Caught Fantasizing at Home

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“Cum in my mouth. Yeah, shoot your load in my mouth. Let me swallow your cum” I repeated to myself as I jerked my cock rhythmically. The movie on the screen showed a guy sucking cock and swallowing cum. I had edged my 6″ cock multiple times and was sitting at my computer table muttering to myself in bliss when I looked up. Jake, a guy from my office, was standing in the doorway of my bedroom with his phone held in front of him.

“You really like that gay blowjob shit, huh.” Jake asked, nodding at my screen. He continued. “I guess you didn’t hear me come in?”

Startled out of my trance, I looked at him with a surprised and then confused look on my face. From the back of my mind I remembered that my boss had told me he would have someone drop off a prototype I needed for my project. I work from home and had forgotten. But here was Jake. In my house. IN MY ROOM! Filming me! WTF? In my house? How long had he been there?

“What the fuck are you doing in my house?” I asked.

Jack pinched his fingers on his screen and I realized he was zooming in either on the screen or on my cock.

“Dude! What the fuck?” I yelled as I scrambled to ex out of the video (currently showing a close up of a guy getting copious amount of cum shot into his mouth), inadvertently leaving open the site with a whole selection of gay cocksucking videos.

Jake’s eyes seemed to be focused on my cock while his arm moved the phone from the screen to me.

“I was dropping off the R4 prototype we just printed for you. I knocked. The door was open. I heard you say to ‘Come on up’ – or something…”. He snorted. “I guess you were saying to “Cum in your mouth instead.” He laughed. “My bad.”

Angrily, I got up and started toward him. “STOP FUCKING FILMING ME – YOU PEEPING FUCKING -“

Jake jerked out his arm in a police like gesture. “SIT YOUR ASS DOWN RIGHT NOW!” “Unless you want this video sent to your wife immediately. This video of you begging the interwebs for cock.”

This stopped me. My wife didn’t really know about this fetish of mine. She was a devout Baptist and would be severely bothered. I was screwed.

“SIT THE FUCK DOWN!” commanded Jake.

Now I’m not small but I’m not a big guy either. Jake was probably 6′ 2″ and, I noticed now, in great shape. Typical of his generation, he was wearing flipflops, shorts, and a tee shirt. I sat back down in my computer chair, now suddenly very aware of my nudity. My cock didn’t seem to mind though. It was still hard as a rock.

“Dude, what the fuck? Why are you doing this? You’re a Fucking psychopath. Stop filming me!.” I said. “Please” I added.

“Yeah, whatever… Cocksucker.” He smirked and barked with sarcasm: “I’m a psychopath and you are on video asking for cum. Begging to suck cock.” “Ohhhh. Baby! Give me your thick cock!” Cum in my mouth” I’m so fucking gay” he mocked in falsetto. “I gotta admit. I never figured you for a fag. A holier than thou prick, yeah. But not somebody who would suck my dick.”.

“I’m not a fa – I mean, I’m not gay. I was ju- What? I’m not sucking your dick!” I pleaded.

In fact, I wasn’t gay. I had been happily married for 15 years. I never had gay sex in my life. I had fantasized about threesomes with my wife and had jerked to MMF porn many times. From there, I admit, I had progressed to the bisexual porn vids where the men sucked each other and then fucked the woman. It was a couple clicks from there to simple gay blowjob vids which I did find deeply arousing. I had bookmarked and downloaded many gay blowjob, throatfucking, and cum eating vids which I watched often. But this didn’t make escort bayan me gay. I mean, the gay anal videos held no interest for me. I just liked the idea of licking a cock. I was turned on by the idea of a cock in my mouth. In my throat. Of cum on my face and in my mouth. I even bought a dildo to practice blowing. I sucked it while watching porn and jacking off. I had even cum on it a few times and continued sucking it – eating my cum as I pretended it was some other guy’s. I was fascinated with cock. But that didn’t make me gay. Did it?

“I’m not gay” I repeated weakly.

“OK. Whatever. You’re not gay but…” and here he paused as he started unbuttoning his shorts, “you are going to suck my cock though. Oh yeah. I’m going to give you what you want. Don’t even try to deny that you want it. I saw you jerk your cock to those vids. I heard you beg for it. I can see it in your eyes. Look at your cock for Christsakes! Its fucking throbbing.”

