Teacher’s Delight Ch. 1

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I am country-bred at a small farm just outside Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. My family moved there when I was young but my parents kept their jobs in a nearby town.

The farm had several houses. They were used by relatives as summerhouses. In wintertime we were quite lonely but in the summer there were more people around.

Two female cousins of my father, Lisa and Karin, had a house each for their families. In those times it was customary that the wife and the children spent the summer in the summerhouse and the father was left in town working. Our farm had an advantage. It was so close to Stockholm that the husbands could come there at weekends but the wives got a little bored anyway.

The hot summer of 1959 the cousins were in theirs mid thirties. They had two children each in about the same age and helped each other so they could get some free time on their own.

I spent the summer at home working on the farm and with the horses. At 18, I had grown since last summer and the farm work had developed my body. I was shy and inexperienced but very interested in the female body. I started to fancy about these women who went around in light summer clothing and sundresses not thinking much about me being around.

One day they had a couple of friends visiting, also with small children. They went down to the lake to swim and play. It was some distance away from the houses and an area was fenced to keep the cattle out. It also had a sun deck sheltered by planking to get privacy and to stop the winds. There were a sandbox and a bridge with a diving board. It was a nice place to spend summer afternoons, which we frequently did.

As usual I went down there when I had finished my duties. Lisa met me at the entrance. She held a small towel in front of her with both hands. It covered her front from breasts to upper thigh but hang loose and was not wrapped around her. Behind her I could see more naked females.

“John, you have to go somewhere else to swim today,” Lisa said. “We want to swim in the nude today since my friends didn’t brought bathing suits and it’s such a lovely weather. I am sure you can find a good place over there. Now go.” And she pointed along the shore with her hand and then patted me on my cheek. To do that she released the grip of one corner of the towel. The towel suddenly revealed her right breast and much more of her body. She didn’t seem to mind really. Maybe there was a smile at the corner of her mouth. She turned and walked slowly back inside obviously not bothered by the fact that she showed me her nude backside.

Now, this was a long time ago. Public nudity was unknown and even wearing a very modest bikini was not very common. I had never seen a woman’s breast, not to mention a nude backside.

I stumbled back, totally filled by the sight of these nude women. I went down the shore but not more than about thirty yards. There was a small spot with sand, with a few bushes, a natural place to take a bath. The bushes weren’t big enough to shield me but felt somehow as a cover.

I sat down and peered between two bushes. The two guests were in the water, Lisa and Karen was on shore, looking after the children. They were all plainly visible and must have known that I could see them if they were concerned. Which they didn’t seem to be. I guess that they still regarded me as a boy although they felt I shouldn’t be too close. After all it was not that many years ago I also was bathing in the nude like the children now.

I sat there looking. I just took the whole of them in, too inexperienced to really know what I saw. Today I would describe them better.

Lisa was a voluptuous blonde with long wavy hair, good-sized breasts, and a nice rounded belly. Her pussy hair was light and thin and her pussy lips were visible. Her ass was round and full and swayed when she moved.

Karin was a brunette with a nice hourglass figure. Her breasts were normal for her size with big brown nipples. She had wide hips and narrow waist. Her bush was rich and dark brown and covered her pussy. Her ass was well rounded and there was an opening between her upper thighs where the sunlight filtered through when she stood in the right angle.

Karin and Lisa moved around and bent over playing with the children. I was allowed to see them from every angle and for a long time. It was nearly too much but I loved it.

Their two friends came up from the water. They stood at the side of the sandbox stroking their bodies to get rid of the water drops. They even cupped and caressed their breasts. One of them looked over at me a little concerned and said something to Karin gesturing towards me. Karin just shrugged her shoulders and answered something and they both giggled. Lisa and the other woman looked at me and then laughed. I got a little embarrassed. They had probably discussed me.

Obviously they had decided not to bother about me being that close because they didn’t change their behavior. Karin and Lisa went into the water and their kaynarca escort friends looked after the children. They gave the same performance as Karen and Lisa before.

