Candice Gets a Job

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All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the copyright holder.

This is a work of fiction and any similarity with real persons or events is entirely coincidental.. All characters are over the age of 18.

WARNING: This story contains explicit erotica not suitable for puritans, those under 18 and anyone of a nervous disposition.


Chapter One


Stormbringer’s bellow echoed through his office and out into the corridor where an apparently endless stream of hopefuls waited to be interviewed. He sighed and buried his head into the mound of paperwork which littered his desk, vaguely aware of the door opening and closing again. Maybe he should have insisted on his more descriptive advert, but the newspaper refused to publish it and no doubt the PC brigade would have been all over him for some feminist issue or other. What he had wanted to say was ‘Well-stacked, sexy young lady of outstanding beauty and indifferent morals required to introduce visitors to the best in hot erotic art and stories’. But what he had finally been forced to draft before the paper would run the ad simply read ‘Hostess needed to greet visitors to a modern art and literary publishing house’.

So of course he ended up with a line-up of everything from failed art students to elderly blue-stockings who looked as though they might have modelled for Picasso. Assuming Picasso’s paintings were actually true to life portrayals of his subjects, of course. Three hours into the interviews and he was no nearer finding the person he wanted and, apparently, no nearer the end of hopeful applicants either.

“Sit! Name?” he grunted without looking up.

“Ethel Ramsbladder, sir” The voice was bright and innocent but he could just picture someone who walked around with a name like that. The sigh was deeper this time as he sorted through the heap of papers and found the correct application form. There it was… blah, blah, blah… 24… blah, blah, blah… hairdresser… blah, blah, blah… some modelling work…’ Probably for elastic stockings, he thought sourly to himself as he looked up…

…and found his brain jolted to a sudden halt that had apparently removed both the power of speech and the ability to move.

Pink shoulder-length hair framed a pair of wide green cat eyes that regarded him tremulously, long eyelashes batting attractively to briefly hide them every few seconds. A guy could drown in orbs like that and never reach for a life raft. The pert nose had just a hint of freckles to save it from being too faultless and the mouth… if god had done a better job of creating a mouth whose pouting perfection was specifically designed to make any male within a hundred yards imagine how its lush lips would look spread around their cock; well he had yet to see it.

“Jee…!” The power of speech returned, though not necessarily accompanied by coherence. But at least his eyes could pick their way out of those limpid green pools and drag themselves onto dry land; dry land that was inevitably, automatically, southwards.

The neck was faultless but… a small frown of disappointment… those tits in the brief wrap-around top were just too large and too perfect to be real. They detracted from his enjoyment of a scrutiny which was already taking too long, causing the girl to shift uncomfortably in her chair. Shift and resettle a bottom that had to be small and taut judging by slender hips and long, slim legs which were almost completely revealed by a matching lilac miniskirt so short he was sure there was a brief flash of darker purple about where the vee of Ethel’s thighs would meet together.

“Errr… Mr Stormbringer… sir…”

Reluctantly his eyes made the uphill journey, crossing the gap where a gentle curve of exposed belly flesh was dimpled by a cute navel; up over the mountainous peaks of her (sigh… false… why couldn’t girls stay with what nature gave them?) breasts and back to the verdant green oases of her eyes.

“Miss Ramsbladder…” He almost choked over the name. That would have to go! Go? Well sure, he was going to give her the job wasn’t he? She was almost too perfect for it. Well-stacked, hot, and he could always work on her morals later. A girl like that must get propositioned hundreds of times a day and probably became cynical, if not outright annoyed by it. Still, she would be worth every cent of the money he was paying even if she did no more than stand at the door and smile for anyone who came visiting. But he couldn’t tell her to dismiss the other applicants just yet. That would make him look stupid and tell her he was only employing her for her body. Not a good start at all.

“Miss Ramsbladder,” he tried again. “It doesn’t look as if you have had much relevant experience, does it?”