It was true. I looked down at my cock. It was still hard. Its mushroom head still glistening where the precum had dribbled out during my jack-off session.

I was about to say something when, with one hand (he still had his phone in the other), he slid down his shorts with his underwear and stepped out of them. Shocked by this action I moved my eyes from his shorts on the floor to his cock, which was eye level. My breath actually hitched involuntarily. His cock was beautiful. It was still soft and drooping. It looked about 5 inches long. And it was thick. Probably about two inches thick. It was uncut and the foreskin almost covered the whole head. His cock was hairless but he had left a neatly trimmed thatch of hair surrounding it and leading up his chest. His balls were on the larger size and hung seductively. They bobbed toward me when he kicked off his shorts. After a second, I realized I was staring.

Seeing my reaction, he scoffed. “Looks like your going to have your dreams come true today.” He moved from the doorway towards me, his cock and balls swinging.

I held my hands out in front of me and stammered “My dreams? – I’m not going to -” but he was already in front of me. My arms didn’t hold him off but instead simply ended up grabbing his hips as his cock flopped up to hit my nose and brush against my open lips. I clamped my mouth shut but now had the taste – however brief – of his cock in my mouth.

My brain was on overload. In the instant his cock touched my face I had a million thoughts. What the fuck was happening? Why would anyone do this? How much did he film before I saw him? Could I get the phone from him? What if I couldn’t and he got the video to my wife? What would Marcie think? Why would he try to make me suck his cock. I’m not gay – these were just fantasies. But this beautiful cock on my face; the soft skin surrounding the fleshy core – what would it feel like in my mouth? Could I deep throat it like my dildo? Would he want me to swallow his cum? I bet with a cock like that he cums a lot. WHAT THE FUCK? Why am I thinking THAT?

In the same second that my brain processed these thoughts, he grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my closed lips. He lifted it up so it went on my nose and between my eyes. His big balls against my mouth and chin. He slapped it across my cheeks. He dragged his balls over my chin. “Open your mouth and suck my dick! Lick it. Suck my balls cocksucker! He rubbed he crotch over my face and I breathed in his scent -his musk – the smell of cock. And my cock grew even harder. I could feel cum start to leak out. I was having a kind of slow orgasm.

I wanted to protest to tell altıparmak escort bayan him that I wasn’t gay! But I couldn’t deny the obvious. I was enjoying his cock on my face. I wanted to taste more of that cock. I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted it on my face. I wanted to suck him until he came in my mouth. I wanted his cum in my mouth and on my face. He was right: I was living my fantasy with his cock rubbing on my face and his balls against my closed mouth. I couldn’t deny it. It was simply overpowering. The years of fantasy combined with the heightened arousal of my masturbation along with the COCK RUBBING ON MY FACE, were too much.

I eagerly gave in. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue against his lower cock and balls as I pulled his hips toward me. I tilted my head back and licked his cock from bottom to top and then engulfed the head and about three inches into my mouth. I sucked strongly twisting my head and covering my teeth with my lips. I felt the foreskin slide over the fleshy core of his cock in my mouth. My clamping lips compressed the hardening cock as I slipped my mouth off with a loud “pop”. I slid my mouth back down his cock, lips stretching, trying to get as much in my mouth as possible. I felt it hit the back of my throat and pulled back. Letting go of his hip with my right hand, I removed his hand from his cock and I grabbed it by the base as I slid down again. And again. And again. I moved my torso back and forth, not simply bobbing my head. I could feel his cock lengthening in my mouth. I could feel the skin slide against the hardness underneath. I could feel the ridges of the cock head harden in my mouth and rub against my palette.

Jake threw his head back and moaned. “Jesus Christ! My god. Yes!” “You lying bastard. You’ve done this before. It feels so good! Suck that cock. Suck my fucking cock man.”

