An Affair with Sis-in-law Ch. 01

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My name is Lee and I am a 29 year old married for over an year now. This series of stories is partly real and partly fictional. The characters are real and the plot is real but what we actually ended up doing is partly fictional.

I have an older brother who has been married for about 7 years now and his wife is quite pretty. She dresses up simple and does not put on too much make up and does not have too much attitude about her which is what I really like about her.

She is about 5’6″ and fair with a figure that is quite feminine. She has a little broad frame of bones; her hips are broader than most other women you’d come across. She does not have large breasts but she looks great with whatever she has.

I really don’t know when I actually started falling for her but I guess it was inevitable as I’m full of thoughts of incest. Thoughts of fucking with my sisters or sisters-in-law or nieces come to my mind any time I see one of these pretty relatives of mine. My sister-in-law has been no exception to that and to add to all she is quite pretty.

Let me describe myself I’m a little over 5 feet 10 inches, fair, broad, and I have received a lot of compliments for my looks. I have had a fair share of female attention such a long eye contacts with girls/ladies who are strangers to me.

Apart from this there are two cousins of mine with whom I have been intimate and have had a lot of fun and fuck with them and I’ll take those up on another series some other time.

Let me start right from the beginning – my brother got married about 7 years ago and I was still undergoing my engineering course outside my hometown.

Staying in the hostel watching a lot of pornographic movies and living with a bunch of guys who hardly got any sex in their life we all thought about the same things. If we could get to fuck a nice babe.

My brother got married and suddenly but I don’t know why I started feeling jealous from him. He had a hot girl whom he could fuck any time. What was strange was I was thinking about getting married to my sister-in-law’s younger sister and fantasizing about fucking her.

My mind was full of incest and I haven’t been able to get rid of such thoughts to date. I used to be away from home for like 10 months of the year and when I used to get home during my vacations my mom, dad and bro used to go out to work and I used to be alone with Rose (my sister-in-law) at home.

We used to watch movies together stay the whole the day together talking and getting to know each other better. Slowly we started getting comfortable with each other and began talking about things like homosexuality and all. In the night I used to hear moans and whispers from my brother’s room and that used to turn me on like anything. I just couldn’t help wanking off.

It started becoming a routine and I used to wait for them to go to their room and listen to them at the same time caressing my penis. Strangely enough I still like to spy on them when I can.

Time went by and I completed by engineering and went to work to a different city. Through phones and text messages I kept in touch with Rose and started getting closer to her. She started treating me like a really close friend and that used to make me feel proud. We were so comfortable with each other that she didn’t mind if I touched her on her back or arms or try to tickle her on her tummy (though we both knew that she doesn’t feel tickled).

Finally I found a job back home and moved there but in the mean time my brother had moved out for a while but Rose was still with my parents at home not willing to leave them alone.

She told me one day that she can read my eyes and she can find that my feelings for her are changing. She warned me that it wasn’t right and I bursa escort should change this.

It wasn’t possible for me to change these thoughts I was drowned in thought about having sex with her.

My brother came home on leave and went back and while we were coming back from the train station after dropping him Rose was crying and I felt really bad but god what a bastard I was that I had an hard on at that point of time thinking that she would fuck me now in need of sex.

After a few days there was a wedding in our “larger” family and a lot of guests were expected at that time. My mischief’s with Rose continued.

One night when I couldn’t hold it any more I sent and sms to her saying that I loved her and waited for a reply I was dead scared thinking she’d be angry on me and I went off to sleep like that.

Next morning I was scared to face her but she acted so normal I could not believe myself I had to think that she didn’t get my message. Anxious, I had to ask her if she had got my message last night and she said she didn’t get it.

She got after me asking about what was in the sms and I was really scared to tell her on face what it was about. I decided to send her the message again after I left for work.