“Oh, well, no sir.” A slight frown of disappointment crossed her face, “Only the one boyfriend since Maltepe Escort I was 18 so I don’t know very much at all.” A boyfriend? Well he would have to go too. And was she trying to be cute, seductive… flirtatious?” The voice sounded sincere enough and those eyes stared at him earnestly as though eager to please. But no one was that naïve!

“I’m not sure I follow you?”

“Well every time I go for a job interview I have to take all my clothes off to be measured for the uniform; even when none of the other girls do. And then I never seem to get the job even after…” Her voice trailed off and a blush darker in hue than her pink bangs spread across both cheeks and headed towards the impressive cleavage. “It’s always over so quickly… with my boyfriend too… so I never have chance to get much experience being interviewed.”

She really was that naïve? It seemed impossible; had an unseen genie suddenly granted his most impossible wish? Handled right this girl could be priceless! Handled… he put that thought aside with some difficulty and a slight shiver, glad for the moment his lower half was concealed behind a desk. “How about we do things differently then?” he asked once a degree of self-restraint was recovered. “This time you keep your clothes on and maybe you’ll actually get the job for a change. We can talk about giving you experience later.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful sir!” The enthusiasm was genuine. Everything about her was genuine – except for those too-perfect tits of course. Genuine and innocent and almost begging to be taken advantage of. And who better qualified to take advantage than himself?

The innocent desire to please radiating from her cute face did much to restore Stormbringer’s self-possession and his normal rather domineering personality started to reinstate itself as he planned how best to achieve his objective; the objective, as if that needed spelling out, being to gain access to using her wonderful body whilst also employing the girl for the boost she could provide to his business enterprises. Well, if she thought she got the job based on her abilities, he would probably be half way there. So the man deliberately avoided looking below her neckline and concentrated on a calm, professional demeanour, highlighting the duties which involved greeting guests, being friendly and open towards them, guiding them around the facilities, as well as servicing their needs…

Ugghh… servicing… he had actually said that; a Freudian slip caused by him thinking too far ahead. The girl didn’t seem to react though so he ploughed onwards; taking messages between the studios, tidying up, looking after the extras, servicing the artists needs when they wanted relief…

Damn! There it was again! She was still smiling brightly though, apparently not fazed by his words. There would be an apartment along with the job, a clothing allowance though he would need to approve what she wore, a salary and minge benefits…

For god’s sake! Couldn’t he keep his brain straight for another few minutes?

“So, Miss Ramsbladder, what would you say to us giving you a trial and see how you tit in … errr… fit in with our little enterprise?”

“Really? Really, really?” The girl was so excited she clapped her hands together, bouncing up and down in the chair and giving him yet another flash of what was now definitely a pair of deep-purple coloured panties.

“Yes, really, really,” he smiled. That he was starting to like the girl was an unexpected bonus on top of all the other astonishing benefits that had turned his day around so completely. Not that liking her would change anything, except to make it more pleasant to keep Ethel around in between times. “You can start by telling anyone else waiting that the position has been filled and thank them for their time. Then come back in here.”

It took rather longer than Stormbringer expected before the office door opened again. “There must have been a long line of people,” he commented as she crossed the room and regained her seat.

“Oh not really, but one man said he had never been so insulated… insulted… and he had to spank me for wasting his time or he would sue your company. So I thought… now I’m working for you I should… and then he sort of made a mess of my panties while I was across his knees so I had to take them off and wash them and … did I do well?”

Even a worried frown looked cute on that face. Stormbringer blinked several times as his newest employee held up a small, wet, purple ball of silk for his inspection. Naïve, innocent, amenable, accessible… Would he be waking up any time soon? He sincerely prayed the dream, it must be a dream, would carry on long enough before being interrupted by reality. “You did very well,” he managed to choke out, accompanied by his sincerest smile. “That is exactly the sort of demeanour I had hoped you would show towards anyone who comes into this building. You did Anadolu Yakası Escort very well indeed, Ethel! So why don’t you throw that thing in the waste bin. We can soon get you some more to replace any such garments damaged by… unfortunate accidents.”

