Victoria Ch. 02

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Victoria 2

Max was going over his ledger as usual on a Tuesday afternoon. He’d had several good clients over the last week, two widows and four bored aristocratic housewives. He had cleared over two thousand pounds this week after expenses. 500 pounds had been earned from the brother, half-sister couple. On top of that they had given him 200 pounds as a gratuity and Heather an additional 200 pounds and a beautiful ruby necklace that didn’t go on the books. Courtesans and gigolos were allowed to accept gifts from their clients. His mother owned a fortune in jewelry given to her by her wealthy admirers.

Max was just putting his ledger away when his telephone rang. “Yes father,” he said out of habit.

“Oh, hello mother!” he said with surprise. Of course, he saw her every morning at the family breakfast and occasionally throughout the day, but the late afternoons and evenings were reserved for her clients.

“Your father has just accepted a large contract for tomorrow for you and me,” she told him. “I would rather talk to you in person than over the phone,” she told him. “Can you come right over to my dressing room? I have a client later this evening.”

“Of course, mother, I’ll be right there,” Max told his mom.

When he arrived at her dressing room, Max’s mother had just gotten out of the tub and her maid was dressing her. Max had seen his mother nude several times since he joined the family business, and she was an exceptional beauty with a fantastic body. Grace Grantham thought nothing of dressing and undressing in front of every person in the Manor, including her son.

“Darling,” Grace addressed her son. “Do you remember 20378 and 20379? They were the brother and half-sister couple that comes here frequently.

“Of course, I remember Mother. I got a 200-pound tip from them,” he told his naked mother. For a woman of 50, she was still quite a stunner. She had inherited her magnificent body from Venus and had maintained her youthful looks.

“I’ve had sex with the husband and watched them fuck, but now, they want to watch us fuck tomorrow night. What can you tell me about them?” she asked.

“They both have an incest fetish to start,” Max told his mom. “They both have a cum fetish, she likes to share cum with her half-brother and he seems to like it too,” Max added. They both want to try anal sex with each other and asked Heather and I to teach them. They told me that they wanted to watch me fuck you in the ass,” Max concluded.

Grace ran the brush through her gorgeous red locks, making sure that every hair was in place for her next client.

“Your father got an extra bonus because it will be a mother, son package. We need to give them a good show for their money,” Grace told Max.

“I don’t know of any other engagements I have tomorrow, I’ll be able to build up a good load for you, Mother, Max said.

Grace smiled at her son. “That will make a good finish. Where do you think they’ll want me to take your load?” she asked.

“They wanted me to cum in Heather’s mouth,” Max told his mother.

“That would be good, but you cum anywhere they tell you to, alright? Even in my ass.”

“With pleasure mother,” Max answered a little too excitedly.

Grace slapped her son’s arm. “You would really like to fill your mother’s ass with your hot cum, wouldn’t you?”

After breakfast, Max went up to his room and rang for Joyce. Even though she was officially Heather’s maid, part of her duties was to take care of Max’s personal needs as well.

“Good morning Joyce,” Max greeted her. “I was hoping that I could fuck you this morning,” he said.

“Of course,” Joyce said as she stripped off her uniform.

Joyce was on top, riding Max while he fondled her lovely breasts. These were probably the reasons that she was still popular with the men who came to the Manor to see her. Her tits and ass were still magnificent, even if she wasn’t one of the prettiest women at the Manor.

Heather walked in and watched her brother and maid fucking.

“Ma’am is there something you needed from me?” Joyce asked haltingly as Max pounded into her well fucked pussy.

“I was hoping for a little sapphic play this morning as well. You can finish off my brother first,” Heather told her.

“Please don’t cum in my pussy sir?” Joyce asked. I want to keep it fresh for my mistress,” she said.

“It’s alright Max, fill her pussy up. I want to eat your cum out of her cunt.

The Grantham family was very progressive. They used modern terms instead of the archaic language the Victorians used. The bum was the ass, the penis was the cock and the vagina was the cunt or pussy. Other sexual terms they used were novel to The Victorians as well. The word fuck was never used between the gentry, preferring to use euphemisms like to fulfil ones husbandly or wifely duty.