She read the message and tried to explain me that she was my sister-in-law and these feelings were not right between us. I stepped back with the fear of losing my respect and a friend. But this started a new thing she started teasing me and we became a little more open with the conversations and I started to get a little naughty with her over sms messages.

Within a few days we were talking about kissing and hugging each other and confessed our feelings over sms. Her excuse was that she wanted all of this to come out from me so that I could get along with my life and don’t get frustrated.

Little were we aware that it is only going to increase my desire to sleep with her. Finally the wedding night for my relative came and Rose was looking great that night. I gave her several compliments and tried to cheer her up as she was upset as my brother wasn’t there in the marriage.

The marriage was to continue whole night and I had to go to work the next day. My mother sent me and Rose to home so that we could take some rest. I came back alone with Rose and we were initially a little uncomfortable with each other.

Both aware of the feelings inside each other. I had a hard on throughout the drive back home thinking of what could I do alone with this hot babe with me.

We got home I parked the car and we got inside our house. She asked me if I wanted anything and I said I didn’t want to sleep now so if she could make me a cup of coffee. She got me a coffee in 5 mins and I opened my laptop to play a game to kill time.

My actual intention was to spy on her while she was sleeping which I used to do quite often. She said she was really tired and sleepy and went off to bed. I wasn’t able to hold my erection with all the fantasies running in my mind. I message her “if you are really tired I could massage your body”.

In a minute a reply came “no thanks I’m fine” I was obviously disappointed but I replied “I just thought I could help you”. I stayed awake for another few minutes but after thinking that it wasn’t of much use decided to go off to sleep.

I packed my laptop and started to go towards my room. Her room wasn’t locked only the curtains were pulled together. I peeped from the curtains there was a dim light on and she hadn’t changed yet she was lying on the bed.

She opened her eyes and stared me in the eyes for a few seconds and asked me if I wanted to come in. I went in and sat on the bed beside her and asked here why was she still awake. She said she wasn’t able bursa escort bayan to sleep as she was really tired. I said “I offered you a massage but you refused” she said “You can’t do it every time I’m tired so why should I get into a bad habit”.

She sat up resting her back on a pillow and started to talk to me. She talked about irrelevant things for a while then said whether I wanted another cup of coffee and since we were both not sleepy we could probably watch a movie.

I readily agreed and we both went to the kitchen. She started to make the coffee and I was standing really close to her. She said what do you really want and I said I want to make those sms fantasies true.

She acted a little ignorant asking me which message and I said those hugs and kisses and those moments of passion. She turned her face away from me and said I’m your sister-in-law and you should not be doing this.

I said I wanted to do it and that was enough to justify why I should do it. She finished making the coffee and gave the cup in my hands. We went in her room switched on the TV and started to watch Spiderman.

We kept on watching movie for a while and then came the scene of Kirsten Dunst kissing Spiderman which immediately sent blood to my groin thinking about the two of us in that place.

I turned to her, she was sitting shoulder to shoulder with me I saw her looking at me. Instictively we were kissing each other very passionately. Soon we were in each other’s embrace lying side by side to each other kissing passionately our toungues tied and my erection pressing into her abdomen.

I got on top of her. Her hard breast now pressing into my chest and I was still kissing her. She suddenly pushed me away broke the kiss and said that it was wrong. I told her that if both of us wanted this it wasn’t wrong we had every right to make love to a person of our choice if we mutually agreed to it.

She asked me if it was only hugs and kisses that I wanted and I said that I wanted to feel her naked body against mine and wanted to love her like she was mine. She hesitated a lot and finally we gave into our desires.

We were soon kissing each other again and I started to slowly undress. I took off my shirt and vest and started to take off her dress as well. In a few seconds she was in her pink bra and panty and I was in my underwear.

The dim light in the room shining on our skins. She was now lying on the bed and I was on my knees between her legs. I stared at he body and then bent down to kiss her between her breast. I ran my tongue from her chin to her belly button. I stuck my tongue in there and her body arched in response to my stimulations.