The frown instantly transformed into a happy smile and Ethel sat down. The inevitable briefly exposed vee, more clearly revealed as she leaned to one side to toss the sodden garment away, now matched her pink skin colouring and suggesting that she didn’t carry any spare underwear about her person. Stormbringer was again grateful for the desk shielding him from a rather obvious reaction. Sharon Stone could go hang compared to having this girl flashing her sex in front of him!

Chapter Two

“So you understand that being spanked is an appropriate punishment when you make a mistake?” The question was somehow asked with a straight face and the girl responded without any apparent surprise.

“Oh yes, sir, my boyfriend told me that’s what happens to naughty girls so I understand all that stuff. And the way it always ends up making a mess of my clothes too, of course.”

“Then you’ll also know that if you make a big mistake, that spanking may not be enough. Perhaps it will be necessary to tie you across a chair and paddle your bottom instead.” Was he pushing things too far too quickly? If she were really so naïve; naïve not stupid, he was sure of that, then maybe…

The slight frown returned to mar her brow and he almost backed off but then she nodded firmly and decisively. “I’m sure you know best how to deal with your workers when they do wrong.” The voice was lower, a little huskier as Ethel shifted in her chair. “I’m so grateful for the job. You are the first person who ever took me seriously, Mr Stormbringer. I’ll do my best to please you and if I make a mistake… I’ll take whatever you decide to do to me.”

Phrases like ‘too good to be true’, ‘Christmas morning’ and ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven’ flashed through his mind. But were those pupils getting a bit larger in their green surrounds? Could this innocent girl be getting a bit turned on by the thought of the things he had threatened? Surely it couldn’t all be an act but at the same time she did seem to be responding to indications of bondage and some mild sadism practiced upon her body.

“Are you getting too warm, Ethel?” he tested the water.

“No… yes… ummmm… I… when I think about things like that it makes me a bit fluttery in my tummy… like I’m frightened in a nice sort of way… sir. And good girls shouldn’t feel that way. I know that, sir.” Clearly flustered she trailed off, eyes downcast and looking at the carpet. “Does that mean I can’t have the job?” she continued in a small voice.

“No, no, don’t worry yourself. You have the job, dear, and I’m pleased that you understand how I need to be able to discipline even the most hard-working and valuable employee if they slip up,” Stormbringer replied. It was getting so much easier to avoid laughing when he said such things. The girl opposite him was so eager to please, so … perfect in every way. Except…

“How did you manage to afford having the cosmetic surgery on your chest if you’ve done so little work?” The question was out before he had consciously realised he was speaking. But at least he hadn’t said ‘tits’.

“Surgery? I’ve never been in hospital sir. Well, not unless you count playing doctor and patient and my boyfriend trying to take my temperature before he…”

“Oh come on now, those breasts must have silicon implants in them!” he replied impatiently. “No need to be shy about it.”

“Oh no sir! These… they… those… they… they’re just… me. Are they no good? I could get them fixed if it would help my work here.”

Stormbringer got up and walked around the desk to get a closer look. Surely tits like that couldn’t be genuine? They must have been enhanced, he was certain. Up close the girl even smelled cute and innocent, though with just the faintest trace of musk underlying her freshness. Even this close, standing right beside her chair and leaning forwards, he was still unable to see the tell-tale bulge on upper breast slopes, half revealed by her cleavage, which would give away the presence of implants. Almost without thinking he reached out and ran his fingers over some of the exposed flesh. It felt warm, softly resilient and natural. And the girl didn’t pull away or slap his face either. She just sat there with the blush returning to her cheeks, though her breathing did deepen slightly, something noted more by his touch than anything visible.

Just that slight contact had the man’s shaft pressing almost painfully against the constriction of his pants but he wasn’t about to let that inhibit himself. If this amazingly attractive girl was going to allow him to touch her breasts under the assumption it was part of her job description and without him having to work hard İstanbul Escort at persuading her, who was he to tell her otherwise? Emboldened by her lack of protest, his hand flattened out, stroking down over the upper swell of her left breast until it reached the edge of her blouse and then pressing a little firmer to create space for continuing the journey under that garment.