Heather undressed and began masturbating on the bed right next to Max and Joyce. When Max shot his wad into Joyce’s fuck hole, she quickly positioned Silivri Escort herself where she was sitting on Heather’s face. Max watched his sister lick and suck his cum from Joyce’s honey hole. Heather’s cunt was right there in front of him and he was mightily tempted to lick it to make his sister climax on his tongue, but he didn’t. Sex with a family member off-the-clock was not allowed.

Since the two women were in his room, he didn’t feel the need to leave them as they made love to one another. He watched them until they’d given several orgasms to each other. Lesbianism was so disgraceful in the views of Victorian culture. Sex was not meant to be enjoyed, but only for procreation. Lesbians and homosexual men violated both of those principles. That’s why they were popular with quite a few of their clients. Many clients were closeted lesbians or gay men.

Max went to the office where he invited one of his friends, a physician, to visit him there. One of his recent clients had confessed to Max that even though it was much more pleasant making love to him, she sometimes had to turn to her doctor for sexual relief for hysterical paroxysm. She jokingly told Max that all Gigolos should start advertising their services as a medical treatment for hysterical paroxysm.

His doctor friend confirmed that quite a few women called on him and his colleagues about the psychosomatic condition a large number of Victorian ladies suffered. It was an ailment caused by a lack of sexual stimulation. The treatment for the condition was for the doctor to masturbate the woman with his fingers until they orgasmed. That sexual release cured them temporarily.

Max was interested to find out that a lack of sex among Victorian woman was actually responsible for a class of medical conditions. He was good at making women cum, maybe he could figure out a way to earn some extra income with that knowledge.

By the time he got home, it was less than two hours until his appointment with his mother and 20378 and 20379. Max shaved carefully and showered thoroughly. If his mother was told to lick his asshole, he wanted to be fresh for her. Max put on his robe and made his way down to his mother’s personal dressing room. Grace and her maid, Celeste, were still nude. Grace sat motionless while Celeste applied just the right amount of subtle makeup to her face.

Like Joyce, Celeste was usually used at the Manor by merchants and tradesmen for her sexual skills, of which she had plenty. In the meantime, she was Grace’s maid and delivered room service at night. If she was asked for a quick fuck by a client when she delivered a meal to their room, so be it. The way she looked in a sheer gown wasn’t what it used to be though.

“I’m very nearly ready Max,” Grace said. Would you be a lamb and bring a fresh jar of anal lube from the supply cabinet?” she asked her son. “I want to be fully lubricated inside my ass for the buttfucking I’m sure to get tonight,” she said.

Max went and retrieved the lubricant and brought it back to his mother’s room. Grace was laying on her massage table while her maid Celeste closely shaved her pubic hair. She had found a few grey hairs in her bush a few months ago and had stayed bald ever since. Her clients seemed to like it. She had ordered a modern depilation ray from a black marketeer, but she couldn’t get her hands on it for another week. Once she used that, Grace wouldn’t have to go through the shaving process again. Celeste had her lift her feet over her head, so that she could shave her perineum and anus.

“Max, would you apply a generous amount of lube inside my ass while Celeste plucks a few grey hairs from my eyebrows.

Max used two fingers to apply a perfect amount of the lubricating cream inside of his mom’s butt. He even used the small dildo his mother used for that purpose to lubricate far into her ass.

Grace’s breath was becoming ragged. Max stopped before his mother orgasmed. He had taken it too far once before and his mom had chastised him for making her pussy all wet and sloppy before she met her client. Max finished by using a soft cloth to wipe away the excess lubricant from her the cheeks of her ass.

His mother smiled at him and thanked him for not going too far in his preparation of her butthole. Max had a way with his fingers, she could barely keep from cumming when Max touched her. He had a real talent. Max watched Celeste dress his mother. By the time she was completely dressed, the chime rang. 78 and 79 were ready for them.

As before, the sommelier was just leaving the room, having brought two buckets of iced champagne into the room already. When they entered, 78 kissed Grace’s hand and Max kissed 79’s again. They were offered champagne and accepted it. Grace snuggled up to 79 and her hand found his flaccid penis inside his robe. There would be no pretense of innocence tonight, both of their clients knew that Grace ran this establishment.