One of the women was a tall blonde with short cut hair. She had big breasts and a round bottom but the rest of her body looked taut and strong. She had high cheekbones and a stern look. She looked like an amazon, very statuesque and powerful. Her pubic bush was thick and yellowish. She was really impressive but also frightening for a young man. I knew that her name was Inga.

Her friend Anne was the opposite. She was a brunette, smallish, plump and very curvy. Her ass and breasts swayed and bounced. Her thighs were stocky. Her bush was dark brown but small, only a patch over her pussy.

Karin and Lisa got out of the water and stood up brushing the water from their bodies. Karin got a towel and dried herself. Then she took a brush and made her hair. She also used the brush on her thick forest, brushing it from side to side and up and down. It got real fluffy and glistened in the sun.

The three other women were staring at her. They giggled and talked all at the same time. The Amazon snatched the brush from Karin and used it on herself. The result was stunning even from my distance. The other two fought to be next but the result was not visible on their small bushes. I now guess that it was the tickling they were after.

I was mesmerized of what I saw. And the women were aware of me so I didn’t have to hide or be afraid of being caught. I could stare as much as I wanted. And I did. I had a throbbing erection. After about an hour I remembered that I had come down to swim. I thought it was best to do so if the women would ask. I became bold and decided to swim in the nude to have a dry pair of swim trunks afterwards. When I thought the women didn’t look my way I slipped out of my trunks and into the water. I swam for a while and then sat on the shore. I realized that if I sat in the water line I could see the women but the bushes shielded my lover body. So there I sat and started to jack off having these lovely women to look at. It didn’t take long and it was heavenly.

The party stayed for another hour. I jacked off once more now when I had found a secluded spot. Or so I thought. I saw Lisa standing a little away from the others looking intently in my direction. She smiled and waved at me. She let her breasts swing and then cupped them in her hands making them stand out. Was she teasing me?

Finally the women and their children left. I stayed for a while and then took another way home. I didn’t want to meet and talk to them.

The day after I met Lisa outside the house. She smiled friendly as she always did.

“Morning John,” she said. “I hope you didn’t mind go somewhere else for your swim yesterday. I saw you had a good time on your own, didn’t you.” And she giggled, but friendly and patted me on the cheek.

Nothing more was said over what had happened the previous day. But I had got something to fantasy about in the nights. And I did.

About a week later I came back from the fields to get some tools. I went round the house to come to the tool shed. In the corner between the houses Lisa sat sunbathing. I knew she often sat at that place because it was shielded from the winds and she liked the heat. But this time she was nude to the waist. Her breasts were out in the open and were lovely to look at.

“Oops,” Lisa said covering her breasts with her hands. “I thought your were away. But no harm done. I guess you saw a lot of me the other day. And I think you liked it, didn’t you.”

She spread her fingers letting her nipples be seen between her thumb and index finger. With the other fingers she lifted her breasts making them stand out.

I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I tried to hug her but stumbled and ended up with one hand on her shoulder and the other pressed over her right breast. When I realized where my hand was I felt the softness of the breast and could also feel the nipple. It was fantastic to hold a breast for the first time. Lisa was perplexed at first then composed herself. She put her hands on my chest and gently pushed me away. She held me at arms distance and looked at me.

“You are so wonderful,” I blurted out. “Your breasts are so fine. I want to touch them.”

“Sorry,” she said. ” I shouldn’t tease you that much. My fault. I must stop thinking of you as a boy. I can se you are a young man and quite handsome too.” And she stroked over my erection.

“Now, go away. Somebody might see us.”

But she didn’t cover her breasts again. She just sat there, a thoughtful smile on her face, looking adorable.

I came to my senses and ran into the tool shed. When I came back out she was still there but had put her bra on. She smiled at me but said nothing, just waved.

A few days later I went down to the bathing place. I didn’t expect anyone else to be there so I took off my shorts and jumped nude küçükyalı escort into the water. I swam around for a while and then went up on the jetty. I went round to the sun deck, which was shielded from the jetty, to dry in the sun.