I kept pumping my hand and moved my other to hold his balls. I took my mouth off his cock and throatily whispered “No, man. I’ve never done this before. Do you like it?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw he was still holding his phone filming me as I sucked his cock like a whore. I didn’t care. I was too caught up in the passion of the moment. I even looked directly at the phone showing my eventual audience what a good cocksucker I was. I licked his cock from bottom to top and realized that while he had grown only slightly thicker, his cock had lengthened to at least 7 inches. And the head! The head had a great mushroom shape that showed itself proudly when I slide the foreskin down. I slid it up and down with my fist a few times and then tightened my thumb and forefinger of my other hand around his balls. The sack was large enough that I couldn’t touch thumb to finger but I could grab enough to pull the scrotum and balls away from his body. I pumped his cock and started licking his balls – first one than the other. Then I put one ball in my mouth and pulled gently until it became taught and then popped out of my mouth. I did the same with his other ball. He shivered and put his left hand on my head. I tried to suck both balls in my mouth but they were too big so I alternated sucking one and then the other while rubbing my nose against the base of his cock. He was in heaven and so was I.

I reached down and started jerking my own cock and found it bigger than ever before. It was also wet with cum. I had been weeping cum in a sort of continuous precum orgasm. I wanted to suck my own cock in my mouth and make myself cum. I wanted to shoot my own thick cum in my mouth and saver it.

Instead, I let his ball shoot nilüfer eskort out from my mouth and slid my mouth once again down his cock. I relied on my dildo practice and tried to let it pass through the barrier in my throat. I gagged and slid up. I bobbed a couple more times and tried again. I gagged again. I licked his cock from the base to the tip. I licked his balls again, never stopping my pumping. I took a deep breath and slid my lips down until I felt that mushroom tip at the back of my throat. I pushed again and it broke though and slid down my throat. I wanted to gag – I could feel it. But I was able to control this reflex and slid my mouth all the down to his pelvis . And then I slowly slid my lips all the way off his cock. I was out of breath and gasped for air. I sucked in a large breath and removed my hands from his cock and balls and grabbed his ass. Pulling my mouth down again I was able to take his whole cock into my throat again.

“Oh my god! Did you suck my whole cock in you mouth? Are you deep throating me? That is so awesome. It feels so good. Don’t stop. Please don’t fucking stop”. Jake was in ecstasy.

I realized that now I was in control. I wanted to suck his cock. I was sucking it proudly. I thrust his cock again and again into my throat and my eyes started watering involuntarily. His cock was coated with a thick slimy layer of spit from my throat and it dripped down his balls onto my thighs and the floor. I bobbed and occasionally gagged but I kept sucking this gorgeous cock. I was finally sucking a real cock. I had a cock in my mouth. In my throat. I had sucked his balls. I was a cocksucker and I was going to make him cum in my mouth.

“Oh god! I’m cumming! I want to cum on your face! You fu – oh god – you cocksucker! I want to cum all over your face!”. Jake tried to grab his cock so he could cum on my face but now I was in charge. I roughly backhanded his hand away as I kept deep throating him. I was deep throating his cock and it was like I was sucking my own.

Then, I felt my cock start to shoot. Without touching my cock, I was coming. Spurt after spurt shot with surprising strength out of my cock, hitting my elbows and reaching as far as his balls. I was cumming and it felt amazing.

Jake tried again to push me off his cock so he could jerk onto my face but I pulled his ass to me and jammed his cock down my throat.

“I’m Cummmmiiiing!” he moaned as I kept him there for a second and felt his cock start pulsing. He was cumming in my throat. After two pulses, I pulled him from my throat and felt him spurt in my mouth. His cock shot strong thick strands of cum in my mouth, much of which was forced out between my lips and his cock. The rest I tried to swallow as I overcame my choking reflex due to the cock and cum. Jack literally yelled as he orgasmed. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pumped it with my hand. His cock pumped another jet of cum onto my mouth and nose. And another splatted on my face as I tried to watch it this cock shoot. The final two or three spurts landed on mostly in my mouth. Like me, he had cum like a porn star.

I kept pumping him as I swallowed what cum remained in my mouth and what slowly dribbled from his cock. He shivered and swore in a relieved manner. I licked the cum off his balls and realized with some pleasure that it was partly mine. I swallowed that and then put his cock back in my mouth. Jack shivered again and tried to push me off but I tightened my grip on his balls and the base of his cock and wouldn’t let him go. He finally relented and I sucked him and deepthroated his softening cock for the next five or ten minutes, looking at his phone and rubbing the deflating but still long cock over my face. I smiled. I had lived out my fantasy and sucked a cock. My first blowjob was over. I would never be the same. I would need this again. I was a cocksucker. And I was good. I was already eager for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32