load myself. I reach up and grab your hair again, pulling you up to increase the friction of your dripping pussy on my cock. I bite your neck again as I release your hair and grab your throat. Not strangling you, but firmly holding you so that you know who is in charge. So you understand that I am fucking you. The way you wanted to be fucked. The way you needed to be fucked. Fucked like I owned you!

My hips a blur now as I feel that burning in my nuts signaling my impending orgasm. I pull out and force you to your knees. You quickly kneel and instinctively reach up to take my cock. I slap your hands and and grab you by the hair on the back of your head.


You whimper…

You look up at me through glazed over eyes. Eyes that are so lost in the moment that you are but putty in my hands.

“My Pussy!”

I take my cock in my hand and begin stroking it wildly, feeling the cum rising up with a force that would make NASA proud. I aim my cock at your face and you open your mouth wide, wanting to take every drop of my spunk. I explode sending jet after jet onto your face, your hair and your mouth. Jet after jet firing out, covering you. The final streams falling short of your face, instead covering your tits and blouse that’s still bunched up above your tits.

I guide my sensitive cock deep into your mouth where you suck me dry and clean my cock off, reveling in the fact that it’s also covered in your own juices. You run your tongue over the tip, sliding it into the slit at the top, sending shivers up my spine. Sucking my balls into your mouth to get all of the juices off them.

I bend and grab the back of your head, forcing my tongue deep into your mouth. Sucking your tongue, and our combine fluids into my mouth. We kiss deeply for a little longer before I lean back. Holding your face in my hands, I confidently tell you “This is MY pussy now!” Reaching down and sliding two fingers deep inside you for emphasis.

By now, I know you are on the verge of exploding. Your pussy is burning, leaking all over the floor now. You want to touch yourself, but know it is forbidden. You whimper, looking up and me you ask “Was I good? Was your pussy good? Can she cum now? Please, PLEASE may I cum now? I can’t stand it anymore.”

I pick you up and bend you over the counter again saying “Yes, My pussy was real good. You can cum now. I will make you cum now.” With that, I guide my cock, the cock you sucked back to life while cleaning it, deep into your red, swollen pussy and begin taking MY pussy again.

You close your eyes, your chest heaving, your breath short. Leaning on the counter, mental images of this actually taking place running through your head. The burning desire to cum real.

She is totally taken by the moment. She begins to furiously jam the toy into her hot pussy with one hand while her other hand plays with her clit imagining that he is really there. That he IS taking her as he stated. That he IS making her HIS!

The excitement is too much for her. She explodes in a violent orgasm, eyes rolling back in her head as she screams “YYYEEESSSSS”, having the most powerful orgasm she’s had in ages. So hard that it makes her weak in the knees and she sinks to the floor in a heap of wet, satisfied flesh. Her breathing labored and her heart pounding hard in her chest.

She reads the last of his email and smiles…

“You’re MINE now… I OWN that pussy!”

She smiles a satisfied smile as she catches her breath there on the bathroom floor. Enjoying the most violent orgasm she has ever had….and was never even touched by him.

Quietly she whispers “Yes, this pussy is yours now!”

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