“Hello handsome,” I heard a voice say and stopped dead when I saw Lisa sitting on the sun deck. She had only small panties on but this time she didn’t try to shield her breasts. I just stood there taking in her beauty, not knowing what to do. My cook started to rise and was very soon at full attention. I blushed and tried to shield myself.

“Come up here and show me,” I heard Lisa say. “It’s only fair that you show me yours now when you have seen my charms several times.”

I hesitated and when Lisa saw that she raised and come over to me. She took my hand and dragged me up on the deck and pushed me to sit down. She knelt in front of me straddling my leg and took my hands and placed them over her breasts.

“You can fondle my breasts as much as you like,” Lisa said seriously but smiling. “I like it. Let me show you how to do it.”

And she placed her hands over mine and directed my movements. She wanted her breasts kneaded and squeezed and to have her nipples pinched and caressed. I soon got the hang of it and understood what she wanted. When she sensed that she took her hands away and very gentle started to stroke my cook. I jumped when I felt her touch. It was heaven. From her moans I got directions how to caress her breasts. After a while I felt my orgasm building up and shot my load. She must have sensed it because she directed my dick and placed herself so most of my come landed on her breasts. She rubbed her crotch against my leg and bucked a few times. I guess she had an orgasm because she calmed down and smiled happily.

Lisa leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. She also stroked over her breasts spreading my come and rubbed it in as sun oil. She raised her upper body a little and bent forward so her breasts were level with my mouth. She put one hand around my neck and pulled me forward. My nose and lips were pressed into her cleavage and I felt her scent combined with the strong aroma of my come. I kissed the sides of her breasts and when she felt it she released her grip on my neck, giving my head freedom to explore her breasts and nipples.

She allowed me to kiss and fondle her breasts for a long time. I think she came another time but I was too inexperienced to be sure. But she got rigid and a few spasms went through her and she sat up holding my hands.

“Enough,” she whispered and smiled. “That was lovely. Did you enjoy it as well?”

“Yes, yes,” I stammered. “Your breasts are so soft and big. I love to fondle them. And it felt so good to come over them.”

And I tried to reach her breasts again but she withdrew.

“That’s enough for today,” she said. “Someone might come and see us. Now get your shorts back on.”

And we both dressed and went home. When we was about to part she hugged me and whispered in my ear.

” Tomorrow I have to take care of the children but the day after Karin will take them to friends. Then we can get together again if you want to. You are a virgin I guess. Do you want to learn what a grown woman looks like?” And she licked my ear.

“Yes, yes I want that very much,” I stammered and then she was gone.

The following day went slowly. I could only think about Lisa and her busty body. The day after I worked hard to take care of my duties so I could take the afternoon off. I didn’t see Lisa and she hadn’t told when and where. In early afternoon I went round to her house but nobody was at home. I went down to the lake but she wasn’t there either. I went back towards home and when I was halfway Lisa suddenly appeared from behind a tree. She beckoned me to follow her and went into the wood. After a few steps she took my hand and led me on. After about two hundred yards boulders and bushes surrounded a small clearing making it rather secluded. She had been there in advance and arranged a bed of a couple of blankets and pillows.

She turned around and kissed me. Then she went a few paces away and slowly started to unbutton her blouse. When three or four buttons were undone she unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the ground. She stepped out of it and stood before me in her panties. Her blouse was rather long but open in front. She turned and with her back to me she slowly took her panties off. She wriggled her ass slightly when she was bent forward, feet apart, and stood longer than necessary to give me a good look at her. She put her hand between her thighs and beckoned me to come closer.

“Come and feel my bottom,” she said, taking my hand and pulled it to her cheeks. I fondled her cheeks and felt down her crack. She was moist and she pressed herself against my hand.

“Take off my blouse and my bra,” she said standing up.

To take her blouse off was easy. But to find the hooks of the bra was harder. I fumbled and somehow sancaktepe escort succeeded to get it unhooked. She lifted her arms slightly and lowered her upper body letting her bra slip to the ground. She took my hands and put them over her breasts.

“Fondle me like the other day,” Lisa said softly. And I did my best. She must have liked it because she started to moan and backed up against me grinding her ass against me erection. Suddenly she went still and cried out. She must have had very sensitive breasts since she was able to have an orgasm just from having them fondled.