I kept on sticking my tongue in and out of her belly button a couple of times. I then started moving back up again and I went and kissed her on her lips once again a full kiss. My tongue playing with hers my penis now popping out of my underwear and our genitals touching each other through our underwear.

I went on kissing her on the lips for a while and then moved down and kissed her every where on the neck moving to the shoulder licking it all the way from her neck to her shoulder. I then held the strap of her bra between my teeth and took it off her shoulder.

I started moving down removing the cup of her bra using my chin and got to her light brown nipple. I just took it in my mouth and sucked it and she let out a scream with the pleasure she found with her nipple in my mouth. I did the same thing to the other nipple.

I then sat up and pulled her up as well. She sat on my lap and I unclasped her bra from behind. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist and for the first time her naked chest touched mine and bursa escort kız I found a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in it.

I wanted this to continue for ever. We kissed each other on the lips once again and I caressed her back as we kissed. I gripped her tighter and stood up on the bed. I got off from the bed and pushed her back towards the wall and kept on kissing her lips.

I then moved down and licked and sucked upon her nipples. I lay her down back on the bed with her waist on the edge of the bed and took her panties off. I kissed her pubic lips and ran my tongue over it.

The sight of a clean shaved pubic mound aroused me to and extent beyond explanation. I buried my face in her pussy and smooched her lower lips with my lips. I darted my tongue in and out of her several times and got appreciative moans in reward.

With every tongue stroke her legs seemed to grip me hard. She kept on saying my name and I kept on giving her the pleasure. I found her clit and started to stimulate it with my tongue. I held in between my teeth and rubbed it hard with my tongue. She was moaning load and her body was arching with every stroke of mine.

She held my hair tight in her hands and let out a loud scream followed by her orgasm I kept on licking her pussy and drink her nectar. I looked at her and saw her breast moving heavily with her breath after a minute she got us held me tight and kissed me again on my lips.

She slowly started coming down taking my underwear down with her hands and holding my penis in her soft palms. She kissed my penis gently and then licked the head of it. She licked it from my balls to the tip and ran her tongue up and down several times.

She then took it in her mouth and started to blow me. I was enjoying every bit of it but I knew that I couldn’t hold it long. I gripped her hair my eyes closed and I was feeling her wet tongue sucking my cock.

She paused and licked the head of my penis ran her tongue up and down my penis and stroked it a while and then she said she wanted me to come inside her mouth because she wanted to taste me.

I wasn’t far off and with her assurance I knew it would be a matter of seconds for me. She started bobbing up and down my penis once again and I shot out my load in her mount with a loud grunt.

My penis getting limp soon after the release and I saw that she had drank in most of it. A few drops leaking from the side of her lips which I licked with my tongue and she drank in the next second by smooching me again. The smooch continued and we stood glued to each other arms in arms.

We then lay down on the bed and both aware of what was to happen next. I started getting hard once again and kissing her with increasing passion I told her that I wanted to make love to her.

She kissed me on my lips once again and we got into the missionary position. She helped me position my cock on her pussy and I entered her. It felt like heaven inside her.

I was making love to the women I loved so much and had desired so much for. I could not believe. All of a sudden I felt that I had everything I wanted for. I pumped her in and out and both of were moaning in pleasure.

I continued filling her pussy with my cock and we were both in heaven for as long as that lasted. I wasn’t sure if I should cum inside her and asked her if it was OK with her. She said that she was in her safe period and even if she wasn’t she would like me to come inside her.

After a few minutes I felt the pressure building in my balls and I could also feel her grip tightening on me. Soon we were both reaching an orgasm together. Her fingers digging into my back and her suppressed shrieks took me to a point when I released my load inside her.

I lay down on her with my penis still inside her and getting limp every second. We lay there like that for a few minutes catching our breath and then I lay on her side. We kissed once again on lips.

It was just the beginning of a new relation between and brother-in-law and a sister-in-law.

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