“I understand that you Şirinevler Escort were with my children last week. How was everything?” she asked. It was her responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. If they weren’t totally pleased, she would offer them reduced prices for other courtesans or gigolos.

“Your children were very good actors,” I must admit,” 78 told her. ‘If we didn’t already know better, It could have totally convinced us that they were innocent,” he complimented. “We would have finally figured it out when I watched them have sex though. That wasn’t their first time together was it?” he asked.

“No, Grace admitted. They’ve had to work together a few times, but never as real brother and sister, which they are. It has always been just a man and a woman making love before. How did you ever find out that they were actually siblings?” Grace asked.

“I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but we had Venus one night watching my sister and I together. She offered us the opportunity to watch another brother and sister have sex together. She even showed us copies of their birth certificates,” the man said.

“What about the sex and the show?” Grace asked.

“The sex was excellent 79 told her. Your son is a very talented lover. This was my first time with a man here, but I couldn’t wait to come back and have him again. I’d really like to spend more time having him lick my bum this time. My brother and I would like to experiment with anal sex tonight, and that might help get me ready,” the wife told Grace.

“We have really gotten into semen eating,” 78 said. “My bride fellates me and eats my semen daily. I like it when she shares it with me. I’ve even thought about eating it straight from her vagina after I have climaxed inside her,” the husband admitted. “It’s so nasty and naughty,” he told them. “The very thought excites me.”

“Would you and your son demonstrate that for us tonight?” she asked.

“My son will eat his own semen from both you and me if that’s what you’d like, but he will not eat your husband’s semen. We have several gigolos on staff who would be happy to fulfill that request at a later time, however,” Grace told them.

“Ooh, I hadn’t ever thought of doing that,” The wife said excitedly. “Would you like to see that too?” 79 asked her husband.

“And drinking our piss! Could that be arranged?” he asked.

“Of course!” Grace told them. “I have the perfect couple in mind for both of those wishes. The gigolo will eat your semen and the courtesan will gladly drink the piss from both of you. That will cost extra though,” Grace warned them.

“We will gladly pay for that!” the husband said.

“Very well,” Grace told them. “What can my son and I do for you this evening?”

“Are you sure that I can’t convince you to drink my husband’s piss?” the woman asked. “My brother has a fantasy that he will be able to piss inside a woman’s mouth.

Grace laughed. “Sorry, I only let my husband do that,” Grace apologized.

79’s eyebrows went up. She had never considered that a wife would let her husband piss into her mouth. “Do you swallow his piss too,” she asked.

“Of course,” Grace lied. It’s a daily practice for us,” she told them.

Max knew that to be a fabrication. His father would never dream of pissing on Grace, even if he did become a gogolo and she wanted to put on a show like she and Max were doing now.

“Tonight, is going to be a night of firsts anyway. You will have anal sex together for the first time. You will see a mother let her son fuck her in the ass, and you will see him eat his own semen from my ass. Why don’t we experience some more firsts as well,” Grace suggested?

“What did you have in mind?” the woman asked.

“Well, you already admitted that eating your own semen excites you, right?” Grace asked 78.

“Yes, he admitted.

“Then why not eat it from her freshly fucked vagina then? We’ll even be here to be your audience,” Grace told the kinky couple. “We know you and your sister like to be watched,” Grace told the man, appealing to their voyeuristic fantasy.

“Your sister admitted that the idea of a man pissing in a woman’s mouth excites her, right?”

“It does,” 79 admitted.

“Maybe your brother could piss in your mouth tonight, Grace said.

“You and I have been wanting to try all of those things, Love,” 78 told his sister. “And like the courtesan said, we loved to be watched. Why not try it tonight with them watching us?” the man reasoned with his incestuous wife.

“I’ll drink your piss tonight only if you drink mine,” the woman bargained with her brother.

“I agree,” 78 told his sister.

“Very well then, Grace said. I have just the idea of how we can do this.

Grace had them finish their champagne and told them both to pee a little bit into the glass, just so they could taste it and make sure they liked it first. 78 was the first to put his penis into the champagne flute and urinate about Şişli Escort a third of the glass full. His sister squatted over her glass and filled her glass to about the same level.

“Now lock arms and give it a taste,” Grace suggested.