Lisa turned around smiling happily.

“You are good at fondling breasts,” she said. “That’s good. Most women like it. Remember that. Now we should let your pride out in the open.”

And she undressed me. It didn’t take long. I had only shorts and a shirt on and she was experienced.

“You have a big boy,” she said smiling. “Now I will teach you how to please a woman downstairs. Come.”

Lisa lay down on the blankets; thighs spread, and had me sit on her side. She took my hand and placed it over her pubic mons.

“Feel,” she said, guiding my hand from her mons down her pussy lips all the way to her butt hole. She was wet and my fingers slipped easily through her crack.

“Can you feel my clit? The clit gives me pleasure when caressed in the right way. It’s the most important part to know of the female body,” Lisa said. “Now take a look.”

She drew me forward so my face was close to her pussy. I could see the folds and her hole. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers to give me a better look.

“Do you see the clit,” she asked. “It’s this one.” And she put her fingertips around something that stood out a little at the top of her pussy lips. I put my finger on it and pressed.

“Is it this one?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, don’t stop, be gentle,” Lisa cried out. “Yes that’s the way to fondle it. Put your tongue against it and lick.”

I did as I was told and she started to buck her hips and clasped her thighs around my head. I couldn’t move. She held me there for a while before she let me go.

“That was good,” she purred. “Remember how you did it, how to lick a cunt is essential for a good lover.”

“Now it’s time for your first real fuck,” she whispered in my ear. “I think you are more than ready.”

She squeezed my dick.

“But we must be careful, I guess you don’t have any rubbers,” she said and took something from her bag.

She unwrapped a condom and put it on my very erect dick.

“Now you are ready,” she said. “Come, we will do this in the basic position.”

She lay back and pulled me over her. She spread her legs and took my cock in her hand and rubbed it over her pussy. She held it just outside her entrance.

“Push gently,” she whispered hoarsely.

I pushed forward and felt the tip of my cock slip inside. She placed her hands on my hips and directed my movements. She pushed me back a little and then forwards again. After a few times I found the rhythm on my own and soon I slipped all the way into her cunt.

It was warm and soft and tight at the same time. I just lay still for a while feeling tremendous. It was just heaven.

I started to thrust in and out again and very soon I came. It was much better than jacking off. I lay on top of her just letting my orgasm subside. She held me close to her with her arms and her legs around my waist.

“Was it good,” she asked, looking at me smiling. “To me it felt as you enjoyed it.”

“It was heaven,” I stuttered. “Thank you, I love you.”

“Good, then perhaps you want to do it again,” she giggled. “You were a little fast for me. But that is natural, being your first time with a woman. In a while we will do it again.”

She rolled me off her. I landed on my back. She sat up and took a towel from her bag and cleaned me inspecting the condom as she took it off.

“Good,” she said. “It is OK.

She kissed the tip of my flaccid cock and I felt it starting to grow.

“Good,” Lisa giggled, ” I think you will be able again in a while. In the mean time let me show you how to lick pussy properly.”

And she rolled over on her back, lifted her buttocks and placed a cushion under her. She bent her knees with her feet on the ground and spread wide.

“Come, kneel in front of me,” she commanded. “Take a good look so you know the terrain.”

“Now kiss all over my pussy,” she whispered after a while. “Kiss and lick up and down. Concentrate on the pussy and save the clit for later. Yes, that’s good, keep going. Use long strokes up and down. Yes, Yes that’s fine. Go on.”

She bucked her hips and moaned and writhed but gently so I shouldn’t lose contact with her pussy.

“Yes, yes that’s right. It feels real good, go on,” she groaned.

“Please, push your tongue into my cunt. And lick over my clit,” she cried. Yes, yes, right, go on, don’t stop. Lick my clit. Yes, yes that’s right.”

She bucked and writhed wildly. She came in a violent orgasm and closed her thighs hard around my head. I couldn’t move but lay with my face pressed over her pussy. She held me there for a long time, or at least it felt so, until she slowly released her grip and pulled me up over her.

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