His eyes tracked the progress, watching the lilac coloured top bulge out to accommodate his incursion while he blindly felt the impressive extent of that one mammary mound. Both his hands together would barely manage to encompass such a breast, he realised, also realising that, incredible as it seemed, it was real natural girl under his touch. Not a trace of an implant. But having gone that far, there seemed no reason not to continue just because his assertion was proved false, so he did. The bra was strapless, deep purple in colour to match her panties, as the stretched neckline of Ethel’s blouse revealed, and was barely more than a half-cup in design. It yielded fairly easily to his pressure and within moments, Stormbringer had one perfect, naked, delicious tit clasped firmly in his hand.

Well, as much of it as he could hold anyway. With the top and the bra stretched downwards, the remainder of that large breast provided ample entertainment for his eyes, which remained fixed on the girl’s chest. So he failed to see her eyelashes fluttering or her pupils enlarging, but he did hear a slightly ragged breath expelled from her lips, and he did see her chest heave a little as she drew the next lung full of air deeper than before. There was no doubt too, that he felt the unseen nipple growing against the palm of his hand as he slowly but firmly moulded and fondled its hosting breast.

“So they really are natural.” There was no doubt about it now he had the whole breast to play with. “And no, don’t change a thing. They’re very nice, Ethel.” The last was said to forestall her from replying, though she seemed to be losing the power of speech anyway. When she opened her mouth the only sound to emerge was a small, needy moan of desire.

Gods, she was getting turned on so easily it was untrue! A beautiful, innocent, naïve girl who got aroused so fast? Christmas morning had nothing on this! With his other hand, Stormbringer completed the exposure, dragging blouse and bra into a tightly stretched line under Ethel’s breasts, the abused garments doing no more than lifting the tits even higher without hiding anything at all. Still massaging Ethel’s left mound, he took a few moments to appreciate the view of her perfect right, noting how the nipple there was also perked and a deeper pink than the girl’s skin. Then his spare hand settled in a tight grip upon her spare tit and it was a marriage made in heaven as his fingers probed and explored both resilient mounds while the girl moaned softly to herself and slumped down lower in the chair, mouth opened a little to pant softly, thighs parting slackly when her legs turned to jelly from this molesting.

“Oh sir… Ohhhhhh… no one ever interviewed me this thoroughly before.” It came out as a low, tremulous voice that he could barely hear. But he did hear it and it became a challenge. So every sexual experience this girl had previously known ended with the guy pawing her quickly and climaxing too fast? He could pick that up from what she had said before and he could understand it too; she was just so excitingly built. But he was damned if he was going to join that sorry fraternity. Whatever it took, he was going to give this girl the fucking of her life, right here and now! His cock told him he wasn’t going to stop and Ethel’s increasingly breathy gasps told him she wasn’t going to stop him either.

Those gasps raised a pitch and increased in volume as his hands stroked down the swells of her breasts until his fingers were holding their aroused nipples. Lightly teasing them between fingers and thumbs, he listened to the girl begin to lose control, the little buds swelling and lengthening as he manipulated them, turning almost the same deep pink shade as the blush which still marked her cheeks and upper chest. On a whim, Stormbringer gripped the teats hard and twisted them with his fingers. The response was instant; a loud, excited moan of heightened arousal filled the room while Ethel arched her back sharply, pushing her tits up higher into the man’s hands.

So she got turned on by a bit of pain with her foreplay? He had suspected as much from the response to talking about spanking and paddles but his instinctive abuse of her nipples confirmed it rather clearly. Well he intended to have many future sessions with this girl while she worked for him, so there would be ample opportunity to play different games and to explore her limits. For the moment he wanted to keep it rather simple. He also rather urgently wanted to feel his aching prick buried between her legs, but that would have to wait a while. Stormbringer’s priority was to be sure his new employee had no problems dumping her boyfriend and moving into the small apartment next to his own on the top floor of the building, so he was going to give her an unforgettable experience of what a guy could do to her with patience and self-control.

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