Giggling like naughty children, the couple took a tiny sip and then quickly downed the glasses of warm piss. “So, what do you think?” Grace asked.

“My sister’s piss is delicious,” 78 said. “It reminds me of a fine dry wine,” he added.

The woman didn’t find her brother’s pee delicious, but it was tolerable. She really liked watching him drink her pee though. She would do it as long as he drank hers as well.

“Ladies first,” Grace offered.

The brother laid down flat on his back with his hardened penis standing straight out from his body while his sister positioned her pussy until it was right over her brother’s mouth. She peed slowly, not wanting to drown her brother. The man was able to swallow every drop and lick her clean when she was finished.

“Now it’s your turn sir,” Grace told them.

It was hard for the man to urinate with an erect penis, he had to wait a few moments so that he could pee. When he was ready, he pushed the head of his penis into his sister’s mouth. Grace and Max could tell when he started pissing in the woman’s mouth, her eyes opened wide and she started swallowing quickly. Max poured a large portion of champagne in each of their soiled glasses. They would probably want to clear the taste of piss from their mouths when they were done.

When he was done, 78 pulled his penis from his sister’s mouth and she licked the tip to clean the drop of urine hanging there. Max handed them the champagne glasses to them and they drained them.

They both thanked Grace for giving them the courage to do that. This would be another thing they could enjoy at home together.

“Next, we want to see your son ejaculate in your mouth and watch him share it with you,” the woman told them.

Both Max and Grace stripped nude so that the couple could get a good look at their naked bodies. Grace sucked her son’s dick with fervor, like she had done it with her son every day. In reality it was very rare that they worked together. Max told his mother when he was about to climax and held her face still while she opened her mouth wide. Max pumped his cock at the entrance of his mother’s mouth until he came. As promised, it was a big load. The clients watched as rope after rope of hot sticky sperm shot from Max’s cock into his mother’s open mouth several inches away. It filled Grace’s mouth to nearly overflowing.

Grace showed the couple her full mouth and stood up to kiss her son. Max didn’t particularly mind the taste of his own cum, but he pretended to relish it for the sake of the show.

By this time, 78 was fucking 79 with abandon. The piss drinking and watching Max shoot off into his mother’s mouth and then eat his own semen had excited him. He couldn’t wait to fill his sister with his semen and eat it straight from her vagina they didn’t even use one of their high-tech condoms. 78 had secretly gotten an implant from the black-market last week and used the condoms with his sister until he was infertile. Mother and son watched brother and half-sister rut like animals. When 78 stiffened, they could see his scrotum contract rhythmically. He had filled his half-sister’s cunt with his cum.

As soon as she recovered from her own orgasm, 79 straddled her husband’s face and began dripping semen from her cunt into his mouth. The man went wild with passion, he licked and sucked his wife’s pussy dry, continuing to lick and suck until she came on his face, filling his mouth with her squirt.

They all rested and drank champagne together. That’s when 78 told them about the implant. 79 was smiling like the cat who ate the canary. She just loved the feeling of her brother’s hot semen filling her vagina. Now it was time for Grace and Max to put on a show.

They started slowly, kissing and caressing each other like lovers. Max kissed his mother’s neck as he squeezed and fondled her breasts. His lips worked their way down to his mother’s breasts and nipples. After spending several minutes there, Grace came. This was the first time she had ever orgasmed just by having someone suck her nipples. Max was making her feel things she’d never felt before. Max trailed his tongue down his mother’s belly and down to her clit.

“Lick her arsehole,” the woman told Max.

Always eager to please her clients, Grace raised her feet behind her head and opened her ass to her son’s talented tongue. This was the first time they’d been asked to do this, but they did it like they did this every day with each other. Both of the clients came in close to see Max’s tongue slither deeply into his mother’s anal ring.

“That’s something else we can try tonight, dear sister,” 78 told his wife. 79 giggled at the thought of her lover licking her dirty hole like Max was doing to his mother.

Grace was soon moaning in orgasm from her son’s attention to her anus and clit. They had already watched Grace fellate her son, so she asked Brad to fuck her. Her use of such vulgar language excited both husband and wife. They stayed close, watching the incestuous mother and son fuck. They commented about how Grace’s inner labia clung to her son’s large penis as it pulled out of her.

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